San Diego Padres @ Colorado Rockies Part 2 MLB The Show 18 Real Matchups Series [HD1080p60FPS]

[Applause] [Music] and that will bring up Manuel Margo he starts the ending and Dan they’re down six in the early going so what do they need to do to claw back into this thing well first of all that I think they Sneed to start to get some bass artists it’s hard to be patient when you’re down by six but baserunners are the key to getting back into this one third basement in tight protecting the bunt the first pitch swung on and lift it in the air to left center calling for it para and that’s the first out of the inning so the bases are empty with one man gone and that’ll bring in the dangerous switch hitter chase headley in there and it’s Owen one you know Maddie when I first broke into the league you wouldn’t see that high heat or first pitch right out of the game but I think there’s been a change in in philosophy here back in the late 90s early 2000s guys wanted to tack you more east-west get you lean and left right now you’re seeing guys attack and the philosophy more north-south just with launch angles and exit velocities I think guys are afraid to throw that sinking fastball for fear that guys are just gonna run their barrel into yeah not the case with the high fastball got in swinging on the fastball there chase headley is sent packing for the second out of the inning this is in the air to Center does he have another one two three four the ledger you bet he does 11 in a row set down and the inning is over [Applause] here’s cargo Carlos Gonzales it was a flyout for him in his last trip [Applause] he’s ready here’s the first offering not surprisingly here this is on the ground to the right side and that’s out number one digging in once again Nolan Arenado he flew out in his last at-bat [Applause] first pitch coming here it is and he grooves the fastball there this is hit high and deep out to straightaway centerfield here into the visitors bullpen whoo just barely later home run oh yeah this lead swells to seven to nothing yeah and that’s what you call a dream scenario or an absolute nightmare depending on your viewpoint a power pitcher on the bump and a power hitter at the plate a plus B equals C you later it’s simple math folks becomes the laundry manager up out of the dugout heading for the mound at cover and that is going to be all now for Clayton Richard in his Gerardo Parra he swings and lines it to left and that’s in for a base hit make it a one for three game so far [Applause] striding into the box Trevor story one in one out and one on here in the inning first pitch of the at-bat on its way hard hit ball to short that’s through and he’s now 2 for 3 in this one here we go ok I’m sorry you guys I’m not the best at bat II and I’m pretty much just swinging it whatever the hell I can hopefully with dynamic but should make it harder or make them better I don’t I forget exactly how dynamic mode works but here we go first pitch of the at-bat oh what a huge error on his part and I’m gonna go fer Grand Slam actually jumps on that first pitch and hammers it to right got what he was looking for and put a good swing on it here’s the catcher now Chris Iannetta all in one the count [Applause] para the runner at third story at second McMahon is over at first with one away [Applause] get hard back up the middle and that into centerfield a base hit one run and they’ll hold that runner at third so everyone moves up and they remain loaded here was still only one gone ready for another shot now John Gray two hits in two trips for in the spar he’s set in the pitch and this is on the ground as short could be too on Hosmer a double-play in the inning is over another good ending for the Rockies and finally lucky men man it was taking a while there we go following this I’m Way better at pitching than I’m at bat in so let’s see how this one this one doesn’t look good so far down by a boatload as we enter the middle innings it’s about time they get something going and the last thing you want to do is fall behind where you have to score a bunch in the eighth and ninth inning first pitch of the inning is taken low and away for a ball it’s one and all oh man what’s happening on the mound right now I know I’m in the hitters head I mean you just settle down a little bit of speed them up and elevator hands are getting too sweaty oh this UMP is actually really good on pitch in 97 it’s not like they’re getting great pitch stand either this starter has kept the ball on the corners of the zone all game long now a swing and a ball chopped foul at at home plate [Applause] here now the 2-2 swung on and missed he got him on strikes and early look at the line score here tonight as we played the top of the fifth and boy just one lone hit for the visitors this evening as they’ve been taken to task by this starter digging in now for San Diego Jose Pirela he looked to bounce back after striking out his last time up first pitch on its way swing and a Miss just behind a lively fastball yeah Maddy you’re seeing a lot of late swings on the fastball tonight because this guy has had everything working he has them in the proverbial rocking chair popped him up McMahon in foul ground and this is gonna get down it’s a foul ball [Applause] hi in the air down the right-field line Gonzalez has a read on it he hauls it in without any trouble and there are two away digging in Freddy Galvis runs over one after grounding out in his only trip to the plate so far first offering on its way