Sensible Transfers: Liverpool

Sensible Transfers: Liverpool

In this series, we will analyse teams, identify
problem areas, and suggest solutions in the form of incoming players. We won’t follow
gossip, rumours or conjecture, we don’t have inside information, and we’re not considering
the brand value of players. Purely, their on-field performance, and their suitability
for the team in question. Today’s team is Liverpool. Welcome to sensible
transfers. Liverpool’s recruitment policy is one of
the most effective in Europe. Despite having access to the vast revenues that come with
being a top Premier League club, they have retained a hunger for finding value in the
transfer market. This helped them to push Manchester City close domestically last season
whilst also triumphing on the continent, winning the Champions League. They don’t need a
major revamp this summer, though there are a couple of areas they would wise to strengthen.
Liverpool are an extremely potent attacking force. Not only are they productive with organised
possession, but they are highly effective in transitions. When they lose the ball, they
press to win it back instantly. And, when they regain the ball, they counter-attack
ruthlessly. These qualities enabled them to obtain the second-highest Premier League totals
in both actual and expected goals last season. While Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane get most
of the attention for their finishing prowess, Roberto Firmino is the central hub around
which the team’s front three is built. The Brazilian, signed in 2015 as a promising attacking
midfielder, has essentially forged his own unique role within Jurgen Klopp’s 4-3-3
system. His position is anything but fixed: indeed,
he moves into areas that most out-and-out number nines do not. He regularly drops as
deep as the middle third to link attacking moves, and is adept at finding pockets of
space between the lines or in the channels to create passing lanes for Liverpool to progress
the ball through. His involvement in building attacks is underlined by the fact that, of
all the Premier League’s central attacking players, only Eden Hazard of Chelsea averaged
more passes in 2018/19. While he drops deep, Salah and Mane look to
run in behind opposition defences. These opposite movements cause problems as centre-backs cannot
follow Firmino without gaps opening up for Liverpool’s wide forwards to run into. And,
when he gets on the ball, Firmino has the ingenuity and precision to put his teammates
through on goal. The 27-year-old can finish chances himself,
and he also plays a vital part in Klopp’s pressing strategy, pressuring opposition centre-backs
whilst angling his runs intelligently and using cover shadows to block forward passes
into central areas. While Firmino’s tactical importance to Liverpool’s
all-round play is obvious, the club does not have a natural alternative in his absence.
Daniel Sturridge, who occasionally filled in last season, has been released, while Divock
Origi is a completely different type of forward. Finding potential alternates for this role
is not simple as few clubs in Europe’s top five leagues consistently make use of a false
nine type up front. However, through use of data, we can look for players who could potentially
do the job. The areas we focused on were chance creation, pass completion, finishing ability,
and pressing involvement. One player that captured our attention was
Hertha Berlin’s Ondrej Duda. An attacking midfielder who connects attacks well, he showed
last season that he can finish too, scoring 11 goals in 32 Bundesliga appearances. His
defensive numbers are excellent and only stand out further considering he doesn’t play
for an aggressive pressing side. However, his 60.7 per cent accuracy when passing into
the final third is a concern. Another option would be Joaquin Correa. The
Argentine grew into his debut season with Lazio, showing an ability to combine effectively
with teammates in advanced areas, completing an impressive 89 per cent of his passes to
the final third. He also averaged three shots per game and demonstrated an eye for a subtle
through pass, completing 0.6 of them per 90 minutes. However, his defensive numbers suggest
he wouldn’t be naturally suited to fulfilling the pressing aspects of the Firmino role.
