Robot vs. Human: Who’s The Better Soccer Player?

Robot vs. Human: Who’s The Better Soccer Player?

Bender Rodriguez has a defender on him, unleashes
with his right foot! Gooooooooaaaaaaallllll Bot-celona! Hello everyone, Julian here for DNews. Artificial
Intelligence is the holy grail of computing and robotics. A machine that can intelligently
analyze and manipulate its environment to achieve a goal is no small feat, and at first
it was believed that the ultimate challenge for AI was winning a game of chess. It makes sense at a glance: chess masters
are brilliant strategists who carefully analyze and react to their opponents in order to win.
If a computer can beat one of them, then surely we’ve cracked this nut, right? Well a computer has beaten a chess master.
18 years ago. So why hasn’t Skynet taken over? Because chess is not the perfect problem
for AI that we once thought it was. Chess is actually relatively easy for a computer.
Chess is only against one opponent, and everything happens sequentially. A computer knows that
when it makes a move, exactly what it intended to happen will happen. And even though there
are millions and millions of possible moves, the slow pace of the game means the computer
can calculate exactly all of them and cherry pick the best one. Basically winning chess
for a computer is less intelligence and more brute force calculations. But in 1997, the same year Deep Blue defeated
chess champion Gary Kasparov, another tournament was started, and it involved a game much harder
for robots. I’m talking of course, about soccer. Yes, soccer. The tournament is called the
“Robot Soccer World Cup,” so soccer is the correct term. Plus soccer is old British
slang for “Association Football,” so I don’t want to see a bunch of comments about
how it’s called football. Anyway, soccer poses problems for AI that chess never could.
Instead of reacting to one other player, there are entire teams. It’s not turn based, but
constant and dynamic. The robot cannot predict exactly where the ball will go when it kicks
it; it could take a strange bounce or another robot could intercept it. That means the robots
have to react to unexpected events, and they have to do so quickly, none of this faffing
about while it decides what to do. Plus robot soccer is tractable; it can easily be recreated
over and over anywhere in the world. It’s not as challenging as creating a robot that’s
almost human, and it’s not too expensive. It also helps that soccer is the most popular
sport in the world, so robot soccer would probably gain some attention. And indeed it has. When the first RoboCup
was held in Nagoya, Japan, there were 38 teams from 11 countries. Last year there were 358
teams from 45 countries. The number of categories has grown immensely too. Originally RoboCup
had only 3 leagues; small robots that used an overhead camera, medium robots with their
own sensors, and AI playing soccer solely in a simulation. Then in 1999 RoboCup introduced
the first league with legged robots. The robots they used? Specially programmed Sony AIBO
dogs. Yes those little plastic dogs your aunt got you for christmas because she had no idea
what to get you actually served a purpose advancing science. Now the legged divisions
are humanoid, and can either be a standard platform or entirely custom built. They’ve
also branched away from soccer, and have competitions for search and rescue robots and robot dancers.
Most importantly though, all the robots are autonomous and independent. The eventual goal
is to have a robot soccer squad capable of beating the human world cup champions by the
year 2050. Watch out Messi, Robo-naldo is coming for you. Competition is one of the best ways to drive
innovation, and when brilliant dedicated people come together, they can achieve amazing things.
In the same way the United States Air Force is powered by Airmen and fueled by innovation,
and we’d like to thank them for sponsoring this episode.

100 thoughts on “Robot vs. Human: Who’s The Better Soccer Player?

  1. The game of Go is a much harder challenge for AI. AI has yet to beat a professional Go player without a handicap. Go > Chess.

  2. Have you guys thought about doing a series on sleep disorders such as insomnia, night terrors, sleep walking?

  3. I actually got to program a robot to dance at girls inc. I can imagine how hard it would be to make it play soccer.

  4. Playing a game of soccer is also not the perfect problem for AI.  Refereeing a soccer match, on the other hand, might be.

  5. Robots, because humans don't actually know how to play-they only know to beat each other up when their team doesn't score, or have seizures when someone taps on their shoulders.

  6. "soccer" does come from England but the real problem is that in the US there is another sport called "football"

    I swear if they changed the name tomorrow… this conflict would go away…

  7. Best U.S.
    Some people will never understand terminology and will twist information to conform to their own ignorance.

    The REST of the World, where Football is called Football

  8. For one of the monday questions i have a question. Why are scabs and other cuts etc itchy? like does the body not want us to heal? it's like my body is TEMPTING me to screw up it's healing system.

  9. That would bee easy build a big one that fits in the goal soo no ball can get in and another one that can shoot penaltykicks hard left or right, even a 12 year old can scoore one of those.

    Then I can colect that World Champion trofe and I only needed two players.

    Lets face it robots can do anything and we better pull the plugg.

