Racism & Major League Baseball Umpires

Racism & Major League Baseball Umpires

southern methodist university use a page
monetary system known as quest ac to see if ect in this city ever plays a role
when it comes in decisions comes to decisions made by the umpire during a baseball game and what they found was that out hires
actually make out favorable calls for white pictures now to the alluded to more details on that actually umpires
make that calls in favor of their own ethnicity yeah
okay but it just happens that most of the home buyers are what okay so that was a black umpire his car was
frozen favor black preachers but that doesn’t happen often so this morning says muslim wires are
white this was a very norman’s institutional
advantage the white districts yes and it quest a
kids some of the tracks the pitches anyway it’s a computerized h monitoring
system an eight-track three and a half million pages from two thousand four two thousand
eight so it’s not like all with this is a small sample who the jury did the
sample so some of the results obama is should we should buy is wed but when they found out that they
were being monitored by the computer they have less racial box yes now we
actually have some graphics that will give you more details of the study cell
why don’t we take a look at that i send you researchers also found that minority
pictures reacted to umpire buys by playing it safe with pictures they threw in a way to actually harm their
performance in statistics basically these trailers adjusted to the white
empires artificially narrower strikes down by throwing pages down the heart of
the plate where there were easier for the batter’s to hit so is second disadvantage which is that while you know i’m not getting any of
the cold so i might as well for a ride on the middle to get the call and then
that makes it easy read as soror explains in his article salon but she
was mainly quoting s_m_u_ researchers that right and so the n_ double whammy and any its so true in in real life too
in terms of the stereotypes and the rapper crushes at the stereotypes
russert you don’t get the job because you’re black and then you wonder if it
was you know when you have less confidence in the next dot every though do you have a vote less
you’re more insecure and that hurts you in getting the next
job right and he goes on and i as an example that’s what this is a story
about sports is a much as it is about racism we’re not even aware of right at
all of us is not just white folks again remember all of the city’s one if they
bring their own ethnicities edges happens if they’re more white people in
the country so this becomes an enormous institutional misadventure for
minorities andi short all fields but this is a great example of when the umpires knew that they were
being monitored by the computer or there was a large attendance at the gate might
or it was a game that was really important like playoffs etcetera csis fascinating the racial bias would
goal completely down and being nearly nonexistent i’m not in estonia reserves are not charging
that all these umpires whether white or black or latino or all races on purpose that this luncheon is that they don’t
really quite know that they’re being racist but what everybody’s watching they’re more
careful yes and i don’t think it will retire ok then i got a call really they’re called balls and strikes actually seen right
and so that is a great argument in favor of hey you know what we shouldn’t be
ignored the problem and say i will wait out the monitor lake is a lot of his
service will say offices focusing on raised and all you
wanted to moderate unregulated et cetera but this goes to show you if you do
monitor people pay closer attention and you actually get restoration about as
yes right so it by these amazing story that shows what happens when we don’t
even realize were doing in and this advantages that they’re out there and
how they can be addressed yeah noah and i love this story and not
because it said baseball related story but because it shows you that there are people in the country right
now who denied that racism exits right they think back to the nineteen sixties
they like what we’ve come such a long way racism doesn’t exist you know that at least thinking doctor laura saying
all we got a black president that chip off your shoulder right but uh… the the reason is in his explicit as it was
before you don’t see segregation but you see he you know systems that are set up in
such a way that creates a disadvantaged minority groups we can’t deny that
incident in nineteen why don’t we do something to fix it

100 thoughts on “Racism & Major League Baseball Umpires

  1. @cruiscinlan You didn't read my comment at all. I say that with such confidence because you have shown a clear lack of knowledge concerning who I was talking to and what I was talking about. Again, "white people" as a group do not control this country. I'm not going to deny that the people in power tend to be white and often racist, but this needn't and shouldn't be extended to all white people. It's a simplistic way of looking at the issue, and it's also ironically racist.

