SHARK MINDSET | One of the Best Speeches Ever by Walter Bond

SHARK MINDSET | One of the Best Speeches Ever by Walter Bond

My freshman year I don’t play a lick. And before I knew it, I lost my mindset again. And I begin to recalibrate. You know everybody doesn’t play in the NBA,
I’ll graduate in 4 years. You know what? I’ll just go get a good job. It’s okay, it’s okay. And the end of my freshman year my daddy called
me on the phone, and he asked me a question. He said, “Son, you’re not playing. Why not?” – Politics dad. It’s political. My father asked me a question. He said, “How does your coach get paid son?” I said “Dad, he gets paid to win”. He says, “Okay, son. If your coach gets paid to win, won’t he
play the players that give him the best chance to win?” He said, “Son, you got recruited, you took
all your visits, you chose Minnesota”. You took the time and you chose Minnesota. You told me that you’re going to turn that
program around. You told me you’re going to graduate in 4 years. You told me you’re going to make more money
in business than you did in sports”. One of the core values of our training and
development called family was accountability. That was a core value of that training and development organization called the bond family accountability. He said, “So, go back and do what you said you’re
going to do”. My father reminded me of what I said I was
going to do. I went back to my coach’s office and I said,
“Coach what do I need to do to play in the NBA?” He looked confused. Here’s what I told him. I’m going to become somebody different – What
do I need to do to play in the NBA? I’m taking this thing to the next level. We are about to rise up. So, for you to be passionate your logic and
your emotions need to be intertwined. See, some of you guys have the intellect and
some of you guys have the passion but you have to have both to be successful in this
business. Sharks are hunters and predators. They never stop swimming. In fact, if a shark stops swimming, it will die. If the shark goes backwards, it will die – Think
like a shark, act like a shark and behave like a shark. Can I ask you a question right now? Can I ask you a real question? Not your neighbor, I’m talking to you. What kind of student are you right now in life? You’re in charge of your promotion. If you do five million and you want to get
to ten, you’re in charge. In order for you to rise up you better take
your game to the next level. Your mindset needs to go to the next level,
your information needs to go to the next level, your relationships need to go to the next level. Take your money and give information and access
and you will get good habits and good rituals and you will go to next level. Coach, what do I need to do to play in the
NBA? He said, “You can’t run, you can’t jump,
you can’t dribble, you can’t shoot, and you can’t rebound son”. Next year I’ll be your most improved player. I’m going to think, I’m going to execute
and I’m going to win. I’m going to think, I’m going to execute and
I’m going to win. I’m going to execute what I’ve been trained to do. I’m connected to a shark. I’m connected to the greatest training organization
in the world and when I get home, I’m going to become somebody who’s different – What
do I need to do? You didn’t have an honest self-assessment
about what your witnesses are and that’s how you get to the next level. My sophomore year rolls around, we go all
the way to the Sweet 16 and I’m the top six men in the country. I go back to my coach – What do I need
to do to play in the NBA? The list gets shorter, the next year we went
all the way to the Elite 8. We were one shot away from the Final 4 and
I was a top six player in the country. I carved out a niche! And that’s what impact players do. They make their community better. They make their city better. They make their town better. They make Realtors better. Be an impact player and anybody in your life
if they need a shark you become their shark. All I had to do is have one good year and
I’ll walk right into the NBA. My senior year, everything lines up but the
first game of my senior year I break my foot. I come back in six weeks and I break my foot
for the second time. In my mind my college career was over, and
my NBA dreams were dead. I averaged 7 points per game. I got offered a $75,000 job because one of
our season ticket holders liked me. Right before I took the job my daddy called
me on the phone. He would always ask the right questions at
the right time. He said, “You had a tough year son, what’s
next?” I said, “Daddy, I’m going to be a hospital
administrator $75,000 job”. He said, “Not bad son but can I ask you
a question? Do you believe you’re an NBA player?” Come on now dad, I only averaged 7 points
a game dad. We’re not like these other black families
that just need basketball dad. We’re educated dad. We’re not dependent on basketball dad, we’re
boundless dad, we’re educated dad. I got a $75,000 job dad. – Do you believe son? He was checking my mindset. He was checking to see if I was thinking like
an A student or if I was falling back into that C mindset. “Do you believe you are an NBA player?” I said, “Yeah, dad, I do”. He said, “Well, go for it, son”. – “But dad, I never started in college”. But… but… but… My father said, “You told me son that you’re
going to turn their program around and you did it from the bench son. You told me you’re going to graduate in 4
years son. The average student graduates in 5. I’m proud of you. But you told me that you are going to play
in the NBA. And you told me you are going to make more
money in business than you did in sports. Do you believe you are an NBA ball player?” I do daddy. Go for it, son. Go for it. I go back to my coach’s office and I said,
“Coach what do I need to do to play in the NBA?” He teared up. I teared up. He said, “I’ll be honest with you son. When I recruited you, I heard you was a mama’s boy but you’re not. In fact, you’re one of the toughest players
I’ve ever had”. I’m a Hall of Fame motivational speaker. I go all over the world running my mouth,
but he gave me the greatest compliment I’ve ever received. He said, “You’re just like your daddy”. My daddy was a shark and I was a sucker fish,
but that moment was my opportunity to turn into a shark myself. If you hang around sharks long enough, they
will transform your mindset and I promise you you will be like a shark, you will think
like a shark and you can’t go backwards. If you stop swimming, you will die. He can’t go backwards and if he stops swimming,
he will die. So, ladies and gentlemen you’re connected
to the right shark All you need to do is be a good sucker fish. Success is all around you, just pay attention. Every time you leave the business meeting
consciously and subconsciously that person is debriefing you. Are you likeable? Do you brighten up a room when you enter or
do you brighten up a room when you leave? Are you good with people? And don’t you ever be a parasite
which means don’t you ever come to this conference and go back home and do nothing. And then claim, “Oh, I tried it, and it didn’t
work”. No! My college basketball coach said, “Son,
I think you should be a motivational speaker”. I said, “Coach, I can talk the rest of my life. What do I need to do to play in the NBA?” He said, “If you do these two things you
will play in the NBA. You gotta better shoot the three-point shot
with range and you got to lose about 15 pounds because you don’t pass the eyeball test”. When I talk about the eyeball test, I’m not
talking about you, I’m talking about me. He said, “The NBA thinks you’re a football
player trying to play basketball. You’re going to lose weight to change the
perception”. I lost 15 pounds and I became the first-ever
undrafted rookie free agent in the history of the NBA to start opening night.