Kai Havertz is perhaps the best fit in a purely positional sense – he was deployed as a
false nine by Leverkusen on multiple occasions last term. The German is also the most prolific
finisher we could find. He averages 2.5 shots at an exceptional rate of accuracy, hitting
the target 50.6 per cent of the time. This explains why he scores 0.5 goals per 90 minutes
despite rarely being utilised as an out-and-out striker. Havertz also averages more passes
and more passes to the final third than Firmino, not to mention slightly more dribbles and
similar defensive stats. However, our pick for this role is Nabil Fekir.
The Frenchman was heavily linked with a move to Liverpool last season, and while the transfer
didn’t transpire, it’s easy to see why the club were interested in him. An attacking
midfielder who can also operate in more advanced positions, he averages more passes to the
final third than any player analysed here, while his accuracy of 82.8 per cent is solid.
He also averages 3.8 shots per 90 minutes and hits the target 47.8 per cent of the time
– in both cases, his numbers are higher than Firmino’s.
Fekir is a playmaker who thrives in central areas, can finish as well as create chances,
and – with 6.9 defensive duels, 2 interceptions and 1.8 opposition half ball recoveries – he
isn’t afraid to get involved in pressing. Considering all of this, as well as the recent
reports suggesting Lyon are willing to let him leave for a reduced transfer fee of around
£30 million, and Liverpool would be within reason not only to resurrect their interest
in him, but to make him their Firmino alternate. While Klopp’s favoured system does not make
use of a natural number nine, Liverpool may want to consider signing one this summer.
Whenever their primary approach doesn’t work, they tend to look towards Origi as an
attacking troublemaker late in games, utilising his aerial ability, nose for goal and capacity
for making something from nothing in the final third. The Belgian is a good squad option,
but there are better players out there that could perform the same function.
One possible option is Dodi Lukebakio. The 21-year-old had his best scoring season yet
in 2018/19, averaging 0.4 goals per 90 minutes on loan at Fortuna Dusseldorf. While a former
winger, he clearly knows how to find the net, averaging 2.5 shots at an excellent accuracy
rate of 55.2 per cent. Aerially he has similar numbers to Origi, though he is better on the
ground, succeeding with 10 per cent more of his attempted dribbles.
Another, more establish option would be Sebastien Haller. The 25-year-old enjoyed another positive
season at Frankfurt, averaging 0.6 goals per 90 minutes. Not only does he hit the target
with 56.3 per cent of his shots, but he is powerful in the air, winning 6.9 aerial duels
per 90 at a success rate of 48.9 per cent. This would be a good outlet for Liverpool
late on in games, as they can play long or fire crosses towards him should opposition
defences resist their intense pressing and counter-attacking game. However, Haller would
likely be an expensive target, and it wouldn’t make sense to spend big on a player that doesn’t
fit Klopp’s first-choice system. Our pick for this position, therefore, is
Wout Weghorst. Like Haller, Weghorst is aerially dominant,
winning 44.2 per cent of his aerial duels. However, he doesn’t quite have the same
reputation, so may not cost quite as much as his French counterpart. He averages 1.9
shots and 0.5 goals per 90 minutes, though his most eye-catching finishing stat regards
his accuracy – he finds the target with 58.7 per cent of his shots. On top of that,
he is fairly quick for a player standing at 6ft 6ins, and is capable of pressing the opposition,
as his 3.8 defensive duels, 2.2 interceptions and 1.8 opposition-half ball recoveries on
average can confirm. Liverpool have a strong squad, but with a
genuine alternate to Firmino and a different type of striker to use in games where they
require tactical change to break down defences, they could be even more potent going forward
next season. Here is what our team would look like.
Since Klopp arrived at Anfield, 75% of Liverpool’s signings have been between the age of 23 and
26, while few involved an excessive financial outlay by modern Premier League standards.
Fekir and Weghorst, who suit the club’s model on and off the pitch, would be sensible