winged gonna miss way behind the big fast ball hey he’s close to having another quick inning right there with two quick outs he’s been very economical with his pitches and if he continues to go like this the bullpen might get a day off and he falls behind Owen too [Applause] now the o2 pitch this pitch is popped up and our Lunada will make me just barely cut that 109s for san diego still ate nothing [Applause] now back to the top of the lineup stepping in Charlie Blackmon trying to keep it going a perfect three for three thus far he’s ready here’s the first offering there we go they’re kindly picking it up a little bit for them to actually get some traction there not much of a fight yet I think it’s too late the left center field that a beautiful catch earlier on in the game I think this in the first inning he got such a great actually I think that’s there is a long run report – that’s why you viewers out there that’s for war space machine here for chicken they’ll push this lead up to nine now well how do you beat the shift you hit it over this shift of course you can’t play guys up in the sky so he lifts this one up and out of here [Applause] [Music] [Applause] pretty good fastball so I’m currently and we’ll have to leave it there as the play is made here to end the inning Rockies get one on the solo blast from Carlos Gonzales we’re through five innings here tonight it’s the Rockies nine and the Padres nothing digging in for his second at-bat austin hedges he’ll start things out in their half of the sixth as they look to shake things up here for a lineup that quite frankly has been non-existent today no doubt about that and that deep and completely overmatched to this point one hit through five innings I mean what else can you say about the pitching they faced other than it’s been fantastic we’ll see if that continues as we approach the later inning no balls and a strike to count into the windup here comes the Owen one swing and a Miss it’s Owen – this guy’s pitching really well in this one so far you could just see his awful confident attacking the strike zone and when he comes off the mound at the end of the inning looks like he stepped in a big ol bucket of sassy [Applause] chopped weakly to the loud Barnato ranges to his left throw to first gets in so the leadoff man’s retired here to begin the sixth I thought that was actually gonna be a close one but it was not over one after he took a look at strike three in his first plate appearance [Applause] here’s the first pitch to him we assume the outside here we go boys we see I can’t wait to bring my road to the show player over from the show 17 is an awesome picture he’s just on the Mets the not a huge fan of the Mets but he is on the Mets I kinda wanna get him switched over but he’s an awesome picture and I definitely want to bring them over I don’t know you guys want me to start one which as well but just I don’t know it’s going to be any different advice actually create a new person if there’s gonna be some new capabilities that I’m missing out on because I’m bringing over one from Road to the show 17 and this is 18 so let me know if you guys have any info on that but I’ll definitely check it out and see if I’m missing anything definitely gonna play diamond dynasty and I’m just waiting on exactly figuring out which team I want oh he is very upset very upset should be censoring goodness I’m going to be doing franchise mode I just wanted to dead I just want to know exactly which team you guys all like as your favorite well your guys’s favorite team is sir I kind of spur stuff for a second there I was kind of reading here we go home run oh you got me oh my goodness trap seemed to get a solid read off the bat almost but he’s oh he snagged it and I’m sure he’ll be getting some high fives for that one and that brings in the power hitting shortstop Trevor story hammered the other way too deep right field and trouble it is it’s down for extra bases you could not snug it hey this guy’s obviously seeing the ball right now that’s another hard hit single three for four right there he’s looking super solid oh wow look at the cut on that ball look like your goal right again Brian McMahon so far 2 for 3 in this one here comes the first pitch drilled right back up the middle and that’s in there for a base hit his third hit of the game while talked about having a pretty special game that’s his third single of the game dear Oh three for four not a bad game yeah just not trying to do too much Dan taking what the pitcher has given him right here the bass balls away shooting it the other way if he’s got something hanging in the middle of plate turning and burning a little bit nice execution in now Chris Iannetta is he’ll go after the first pitch and bounce it into foul territory last time through was a base in [Applause] here comes the o1 if you drive out toward the gap in left-center and the run is in to score from second it’s a 10 nothing score that base it was screaming off the bat and our show track technology more than confirms it 111 miles an hour was the exit velocity of that line drive [Applause] standing in now John Gray and on the first pitch he hits it in the air to right Myers will come in a bit and put it away for the second out of the inning here’s Charlie Blackmon now he was a groundout victim last time up become set here’s the nothing and nothing to there’s a strike you know guys sometimes guys don’t like pulling the trigger oh oh they want to see something go by calibrate the