Ryan Poehling reacts to his NHL debut

Hey guys it’s Ryan Poehling. I’m gonna go through my first NHL game, it was a pretty big one, so I’m excited to look into it. Yeah, right now I’m going out for my first lap, so… It’s pretty special getting that moment by yourself. I mean, having that first lap, it’s pretty funny. I went… I shot my first puck over the net too, which was a little embarrassing. Yeah, here’s a right before the game. I think this is the first goal. We were actually buzzing for the first like 10 minutes, I thought. So we had a good first 10, and then D-Lo kind of got alone, and Wealer made a nice play to me. I was just going to the net, and I think… A lot of plays, just going to the net hard, I mean you can get lucky, and that’s what happened there, and that first one was a pretty special moment for me. Yeah, and then they challenged it, so I was a little nervous, but… I was pretty certain that it was a goal, but I mean nowadays you don’t really know, so… I got to celebrate it twice, I guess. That’s cool. Yeah, I mean, right there it starts with a little stick battle I ended up winning, actually, so I mean, when you do good — the right things — good things happen and then I tipped it, and then… Right off the crossbar, but it ended up coming right back to me, so it was kind of a good bounce after that. I mean that one I just… Again, working hard, winning the little battles. And D-Lo made a… D-Lo made a great play too, turning back and giving it to Petey who ripped one. I’m still in shock. Special. This was an unbelievable play, I mean, even Shawzy here is being hard on his stick, and… And then Lehky just making a great play, and… The shot was good too, I guess. It was just a fun play. I mean, it was a big goal too. I didn’t… I didn’t realize there was only two-and-a-half minutes left in the game. That’s pretty crazy. I don’t know. Me and Weiser were actually joking about before, he… Because in… in the practices prior, he said “upper left’s your shot,” so… It was kind of funny to joke with that after the game. Wow. That… I think standing over, before I like… Before I like, even went, I couldn’t even hear the ref, like, blow his whistle, so… That just shows how loud it was, and… I think it was just kind of meant to be at that point, when I ended up scoring. There’s… Chuck made a great save too. He played well. It’s special. And having Bob Cole do the whole thing too, is… I mean his last game, too — I think he was probably pretty happy that’s how he went out — so… It’s good to give him that pleasure. I’ve never… I don’t think I’ve ever heard a crowd that loud. I mean, I’ve played at the Herb where it can get pretty loud, but not… I mean, 21,000 people chanting your name is something that I don’t think you’ll ever… I mean, I probably peaked right there. I was glad that the crowd did this too, because I didn’t… I didn’t know what to respond to his question, so… I was glad they gave me time to think it
over, and… But then for real, I was in shock. I mean the support out of these people is incredible. I know they loved hockey, but not that much. So to get that, I mean in your first game in particular, it’s something that I won’t forget. I’m still amazed. It’s pretty cool to watch it over again, I mean… I told him, I said “you should be feeling lucky, because this is something pretty iconic, I guess.” But, the kid was like… He tried to take a picture with me, and he was like, shaking his hand, like, while he took a selfie. It was blurry as… He’s like… I’m like, “will you be able to see that?” So funny.

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