Spartan Football All-Access ’17: “Thunder & Lightning”

Spartan Football All-Access ’17: “Thunder & Lightning”

Another week, another lesson learned for the Spartans. In a year where a young team is experiencing many firsts, another hurdle sits on the horizon. November, the month for contenders. The Spartans will have to overcome adversity by committing to the program and to each other. With an outstanding play by Andrew Dowell. Throughout the season bonds are built among teammates. For some, they run deep and extend beyond the white lines. We grew up in North Ridgeville, Ohio, it’s about 30-35 minutes outside of Cleveland, on the west side. Growing up it was pretty you know what I’m saying, a pretty routine childhood and everything like that. You know, blessed to have both of our parents the whole time And it was basically just them like constantly taking us to different sporting events all the time and stuff like that My parents obviously used to dress us alike You know I remember I seen My mom always says to me like pictures when we were younger and stuff like that and there was different pictures of like us with like the same overalls on or the same shirt with matching shoes like the little light up You know shoes and everything like that so we definitely had those Moments, but then as we kind of grew up we started to You know obviously like everybody wants to you know like find their individuality and everything like that, so we kind of separated But at the same time we were always together, so that’s just kind of how it’s always been. Yeah, growing up- It’s a weird fact, but actually up until like the third grade I despised him you know cuz he used to always pick on me, he used to call me fat So I didn’t like him up until the third grade, but something clicked after third grade. We’ve been the best friends you know brothers, on this path as we go through life since then. We’ve always pretty much been on the same team starting at a young age, our dad was our coach, through flag football, baseball, soccer- soccer was actually our first sport, that’s what we credit some of our footwork to, but yeah, so we’ve always been on the same team, play different positions stuff like that, but it’s always good to have somebody there that, you know what I’m saying, it’s always been a family atmosphere for us. The young age when we both started playing football, I was the true football player- He was a little soft on the football field, he got his first ever hit, he started crying, But no, yeah, we’ve always competed from a young age and it’s been a great thing for us Yeah First of all, don’t believe everything he says, that’s the first thing, but yeah I think everybody you start to develop, you kind of find yourself and like who you are like you know If you’re somebody that’s like you know likes contact a lot or if you’re somebody that’s more of like a finesse player So that’s definitely something that you kind of figure out and it kind of carries over from sport to sport and everything like that It was our junior year of high school when we realized like we can be really good You know that’s when we that’s when we started talking about that we can become and do what we’re actually doing today you know that we both could have the opportunity to play Division one college football like because We’re not the only twins on the team but not not every set of twins goes to the same school you know so that’s out junior of high school when we really started realizing that that could be an opportunity for us That we would both be able to be talented enough to play at a division one school and now Not only play for a division one school both be starting for a division one school like Michigan State. So that’s when we really started talking about that dream being a possibility. But we had always wanted to in the back of our mind we’d always wanted to go to the same school You know kind of like a package deal thing But at the same time like we didn’t want to Allow that to limit each other’s recruiting just as far as like different schools You know if they wanted to offer him and they didn’t wanna offer me or vice versa so we kept our recruiting separate But at the same time we’d always known that wherever we’re gonna Go it was gonna be to the same school. Throughout the process we were trying to, Between the two of us we were trying to figure out if we were the same type of caliber type of players because that’s not Something that’s guaranteed just being twins, And I credit my dad for helping us throughout that process- my dad and my mom, my dad’s the one he Had the plan, he’s had this planned out since I don’t know, since we was in diapers You know that’s just how his mind works whenever we’re at a certain point when we were in high school playing football He was thinking about college and so to make that dream come true. I think the biggest thing for us that put Michigan State over the top compared to everybody else was definitely the type of family atmosphere that Coach D. Provides us around the program. As you can see you know This is obviously a family thing for us so to have that family atmosphere from the coaches and from players and from everybody involved in The program definitely definitely helped our decision. We were actually the last two committed and offered for our 2015 class. Coach D. wanted to make sure that they were able to offer both of us and get us both here so that we can build upon that family atmosphere. In The summer of 2015, the Dowells arrived at Michigan State University for training camp and it appeared that everything was going to plan. However, they found out only Andrew would be seeing the field that year. Hard times can either break you or can make you and so when I was red-shirting, I was watching how guys like Andrew and other guys in my freshmen class and just that were playing in general, how They were flying around how they were moving different and you know I just try to take my game to that next level too in practice and stuff like that so when I got my opportunity I can make the most of it. The term we always use is stay down until you come up, you know, So that’s paid off for him and he’s went through that process and I tell him to encourage and talk to the other younger guys that are going through The redshirt process because it definitely takes a toll on you But then there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. You