Puertorock77 Live : Insomniac Games ( Spiderman PS4  ) Are Now Part of Sony World Wide Studios

Puertorock77 Live : Insomniac Games ( Spiderman PS4 ) Are Now Part of Sony World Wide Studios

Yo, yo, what’s up , give me a few minutes I’ll make sure The stream. Oh, man, here we go with this health bullshit Alright, I’m not gonna spend too much time With this Okay Let me see, let me see let me see right now, let me go right over here I’m just trying to hit it up. What’s good? What’s good? You know, I’m trying to do different configurations for my thing, but I won’t take too much time You know I’m saying I don’t wanna I don’t wanna prolong The obvious, you know, I’m just gonna do a quick, you know It’s just for my thing, but I won’t how’s it looking to you guys chat hit me up. Is it? Is it improving from forth my settings looking better? Let me look in here looka here looka here oh No, I’m not going to games come this year in fact, I’m in Germany but workout in a way is looking better Compare like everything’s flowing right ho please tell me it’s looking flowing right looks good, but sound low although I could that I could fix That I could fix I think Okay, awesome, finally graziotti. Oh, hey Maria, let me take this bullshit off my grass audio Hallelujah hallelujah, praise the Lord Alright, I know the sound I didn’t really have much in terms of the sound I know the sound was uh Whatchamacallit, but anyway hook me up if you don’t mind We tweet this out i’ma retweeted right now hit the like button free at last free at last Thank God Almighty free at last we also saying now now fucking excuse my language but I’m excited that I finally was able to Fix this up a bit. All right. Bye. Anyway, I mean close this out. Whew, it took me a minute. It was weird Doing these settings But I finally got I think I finally got it So I think the main key I did was I lowered the bitrate to compensate for the dogshit internet I use I don’t know what it is. So I learned the beret and then also I change the settings to where um He says whoa, the stream is in sync. I also changed Instead of using CPU driven. I use my GPU not that I have a great GPU but Might I have my GPUs probably more powerful than CPU in this dog straight laptop. You know, I’m saying this dog shit Work laptop that I use. Well my laptop’s primarily used for work. I didn’t really buy one That’s primarily due for streaming or whatever, but that’s all gonna come into play When I convert over or at least when I get you know, a like a decent PC as my secondary platform That’s all gonna be part of the grow from process and stuff like that. All right, and that’s Yo-yo, that’s what we’re gonna talk about. Shout out to the chat and everybody’s up in it again if you don’t mind, um, You know, this is your only friend these you to Street supporter rock 77 you see right over here, you know Of course, you see the symbol above me you see to the left Yo, it’s crazy. It’s crazy From shout out to everybody in a chat, you know, I know everybody’s excited I know everybody’s bored of that inside Xbox, you know The funniest shit that came out of the inside Xbox was the dude the basketball do ya see my tweet You know how they bring out Josh Hart was a professional NBA player. They fly them all out to Europe just what they compel his 76 rating. It may be a 2k how they gonna do that to that man. Yo Then this is wallet me. Hope it’s office So, maybe maybe I’ll help me out here for everybody else in Europe, right Yo for everybody that’s in Europe right D Yeah, play fifa, right do you consider 76 a good maybe Europeans think 76? you know because in America like NFL, you know Madden or 2k 36 ratings dogshit Yes, no same it’s dog shit, you know say you you you ain’t hyping us every six rating How do you do that how you thought they’d do that to the dude Well then out there, you know, it’s like the xbox 2k and even like yo We have surprised. You know what your rating is and he’s like now I don’t know. Yo, my man was expecting like a 95 Sorry, yo thick Haven, but 36 anything. I mean, the important part is is better than last year What the hell that do it last year 69 Yo Yo, these dudes is crazy. This dude came all around here. Just what they come Vela 36. Oh My god y’all even yo Even though they’re rating rut is so bad that they can’t even get 90 rated players like get get Kawhi Leonard out there again, the Bron James The way way to something like yo, that shit is wild I feel sorry for that do cuz you he tried to make the best of a bad situation But you know, his boys is counting on when he gets back to New Orleans or they’re gonna call him The old but on the real let’s go let’s get back to it. Let’s go straight to the point Yo, so It’s official Sony purchased Insomniac games they are now Officially part of