100 thoughts on “Sim Bhullars Historic First NBA Basket

  1. he's not going to be the next yao ming stop trying to make that happen. while he may open the market in india, its still ridiculous to compare the 2. yao ming was an immensely skilled player coming into the league. bhullar is tall but over weight and slow footed.

  2. Not sure why there is so much hate towards this kid? Is it wrong to make a name for himself? All you guys act as though you have invested in him and are afraid of losing it. He will be fine whether he plays or not. I hope he does play well because that is what he wants to do. He is a humble kid and all the best to him. All you haters are going to hate regardless of his background or hype. He did not create the hype it is the league that does it.

  3. Just watch this guy play… at 0:07 he almost didn't catch the ball properly, 0:12 his dribbling skills… what dribbling skills? Nice hook shot though

  4. If Sim could work really hard on his footwork, get some speed with his moves… or just grow into dominating with that size that would be nice

  5. The NBA is making a huge mistake promoting this guy like this. I understand he's the first player of Indian heritage (though we all know he's a naturalized Canadian), but he really isn't the right guy for this kind of recognition, I almost feel bad for him. Getting over hyped like this when he really doesn't deserve it. We probably won't here much of him again after this season ends.

  6. People hated on Yao Ming just the same.. Haters gon hate.. That's just the way it is

    Oh yeah, RIP CITY BABY!

  7. He definitely needs to get some better conditioning, but anyone who watched him play in college knows he has some really soft hands and a good shooting touch from a pretty far range. If he solves that conditioning issue he might be able to be a solid second team contributor on the NBA level. Lord knows with that frame he can toss pro level picks.

  8. Okay just to give you guys a better picture, Jack Cooley, the white guy and back up Utah Jazz Center guarding Sim is 6-9 and weighs almost 250lbs yet he looks like Peter Dinklage next to him.

  9. Just wait, when he gets his body right he will be an imposing force down low. He'll probably never have transition game though.

  10. he was only subbed in for like a minute. and by the time he made it onto the other side of the court after he made the basket, he looked like he was about to faint from exhaustion

  11. If his body can handle the rigors of working out and and he has the discipline to eat right I think he could be an all star he has a good head on his shoulders and he's Canadian so he has the star in him

  12. Way more people deserve a shot in the NBA then this fat sack of unathletic shit. Just because hes Indian he gets treated like hes retarded. Their are so many other players that deserve a shot then this fat sack of shit.

  13. He needs more playing time.

    If he loses weight, or not. We are looking at Yao Ming potential here! Put him on the Lakers or something!

  14. This was really cool

    I went to College with many Indian guys…. There are many of them in engineering and science hahaha

    I think its cool how this guy is repping for them in a field that you wouldnt automatically assume they would be in

    Indians seem to be good at everything involving a brain – its nice to see them start to try some sports !

  15. First and only NBA highlight. Sacramento only picked him up for 10 days so they could break history with him being the first person of Indian descent to play..

  16. If you actually think about it this is really sad. It was more of a pity opportunity that was set up for him to score. really hard to watch.

  17. Sim bhullar can really play. He's a beast just his mobility is a problem. If he can cut down his weight he'd be a better mehmet okur and okur was a beast back in the 00s

  18. When Mclemore reached up to give him a high five Sim didn't even have to lift his hand over his shoulder

  19. I was hoping he will be the next big thing in NBA the next domating center since Shaq.. but that hope is gone..

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