RAYON SPORT:  Fabrice Mugeni Kakure niwe wegukanye igihembo cy’umukinnyi w’ukwezi kwa mbere 2020

RAYON SPORT: Fabrice Mugeni Kakure niwe wegukanye igihembo cy’umukinnyi w’ukwezi kwa mbere 2020

We are about to announce you the best player of month January 2020 In Award prepared by March Generation Fan Clun in help with SKOL The Best player of January in Rayon Sports Season 2019-2020 And helped the millions of its supporters having fun is Fabrice Mugheni Is “Fabrice Mugheni Kakure” Fabrice Mugheni
Kakure Kasereka Mutuyimana Mussa U will find him fighting for the ball in defense The man links defense and attacking u will find him in reccuperations u will find him in making a Goal and else where Fabrice Mugheni Kakure Kasereka He was named Mutuyimana Mussa He is now the best player of january Ta—-ta—–tata…………ta–ta—tata——–ta—tatataaaa——— Ta–ta—–tata——tata——-tatatata——-atatata——- I’m very happy with fans hhhhhhhhhhh keep being near us! Keep supporting us I thank you so much at all I have one question i would like to ask you I will let him go to rest directly! Fabrice Mugheni “You woned a Peace Cup Trophy with Rayon Sports 2016 Over APR FC on final People remember on the ball you recuperated you gave it to Pierrot Kwizera he assisted Diarra and scored on a big shoot you helped Rayon Sports to Won Trophy last year Last year, is it possible this year? Yeah, it is possible It is very simple but will depend to the fans Not only us players, your support as fans will help us to won trophy this year keep being with us Thanks for Fabrice Mugheni crap to him In january you are selected as the best player in Rayon Sports how you feel it I am not the only one who performed well it is all the club and i am thanking all my play mates to help me to won this award this month i will keep working too hard to won other award again today you are playing in the club what has changed? many things has changed in the club players has changed in the first 11 players many coaches has changed, its too many things but we will keep working We will keep working too hard so that we get another trophy this year Fabrice its looks like you are happy so that they sacked coach Espinosa because he was not using you No, this did not make me happy being sacked of Espinoza is not good and not bad but on my side i did not be happy because they fired him on our faults as players he puted as in the pitch but we did not accomplish our responsibilities the coach went not only by his faults but even by players faults it is not good but not bad too? yeah it is not good it is not bad it is 50/50 you still have may games in front you won the first trophy maybe it is going to be too tuff yeah now it is going to be tuff That’s why i am going to work hard to get other awards will help Rayon Sports and to keep moving forward huge won on Rayon Sports , we get points yeah, you are right! You have been here in Rwanda since in 1990 you have been called Rwandan but now you are not playing for any national team did n’t you even inter in the process of finding Rwanda Nationality or you would like to keep being called a congolese i have been here for a long period in Rwanda now i consider myself like a Rwandan because i spent many years in Rwanda, i can count now i am like Rwandan ahh—- bon The processes of looking for Rwanda nationality i am working on it, but it will come slowly by slowly, u know but it will take time of course are you using all of your efforts but, there are some challenges ? bon, i am using all my efforts,so i can’t say all of it here it is between me and my manager and other few peoples now you have new player you received in the club you are going to play together in the midfield called Ali Niyonzima it is an experienced player in this championship but you should have a say on him according to the match you played together last weekend Ali is a good player that will help us, according to his playing style will help us more to see him in the pitch, playing together for our first time, according to how you saw him playing will help us more and he will add about percent a big contribution to the club technically where he is too good? Ali playing Offensive style he don’t like playing defensively he has that good quality is too fit he like working hard, so he helps too much Thanks very much!

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