Sony’s world war Studios part of the big family. I mean goddamn Sony Santa Monica Naughty Dog Insomnia games soccer punch Like yo Yo, my god is crazy. It is crazy Crazy crazy crazy right now. Here’s some of the things right Sony said a couple of months ago that they’re focusing on the hardcore and they want to produce more right big black boxer titles, right? And that’s what they’re going after. They’re not after these small little developers. They want big Developers big studios big titles, you know say betcha Thank you so much for the super chases and Sammy has gained the litter a lot of ex back tears photos today This was under the radar cluster bomb carpet bombing on everybody insomniac games bra Yo, it’s huge because this is not like little tiny devs that just chuckle and know this This is this is the one of the biggest things biggest announcements period you know, it’s crazy How house you know Sony when it comes to talking they don’t talk a lot but when they make a statement that shit is huge like don’t say one huge statement and then they’ll go weeks and Nothing, and they’re all sort of boom Just boom, you know stone the same P rocket sound eggs. Also take me to stores. They have one student, California there Yeah, they have one in North Carolina two. So yo, yeah, cuz they have a sound of Monica studio and they have a studio I think in Raleigh. Alright, so how does this play out? How does this play out? How is inserting extra big? I remember the podcast multiplayer podcast couple of months ago. One of the few ones I was at What you recall it? With I Think the topic was about it was rumors that Sony was about to purchase somebody or it was really around control quantum break Remedy when you’re sheeter visited remedy rumors going on that they would purchase num so 1 episode 2 multiplayer podcast involved You know myself Z J dog Baron was there and we were talking about the possibility Is that really the studio? I said if there was any student I want the Sony C purchase number one would be insomniac right? Peron I can’t remember is hard to phrase but there was like a little there was like a little Never, you know, you just conversational Why did I say that and I said if there’s any student made sense for Sony to purchase and that? the studio would agree if they come out with great terms will be insomniac cuz when you look at insomniac Their most successful games were really PlayStation exclusives, you know. Alright when you think about it Ratchet and Clank resistance for a man And spider-man ps4, which is by far the most successful game They’ve ever created right the most successful game. They ever created in a company history are all PlayStation exclusives They had a game confused didn’t do too well sunset overdrive Best you know, it’s so insane. All their best projects have been PlayStation exclusives, so I was like, so if there’s any studio that would make the most sense. Why wouldn’t it be insomniac cool? When you technically think about it, they even though there are third-party studio or at least were a third-party studio They were just as successful on the PlayStation platform. Just like any other first party studio that was out there So it just makes sense. So to me, that would have been my number one choice. My number two choice was Blue Point I thought they were good. I put remedy lies. I really don’t like remedy you know I’m saying if if this was a remedy purchase, let’s say if this news announcement was a You know Sony bought Remedy I would be like yeah, I probably won even done this podcast. I would just probably talk shit I’ll be honest. I would just be talking shit right now on Twitter It’s only ball remedy and I would just be like, oh Xbox do you like remedy still? I would just talk shit I want to be doing this I wouldn’t be that excited about it I’ll be honest. I wouldn’t but insomniac that’s huge and stuff like that. It’s huge. Um So what led to this, you know, cause insomnia was a third party? You know independent studio tonight independence and indie, but as in they didn’t get they were not owned by any publisher So what led to this? I think number one, I’m gonna tell you number one and you could call this council worrying or whatever I think the number one reason. Well, I say number one reason Sony success. I’ll use that Sony being successful that most likely is the number one reason they have a great relationship and Sony probably gave them such an amazing deal right, but I think number two In my opinion, right? has to be Insomniac and micro souls relationship now hear me out This is not council Waring but I want you to just listen and listen listen to I’m about to tell you right Microsoft did a great job supporting and sorry with sunset overdrive rumors have it that insomniac pitched the