Puertorock77 Live : Insomniac Games ( Spiderman PS4  ) Are Now Part of Sony World Wide Studios

Puertorock77 Live : Insomniac Games ( Spiderman PS4 ) Are Now Part of Sony World Wide Studios

57 thoughts on “Puertorock77 Live : Insomniac Games ( Spiderman PS4 ) Are Now Part of Sony World Wide Studios

  1. PR, u r not the only who wants a X-Men game I want it too, but I would also like a fantastic four game. Only on the reason that all the fantastic four movies suck. N this is Marvel's first family we're talking about n they deserve nothing but the best. N if u read the comics fantastic four introduced Spider-Man, so if insomniac gets FF IP, then I wanna see Spider-Man introduce the fantastic four.

  2. Me and my boys were watching the show when one person said “Sony buys Insomniac”. We all laughed and then screamed when we realized it was true lol.

    If they are dropping this on Twitter imagine the bangers they have for a conference

  3. By black baron's logic, you can buy a lamborgini if you don't have any money at all. LOL seriously dude's a joke. Troll to the max

  4. That boy Barron damage controlling on Xbox. Sony RKO’d Microsoft….nahhhhh Sony rock bottomed Microsoft, hopped up stood near the head took the elbow pad off and threw it in the crowd and dropped the peoples elbow on Microsoft then got the 1,2,3…ding ding ding

  5. PRock : I'll just give you some Pro Tips when debating LBARON since his lies are irritating….

    1.) Ask the chat for help sometimes…. like ask them what PS4 Exclusives released in 2019 or in 2018 or what is lined up in 2020…. you could have easily stopped LBARONs lies at that point. like you forgot to mention FF7 remake…or Judgment…or Nioh 2 etc etc. the chat could have helped you with that.

    2.) When he mentions Nintendos 90% rated Exclusives… just say that Sony games get more Awards and also get 90% rating… God of War has more GOTY awards than Breath of the wild…. Horizon Zero Dawn and Last of us got more awards than Bayonetta….etc etc etc, it's like Nintendo games score higher in Rotten Tomatoes…But Playstation gets more Oscar Awards…. that's the analogy.
    Plus why is grown man hyping up kiddie games?? thats like you hyping up Toy Story while bashing The Godfather.

    3.) Also just keep in mind that Playstation earned $21 billion in 2018… thats more or equal to what Nintendo and Xbox earned in 2018 COMBINED…. XBox and Nintendo needs to step it up…not Playstation.

    4.) Playstation releases like 80 plus games a month based on Metacritic…. Switch is nowhere near that, it's no wonder Switch games sell well since they really have nothing else.

  6. “Evolving Is Never Easy.” ― Basimah Rasha, The Epitome Of Truth
    “Rejection can be a Hard Pill to swallow” ― Basimah Rasha, The Epitome Of Truth

  7. This guy baron was waaay to loud and the crazy lies and superficial way of looking at current events was crazy. He ruined the stream. Just kick the troll next time

  8. This dude Baron saying ps4 dudes downplaying gears but how long you been downplaying god of war? He can't even admit it won game of the year but ps4 dudes are hypocrites? Please stfu!

  9. This dude talking about attach rate but goes on to say doom on switch sold just under a million. Its painful listening to this stupidity

  10. That baron dude sounded like he is phil spencer's secret lover. Why is he saying he is a nintendo fan while sounding like an xbot? That was weird…. and sad.

  11. Ppl on social media do not represent real opinions of the majority, social media is a cesspit of absolute clowns on all sides

  12. There hasnt been a truly great halo or gears for a decade Laron, basically sacking a creative director a year from release hardly gives ppl confidence, halo 4 and 5 the most bang average shit going and they couldn't even remaster the old games properly, joker studio.

  13. Baron claims to be immune to the fanboy shit but criticised everything sony has done all generation, the facts are they release games every month, most of these switch games u champion are double a production at best so why is that good enough for your 2 preferred platforms but not for the only console manufacturer consistently giving u true triple a bangers with many double a games and continued vr support every year? I think the problem is you cant lure kids into ur windowless van with sony games, you need them nintendo and shitbox diabetic games for that.

  14. Now Sony should have all these studios to just work on one single game engine so that all these AAA games could be produced much faster.

  15. Love the vids man but is there anyway you can just jump into th show instead ho humming the first 5min. I’ll skip thru first 10min & never really kno when you start the real topics.
    Thanks mane ! 👍

  16. The creator of Sunset over Drive said he is dying to make a sequel & has it all planned out but he was waiting on Phil spencer to OK it.
    Phil was just sitting on the sidelines paralyzed with fear. Sony swoops in and delivers.

  17. If Sony buy more high quality studios which they will . It will be end of Xbox . And be phil fault . Playstation best to play videogames. But like my switch as well

  18. After this, they GOTTA get rid of Phil. Step down or make moves.
    If you don’t tread water you drown.

  19. Sony ! It’s over like chill ! Xbox is literally trying to crawl away and your just curb stomping like chill. Lmao 😂

  20. I bet you the Xbox 2 wont crack 10million & here’s why🤘
    Xbox BARELY, Barely cracked 40 million sales even WITH THE BOOST of the successful 360.
    There’s no Xbox2 games, no 360 boost, Phil Spencers is still in charge, the Xbox 1 burnt them BAD, Xbox fans are moving to PC & the games will continue to be on PC.
    If PC is as good as they say, it will convert the last Xbox die hards into PC Gamers.
    This fucking vision of MS, will either put them out of business or turn them into a software only business. (just like Microsoft word, excel & PowerPoint)

  21. 2013: Sony wanted to own Sunset Overdrive and Insomniac went to MS to make the game.

    2019: Sony buys Insomniac and ends up owning Sunset Overdrive lol

  22. Nintendo fans are the worst lmao. Buy whatever comes out as long as there’s a reference to Mario or Zelda somewhere hidden in the game

  23. the gameplay of Death Stranding we saw at gamescom was just a teaser of them fooling around, the real deal will be at TGS in September

  24. Insomniac is good, but they're not on the same level as Obsidian or Playground

    Insomniacs best game this gen = 87

    Obsidian = 88 and 89

    Playground = 91 and 92

    Insomniac simply aren't on their level, and Sony has far too many mediocre dookie devs like Bend, Sucker Punch, PolyPhonies, Pixel Opus etc.

    Sony simply does not have the money to afford talented devs, they only have 3-4 good studios

    WIthout money, Sony can't afford talent

    Without talent, Sony has no future

    Without a future, Sony has no hope

    Without hope..there is only darkness… 😢

  25. Holy shit that guy baron is the biggest nonsensical fanboy ever. WTF was he talking about? A lot of bullshit spewing about the PS4 that are completely incorrect.

  26. Yo Bro I fucking Hyped to Final fantasy 7 remake mate the resone because I am getting a playstation 5 it's a chance of mine am finly happy to be with Sony in the future mate am Deffently getting a playstation 5 in near future off 2020.

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