Sesame Street: Knock Me Out at the Ball Game

Sesame Street: Knock Me Out at the Ball Game

TO THE BALL GAME”] MR. JOHNSON: Good eye! Way to look! Way to watch! VENDOR: Hot dogs. Get your red hots. Who wants one? MR. JOHNSON: Hot dogs! Aw. Oh, boy, this is great. It’s a gorgeous day. Here I am at the ballpark. And look, I’ve got my glove, and
I’m in a perfect seat to catch a foul ball when
it comes my way. What more could a person want? Except maybe a hot dog, huh? Hey, hot dog! GROVER: Yes, sir. MR. JOHNSON: You? What are you doing here? GROVER: Oh, observe the
cap and license, sir. I am selling hot dogs. Would you like to buy one? MR. JOHNSON: Well, as a matter
of fact, I would. And hurry, please. I want to be ready in case
someone hits a ball out here. GROVER: Fine, one hot
dog coming up, sir. And I’ll just put this
on the seat here. All righty. Now, sir, would you like that
rare, medium, or well-done? MR. JOHNSON: Oh, it
doesn’t matter. GROVER: OK. And how about mustard? We have spicy, yellow, and
Dijon with tarragon. MR. JOHNSON: Oh, would you
please just give me a hot dog? [BAT HITTING BALL] GROVER: OK, hot dog. Pretzels? Sweet relish? MR. JOHNSON: Here it comes! I got it! I got it! GROVER: Watch out! Watch out! KID: I got it! I got it! Oh yeah, Daddy, yeah. Oh, yeah, look at that, huh? MR. JOHNSON: You knocked
me down! Why did you do that? GROVER: I was protecting
you, sir. MR. JOHNSON: Protecting me? GROVER: Yeah, well, the ball is
hard, and it was going to hit you on your big
blue cute head. MR. JOHNSON: Oh, it was
not going to hit me on my big blue head. I was going to catch it. That’s why I’ve got this seat. That’s why I brought my glove. I was hoping I could catch
a foul ball, and you made me miss it. GROVER: Well, I am sorry, sir. I was only trying to shield
you from injury. MR. JOHNSON: Well, don’t. GROVER: Fine. MR. JOHNSON: Just give
me a hot dog. GROVER: Fine, OK. Let me readjust my
hot dog here. OK. Now, you wanted– let me
refresh my memory. You wanted, um, well-done. You wanted mustard? With or without mustard? MR. JOHNSON: With. With. GROVER: Yeah, right. And may I recommend
a bun, sir? [BAT HITTING BALL] MR. JOHNSON: Look, here’s
another one. FAN: Oh, I got it! Oh, I got it! Oh, I– GROVER: Oh no, watch out! Watch out! FAN: I got it! In your face! In your face! [LAUGHTER] MR. JOHNSON: Aw. You did it again. I was going to catch the ball,
and you jumped on me. GROVER: With all due respect,
sir, perhaps you were not going to catch the ball. Perhaps the ball was going to
hit you in your big pink nose. MR. JOHNSON: The ball was
not going to hit me in my big pink nose. I was going to catch
it in my glove. I was finally going to
get a foul ball. GROVER: Why should
we argue, sir? I am here to serve you. MR. JOHNSON: Well then, would
you please serve me a hot dog, and go away? GROVER: Yes, that is
what I do best. One hot dog coming up, sir. Was that with mustard? I forgot. MR. JOHNSON: Yes! GROVER: Oh, OK, fine. And would you like a bun? MR. JOHNSON: Yeah, yeah, yeah. GROVER: OK, fine. And oh, how about a napkin? [BAT HITTING BALL] GROVER: I recommend
a napkin because– MR. JOHNSON: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here comes another one! Here comes another one! I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it! GROVER: Sir, watch out! Baseball coming! Watch out! Watch out! FAN: I got it! I got it! Yeah, baby! Whoo! GROVER: Oh. Oh. Ooh, another close
call, huh, sir? MR. JOHNSON: Right. Listen to me. GROVER: You know, that ball– MR. JOHNSON: No, no,
don’t talk, listen. If you don’t listen, you won’t
hear what I’m going to say, and I want you to hear
it loud and clear. GROVER: But sir– MR. JOHNSON: I said, listen. GROVER: I’m all ears. MR. JOHNSON: Right. Do you know what my dream was
when I came here to this ballgame today? GROVER: What? MR. JOHNSON: That I would
catch a foul ball. Have I caught one? No! Because each time a ball
comes near me, you jump on top of me! GROVER: Sir– MR. JOHNSON: Listen! So here’s what we’re
going to do. You’re going to take your hot
dogs, and you’re going to get as far away from
me as possible. [BAT HITTING BALL] MR. JOHNSON: Why? So just in case another
ball is hit to me– GROVER: Sir? Sir? MR. JOHNSON: Listen! GROVER: Sir? Sir? MR. JOHNSON: Just in
case another ball is hit to me, maybe– I said, just maybe– I could– GROVER: Huh? I caught the ball! I caught a foul ball. I caught a foul ball! I caught a foul ball! Look, sir, a foul ball! Are you listening, sir? Are you listening? I, Grover, caught a foul ball! Are you listening? A foul ball! Yes! Yes! Yes! Hot dogs on the house! FAN: All right, everybody! Whoo!