game to Sony which makes sense But as usual Sony wants the IP for themselves, apparently, okay kind of like resistance for a man Ratchet and Clank Wow Insomnia makes those games. Those ip’s are owned by Sony and I think insomniac wanted to own the IP So Sony didn’t support them with that shame on Sony. I got me. That’s a that’s a bad thing I’m sorry, but they want to Microsoft and Microsoft fucked them up. Right? So sunset overdrive came out. It’s on Xbox We’re just gonna leave it at that, right? few years later gamers the ones that did enjoy um Sunset overdrive, right? They asked him for sequel. They went up to a for sequel Ted price And then any of you officially said he is ready to make the sunset overdrive sequel He say he’s just waiting fulfilled to pick up the phone, you know Pretty much saying that when Microsoft’s ready to publish it and put you know, put whatever deal they do They’re making it they never got the call Clearly Microsoft’s not interested in sequel. So whatever So why am I using that scenario? Well simple when you’re in independent studio and when I mean by independent not necessarily indie but just when you’re on your own when you don’t fall under the umbrella of You know a first party of big conglomerate you have to do things yourselves, right? You have to balance certain things yourselves right when you make the game Right, if you don’t get a publisher now you put in your company on the line to make these games, right? That’s why if somebody I could have made it sunset over to I do because if they did Insomniac we have to put 100% of the capital on their own which is dangerous Because it only takes one game to flop to totally ruin your company and just go bye-bye, you know If you don’t believe me ask cliffy B one game. What was that game? Could B be made? Um, I Forgot his name the one that flopped that was like Well, there’s overdrive over whatever clone You guys know what I’m talking about that it was on PC and ps4 only I can hombre lawbreakers evil graça lawbreakers, right Now one game flopped cliffy B is done He had a really, you know, he lost his company whatever you know or whatever he could make no more games, you know One game could really hurt you, right? So Spider-man huge success. I’m pretty sure that relationship between Sony and Sami AK just I mean I’m telling you I said a hundred times I have said a million times insomniac I mean on spider-man is the most successful game they’ve ever made and I said It’s gonna be the most successful most played spider-man game That would that would ever be created, right? I said that but I didn’t know it was gonna be the number one selling superhero game. I didn’t see that Especially the versus Arkham City because Arkham City is like on seven platforms and it’s been selling for like the last since 2009 When the game come out, well, mm. I’m sorry 2011. So it’s been selling for like the last eight years or whatever and It went beyond that That level of success Ted price and some react staff cannot ignore So in reality when you’re reaching these level success exclusively with Sony Right. What is the point of being independent developer when in reality? Or you need is this one platform right now? Here’s the great part Here’s here’s the great part especially if you could cut if the arrangements and whatever deal they did right and Sunny act is gonna make even more money with this deal right Then they did as an independent developer simply because of this, right? They now no longer have to worry about the marketing and the publishing stuff the stuff that the publishing do you know dealing with TV studios magazines print web advertisements and Suddenly I doesn’t have to worry about that trash no more all that She’s gonna be handled by Sony so he’s gonna do that for them Any new game then something Eric wants to pitch a we got a new idea for new IP Go ahead make it happen will fund some money and we’ll start doing The marketing and advertisement all that and so I was like cool. We just focus on the games or focus on development we’ll keep you posted and Sony handles all the marketing stuff ain’t no longer have to worry about the legals the lawyers TVs ESPN YouTube Boxing bundles all of that stuff is gonna handle by Sony and stuff like that and Hopefully Sony right now Empowers the developers. That’s that’s that’s really the most important part Make these developers be happy That they are creating games for the PlayStation platform You know I’m saying don’t give them the feeling where they feel boxed in or they feel closed or they’re just not doing What they love, you know create that environment Let them because make no mistakes only if Sony’s loosing your feet off you guys in listening All these developers want to make the best games. Just let them do