Randy Moss & Vikings Torch the Cowboys | Thanksgiving 1998 | NFL Full Game

Randy Moss & Vikings Torch the Cowboys | Thanksgiving 1998 | NFL Full Game

100 thoughts on “Randy Moss & Vikings Torch the Cowboys | Thanksgiving 1998 | NFL Full Game

  1. For your viewing reference:
    5:15 51-yard TD Pass Cunningham to Moss

    17:48 54-yard TD Pass Cunningham to Carter

    26:26 56-yard TD Pass Cunningham to Moss

    40:36 Emmitt Smith passes Jim Brown for 5th place on all-time rushing list

    1:02:04 67-yard TD Pass from Aikman to Jeffers

    1:27:55 Emmitt Smith 2-yard TD Run

    1:35:44 Hoard 12-yard TD Run

    1:36:36 Moss 2-point Conversion

    1:52:37 56-yard TD Pass Cunningham to Moss

    2:06:06 E. Smith 1-yard TD Run

    2:10:10 Hoard 50-yard TD Run

    2:26:31 E. Smith 4-yard TD Run

  2. In this game, Randy Moss explodes against the Cowboys and tells them why they should've drafted him in the first round. I'm sure Jerry Jones kicked himself after this game.

  3. I'm a Cowboys fan. I'm still waiting on Dez to take over games like this. His retarded new contract tells me I should expect it every Sunday.

  4. 2 of the top 10 best receivers of all time were on the same team. Chris carter and randy moss. No wonder the Cowboys lost.

  5. There will NEVER be a more dangerous, weapon of mass destruction type offensive player than he young Randy Moss

  6. Im not sure if Dallas would have won but 7 drops….at least 3 by Irvin probably took 7-10 points of the board. Vikings could score. Moss such a difference. Irvin had terrible game. Moss played on 2 teams in the top 5 all time scoring teams… 98 Vikings7 Patriots.

  7. This Dallas-Minnesota match up is no different than the great Dallas-Minnesota match ups of the 1970s. The two teams are very similar in their approach: basic football, with an emphasis on execution backed up by superior personnel. In the 70s, Dallas generally had the superior personnel. But here, Dallas looks dazed and confused. Guys don't know their assignments, even though they've been playing together since July. How can you play professional football and not know your assignment? Randy Moss seems to know his: Get to the end zone. And he does it often. Minnesota just has the superior people in this match up.

  8. Could you imagine if the Cowboys drafted Moss? Michael Irvin would have been just as good a mentor, and it would have been legendary.

  9. they should have beat atlanta in the nfc championship because they would have killed the broncos in the super bowl. denver was glad the falcons won and they admitted it. what a team!!!!

  10. Ill give credit where it's due; the NFL is killin it with this channel. Classic games, good highlights, and great videos. Really amazing compared to 4 years ago when you had to deal with shitty ripped screencaps from random youtubers.

  11. Madden says Randy might be the fastest player in The NFL with Deion out? Moss ran the 40 in 4.25 and Deion did it in 4.27…

  12. The reason why the 1998 Vikings didn't win the Super Bowl is the same reason why the 2017 Vikings WILL win the Super Bowl-


  13. Some of the worst penalty calling I've seen. The play at 16:00 as well as the next play after that one, there was no illegal shift on the first one, and no illegal motion on the second one. Must have been hallucinating.

  14. having the 2 nfc champ game losses is good for Falcons and Saints. At least for us Vikings fans you put two full games on here. The 1987 upset win vs 49ers to go to NFC Championship Game is the other! Yes, we know our shameful choking. But these two games, We need it!

  15. What interest I would have in watching the game if I already knew the winner!!! I just made the comment and left. Please stop mentioning the winner in the title.

  16. Super entertaining football game, but god the announcer is way to mono tone like show some emotion for goodness sakes

  17. The most exciting game I have ever watched in any sport, for me personally anyways. Pat and John commentating just elevates it even more to legendary status. Randall to Randy X3 +2pts

  18. Cowboys are a mess in this game, and all their star players gave up after a quarter, what a offence vikings had, packer fan.

  19. I'm a diehard Broncomaniac but John Madden has been and will forever be the best second voice in football. Pat Summerall as a first voice was amazing too but I think Al Michaels is on that level.

  20. Troy Aikman took more hard hits in this 1 gane than Tom Brady takes in a whole NFL season. It is not your diet, Tom. Its the fkn rule changes.

  21. Sometimes I watch this video to see how good the Vikings were, and sometimes I leave it on in the background to enjoy the ambience of Madden & Summerall.

  22. Injuries, dropped passes, bad passes by Aikman and tons of flags. The Cowboys didn't stand a chance in this one.

  23. This game was over by the second quarter! It was a nice day 50 or 60 degrees in November in the midwest I went outside for the rest of the day!

  24. I watched a Super Bowl called by Joe Buck right before this. It made me realize how great John Madden really was. He gets inside the play in plain terms with a pleasant delivery. How priveledged we were to have him in the booth.

  25. this 98' Vikings team was so damn good. Carter, Moss, Robert Smith etc, they had so much talent. Sucks they didnt win the SB

  26. If Deion would’ve been healthy that day we would’ve won, Aikman shredded that weak defense Minnesota had, big reason why they didn’t win the super bowl that year.

  27. For context: the Cowboys were the perennial dominators for years. The Vikings were suddenly explosive in 1998, much like the Chiefs were in 2018. Before this game, there was skepticism that they were for real. This put the 98 Vikings on the map and feared looking to the playoffs. Everybody KNEW they would throw long passes to Moss all day long – and yet they still did it.

  28. The main reason why the NFL uploaded these games for the fans i think is because they are losing a lot of their fan base. People are just sick of the way they changed the rules of the game.

  29. The two most successful black quarterbacks in the NFL could be Doug Williams and Randall Cunningham. But Doug Williams was the only black QB to win a super bowl .

  30. Joe Buck was heard shouting "That is a disgusting act by John Madden, the way that gobbler treated that turkey."

  31. AS USUAL, Deion Sanders was always out and unavailable to play in big games after Jerry way overpaid him in 1995 for a season that they probably could have won the Super Bowl without him anyway.

  32. Moss dropped a perfectly-thrown pass that would have resulted in a 62-yard TD with 5:12 remaining in the 4th quarter. Would have given him 4 receptions for 225 yards and 4 TDs.

  33. I don't blame Randy Moss at all when he said that I want to make the Cowboys pay for not drafting me and this is coming from a Cowboys fan and Jerrah Jones should have drafted in the the 1998 NFL Draft and he have never lost to the Cowboys in his NFL career

  34. I was at this game..travelled 5000 miles to see my Cowboys slaughtered. The game was not as close as the score indicates, but I got to meet Charles Haley…Worth my plane ticket…i guess..

  35. If I had to choose to only subscribe to only 1 channel on Youtube, it would be this one mostly because of these throwback games. #DaBears

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