Snake Serve Table Tennis – Like a Boss!

Snake Serve Table Tennis – Like a Boss!

Hi, My name is Brett Clarke and welcome to
my Snake Service video for. SSSSSSSSSS The snake serve is used very seldom as it’s
hard to control and almost impossible to learn. Before showing you the mechanics of the snake
serve, let me share with you an almost true story of how I tracked down the master of
the snake serve near the Thai, Burmese border. For the longest time, I’d heard mysterious
stories of a magic reptile that lived deep in the jungle and held the secret to the snake
serve. So I headed North and dedicated my life to
finding this magic reptile. After months in the jungle of searching high
and searching low, I stumbled across what was undoubtedly the master of the snake serve. Master Snake convinced me to dedicate 3 years
of my life. I agreed on one condition. That Master Snake also trained me in the reverse
pendulum serve and the snake serve can’t be used alone. The master agree and so the training began. We went to a hidden Buddist Temple where he
trained me in the ancient, forgotten art of the snake serve. Most wrist he would scream, more wrist. Imagine
your arm is a snake. He even moved me onto a diet of mice and small rodents. Then after I finally got my ten thousand hours
of training, Master Snake announced that I was ready. He made me promise to share the snake serve
on YouTube so the art would never be lost again. I’ll bet the suspense is killing you. You’re
screaming inside…Dude, just show me the snake serve!!! Before unleashing the serpent like serve,
I’ll start with a couple of reverse serves to show contrast as the snake serve is designed
for deception. The arrow on the screen shows the line of
the reverse serve. Note the elbow and finishing position of the
reverse serve. Here’s a couple of vicious snakes serves for
you. With the reverse serve your contact is down
here as you’re pushing out, but the snake serve is completely different. The contact is here as you’re moving your
wrist in and pushing your arm out at exactly the same time. This contact here is what generates all the
topspin. So this is slow mo of the snake serve. The red arrow shows you the line of the reverse
serve and green arrow shows you the actual line of the snake serve. Note that my finishing position is almost
identical to the reverse serve. This is a side-by-side view of the snake serve
and the reverse serve. Notice how similar the actions are and again,
look at the finishing positions for both serves. Both of the following 2 serves are not examples
of snake serves. They are just regular sidespin pendulum serves and the arm is just moved
around at the end to try to create the illusion. Master Snake calls these serves Lizard Serves! Now we have a different angle for 2 reverse
serves, 2 snake serves and 2 lizard serves. To conclude this saga, Master Snake Skype
called me last week and told me that he’d be visiting us in Chiang Mai to help out with
some of the coaching here. Didn’t you Master Snake If you’ve enjoyed this video you can go to
for more tutorial by world-class player William Henzell and…me.

66 thoughts on “Snake Serve Table Tennis – Like a Boss!

  1. This is friggin' hilarious. 🙂 The instruction is very good, too. Thanks, keep making more videos!…Just out of curiosity:  Do the pendulum and snake serves put any strain on the elbow? How can injury be avoided?

  2. Fantastic break down of the technicalities of the reverse spin serve vs. the snake serve.  You are good at teaching the finer nuances of TT. I respect your skills. Awesome Guru.

  3. Hahaha you are awesome dude. I honestly don't know where the dislikes come from. These are really good serves and I can say that as I have been playing for ten years now.

  4. I can't tell the difference between the snake serve and the lizard serve besides the fact that you exaggerate the reverse movement in the lizard serve. Please explain

  5. I'm pretty sure you know what you're talking about… And I'm happy that many people find your tips useful. As for me, I can't bear watching more than 30 seconds of your videos. And I tried a few of them. I constantly have the feeling you're addressing the viewer as if he was a moron and I don't feel comfortable with it.

  6. Hey Brett, I am thai live in chianmai you're best teacher of table tennis. I'am really enjoy your videos which really easy to understand. thank you master ^ ^

  7. Question: – in terms of outcome on the ball, what is the difference between the Snake Serve and the Lizard Service as they look the same?

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