Richard Madden Teaches Jimmy Scottish Slang and Reflects on Game of Thrones

Richard Madden Teaches Jimmy Scottish Slang and Reflects on Game of Thrones

-First off, we got to know you
from “Game of Thrones,” the first three seasons.
And you were Robb Stark. There’s a throwback photo
you posted. Look at the babies there,
oh, my gosh. -Look at those babies.
-You and Kit and Alfie. What do you remember from that? -That was after the first
read-through we did. And we kind of did this
read-through for the show, we thought, and it’s going to
be a little cult, niche show. We’re going to get on the Eye
in Belfast. And we did that
and took a picture. That was our first day
we met each other. -Oh is that —
You were going on the Eye? -Yeah, that’s the Eye
that goes round. I mean, it’s as high
as this room. -I make that mistake, by the
way, it’s not a Ferris wheel. -No.
-It is an observation wheel. -Yes.
-In America, we have Ferris wheels that go
around pretty fast. In Belfast, they have the Eye,
and it goes up very slowly. It’s just for taking photos.
-Yeah. -Yeah, I learned
that the hard way. I was on there for, like,
five hours one day. I was like, “oh yeah, I’ve got
to hop off of this thing.” But I heard that you said,
when you first started, you were living off, like,
five dollars a day or…? -Yeah, something like
five bucks a day. Yeah. Kind of two options. I could either buy one meal,
or a newspaper and a pint. So, it went the other way
usually. -What kind of option is that?
Yeah. I’d take the newspaper
and the pint. -Exactly.
-Or just two pints. Yeah, absolutely.
[ Laughter ] Just say to the person
next to you, “What’s going on in the news?”
Yeah. Exactly. And then, all of a sudden,
you got “Game of Thrones,” or how did that happen?
-Yeah, I did. I got that phone call when I was
on my last month’s rent and then got that phone call,
which was great, and asked my agent
for an advance, and that helped me get through
the next month’s rent. -What would you have done if you
didn’t get “Game of Thrones?” -Move back to my parents’ house. [ Laughter ]
-Is that right? -Yeah, I was at that stage.
-Wow, what a great story. -Very lucky.
-And yeah, to see how giant the show’s gotten, and congrats
to everyone for that big show. But then you finish that show,
then “Bodyguard” comes out. And, man oh, man, people
went nuts for you, buddy. Oh, my God.
Another giant hit show. Where does that —
Did that start in — -Started in England.
Yeah, we shot it all in London. -That was all London.
-Then transferred over to here. -Picked up in Netflix?
-Netflix. -Did you see that one bubbling
up to be a big hit, either? -No, again, I thought this would
just be a little show in the U.K. and then it kind
of got carried away with itself. -You ended up winning
an award for this. -Yeah, I won an award
for that one. -Yeah, not bad. Yeah, I mean,
that’s always good. Did you expect to win?
-No, I didn’t expect it at all. Actually, no, I didn’t.
And I kind of remember my dad — Thank you for my dad, because
just before we were going, he said, “You’ve got to write
a speech in case you win.” I was like, “I’m not going
to win this, Dad.” -It was the Golden Globes.
-And I said, “I’m not going to win this,
I’m not getting near it.” And he’s like,
“Just write a speech. Write a list of the people you
want to say ‘thank you’ to.” I was like, “Okay, I’ll write
a list of people.” And then, when I won it,
and I turned to Julianne Moore, which was kind of surreal
enough, and she’s like, “Congratulations!”
I was like, “Oh, thank God Dad told me
to write that speech.” Okay, right, let’s get at it.
-Exactly, yeah. I also like that they let you
do your accent in that. -They let me do my accent. -You didn’t do that
in “Game of Thrones” at all. -No, I did not.
Which kind of, I think — in America, it transferred
a bit more difficult. People kind of think
I’m saying mum all the time. I’m not, I’m saying mom. It sounds the same,
I just said it, it sounds exactly the same.
-No, it doesn’t. [ Laughter ]
Yeah, I could totally tell. You said mum and mom.
Two different things. -I’ll teach you some Scottish,
if you’d like. -I’d love to learn
some Scottish, yeah. -Okay, right. I’ll say some
phrases and you can try and work out what they mean.
-Okay, I’m good at this. -Okay. Ah dinnae ken.
-Ah dinnae Ken. Means — I don’t know. -There we go, he’s got it.
All right. -Is that right?
-Yeah, that’s right. -What is it?
-Ah dinnae ken. -That was very lucky for me.
Ah dinnae ken. -Okay, what about,
yer bum’s oot the windae. [ Laughter ] I’ll translate.
Your bum is out the window. -Oh, that was going to be
my guess. Your bum is out the window. Your — your zipper’s undone?
I don’t know. -You’re not making any sense. Not you, that’s what it means.
-Okay, good. If you say, your bum’s
out the window. -Yer bum’s oot the windae.
-You’re not making any sense. Okay, good.
All right, give me one more. -Last one,
what’s fur ye’ll no go by ye. -Hmm.
-What’s fur ye’ll no go by ye. -What’s for ye…
-Will not go by you. What’s for you
will not go by you. -How do you say it?
-What’s fur ye’ll no go by ye. [ Laughter ] -What’s for you’ll no go by you. What’s for —
How do you spell ya? [ Laughter ] -Y-E. -Buy the new Kanye record. [ Laughter ] Buy the new ‘Ye record. What’s for you
it must go by you. Hey, don’t — Whatever happens,
don’t worry about it. -Whatever will be, will be.
-Hey, not bad! Dude, we should hang out
all the time. -You’re Scottish now.
-Besties, come on, dude.

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  2. Surprised Richard didn't mention the 'Falkirk Wheel'. Let's face it, every Scottish child has experienced that sad realisation when you just end up on a random boat and not a fun day at the fair.

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  5. I don't know whether I'm crazy or not but I feel like he was saying "What's for you will not go by you" (well, in his accent) and Jimmy couldn't understand the english? He kept repeating it at 4:06 but without getting the second part
    I mean, I'm brazilian… This isn't my first language so that would be a bit odd haha

  6. How is he so fucking charming, cute, warm and nice??? Looks like the best husband material, the best friend material, the best anything material, LOVE HIM!

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  8. It's great to see Jimmy having a normal conversation, without fake laughs or stupid jokes…
    I have to admit, this reminds me a bit of classic Dick Cavett interviews.

  9. Every one of his roles outside of Game of Thrones I don't see him as Robb Stark but as Richard Madden. To beat the typecast of his most known role on the biggest show ever speaks volumes of his acting ability. He's a legit great actor

  10. Me: ‘is Scottish and is surrounded by people that sound like this 24/7”

    Also me: ‘has absolute Fanny flutters listening to his accent’

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