Reggie Bush at Super Bowl XLIV Media Day

>>REGGIE BUSH: How ya doing? ItÕs a blessing
to be here, and IÕm excited to be here, and getting a chance to speak to you guysÉso
itÕs fun. Because of the significance of this game, and what it could mean for the
city of New Orleans, you know theyÕve been through so much. WeÕre just happy to be able
to give them something special, ya know something to be proud of. ItÕs been a constant learning
experience for me, and ya know IÕm enjoying it, IÕm enjoying the whole run and we had
some success my rookie year then we kind of struggled the next two years and now here
we are in the Superbowl, ya know? WeÕre making history. We would love nothing more than to
bring a trophy home and ya know, make the city proud.

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