it It will naturally make PlayStation look great You know saying they’re there they thrive their heart to make great games will naturally lead over Into a Playstation looking great Just let them do what they do just support them and hands off and you’re gonna be alright, believe me You you do not have a developer. There’s no developer out there. I don’t care even on Xbox No one purposely wants to make a bad game, you know, no one purposely wants to make a bad game don’t studio Most the purpose is a guy we’re gonna make this trash ass game, whatever. Okay, if you know your students Got Talent Let them be given the keys Jesus, take the wheel, you know saying let them do what they do best You handle all the obstacles that gets in their way if? They tell you the oh, we need these type of software from this company. They’d be like you need Alright, you need simply any simply gun stuff. I will get what Microsoft Microsoft insomniac needs more havoc stuff you got Oh great, a havoc software. I will pay for it ego what else you need? Insomnia? We could use some play fab. Got you That’s why you got to do All these developers they have obstacles In terms of software development tools Sony your job is to eliminate Go out there get on what they need. Let them make the best games you handle the advertisements you keep painting trains keep painting buses do whatever you gonna do because naturally when these games come out and They’re amazing games That takes care of itself PlayStation gamers gamers in general was fine All right. What studio could ms buy to combat this news? All right. Here’s the thing Even if Microsoft did buy a studio a big studio. Let’s say they bought Sega right? I Honestly, and I’m saying do not believe they care about Xbox versus PlayStation, I don’t think Phil cares about that anymore. I don’t think he cares about that I don’t think he cares if PlayStation looks better than Xbox. I think he’s done with that. I think he’s completely removed any emotion about Man, why are people going to stores buying PlayStation over Xbox? I don’t think he cares about that no more He doesn’t in his eyes he could give a damn where you play at this point, right? I think at this point the reason why he still makes Xbox is because he knows there is a nice community of people that Are willing to buy Xbox because they want to play xbox counsel So he’s like hey, if you’re those guys, you’re gonna buy the console no matter what he does That’s I think it let’s be honest Phil Knows there are people who’s gonna play on xbox no matter what happens. They’re not going away Because of the ecosystem because of the brand name because of their friends Controller trust face, whatever it reason is I’m not even gonna use the word corporate slave another I’m just not gonna say that because there’s people who are not into the console war who are not even on Twitter or nothing and they just gonna buy Xbox vs Xbox and he knows that you know understand and he’s gonna keep making Xbox until the point we’re making Xbox is not worth it from a business side, but as long as there’s a community that runs Xbox he’s gonna make it and these guys are gonna buy you know, but he’s not worried about making decisions of oh, man and if I put this game on PlayStation I just guys gonna be mad. I’m mad at me. He doesn’t care he’s not listening to that group, right if you looked at the interview where he talked about with our Fortune magazine right on their channel in YouTube when he had that interview where he said You ship that. All right. He said He’s not listening to that segment of community that wants to see other consoles fail burn. He don’t see none of that He’s not listening to you. He’s only listening to the gamers that are part of the philosophy of a games for everyone We’re gonna put gaming everywhere. That’s all he cares about everyone That’s it, you know Okay Come on be still a man. We’re not that’s the thing. He doesn’t see it. That way. See you guys Here’s the thing a lot of gamers and even me I talk trash about it But I gave me series all you gotta fight back Phil. He’s not fighting back then in his life There’s nothing to fight the best way to put it and Z said it best if you’re on a racing track, right 100 meter dash quarter-mile – whatever picture you’re on a racing track, right and On that racing track at one point you have Microsoft Nintendo and Sony right and they’re running to see who’s the fastest Who’s the best right? Well, Phil’s not all around the track no more. He’s like, you know, what? Why do I need to be on the track? When I could be the guy who makes the trophy let that Nintendo Sony fight it out and when they get to the finish line They’re getting my trophy so doesn’t matter who wins in the end he wins because he’s providing a trophy. Does