Ever wanted to mix combat with racing? No? Well that’s exactly what you’ll be doing
with Speed Brawl. Hey everyone ,its your boy blood wizard y,a
back with a new game review and the game we have here is speed brawl
Now, I’m not exactly sure what combat racing is, but it sounds definetly awesome and one
look at Speed Brawl confirms those thoughts. Speed Brawl is a 2D combat-racer about moving
fast ! Maintain your momentum, build your combos, and unleash powerful special moves. Find your own fighting style, and assemble
the finest team of brawlers ever seen. Players will combine special and normal attacks
with swift dodging mechanics as they travel to different stages and , all in the name
of bloodsport. Things aren’t complex by any means, but it’s
good enough to make gamers think on their feet when trying to maintain their speed through
the levels. Meanwhile, Speed Brawl’s boss battles are
also worth the time, always challenging to fight even if there’s nothing entirely new. more impressive than the gameplay is the art
style. Speed Brawl is a gorgeous game, with wonderful
character models for both growing choice of player characters and enemies, and the game’s
animation is smooth enough to give its anime style that users will appreciate it much. Speed Brawl’s revolves around an 1880s Britain
following the successful defeat of an insect-like Lunar race called the Selenites, and the growth
of a new sport called Speed Brawl. The player is one of the challenger in this
game, but everything feels more like American Gladiators than The Hunger Games,
constantly having a timer running means that the game’s learning curve can be tough. Players may reach moments in the game where
hitting the title’s time limits can be quite tricky, and each race ends if the player runs
out of time overall. This means that players are sometimes left
with the option to either keep hunting until they scrape through time-wise, or go back
and grind elsewhere for better items or money to spend in the game’s shop
Although grinding or slowly building up new items isn’t always a bad thing, in a game
that is about speed it can lead to some major friction. Unfortunately, this is a problem the way Speed
Brawl functions, and as such it’s quite tough to ignore. unless, if players can overlook this element
of the game, or perhaps have a little more patience for getting up to full speed, then
there’s still plenty of fun to be found in the game. Unlike most brawlers, speed and momentum play
a vital role in combat, as the faster you move, the harder you hit. Maybe that’s why Sonic can destroy robots
by just jumping at them. Players will also be able to upgrade skills
and acquire new moves to make you a more stronger brawler, as you try and tackle the game’s
50+ levels across 4 leagues. There’s also online and local co-op to boot. If you’re not convinced yet, just watch
the opening or the trailer of the game . It looks absolutely fantastic. Speed Brawl is now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch
and PC Thanks for watching
thumbs up if you enjoyed and subcribe if you loved it ,
until then peace….

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