speed calibrate the brake and then make their adjustments off that maybe that’s the case right here [Applause] looking to minimize the damage here turned on that one and crushed it just pulled it a little foul can’t imagine he comes back with a third breaking ball that hitter looked like he timed that one up pretty well and just missed it foul on its way swing line drive that’s going to be troubled and the runner is in from second definitely aggressive approach here down a hole into an account instead of shortening his swing and protecting the plane he takes a big rig and is able to drive it deep through a couple of bases and an RBI hit hard on the ground at first stephane the bag himself and the inning is over so it’s two runs on four base hits no errors and a couple of men left on and I will bring up Manuel Margo it doesn’t look very promising so far this one as we move into the later innings down by a bundle it’s time to get some baserunners and hopefully a long ball to get them back into this one that’s in there and he’s deep in the hole now Oh into a wind-up and the O 2 pitch just missed with a breaking ball those OH two curveballs are really tough for guys to lay off there’s a reason it’s such a common pitch in that count but he did well to spit on it there struck him out and he becomes the ninth strikeout victim thus far he’s been in total control out there tonight against the leadoff guy with a strike out there and it just seems like we’ve seen so many off-balance swings and weakly hit balls in this one here’s chase headley he went down on strikes last time up [Applause] ready with the first bitch here it comes swing-and-a-miss way behind the big fastball they haven’t gotten much going against this guy so far in this one he’s been pitching well and what are the key numbers to look at first pitch strikes over 70% so far in this outing and a curveballs in there so he’s quickly behind nothing into [Applause] in the side as he might be trying to set him up here 1 & 2 pretty good pitch right here to a left-handed power here the one thing you want to do keep the ball inside so he can’t get those long arms out and extended really good pitchers pitch right there even though he didn’t get the cold strike the 1 2 is swung out and missed strike three put your take on all the strikeouts we see in the game today Dan that was his third tonight and it seems we’re seeing that a lot more these days yeah Matt there’s been a real change in philosophy as far as hitting in baseball today a lot of guys think now that an out as an out as strikeout is just as good as a regular out but we’re seeing strikeouts at an alarming rate baseball right now here’s will Myers he struck out and flied out over two so far fastball here is we’ll take Oh what does this strike no well he punched out the last guy but he didn’t get any favors from the blue on the first pitch in this at-bat probably should be ahead of this hitter instead of behind fouled away [Applause] Danny takes that wasn’t very good no runs just one hit no errors in the ballgame for the Padres they were doing too well he’s been great miss winning he’s only one strike away from putting another zero on the scoreboard and it’s filed away that fastball must have a little late life on it because that was right in the wheelhouse and he still wasn’t able to get good wood on and that mission so it’s a full count 3 and 2 good battle here this will be the seventh pitch coming up yet another strikeout here his 11th of the ballgame and this one ends the inning three up three down three strikeouts not too shabby back with more on opening day after this digging in and looking for more most been solid comes into disappearance in the midst of a one four four day well that this is this guy’s a good fastball particularly low fastball hitter it doesn’t matter how hard or how low you throw it that’s right into this wheelhouse what you want to do with this guy is move the ball from the belt up to get him to chase something that that maybe he’ll pop up in the infield oh and one here it comes mine toward the alley and left-center Pirela arranged to his left as he tracks this one down in left-center for the first down [Applause] here comes the first pinch Arenado swings and this one is crushed out to left field over the bleachers and on to the Concours aw a solo shot here to left is second of the game as they just continued or it beautiful home run baby high five oh nice but highs go deep they’re obsessed with butts on the stand boys are dialling long distance from the pose there you go fan yeah the pictures aren’t fooling anyone today damn let’s see if this trend continues as he lines it hard to the right side but out of play and if you remember he was robbed of a home run earlier after an outstanding effort in the outfield shoots this one over to third and a step on first himself for the app now [Applause] and that brings in the power hitting shortstop Trevor story he scored after reaching on a single in his last time up [Applause] he said here it comes winged animus just behind a lively fastball [Applause] the o2 delivery the job has spoiled that one away and he stays alive the next Oh two and another foul ball bases are empty here with two men out and this is hit hard to the right side the o2 once more takes this the other way to write that gets down and the inning continues it’s the best competition in all a sport – pitcher against a batter right there he fouled off multiple pitches refused to go down not only