feisty Friday is back I’m a little bit
nervous so I’m just gonna take a quick little sip of this double shot espresso
because this topic is gonna have people going off in the comments Oilers fans
are a little sensitive please don’t hate me very passionate I respect you
anyways this week everybody is talking about Connor McDavid. Should Connor
McDavid win the Hart Trophy? Yeah that’s gonna be a hard no from me.
Please don’t hate me!
Only one can win and you can not convince me that person can come
from a non playoff team. Now Oilers fans before you jump down my throat,
“you don’t think Connor McDavid’s the best player in the league?” Don’t get
it twisted! I think he’s one of the best players to ever play the game
however there is a but… and it’s bigger than Kim K’s!.. bad bad joke. My problem is that his Oilers are nowhere near the playoffs please don’t hate me where’s
the value in his points if the team isn’t winning I could have a million
dollars but if I chuck it in the river I can’t buy anything with it can I. “Well
where would the Oilers be without McDavid?” still not a playoff team please
don’t hate me boilers without McDavid not a playoff
team boilers with McDavid not a playoff team
the last time a player on a non playoff team took home the league’s heart trophy
the year was 1988 and the player was Mario Lemieux. love me some Super Mario
but who didn’t here’s the difference Lemieux had 19 more points than the next
closest guy who by the way was 99 Wayne Gretzky and 37 more points than the
third-place guy my boy Denny Sevard just sand and we haven’t
even got two goals scored yet he dominated that too in 1988 the next
closest person was Craig Simpson and he had 14 goals les Lemieux was head and
shoulders better than everybody else yes Milam used Pittsburgh Penguins
didn’t make the playoffs that year but you know how much they missed by 1.1
Connor McDavid and the Oilers at the time of this taping are 16 16 points
back of a playoff spot they’re not even sniffing the postseason late they’re bad
please don’t hate me I don’t really think that you can compare Mario Lemieux
season in 1988 to Connor mcDavid’s in 2018 they’re not the same situation at
all if the Oilers were at least fighting for
a spot I can maybe be convinced to give Connor McDavid the heart not that it’s
up to me anyways if you’re gonna give the Hart Trophy to a player on a knob
play up team dude better be Lackey in the field and Connor McDavid isn’t there
are a ton of other players in and around the same point production that he is and
their teams are going to the playoffs and don’t even start with me
on this hole he has no help you know it’s helped us Taylor Hall have no help
like none Nathan MacKinnon doesn’t have a ton of support either correct me if
I’m wrong but I’m fairly certain in MacKinnon’s colorado avalanche just
last season were one of the worst teams in NHL history and the team ain’t all
that different if I had to vote today I think I’d have to go with Nathan
MacKinnon what he’s doing with the AVS has been unbelievable so I’ve been
giving to him but only if the AVS make the playoffs
I’m not saying Connor McDavid’s not amazing he is he’s one of the best to
ever play the game will probably win numerous harts in his career hearts and
hearts probably like Oilers fans hearts but also the hart anyways if this award
was for the best player in the league yeah Connor McDavid could take home that
award but there’s no way that Connor McDavid should take home this year’s
Hart trophy just nope can’t do it that’s just my opinion I’m sticking to
it I know a lot of you aren’t going to agree with me but it’s feisty Friday so
get feisty in the comments but be respectful please don’t hate me be kind
or don’t whatever please don’t hate me thank you guys so much for watching this
video if you liked it give it a thumbs up if you didn’t like it
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  1. First vid of Jackie pretty good!!! Coming from someone who makes youtube vids I will say Nice editing who ever made it. ps Connor McDavid shouldn't win

  2. Best player on the planet but I would give it Nathan MacKinnon because he is having an amazing year and is leading a team that finished 49 points last season which is terrible Right now just one point out of the playoffs.

  3. The only thing I say is if he is involved in 50% of his teams goals? If he wins rocket, if he wins Art Ross? If he sets modern day record? Crosby was last player to achieve 120 pts, and that was like twelve years ago!!
    If Connor was to check all those boxes? I mean, he's got to be in conversation.
    And pens being close was in 21 team league. Waaaaay before loser points were even thought of. How many loser points do playoff type teams acquire over a regular season? Five? Nine?
    If we aren't allowed to cross reference eras on goalie stats or cup dynasties? Then it seems most double standardish to throw Mario at Connor just to fuel hate fire?

  4. I watch videos giving hockey opinions expecting to end up arguing… but I legit agree with everything you have said lol

  5. MacKinnon, Hall, and Kucherov should be the 3 nominated and any of them could win and I wouldn't have an issue.

  6. Please don’t hate me lol. Great video and agree 100 percent on everything you said. Mackinnon or Hall for MVP all day.

  7. I totally agree Jackie. As they say.. Hockey is a team game. McDavid is hell of a hockey player, but one person can't lift a whole matter who it is…especially with what the NHL is now. The Oilers still have much to improve on if they are going to make the playoffs again. McDavid isn't even on my list of people who has the potential of winning the Hart this year. Just way too many names above McDavid right now.