  10. with the ammount of money footballers get payed im sure we could make some pretty fucking awesome robot footballers

  11. Who cares if its football or soccer, I can care less for the name of a sport where 60% of the matches are flopping for penalties

  12. I give it a few decades before all sports can be played by AI robots better than human. I also give it about 50 years until AI's take over making creative music… I will hate that.

  13. If you're wondering why people go crazy when you call football soccer it's cuz the word ''soccer'' sounds incredibly dumb, to me, it automatically associates with the word ''socks'' which makes no sense and sounds retarded also you use your FEET to kick the BALL. FOOT to kick a BALL. FOOT + BALL. Do you see a pattern here?

  14. you do realize Messi is going to be retired by the time 2050 hits…. Im American and still believe we shouldnt talk about soccer cause most people have no idea wtf it even is ffs

  15. It's so funny he's talking about robots beating people at chess and playing soccer !!! and all people can talk about is if the term he used was correct or not. Just sad.

  16. I cant be the only one here who thinks that the only thing that humans will better robots in in a few decades is stupidity.

  17. Soccer is most likely what the british used to call it when they colonized the Americas. So it stuck with here in the US, same with words like faucet, diaper and fall while the british moved on to tap, nappy, and autumn.

  18. It is hard to take julian serious after recently seeing him act in the fake documentary on History Channel. I was already disappointed in the network for promoting trash as science but even more so when I noticed him in it.

  19. Thanks for yet another successful clickbait video. Wouldn't a better title be something like "Football playing robots" or similar. NOT making it sound like you're comparing humans and robots as mutual skilled players, which they clearly aren't.

  20. How about we just leave the soccer/football thing alone Americans go for "soccer" and the rest of us will go for the football

  21. Normal soccer bores me, but when in some decades robots take on the best Fifa World Cup – Human-Team I am sure to see it (well so will anyone who can and don't have the misfortune to have to work at this time or something like this). Hopefully I am still alive when this happens.

  22. ones he said what he did about soccer and football I laughed and thought shit the comments are all gonna be about this now. moving from America to the u.k. shows me how funny people get regards to this.

  23. …so, back to the actual meat of the video…
    When I got into game development I was mostly interested in creating the AI’s in the game (I somehow got shoehorned into being a graphics programmer instead though).
    I still make AI for games and I am looking forward to programming the AI’s that beat humans in real-world sports too.

    I like the disparity between AI in the virtual world and in the real world.  Gathering information about a virtual environment is so easy and accurate that the challenge in making a good AI is to make it dumb enough that humans have a chance at beating it.
    Gathering information about the real world accurately and quickly is so daunting that the challenge is just to make a bot that is barely competent.  A whole new set of challenges for me to overcome.

  24. Football, Soccer isn't English for Association Football, it's called Association Football. James Rodriguez plays for Madrid not Barcelona. I'd never care to watch robots play football, the human element in football is what makes it the best sport in the world in my opinion. Sometimes, players make mistakes which is human and sometimes players take shots or play passes that cause you to stop and rewatch the play in awe, after seeing an individual not only use their athletic talent but human intelligence to outsmart a defender or goalkeeper for an amazing goal or cross, sometimes Defenders and Goalies make incredible plays just bc of their reaction time to plays by offensive players, like in yesterday's match between Arsenal and Pool, when Petr Cech made an amazing save from a shot by Christian Benteke when it looked like it would be a simple tap-in for Benteke from a 2m out and Cech just trusted his human instincts and reactions to dive early and into the correct position to stop the ball from going in the goal or when Tim Howard was one on one with Jesus Navas on Sunday after Navas had beaten the defense stopped a few meters from Howard and fired what looked to be a perfectly placed shot with some air underneath it, Howard reacted and the ball hit him in the FACE, saving Everton from going down 2 goals, although Yaya made an incredible pass to Nasri later on to make it 2-nil, last example is the penalty save by Courtois against West Brom on Sunday as well with Morrison hitting a rocket straight towards the left side of Courtois, Courtois reacted instantly and was able to keep the spot kick out by speading his body and forcing the ball to go over the goal with his foot. You wouldn't get that type of excitement from watching Robots play. It's a stupid idea in my opinon, obviously for nerds who have never played the sport and don't realize the true beauty of the game. Robots could in no way shape or form be able to add to an already perfect sport, where human instincts, reactions and emotions are huge factors in every match.

  25. More often than not I am forced to use the term "Soccer" because the hooligans that surround me would have no idea what I'm talking about if I said "Fútbol". Don't fucking tell me what to call my sport you Dnews harry potter!

  26. Youtube101: asking to not receive comments about a particular controversy (football>soccer) will do absolutely nothing to the likelihood of said comments to appear.

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