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  2. Mr Johnson was knocked unconscious by a stray foul ball that came at him like a rocket. He was taken to hospital for medical observation and released later that evening.

  3. Poorly attended game. Twice the number of spectators that a baseball game would get here in New Zealand, though.

  4. The baseball made Mr. Johnson unconscious, and when he woke up and saw Grover with the baseball, he got unconscious again. 😂 Funny stuff

  5. In a theory, I think Grover was at the Red Sox vs Yankees game at Fenway Park, but when he found out Mr Johnson is a Yankees fan, he knew to mess with him.

  6. I think the guy sleeping on top might be Fozzie Bear's brother also if Mr.Johnson went to go get a Hot Dog at the concession stand it would have been worse Grover would have been his concession stand worker and he would have messed with Mr.Johnson even more

  7. That guy should sit down with grover and found out why he is stalking him. Maybe he did something good or bad with SuperGrover hence he won't leave him alone

  8. Grover would follow Mr. Johnson to hell just to offer him a cup of water and accidentally spill molten lava on him, instead.

  9. I I think the reason why Grover keeps jumping on top of Mr. Johnson is because he must have had some sort of trauma when he was younger when Grover was at the ballpark and the ball hit Grover in his head in in his pink nose. So now he is trying to prevent that from happening to anyone else. Just take a look at his face at 2:56. But then again, that doesn't really explain why Grover is even at the ballpark where a foul ball can hit him again. Who agrees with me?

  10. Wait, who's playing? If it's the St Louis Cardinals, Grover does not need to lift a finger….the team's dull playing will send Mr Johnson to sleep all by itself. (d'dum chhhh)

  11. Am I the only one finds it funny that like most of these videos, when Fat Blue is trying to catch a foul ball, he misses it even after the same number of tries? What I mean is that 3 foul balls are thrown and Fat Blue misses all of them, just like how many strikes you get in a ball game before you're fouled out.

  12. I know this is a kids' show, but if it were not, wouldn't it have been hilarious at 3:49 if Mr. Johnson "take your hot dogs" and shove it? I certainly think that.

  13. You know, if you think about it, Grover may very well have saved Mr. Johnson's life. Not too long ago, I heard at least two news stories of people being struck in the head and killed with foul balls. It rarely happens, but when it does, it's very tragic.

  14. Wow: So Mr. Johnson is trying to steal a ball from the Baseball stadium? Sesame Street is encouraging people to theft. Scandal!!!!
    (Just in case: I know it is a tradition in America to catch a baseball and keep it as a souvenir, it was just a little joke)

  15. Grover: "Let me adjust my hot dog here."
    Apparently Grover "bats for the other team" and got a little excited being on top of fat blue. Guess ernie, bert and Grover have something in common.

  16. I never thought the world would actually be filled with Grovers but customer service nowadays is so bad, I basically feel like Mr. Johnson and everywhere I go I see Grover working there. Just yesterday I ordered 2 Vanilla Bean Frappacinos, 1 Large and 1 Small at Starbucks. They charged me for 1 Large and 1 small, but the girl served me 2 smalls. Then seemed ticked off when I gave back one of the smalls and said I wanted a large. She admitted that she misread the order and remade the drink, but seemed annoyed and never apologized or said anything else other than "OK. Here you go". Then I heard her say to another employee "I misread the sticker, I do that all the time".

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