  2. @rickythepilot
    dude, racism is a social phenomenon…and it's not a survival mechanism, it was carefully a constructed discourse during the colonial period…

  3. @rickythepilot Glad to see somebody gets it. We can do our best to eradicate it on a conscious level, but the subconscious racism will be with us for a while longer, though it, too, will eventually die out as we interbreed more and more.

  4. @RebornLegacy Well I think sometimes people get a little gun shy about TYT reporting on racism because a lot of stories they do on the subject seem stupid and not racist at all, then they used to get some racist like Al Sharpton to "prove" what they were saying. But this story is actually interesting and makes you think about racism a little more closely.

  5. @Packerd01 and when did i say racism is one sided oh thats right i didn't.i just asked what does blacks in the nba have to do with this video

  6. You point was a poor argument. You attacked the study without examining the methodology of the study. You also created an ad hominem argument against SMU. What you didn't do is bring the data with with you. In any case, it's baseball. You don't argue balls & strikes. QuesTec is a computer so it's going to be more accurate. Every batter's strikezone an abstract prism. I agree that QuesTec made it harder for pitchers. But hell, it's a batters' league even if we are in the post-BALCO era.

  7. @ZKY2
    the truth hurts…. I'm sure you wouldn't be complaining if it was another "black people play the race card" or "black people are criminals" video…

  8. @tonkaaaaa "white people always feel the need to defend themselves" You do realize that is a racist statement dont you?

  9. @HyrbidHermit Did u just tell me u have u seen a study that IQ has no correlation on income, u must be fucking stupid or dumb, it is like saying height has no correlation on income and everybody knows the taller pple on average makes more money.

  10. @superphi I'm not stupid; I'm well-read. IQ has NO correlation with income – you can look it up yourself.

    By the way, you can't even spell and you're calling ME dumb? Yeah, right. Loser.

  11. it's the white khazar askenazi jews who united the european nations into a super america. the ango-saxon,germanic, turks, romans, greeks, latins. the askenazis' is enjoying the fruits of our labor. who is benefiting the most from these wars in northeast africa, and south asia? who own the banks,hollywood, and the media? Babylon rules throw the sons of japhet

  12. Maybe it's just an American thing, I'm a black guy and I've never been like this. I always thought the term "look of for your own" was about family, friends or a team thing. I've made racisit jokes nothing hurtfull but to treat a person different because of their skin is Fuckin primitive.

  13. @msdana87 No, it just proves how ingrained the idea of race has become that we give favors to our own group. Nobody is born racist; it's a learned behavior

  14. This makes no sense to me, how dose the study judge whether or not the pitch called was favorable to pitchers What about pitches that went the batters way? Umpires can't be judged because of what race the pitcher is, that has nothing to do with it. I think that there is such a small margin for error. Maybe im missing something.

  15. @CB4SN13 Racism is tribalism, which has been around since the beginning of time. Grog the neanderthal started it in 32,345 BC.

  16. I'm not gonna cry over this… black people pretty much own all sports in the US, except for well, Hockey and soccer…

  17. @HyrbidHermit Oh wow ur doing spell check on me now too wtf, and ur telling me entrepreneurs or pple who has college diplomas don't have a higher IQ then manuel labourers. Shit man if u think that then u must be fucking retarded not just stupid.

  18. these stats are so skewed… fact 1: most of the best pitchers in the world are white. for example: roy halladay, justin verlander, josh beckett, jered weaver, cliff lee, cj wilson, etc. fact 2: better pitchers, get the calls. Everyone who knows baseball knows roy halladay or josh beckett get more cals than a rookie. fact 3: umpires make bad calls all the time.

  19. @superphi No, I'm doing a fact check on you. There's so many examples that counter your claim that IQ is connected to wealth. For one, teachers and adjunct university professors are bright and they make crappy pay. We all believe that Asians are smart, yet China, North Korea, and many other SE Asian countries have large impoverished populations.

    On the other hand, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to make money. Gangster rappers are rich. So according to you, Tupac is Einstein.