100 thoughts on “Sensible Transfers: Liverpool

  1. @TifoFootball- Why didn’t said anything about Left backs. They don’t have any players other than Rob..? 🙁

  2. The main difficulty in replacing Origi is that very few promising strikers would accept the role of a bench clutch player without wishing more minutes or a more prominent role. After starring in crucial matches as impact subs, they'd seek a move out. Origi's best asset, apart from his clutch appearances, is his selfless attitude.

  3. It would have been nice if you mentioned about fullbacks coz at the moment they need a fullback asap

  4. Me minding my own business: "……………………."
    When I see Origi's name: "Corner taken quickly, ORIGIIIIIIIIIIIII"

  5. you could start including Portugal and Netherlands on your scouting base. There are a quite good players on those leagues, that had being signned by big clubs on latest years.

  6. Fekir won't agree to sit on the bench and Havertz is 19 years and this is a huge advantage also I think Klopp will depend on Brewster as a replacement for Origi

  7. Great analysis, Tifo. In my opinion those transfers could help Liverpool to finally win the PL this year which is now the proririty for Klopp.

  8. You guys barely cover other leagues. Come on tifo. Get back to being objective and cover ligue 1, Serie A, and la Liga. Also the Bundesliga.

  9. Improving Liverpool won’t easy. Hence you have not seen them do anything major. Not strengthening though would be a big mistake from Liverpool. Players at the top level need to remain motivated. Signing no one major would give Liverpool players a comfort zone. Sir Alex would always strengthen significantly after winning.

  10. Liverpool also need backup full backs, since Moreno left on a free and Clyne is probably leaving for Crystal Palace

  11. liverpool should sign a better centre back as a partner for van dijk considering joe gomez can be injured a lot

  12. The most obvious sensible transfer for Liverpool would be a left back, not a striker. Weghorst isn't good enough for our level right now. Fekir is a dead deal and it was since last year. We already have Brewster as a potential other option to Origi (why would you replace him anyway). Wilson coming back fills a winger/cam position. Kent fills the other wing back-up. Ox is back so an attacking mid would be a pointless signing. A RB to take Trents understudy role would be necessary but Clyne might yet stay. In conclusion, there is no realistic sensible transfer for Liverpool that would combine the relatively shrewd business and a player of the level of a Champions League holders/prem title challengers

  13. Hendo – Gini – Fabinho… the best midfield combo for us. Although underrated by all, these combo works wonders for us

  14. Tifo, I'm disappointed. Normally your vids are great, but this is anything but sensible. Sure maybe some other manager would make these picks but not Klopp. He's not going to look for a Firmino backup, as he'd rather find solutions from within the squad as he wants to keep his current players happy with playing time, and also this aid's his creative ability. For instance, he'd rather put Gini there as he did against Barca, or play Salah or Mane in the middle. He isn't going to pay 40m for someone who will sit on the bench just in case firmino gets injured. We're not going to get a natural 9 nor are we going to replace Origi . . . once again this makes absolutely no sense. Origi understands his place in the squad, is happy he will get more time with Sturridge gone, whereas bringing a new player in would cost extra $$ and could disrupt team chemistry. Plus we have a natural 9 waiting in the wings in Brewster if he grabs his development opportunities by the horns, and Klopp doesn't like to block first-team chances for youngsters. Sensible transfers for Liverpool would be A.) a young left-back backup, probably with the versatility to play other positions. B.) a young right-footed winger/attacking midfielder who could back up Mane on the right as Shaqiri does for Salah on the left, however I doubt they'll make this signing as they have Ox back and want Brewster to develop playing out wide as well C.) 16-18-year-olds for when this current crop of 26-year-olds fade away.

  15. The smugness on my West Ham supporting face when you suggested Seb Haller would likely be too expensive for Liverpool 😎😎😎

    (My smugness will be erased in a month when he inevitably gets a season ending injury, as is the West Ham Way)

  16. “Few involve excessive outlay”…. world record fees for GK and CB? £60m+ for Keita, almost £50m for Fabinho… they’ve spent just like the others.

  17. I'm a united fan but I love this video because he mentioned weghorst, I knew he was a top player when he was playing for AZ alkmaar.

  18. Why do most people who are commenting try to sound smart? It’s nauseating 🤢🤮

    If you think you can do a better job than the Tifo team, then go start your own channel…. and just allow us to enjoy their work.

    Thanks Tifo team for all your work! Love it!

  19. Are you kidding Firmino barely presses the ball. He's more like Neymar when it comes to defensive responsibilities. Teams have sussed him out from 2017/18 season, he was much less effective in 18/19

  20. real betis stole fekir .. they have lo celso and sergio canales .. Obvious reasons for la ligan teams to be afraid of

  21. Interesting take although im not sure they should be focusing on backups quite yet. There are still a few holes. In the midfield area there is a lack of chance creation offensive play and pace. Phillipe Couthino is someone who can play this role we have seen him play a 9 before and he has experience in the premier and liverpool. Can also be used as natural number 10 his main position in case of tactical change. He will add depth to the front 3 as he can play left wing in case someone goes down. Next the center back position is lacking without virgil van dijk. Skintiar would be the perfect partner for van dijk and they would strike fear into the oppositions attack. Defense wins championships. In order to beat man city you need an elite back line.