that make sense? That’s that’s microsoft visual they’re no longer the competitors on a racetrack they’re the ones providing the trophies. Hey here’s a gold medal Here’s a silver medal. Oh shit, Google stadia. Here’s bronze. Here you go. Everybody. Enjoy your medals We’re all winners here you guys compete we’re just handing out medals and someone was gonna wear our metal and That’s all he cares about at this point. And that’s why you have to see it Microsoft You got to look at Microsoft the way they looking at Xbox gaming. They’re gonna treat it. No different than their IT division Look at that IT stuff Right, and I just use this example a million times just look no further than the surface tablet They have in a schools of hardware, but all the software and productivity that’s in that sort of establish You could get an own sushi boat ably and you could get in the Dell You don’t have to buy Surface tablet to get everything that the surface does software wise that’s all available on like products Why because it doesn’t really matter if you want to surface tablet and buy it if you don’t and you want to buy Dells version you can buy that – you wanna buy to Shiva’s version by that – whichever version you buy Microsoft is making money So excited thank you for the super chat. He says Sony putting future of multiplayer games on PC Can you elaborate is it from them like Killzone? I’m gonna tell you about PC gamers are not gonna like goes on tell you how much you know saying About that one Let’s see what else so anyway, but let’s look at this, right the big question is Here’s what’s funny insomniac owns the sunset overdrive IP and Now they fall on the Sony. So will they release? sunset overdrive on PlayStation and potentially inevitable Sunset overdrive – I’m gonna tell you my opinion. I don’t think so I don’t think of samyak at least for a little while Should touch sunset overdrive even a sequel they shouldn’t touch resistance for a man. They shouldn’t even touch another Ratchet and Clank What Sony needs to do? Irish to support them with the spider-man sequel and Sony needs to go back to Marvel and get one more Franchise title and I’ve been saying this for the longest X-men they need to get the x-men IP The x-men IP you have games for days with the amount of characters in that universe games for days you can make Wolverine games you can make x-men as a force game x-force It’s just the amount of people that you the amount of titles you could create from that universe is crazy But out of all the IPS. I think that’s by far the biggest that they could get get X-men and give that game since on react but I can salmiakki guess what we got to a gift and they’d be like what? X-men IP is yours. So now you got spider-man and you got x-men boom Do what you got to do enjoy create another great universe with these titles, you know, if they can’t get x-men Fantastic Four That would be a good one. And once 20 years they could team up they could do a spider-man Fantastic Four team up That’ll be pretty good Doctor Strange That could be a pretty good game and stuff like that I know people mentioned Punisher The only issue I have with Punisher Not with the game itself is I wouldn’t want the game to be in Insomniacs and I won’t want that game to be in nori dog’s hand Cuz nori dog you see you see what they do You see you see the Last of Us right, I know you see Last of Us That game is gritty as hell if anyone could pull a proper punisher game and give it this proper do It snoring dog. So Sony got that give that Daredevil probably a good another good one, you know But man Go after another more of RP Trust me, you know insomnia get one more more YP Yo, you guys are literally going head-to-head with Rocksteady. It’s incredible. You guys are doing you have a great vision You did a phenomenal job with spider-man you got talent for this you found your calling Tell Sony get us another more IP And I’m also saying that cuz I’m desperate for an x-men title. I’m and mine only one Jones in for an x-men tight I don’t know. I can’t be the only one chosen for a true x-men title blade Oh Someone mentioned blade You know don’t you know am I buggin or those Norville literally have like some of the greatest catalogs or characters for games? Like it’s like y’all I’m surprised Disney. Don’t just create the own gaming studio Don’t give up no ideas, right? I mean when you think about it this you could be like, you know what? Screw this shit. We’re just gonna make our own Marvel gaming studio and screw everybody else They literally can make games forever They don’t leave it right I’m just passed by the man, you know anyway So this is huge. You know, I’m saying a Listen if this doesn’t make you buy PlayStation 5, I don’t know what will because It’s it’s absolutely