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  1. Shark mind set?! Who ever made this must not understand sharks very well. Sharks don't have brains they have little Satan's steering them around eating legs and hands.

  2. This is the best motivational speech I have ever heard in my life. I listen to this at least 10 times a day. I used to be a class clown in my school and thought that I was all that at basketball. But when I heard this. It really hit me. I have turned my life around because of you. Thank you so much🙏🏿

  3. Girls: *SocialRebellions. Light-Hearted.
    Guys: “More Serious”, Talks about the Lows’
    (Ex. Lows, Motivating)

    None of th are anything about Love.

    So there’s seems to be just 2 Types of Artist Feelings: “Fun Pop-py” / “HardFeelings”(Red-Shawn) -(Same for both Genres.)

    -“Motivating Girls”<GirlFeatures.
    -/“Enjoying the Girl’s Presence”.

    Right I guess we are still kinda in that “Guys’ HardFeelings” cause we A—Both feel the same “lows” <<that’s what connects.

    Well, the biggest take away we got from that wAs: “Chill Songs: -Introduces a “New” Sound.” & “Extreme-Emotions Songs: -“Bland, Basic’m.
    ++These Diff. “ArtisticSounds” Styles are *Parallel.m to each other.

    What’s our Album Lists Thing??
    =•+Hold on to our Core *Purpose of this song. (Why do you need it to happen/ for Lauren..)