did he get an op but he grants and pitch total up to here’s lion McMahon now pulled toward right-center field heading after his Margaux he can’t get there so the inning will continue story rounds third and is digging for the plate and he safe at the play as they extend their lead even further hey guys I like the execution by the batter there he got a hanger in the middle of the plate and he could have come out and glued but he didn’t he stayed focused and drove a line drive base dead here’s the catcher now Chris Iannetta is swing and miss at a first pitch slider at strike one another RBI spot for him he’s already got three in the game [Applause] [Music] lying toward the gap in left center boy and call off the dogs already as this is down for extra bases notch one in the score column as the runner from third crosses the plate the relay but he’ll get in there with an RBI double boy and they have not been able to get him out this is now a five hit ball game for him here and those don’t come along every day digging in once again John Gray he’s been great on the mound so we’ll see if he can do something with the bat here as well he’s earned the chance to take this at-bat yeah Matt when a guy’s throwing the ball as well as he has it kind of forces the managers hand to stay with well the plays been made and that retires the side so three runs on four hits no errors in a man left on will look ahead to ending number eight now first baseman Eric Kozma is in he leads off their half of the eighth and they’ve been unable to get that starter out of the game to this point yeah he settled in early on the mound thought they’d do to the lead his guys gave him to take some of the pressure off he’s taken that and pitched very effectively on this one [Applause] first pitch on its way waking pitch here chopped foul at the plate strike one hip down the third-base line and now from the air a jump throw ro got him and that’s a gorgeous play and definitely worth another look with our show track data great reaction from the hot corner to make the backhand stop and then he unleashes that very strong throw while in the air all the way across the diamond he’s going to be smiling about that one stepping in now Jose Pirela is he’ll get caught chasing a bad one there it’s strike 104 to forum to this point [Applause] into the wind up here comes the Owen one hi papa story is calling for it he hauls it in without any trouble and there are two away ready once again Freddy Galvis his last at-bat didn’t go his way as he popped out in foul territory first pitch of the at-bat on its way hit out toward second LeMahieu got it Rwanda first gets him in the side is retired can’t ask for much more than this eight shutout innings thus far home half of the 8th straight ahead Rockies lead this one 14 to nothing honey Bauman comes on to pitch now hoping for better results than the other arms that they’ve run out there in this one [Applause] so the lineup flips over and digging in Charlie Blackmon he’s looking for hit number five in this one right here [Applause] [Music] first pitch of the at-bat the bouncer up the middle Galvez has it close in time and that’s out number one here’s the second baseman DJ LeMahieu he was retired via the ground ball last time up ready with the first pitch here it comes hard liner to centerfield but sadly for him this will head straight to the centerfielder as he puts it away without much trouble for the second out and looking to improve on a one-four-five effort so far slaps that one away and the count will be nothing in one here’s the pitch back up the middle and in for a basehead a potentially big two-out hit as it brings up Nolan Arenado next before you see that happen quite a bit at the big league level zero breaking ball up and away a hard slider out of the zone into a bull for a base hit yeah then you try and look for it to pop out above the pitchers hand that usually signifies that it’s going to be something and the throw is in time to get him to retire the side one welcome back to the 9th inning from Coors Field in Denver as we get a nice shot at a city here tonight stepping in and ready for another shot Austin hedges starting things for his side in the ninth as they face the improbable odds of trying to come back in this one yeah not a lot of hope for them at this point these guys know these bats still count at least for their own stats you can’t mill in your chances as a professional [Applause] now we’ll step off here comes the first pitch here we go with inning number nine as the first pitch misses for ball one the one Oh hard hit to first and a step on first and that’ll bring in Carlos’s wha-hey third trip to the plate for him here tonight hold for two at this point hard-hit ball to second the Mayhew’s got it throw on twofer five wizard down to their fine Travis Jankowski will get the call to the hint here as we’ll see what he can do with two out and the bases empty pitch swung on and hit in the air toward the line in right Gonzalez coming on to catch and that’s the ball game man so close but yet so can you imagine giving up one hit pitching such good baseball for nine innings but one base hit kept him from baseball miss 114 nothing is the final in this one [Applause] jumped out to an early live in the first and never looked back John Gray gets going in on the mound is first of the year is he [Music] Richard seven earned runs to cross the plate in a losing effort so that’s a wrap you

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