RT Life – Jack and Gavin Play Tennis

RT Life – Jack and Gavin Play Tennis

[Rooster Teeth Intro] Jack: So we are out here at a tennis court near the office
Gavin: *Raspberry* Jack: And Gavin bet me that he’d beat me at a set of tennis Gavin: Regretting that now obviously, I haven’t- Michael: Yeah I’m regretting it too cause now I’m here filming it Jack: Wait, so the loser has to lick Gus’ uh, shingle leg Jack: So uh-
Michael: That was some impressive, like- spinning there Michael: I think Jack already has an advantage against you Gavin
Jack: *Laughs* Gavin: See look, check this out Michael: That’s not even your racket Gavin: Fuck! Michael: You hit the net, Gavin Michael: Gavin is upset Michael: Gavin, channel Mark Nutt here Michael: Should be exciting Jack: Hey!
Michael: Whoa! Look at that!
Gavin: *Shouts* Michael: 4-1 for Team Lads Michael: That leg taste good, Gavin? Michael: JackP-
Lindsay: But his shorts look great
Michael: Poising for the serve… Michael: Has done well so far,
oh, there it is
oh he fucked it up Michael: That was awful
Don’t be ashamed of yourself Jack Michael: Gavin you’re losing again Michael: How many games is it to? Michael: Getting slaughtered and this is still taking forever Michael: I gotta good move in through Michael: Mid-game interview Michael: How do you feel right now?
Gavin: Terrible Michael: Terrible? Okay
Gavin: I’m preparing my tongue Michael: Jack, let me ask you
Jack: Yeah?
Michael: Three games in, Michael: Three wins up, how do you feel?
Gavin hit the ball and he- still fucked it up Jack: A little winded, but I’m good
I’m fat, so.. Michael: *Snickers*
Alright, good and fat! Michael: So I’ll stop- a minute here Michael: I have no idea how tennis is played Michael: It’s just like a bunch of numbers
oh wait- oh Michael: Gavin hit the net again
There’s no surprise there Michael: But there’s like numbers, there’s like fifteen and then thirty but like, you only get like two points? Michael: And then there’s like people loving each other… Michael: GG man, GG! Michael: And Gavin Free has fucked himself… Michael: Gavin’s really gonna need to channel the spirit of Mark Nutt here Michael: Expect to make a comeback… Michael: There we go!
There’s a point for Gavin! Michael: Oh my god, Gavin, Michael: Another point, that’s two in a row we didn’t need to edit that one, buddy! Michael: Doing a victory thrust of sorts… Michael: All tied up, Gavin! Michael: Don’t lose! Michael: Jack, spikes the- fucking, tennis ball thing, that’s what’s it’s called Michael: One-to-Five! Michael: One more point and this is it Michael: Jack will be claimed victorious Michael: Oh, Jack with the run, Lindsay: Oh my god
Gavin: *shouts* Michael: Ohhhhhh
That was a fuckin’ exchange right there! Michael: Jack Pattillio
That’s two T’s and two L’s is the winner! Michael: Gavin Free, the very very gracious loser here, Michael: There’s his asshole, ladies and gents Michael: That was a-
Smooth move, Gavin Michael: Uh Gavin, do you have uh- Gavin: Can already taste it
I can already taste the leg Michael: Any thoughts or… Gavin: Yeah I’m pretty minged out by it all
Might go and top myself tonight Michael: What does that mean, kill yourself?
Gavin: Yeah!
Michael: Oh, okay Jack: *Laughs* Michael: Just checking
Gavin: Just overdose Jack: Good game, Gavin
Gavin: Good game!
Jack: Good game! Gavin: Were you really worn out by that? Jack: Yeah…
Gavin: *Laughs*

100 thoughts on “RT Life – Jack and Gavin Play Tennis

  1. Do you think someone in that neighborhood is just like "WHO'S THE LOUD FUCKING BRITISH DUDE SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS? SHUT THE FUCK UP SIMON COWELL!"

  2. 00:27 first serve was out
    gavin fucked up and didn't call it
    jack just went with gavins stupid decision
    good job jack no shingles for you

  3. michael should be the announcer for every tennis game. "jack, poising for the serve. he's done well so far oh! he fucked up."

  4. As a tennis player, I can validate Michael's description of tennis scoring as completely accurate and without a hitch. 

  5. I just want to say, that i could totally beat Jack in a game of tennis, and as soon as i get down there and make a really terrible wager, i'll regret making such an outragous statement

  6. Why did Gavin say f*ck so much in this video? I bet he says the f word a great deal more in real life than the Let's Plays

  7. "feeling pretty minged out right now, might go top myself" is probably the most British sentence any Brit ever Britted

  8. "There's like numbers, there's like 15 and then 30 but like, you only get 2 points? And then there's like people loving each other…"

    I'm going to use this the next time someone asks me about tennis.

  9. Michael: How do you feel?
    Jack: A little winded, but I'm good, I'm fat. (1:36)

    Gavin: Are you really worn out by that?
    Jack: I'm obese. (3:25)

    6 years later and I realise I never heard that last joke just before the video ends! Jack's amazing.

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