  4. My leadership Teacher does power up Wednesday and she puts on positive videos and motivation on Wednesday. It helped me alot, because I was depressed and suicidal and I don't think she knew that, but I told her that she helped me to open my eyes and I got myself into Positive City again. I can't thank her enough for what she have done. She is truly the best, not just a teacher, a great friend I've ever met and had.

  5. 3 weeks ago I though I should stop playing ball cause I thought I can’t make the NBA cause I’m too old at 13 but this speach has motivated me to be the best of my self waking up 4 in the morning everyday playing ball in the same routine to get better and stronger

    Thank you

  6. I was broke,down,depressed.I found new compassion,new motivation,keep up and have a positive mental attitude.I am starting to pick myself up! rise and grind!

  7. "Do you believe, Do you believe " That deep down inside you there's a key to unlock your full potential your full power your full strength and give this world everything you got

  8. Well done excellent video! I have failed a great number of times yet so thrilled to have discovered this web site here EasyLaptopLife .Com it can sincerely help beginners make their very first commission on the internet. Really hope it may help you too

  9. Through his whole speech he talks about how his daddy was his motivation and I got teary eyed because I’ve never had a dad then a voice inside my head said yes but you still made it this far! one more round! quitters never win! and winners never quit!👌💪

  10. Never started a college game and then started his first NBA game on his way to a HOF career. Growth never stops, if you want to grow there is always room. The saddest thing is when people in their 30s and 40s try to tell the younger generation how to not end up like them…acting like they can’t change their life anymore. Never too late, get out there and believe.

  11. This is the right mindset! I started making youtube videos a few months ago and wasn't succesfull. The gaming youtube community is really big. That's why it's very difficult to grow big. Then I found this video and it changed my life. I started working really hard with passion and achieved my goal of 500 subs. It may doesn't seem like a lot to anyone but for me personally this had been one of my lifegoals. But I'M NOT DONE I will work hard to get 1000 subs this year! MARK MY WORDS!!!! I AM A SHARK!!!


  13. I'm a middle schooler I started playing in 6th grade i'm in 7th
    Everyone makes fun of me They always say You'll never reach your dreams You will never be a starter All just because I was Native in a white school
    Well now I average over 40 points a game because i wake up at 4 am practice till 12
    Now i'm a State Player And I Listened to this everyday when I practiced it helped out a lot
    Thanks For Helping Out People Like Me.

  14. I wanna make my dad proud. I want him to be happy that I become the person, he will always be proud to mention my name say he is my son and raise his head. Life is really short but we can make it worth not by watching Netflix or doing drugs or committing suicide or killing, we can make it worth by committing goals and achieving them. We all r capable of whatever we we wanna do.

  15. I'm taking this thing to the next level! We about to rise up! I will be the best Director of Tennis! Great people pay attention to details!

  16. When I was 7 I ask my mom and dad can I play football and they said ok I tried and tried so I got hit and i felt the pain and broke my lag but I never gave up after that game my dad died from a gun shot I I herd his voice and said keep a going 21 years old now I’m 22

  17. You have a goal, you don't settle for anything less. You attack that goal no matter what obstacles befall you. Fail and make mistakes but keep going. You'll quickly outshine most people by doing this. I started attacking things in my life that I was afraid to do that made me very uncomfortable and my god it was the best decision I ever made. Some people thought I was crazy and that why would I put myself through that pain and discomfort. My response? To achieve my goals. I refuse to live in fear, I've already lived 25 years of my life in fear. I can't do that any longer. If I want to 1st place in a challenge, I won't stop until I get first 1st place.

  18. Every time I get down I come here. I just got notified I won't be consider for a great job with a great company. I'm in my Senior year last semester of college and I am working on metaphysics that is kicking my ass hard. This video is helping me get back to my grind mode. Thank you.


  20. This video is so sick. I graduated college but by disregarding my dreams as a kid. I want to play in the competitive esports arenas and events all over the world in videogames I like. I want to become a streamer. I want to become a content creator. I am currently offered jobs that will heavily affect my life. I can work for the rest of my life but now is the time to give it my best shot climb the ladders.

  21. at 7:09 he begins tearing up. He still gets affected by his memories because of how influential they are to the person he is today. Preach man.

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