  20. I think what some people call unconscious racism isn't really racism at all, like why white people are bad at telling black people apart, it's not because they are racist, they just don't live around a lot of black people so they aren't used to them, it's not your black so I'm gonna judge you differently, it's I don't know you as well. Now of course this is not what blatant racism is.

  21. @gelfling567 You mean football? Baseball hasn't been America's pastime for about15 years or so now. look at tv ratings for baseball playoff/ WS vs. an average regular season college or pro football game.

  22. @megagagnon1
    Tribalism isn't racism. That's a completely different form of categorization. Tribalism still exists in certain parts of Africa, and it is not based on race. You're mistakening human association between in-groups and out-groups to race. Racial categories didn't exist prior to colonialism, and held no significant meaning prior to it. Association b/w in-group/out-group does not automatically make it race. If so, then you can also argue gender divide is proof of race, which is absurd.

  23. @aaronpolitical
    It is human association with in-group/out-group that is human nature. Racial categories are social categories created by humans as a form of differentiating people. Read up on colonial histories. Race was created by colonial powers as legitimization of colonialism. It was created as a discourse. Racial categories hold no meaning past the symbolic, because it was proven that there are more genetic similarities between races than within races.

  24. @aaronpolitical
    And how did this scientific study go about proving whether it was our social learning, or our biological conditioning that made people racists? If you can't answer that, then you can't prove a causal effect. Remember, science was what came up with anthropometry. So maybe you should think before you believe everything science says. Read up on anthropologyical history and post-structuralist theories.

  25. @aaronpolitical
    I love how people say they don't care, then proceed to post anyways. You care enough to post, and also care enough to get upset. If that isn't caring about it, then I don't know what is.

  26. @HyrbidHermit Teachers get shitty pay yes but they still make more then manuel labourers and I'm pretty sure they have a higher IQ then manuel labourers. And if u think professors get shitty pay then u r retarded and teachers do not have higher IQ in general then university professors. Look how stupid u r, no where did I say every higher IQ person makes more money then every lower IQ person, And Tupac is not Einstein but I'm pretty sure he isn't dumb.

  27. @aaronpolitical
    It seems that the study is flawed, b/c it assumes race exists as a meaningful category as part of its hypothesis. By assuming so, it de-historicizes the people of study, and de-historicizes the idea of race. Racism is definitely a result of many factors, but it is not due to our "human nature." We generate ideas of in-group/out-group, and race is only one form of that, created socially. It could have easily been another form of difference making that we make relevant.

  28. @aaronpolitical
    Ok fair enough. It's just that you used "racism" as a term in your first post, and to make racism as part of human nature is just kind of grim. I prefer racism as something that isn't inevitable, so we have a way to fight it.

  29. @MoreThrusting44 Did you read the study or are you just saying there's no racism because you don't want to believe there's racism?

  30. @lilnicky492 upabittoolate said all that needed to be said. I'll just add that being upset about reality doesn't make reality any less real.

  31. @superphi Because duh stats on duh IQ-eses are be not fully understanded.

    Was my grammar bad enough for you to read it?

  32. @CB4SN13 People form tribes based on religion, ethnicity, nationality, race etc. Find yourself in a prison and soon you'll be part of a tribe based on race. Nothing new happened during the Colonial Period – one tribe dominating and enslaving another tribe is just business as usual. Racial categories didn't exist before the Colonial Period? Absurd. People have always noticed race.

  33. @megagagnon1
    What you said is contradictory. People form in-grps/out-grps, that is natural. But forming groups based on race is not natural. It is a social construct. Race could easily be replaced with something else, and as you mentioned, could be based on religion, or nationality, etc. We actively create groups, that is natural, but the act of choosing RELEVANT differences between groups is social. Race is one of those differences which we have decided should be relevant.

  34. @CB4SN13 Forming groups on appearance is perfectly natural – attractive people form groups, and ugly people form groups. Birds of a feaher flock together. Do dummies and smarties form the same social groups in high school? Do athletes and chess nerds form one group? Do secretaries form groups with the male janitors in their office?