  8. Congrats on the channel Jacks! In my opinion, Connor should definitely win the Hart because there is nobody in the entire league who means more to their team than he does. Playoffs should have no bearing on the decision because there already is a playoff MVP trophy for those guys, they can have the Conn Smythe. Plus he’s just a beauty lol

  9. Connor McDavid is the Most Outstanding Player in the league, but the award is for the Most Valuable Player and that's not Connor this year. This year the award has to go to one of the top players on a playoff team, sorry Connor, I hope you get it next year.

  10. No…his teammates are not improving with McDavid, so that's why I'm saying, "No;" I could never hate Jackie anyway

  11. 1 point or 20 points out of the playoff is out of the playoffs. 5 on 5 he is something like 20 points ahead of the next guy. McD is in on 45% of his team's scoring far above anyone else. The award is for the player MOST valuable to his team. Based on just the 2 previous stats alone he is more valuable to his team than anyone else. Penguins finished with 81 points Oiler are 6 below that with 5 games left. What if Connor gets 12 points in his last 5 games and finishes 12-15 points ahead of the next guy? I have to disagree with your premise, Connor is clearly the MOST valuable player to HIS team. 87-88 Penguins with Lemieux? Not a playoff team. 87-88 Penguins without Lemieux? Not a playoff team, plus no loser points and goalies were like 5 foot 2 and basically wore phone books for goalie pads

  12. He'll win the Lester B Pearson award anyway. I agree with you. Not just cause you're cute either. You still have to consider Kucherov too. Don't give me this "his team is amazing so they could do it without him" No, they couldn't. Stammer is good but Kucherov is the heart of that team. Would they be a playoff team without him? Probably, but that isn't the criteria either.. He is extremely important to their success.

  13. MacKinnon, Hall, Kopitar, Giroux should all be considered ahead of McDavid. I don’t know if any of those teams have the success they are having this year without those guys having the years they are.

  14. Why would I hate, nice girl, crazy for hockey, why hate. Exception: I hate that it's been a year attempting to say something private with you, not got any luck with it that's my problem.

    Despite that I wouldn't hate you. Don't hate me that seems very needy for a girl such yourself, bit weird suppose I grasp that.

  15. It's easy to capitalize or stress a word in a definition though and change the meaning of something? How about… "The PLAYER most valuable to his team." or. "The player MOST valuable to his team." Plus I think you said somewhere in here that the Hart is not an individual award? That isn't correct either Jacks.

  16. Connor's gonna win the Art Ross, and that's the correct award for the most productive offensive player, as he is. However, Taylor Hall and MacKinnon carries their team on their shoulders. First it depends, which team, NJ or Colorado will make it to the playoffs. The one who does, wins the Hart. But if the both goes to the playoffs, it's more tricky. Personally, I would hand the Hart for Hall if NJ makes it to the playoffs. He has almost the same amount of points than next two NJ players. MacKinnon has Rantanen by his side (Go Finland!!!)

  17. Absolutely agree Jackie! MacKinnon, Hall, how about Fluery the MVP of the Knights. No way Vegas makes this big of splash on their first year without him in net!

  18. Not only the Pens of 88 missed the Playoffs by one point, they were victims of a terrible Playoff format were 16 teams out of 21 made it, but only because they were in a difficult division the did not make it. The Pens were 12 in the league in points and still did not were part of the 16 playoff teams… nonsense. And btw, this kind of BS will be back if they modify the playoff format to let more teams go in. We cannot compare current Oilers situation with the Pens of Mario back in 88.

  19. Jackie on YouTube?? SIGN ME UP! But seriously, I 100% agree with this. Nathan MacKinnon deserves the Hart this year.

  20. Just because you get the Art Ross doesn’t mean you should get the Hart too… Yes, it SHOULD be from a playoff team! I may be biased but Taylor Hall with that massive point streak should at least be in the conversation. I would give it to Mackinnon, if they make the playoffs. If they don’t make the playoffs (which is looking likely after blowing it against Ducks & Kings and securing their spots in the process) then I would probably give the award to Blake Wheeler cause he’s been doing really well points-wise and honestly hasn’t had a ton of help with Schiefele being injured

  21. Evgeni Malkin should be the Hart Trophy winner. Malkin has been the mainstay of the Penguins during the regular season.

  22. People who say this have no idea what their talking about. This is why the award should just be called NHL MVP, and that's it. There is nothing about the arguments that make any sense nore does it say anything about making the playoffs.

    Connor McDavid just became the 2nd player in NHL history to record 2 Art Ross scorig titles 21 years old or younger. The only other player to do that was Wayne Gretzky. Mic drop.
    McDavid hater's = Leaf fans. So sorry you didn't get him;)

  23. I think that he is always such a good player, despite being on such a terrible team makes the point that he is the best player. Crobsy, Kucherov have the best of the best on their side, so it is easier for them to be that good. I think the Hart Trophy shouldnt be awarded to players who are in the playoffs… thats what the conn smythe is for.

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