know, the Dowell brothers are one of I think four different brothers combinations that we’ve had here. No different than any of other ones, they’re very very close- nicknames are thunder and lightning at home and You know then that’s the way they play they both play fast David is a year behind him because he was red shirted , Andrew played as a true freshman So he’s had a lot of different experience, David now is just coming on in his first year starting But he’s playing extremely well back in the back end One of the biggest things for me That’s really cool is like when you see a guy that will be older on the team then his younger brother comes in and seeing how his younger brother You know matures and eventually becomes either like just as good as his older brother or surpasses him. That’s always something that was really cool for me to see It almost makes you better and almost makes us better as a football team With him playing directly behind me at the field safety, and I’m the field linebacker I know that he can’t do his job to perfection if I don’t do my job to perfection so it raises my level of competitiveness Seeing the Panasiuks, Jacub getting his first sack last weekend and Mike was the first one patting him on his back You know it’s relatable. It’s definitely something that Coach D Emphasizes and it’s definitely something that’s there. It raises your level of play cause you’re playing alongside your brother who you’ve been playing with your whole life so it’s a huge thing that Michigan State embodies. I think they play off each other, They’re very close, but they have their differences So that’s good too because you know they’re not gonna always just see eye-to-eye so that’s a positive as well So you see a different dynamic there, but very close And you know when you have your brother playing beside you like the Panasiuks do as well or or the Allens do as well, good things start to happen. you know they start to depend a little bit more on each other and there’s a Commitment to each other that goes well beyond this football team. You know he’s always trying to be better than me, I’m always trying to be better than him-we push each other Whenever I don’t want to work out. He’s dragging me “Come on, Let’s go, come on Let’s go to the weight room” or whatever He’s trying to chill for a day. I’m like “come on, let’s go to the field, let’s go try to work on this craft” You know so it’s that competitive nature that you always have somebody there to push you to be a better version of yourself We had a summer job this past summer, the janitors would let us in after we got done working in our jobs We could get some extra work on the turf fields and stuff like that So it’s just that that person that you always have somebody next to you That’s pushing you to be a better version of yourself. That’s that’s huge and that is uncomparable. Yo, where my brother at? Where my brother at? I always tell people it’s kind of like you know you get to celebrate with family You know that’s always the best type of celebrations when you you’re partying or celebrating with your family, so You know we have our different little things that we do like pre games like hey if you make a play I’ll do this and you do this, or if I make it play we will do this So that’s kind of what we always like play off of each other everything like that So it definitely makes it a little more fun a little more interesting every time we go to make a play Could be a little twin telepathy, you know people always joke about that on the football team the kind of term we’ve been trying to rock with is ‘get the five six show rocking,’ He’s wearing number six now but yeah in the Michigan game he made those two interceptions one of the interceptions I was lead blocker for him O’Korn as a lot of time throws over the middle intercepted through the fingertips Crawford picked off by David Dowell and David Dowell returns it to the Michigan 41 yard line On the second interception I put my arm around him after he got his interception, and I was just telling him like remember all that you’ve been through to get to this moment. And we later talked to my dad on the phone that night. He said it was a priceless moment for him you know, seeing both of his sons out there and just taking in the whole atmosphere we look forward to continue to building more moments for him and my mother like that because they’ve instilled everything that we have and the Character that we are in to us and showed us the way so we look forward to Continue making them proud and representing the name across our chest and the name on our back With each passing day the Spartans know they must be at their best to achieve their goals. As the 7th ranked Penn State Nittany Lions roll into East Lansing, Michigan State is still in control of their destiny. Morning guys, Basically after last weekend’s game. You know we were eight games into this four games left one month so Opportunities are still in front of us as I said on Friday I think that’s exciting for our entire football program and for the Spartan fan base and You know what got the right kind of mindset as we head into this game. Difficult challenge coming up, Penn State’s got an excellent football team as we all know Got our work cut out for us, but to be in this position at this point in time You know always exciting for the program our guys will be ready to play, I’ll take questions Your program has been able to Win a lot of these big games in 11 years when you weren’t expected to win, how much stock do you put not just for you but that your program has risen to the challenge and been able to shock the world I think it’s important that we all play our best game when our best game is demanded of us and you know that we get ourselves ready for that. i think we’re young enough where every every games a new experience For a lot of our guys, so I think that’s a positive And I think our guys enjoy playing which I think that’s that’s a big thing as well You know you’ve got to enjoy going out and competing and playing It’s everything, you know this is what we came to Michigan State for, to play in these games and contend for championships, so these next four games, it’s basically win till you lose, you know type thing, and if you lose you out. Yeah, I just come in and play Michigan State football and Play hard, gritty, like Coach D always tell us, play with a