  35. @megagagnon1
    Racial categories as a social construct didn't exist prior to colonial period. Noticing people having diff skin tones, and categorizing people based on their skin tone are two completely diff processes. Let's say there's a planet with only black people, and you drop a white child on the planet. That child is raised by blacks, and everyone gets along smoothly. The white child would notice diff in skin tone, but the idea of race wouldn't come up because it has yet to be made relevan

  36. @megagagnon1
    You do realize that the act of making a difference relevant is necessary to form groups. And to decide on that difference IS to act on a social level. Do you honestly think nerds and athletes are natural categorizations of humans? Sport is a social institution created by people, and the category of athletes came out of that SOCIAL institution. Also, the definition of beautiful is SOCIAL. Rotund women used to be the mark of beauty. Categories are natural, defining it, not so much.

  37. @megagagnon1
    Read this:
    " 'Everybody is a racist; it's part of human nature': fatalistic belief condoning the perpetuation of racial oppression" by John S. Sorenson

  38. Listen to a song on real history and rasism called NATURE OF THE THREAT by RASS KASS its something that will leave you thinking,,,,

  39. Listen to a song on real history and rasism called NATURE OF THE THREAT by RASS KASS its something that will leave you thinking,,,,

  40. @CB4SN13 It's a survival mechanism in the sense that we instinctively favour the in-group over the out-group, but it's a social phenomenon that those groups are distinguished by skin tone.

  41. She is worried about minorities not geting the job ? Go ahead and give them yours! What ?You need it ? But you are white and evil so stop opessing them and give them yours. Are you so racist that you will not do that ? By the way bring the "opressed" minorities to your house and feed them! What ? You can´t ? are you disciminating them? YOU RACIST! Put your money where your mouth is.

  42. Imo its just a fluke, I umpire and I can tell you that you have such a short amount of time to make a call that there is no way that race can even become a factor in the result.

  43. @CB4SN13 uhhh no. The white kid would most likely to be shunned, because he is an outsider and different. It may be superficial but it's our instinct to keep to our own kind/race/people/ethnicity.

  44. It just goes to show we need to work extra hard to fight against the evolutionary bias we have towards our own 'tribe'.

  45. This is alarming! It was first evident in the doll preferences of little black children; when presented w/black, darker-colored, lighter-colored, and white dolls, and asked which they preferred as a standard of beauty, they chose the lighter-colored and white dolls MUCH more often!
    THIS, to a STAGGERINGLY HIGH order-of-magnitude, is how EVERYTHING works EVERYWHERE people are in power, w/o any racial, ethnic, cultural, sexual, philosophical, psychological, socio-political or economic BALANCE.

  46. It reminds me of the movie, X, where Malcolm X attended an all-white school in his youth. When he told his white male teacher that, because he consistently got the best grades in the class, he wanted to be a LAWYER, the teacher discouraged him and, ultimately, guided him to the more menial career choice of CARPENTER, telling Malcolm that Jesus was a carpenter, that he would recommend work to him if he went that route, and that he was GOOD W/HIS HANDS, when Malcolm was OBVIOUSLY GREAT W/HIS MIND!

  47. I agree with many of the points you guys made in this video, however I must say that I'm annoyed at many of the videos you guys do regarding race issues. I say this not because I feel dislike towards minorities, but because I feel resentful about the inflexible social expectations concomitant with political correctness…which is a bullshit concept to begin with, probably invented by some uptight, douche bag whitey.

