Rugby: Otere Black gear up for U20 Oceania series

The New Zealand
Under 20 rugby team has gathered in Auckland today
in preparation for the three-game Oceania Series
in Australia next week, and for one of our Maori stars
in the team, the reality of professional rugby
are still sinking in, a big deal for the small-town boy
from the mist. Here’s Raniera Harrison. Christmas has come early for Otere. It’s what you dream about
when you’re a kid – new boots, new shoes,
new clothes – it’s mean! With new clothes and gear,
it’s all starting to sink in for one of Ruatoki’s
most promising products, Otere Black. He’s part of the New Zealand
Under 20s side, and he’s looking
to replicate his form, this time for the national side. The main focus is the World Rugby
Under 20 Championship. This is the time that we need
to begin getting ready for that, for us to focus on teamwork
and solidarity on the field. Packing his bags… he’s off to Australia on Tuesday
with a big task ahead. We fly out to Australia on Tuesday. We also play Samoa, Australia
and Japan as well. Otere made his Super 15 debut
against Melbourne Rebels. He’s just thankful to be in the mix. Good! Short! Three or four minutes on the field, but I was lucky to touch the ball
maybe four or five times, passed to Conrad and Ma’a. The family is really happy
that I got a game. And the professionalism of it all
has been somewhat overwhelming. When I first went to Hurricanes
training, I was a little bit scared, but at the end of the day, they’re just normal people, friends,
friends who play rugby. A footballer, but also a grandson,
so despite the new found fame, he will still make the trek
to honour our soldiers tomorrow. I’ll ask after this
if someone can take us in. I want to go because
my grandfather was in there, so I’ve been going to dawn
ceremonies since way back. Honouring those
that got him where he is today. Raniera Harrison, Te Karere.

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