  22. I'm a STH at Anfield but just a quick mention to the line ups at the end: Henderson is the first choice mid over Wijnaldum/Keita and Gomez will eventually start over Matip once his fitness returns

  23. I have seen 6 of these and all you are saying is RAID THE BUNDESLIGA.
    You ignore player speed and distance covered. The stamina demands of playing in England should not be overlooked

  24. Origi was so effective against Sheffield United !! Liverpool look much more lively after him coming on … Good option when plan A not working! Need a Firmino replacement though!!

  25. Fekir is now at Betis and his problems seem to be more about his entourage rather than the player's ability. Who would sign for the European champions and be confident getting in ahead of the best front three in the world at a budget price? The answer is nobody and that is why nobody was purchased.

  26. Nabil Fekir is to good to be a second option. I’m not saying he is the best or anything but he is to good not to start.

  27. Klopp has set up a team and a system that worked really well. They have, now, run 17 league games without losing. Opposite manager have the know-how on how Liverpool play and how to counter them but not many teams have the legs or ability to rise above.

    Addressing Firmino false 9 replacement; for immediate or easier alternative, look into what we already have or loan out. Do note that Firmino has been lethal in this function but barring off-form or injury. Previously we tried Stur and Wiljdanum in that position but it didn’t work out.

    We have the youngsters, on loan players or even the unused senior with the like of Lallana. Failing that we always have Origi but with that the front 3 take a little tweak and twist. ( which have benefited us much as a plan B, thankfully )

    And we do not have a like-for-like replacements for our wingbacks. For the left back we have Milner the able but for the right back we do not have any. Gomez is a solid defense player but he is not a wing back.

    Again I would look within rather than buying new. Maybe there’s potential in some to change position and function.

    In any ways, I trust in Klopp decisions and hope he gets the missing piece of the puzzle quicker rather than later.

  28. Honestly, very interesting video. I like you don't go with obvious choices in Premier League or big European clubs and support your picks with numbers, very appriciated.

    However, in this particular segment, my opinion is that the danger in the squad depth lies on the opposite side of the pitch – Defence.

    Let's face it, should something (God forbid) happen to Firmino or even Mané, Klopp would be able to patch it with Origi, Shaqiri or even Lallana. At this point, Forward is quite stable.

    Defence is something else. We have enough to replace one centre back but what about the rest? I can't see any replace of the same quality in cases of left and right, Robbo and AA. And of course there is Virgil. Is there even someone else like him in terms of quality in the world now? He's a natural leader of our defense, manages it perfectly.

    Finally, there is Fabinho. The same story, who would we replace him with? I don't think there is anyone.

    I think Klopp should look into that in the next transfer window because these guys I've named play every match without being substituted and the danger of injury is always looming.

    Thanks, let me know what you think.

  29. liverpool already have the almost perfect squad. what they need are successors, not replacements. This squad is good to go for this and next season at least.

  30. Well Haller went to West Ham and Nabil Fekir went to Real Betis.. But we're doing ok atm..Currently 8 wins from 8 and a total of a 17 games winning streak in the Prem (dating back to the tail end of last season)..And we're not even firing yet..YNWA

  31. The main concern is, will these new players be able to build a good rapport with the other Liverpool players? We can see how popular Bobby is with his teammates, If a potential rival appears in his position it could ruin the team dynamic.

  32. While this was an enjoyable 'bit of fun' … The reality is Liverpool have proved that NO signings was their best policy this summer … For several reasons.
    Klopp HAS his perfect team … As I write this it is ONE defeat in FIFTY ONE League games … Unthinkable consistency from a team that has changed the definition of 'good form' … and no signing is going to get in his starting 11, no matter how good or expensive they are. His also COMPLETELY trusts his reserve players …. so any signings this summer were facing the prospect of basically rarely playing unless multiple injuries arrived. Klopp also wanted to 'reward' a team that had collected the 3rd highest points total in top-flight history, and won the CL … so he was never going to put pressure on them by buying big and bringing in new faces after what they did …

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