chip on our shoulder because just just holdin em off right here is is gonna set us up so we gotta play with a chip on our shoulder, and hard. It’s a trophy game, so whenever we have a game that’s a trophy game you always want to have that trophy in your possession. So I think the rivalry has grown over the past couple years where it’s kind of been we blew them out, they kinda blew us out last year So definitely want to show that we can definitely compete with the top teams in the Big Ten This all we talked about in the off season knowing that desire is right here and in front of you and like you can actually accomplish it It means everything it shows that put your trust in the coaches because they kept installing that in us All the way last January, you know Going through the struggles that we go through together throughout Winter Conditioning and throughout some of the Summer workouts that that’s where you that’s where you build that bond You know through all the pain because you know that pain brings people closer together You know where you don’t allow your brother to break on you. You know so when you get into those big moments You know you there with em, you still there with him. You was there with him when we was down and you there when we up. Obviously Penn State is a fantastic team, they got a great running back, great quarterback Great defense and it’s gonna take a full team effort it’ll take all three aspects of the of our football team to be able to beat them and I think I mean our team is very ready for it They’re very ready for the challenge, and I’m you know I’m very excited for the Saturday It’s gonna be one of those games where you got to tough it out cold rough And I’m excited to play in it, it’s gonna be one of those tough games that that dog got to come out of everybody I’m just decided to even get a chance to be in a game like this, it’s gonna be fun. Hello everybody from Spartan Stadium Showdown game, Michigan State and Penn State yeah, it’s for the land grant trophy But for Michigan State and Penn State for that matter. It’s for a whole lot more, the Spartans actually control their destiny They went out, they punched their ticket to Indianapolis in the Big Ten championship But it starts today with a very tough opponent in Penn State Here’s the run up and the opening kick and Penn State will go to work out at the 25-yard line Shotgun snap back McSorely guns it over the middle crossing pattern catch made by Hamilton at the ten angles to his left Heading for the pylon. He’s into the end zone touchdown Penn State This is Connor Heyward freshman bringing it out from the five and there’s some room off the right side, he’s out to the thirty. on the kicker Davis Shotgun snap to Lewerke, over the middle throw Darrell Stewart with a catch at the 35 yard line of the Nittany Lions Snap back to Brian Lewerke, endzone throw leaping grab made, Darrell Stewart over Troy Apke, touchdown MSU Michigan State wasting no time responding to tie this game the snap to McSorley just in time he’s gonna run and is up handed on a block tackle by David Dowell fourth and three McSorely throws left side catch made by Blacknall, breaks a tackle and now he’s at the 10 He’s at the 5. He’s into the end zone Penn State which is the best 1st quarter team in the country, re-taking the lead in this one LJ to the right of Brian Lewerke, needs 10 Steps up runs to his right throws on the run caught by Darrell Stewart near the right sideline He’s out to the 40-yard line. We need to interrupt the game for a weather delay Some lightning in the area, and they will escort the teams off of the field, a weather delay The body language is any indication the Spartans seem more fired up after a more than three hour and 20 minute rain delay There bring a motion man and fake it to him, Lewerke sets up Felton Davis endzone! Diving catch – touchdown Michigan State! It’s a line drive kick, Barkley chasing it He’ll have to pick it up couldn’t have gone much better for Michigan State, and Penn State drop back at its own six Ugly conditions down there, on second down well-protected again in the cover- and intercepted! This one’s picked off by David Dowell and Michigan State has it inside the 30 So this top 25 matchup in East Lansing has reached halftime tied at 14 between Penn State and Michigan State The lone score has since the delay Off we go with the second half shotgun snap Steps up Throws, caught in a crowd by Felton Davis, turns away from the Nittany Lions- Felton Davis to the sideline! It was third down in a mile but they got a couple miles, 36, in the Penn State territory Play action, look out, got rid of it! There’s Rison again! He’s doing just fine with this wet ball, this reception for 18 yards. Hand off to LJ, off right guard to the goal line to the end zone, touchdown MSU! The Spartans go 91 yards to take the lead McSorely with one chance to air it out with a breeze at his back, play fakes to Barkley Wants to go deep with it, he’s got a man wide open. He’s got him on the run all by himself is DeAndre Tompkins, He’ll take it to the endzone touchdown Penn State Purrs now from midfield McSorely pumps one way steps up and heaves it. It’s picked off! Second of the day David Dowell and the Spartans have it Spartans take over at their 31 tie ballgame 4:05 to play. Third down in a yard handoff LJ gets the yard off left guard Another handoff to LJ up the middle hangs onto the pigskin, tykes his way close to the 15 yard line Which is one of the nation’s youngest teams and here’s a perfect representation of that with a freshman going out to attempt the game-winner Caflisch ready to snap it, Brian Lewerke will hold it, on the way back it’s down, it’s up it’s long enough and- it’s good! and it’s good! Spartans win! They win baby! Spartans win, Spartans win, Matt Coghlin, the hero, swarmed by his teammates A 34 yard field goal, down goes Penn State. Michigan State’s improbable march continues to Columbus We just beat Penn State 27-24, Tremendous job by our football team staying focused I thought we adapted to some different things that they were doing offensively Defensively and you know won the turnover margin 3-1, I think that’s big in any football game You know this is another big win for us and puts us in the title hunt and you know we got three games left in November and we’ll take ’em one at a time, see what happens

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