  48. I grew up in hippyland USA where I was essentially taught every day in high school that the white man, or more specifically, heterosexual white men are/were responsible for all the worlds ills, which is ostensibly true, at least(ironically) from a self-important Occidental perspective. I'm sure if you asked African victims of genocide who the most oppressive people in the world are they'd say other Africans, or if you asked people in Asia, the middle east or central America living under

  49. authoritarian regimes who the most oppressive people are, they'd say Asians, Arabs/Persians and Hispanics respectively…and the analogy could continue, but that's not the point. The point is you can't solve problems using unrealistic and hurtful solutions(such as teaching white teenage boys that they're assholes and socially maladjusted persecutors if they even think disparaging things about people unlike themselves, or refer to 'African Americans' as 'black'…oh the horror!),

  50. and in many ways that's what political correctness does in my opinion, because it forces one to censure thought if it doesn't conform to some sort of squeaky clean, artificially contrived and nebulous litmus test. You've said before Cenk that "you're allowed to talk about fat people because you yourself are fat"…what a ridiculous rationale. What, so you can say any hurtful thing you want to about someone as long as you can self identify with them in your own mind,

  51. but no one can ever say anything towards someone dissimilar to themselves that could be construed as criticism? Bullocks. What if your 'associate' is offended? Are they even allowed to be offended under the banner of the monolithic, drab, homogenized and impersonally conformist politically correct worldview? Why can't we all just agree to avoid doing things which bring merciful people undue misery no matter what type of person they are?

  52. @dukenthaylor ummm, I don't even know what you're jargon means, if you're implying I'm being the racist(here we go again,la,la,la,la,la) then fuck outta here.

  53. @edupbeat CALM DOWN! You don't have to take a defensive tack, my friend. Take yourself out of the equation, then, if it doesn't apply to you. It's clear enough, here, who TYT's nailing for racism.

  54. @edupbeat REALLY? I'm FRIENDLY to you..w/"condescending rhetoric?"
    tonkaaaaa said "White people ALWAYS.."
    I talked about TYT nailing GENERIC RACISTS on GENERIC RACISM!
    I SAID take YOURself out of the RACIST equation, if THAT DIDn't apply to YOU!
    I didn't BRING UP, MEAN ANYTHING ABOUT, OR EVEN MENTION any specific color!
    YET you could take that to mean something else?
    You're black.
    YET YOU "feel the need to defend" YOURself against accusations of racism from ME..THAT WEREN'T EVEN THERE?

  55. @cruiscinlan Your comment was replying to mine, which said that racism is wrong no matter what someone's race is, and that "white people" as a group do not control the country. You tried to come back with "well can you point to something whites DON'T own?" Just because I pointed out how your concerns were irrelevant doesn't mean you get to whine about how I insulted you; try arguing against my point.

  56. I love these stories about somewhat subtle, or relatively unnoticeable racism (the iPhone ad story, the names on resumes, etc.)… even though they clearly aren't true, because the US elected a Black president, and thus racism ceased to exist…

  57. Is being a Christian "under the banner of the monolithic, drab, homogenized and impersonally conformist politically correct worldview?"

  58. This SMU study sounds like bullshit to me. 1. Did not give statistics to quantify racial bias. 2. Apparently threw out statistics that did not match their hypothesis if the statistics were gathered from a subjectively declared "big game." You can't subjectively call a game "big." It is either playoff or non-playoff baseball.

  59. I think many people would, and perhaps rightly so, contest the validity of this study. And if that were so, many people would contest the argument that institutional racism even exists. Studies in of themselves are not enough. People see what they want to see, liberals readily admit to their own humanity, that is they will admit to their personal bias and prejudices. The conservative right however deal in absolutes, and in no way will admit to being biased or prejudiced. If anything they will be quite unapologetic about their no-nonsense, hard-line stance and probably view liberals as apologists, who can't make up their minds on anything.   

  60. I disagree with them Some umpires are pitchers umpire some are batter umpires. this where its fishy its a judgmental call base of what they see and view strike zone and not about color of skin. nor do i think you can get any valid information out of that  As i am umpire i am more a pitcher umpire than a batter umpire. that means i give the pitcher more of the plate.

  61. oh btw i got white umpire shirt and black umpire shirt XD i just had to throw that in… since were talking about race ….

  62. I bought the black one first i got the white one as a gift my mom bought for me for christmas i also got a pink umpire shirt and i do look good in it 🙂

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