phenomenal It’s crazy that is happening and Sony’s gonna back them up. Spider-man 2 is gonna be wow People are don’t forget insomniac also has a lot of your experiences. They have made several key titles for oculus. Oh my god, I Cannot wait, I do my review for my peers VR but brah This is a game changer. This is like Like this is the shape. Let’s be honest. Let’s all be real. This is the shape We only talk about on Twitter like oh, yes You know, this is this is like fake news or rumor reports and he’s gonna buy inside me I hereby they are whatever. Let’s be honest if Anybody were to say a woman has a son he’s not buying samyak. Nobody will believe it. Everybody be like, oh, okay Here we go. This is another fake rumor, you know, but they just came out and did it. You know, it’s it’s it’s amazing It’s huge You know And what’s next? I mean, obviously we know spider-man 2 is coming, but there’s got to be bigger Decisions at play and now here’s a crazy thing so rumor reports Before was like Sony’s Because I found it weird, but I thought maybe was temp but there was article saying that Sony is ramping up Insomniac developer and supporters fighting a metaphor. I didn’t believe rapport much on e because usually The ramp developers is usually the temp goes guys not only there temporarily to augment. I didn’t think much of it But now that we know insomniac part of Sony’s first party studio This Sony put up the money just to make them overall bigger and just give them a bigger size because somebody mentioned here Something I can she has two Studios their bigger studio is in Santa Monica and their smaller studio is in North Carolina and Raleigh I think the small studio was doing that dealt with what is the songs of the deep? Let’s see wouldn’t a penguin ms:i here bullying all the rinky-dink doubling studios and Sony it’s like BAM insomniac, you know, everybody’s walling today Man, everybody’s walling today what we got here What else I want to make sure I don’t miss anybody stuff Somebody says actually the reason Sony acquired sunnier games because of masters cousin spider-man pretty much says that in IGN article now remember when the studio choirs Developing like when Microsoft acquired the studios if Nintendo acquire studios or Sony acquire studios. It’s a two-way decision It’s not simply a we’re gonna buy you you’re done know the studio has to agree So there’s terms between the two companies on how they’re gonna handle what they’re gonna do all that stuff, you know and What you might call it all it seems like Sony and insomniac my man betcha, but a super-tight says hashtag portal gate Embarrassing wasn’t that alright? My name’s Chris all still owns a publishing rights to sunset overdrive think the situation with Alan Wake Remini own the IP But not the publishing rights Interesting we go we go we gotta find more more about that moon night Does it going give me Blair by one’s blade? We have to find out more cuz what it sounds like was Sunset I mean and some have own sunset overdrive They just needed a publisher and usually if they need a publishers because the publisher will upfront allow the cause Because if a company does it themselves Again, like I said before they put their own company at risk one flop and your company’s gone for a lot of these studios So he should strike a deal with Disney and get anything under the Disney umbrella Emperor Pete Rock how the hell’s this game a game-changer, bro? Dawg think about this so my man Emperor it’s not really a game-changer Navin a game-changer. It’s a force multiplier Now a game changer, but a false multi or force Multiplier that’s really what it is, right this just strengthen the overall Sony worldwide studios and with insomniac now falling under Sony exclusively right as a first part of studio, they’re gonna get more financing more leverage than they ever did before right and again Who knows? What’s the next move is Sony could easily go after another more IP because think about it Spider-man is a huge success. I think spider-man. It’s about Right now I think uncharted 4 is the highest selling exclusive for a PlayStation 4 Spider-man still strong if you look at the lace MPD, it’s still in the top 20, you know That’s not a comment for a Sony game, you know a PlayStation game It’s very common for Nintendo, you know, because that’s really all they got which is cool But it’s not very common for Sony spider. Mike end up being the biggest selling exclusive on the platform Right, and if the samyak can repeat that level of success by putting the dedication towards another Marvel IP That’s huge for PlayStation v Nixon imagine next gen obviously got the spider-man sequel right now Probably come out first and they’re also insomniac announces You see the big Marvel symbol and then you see the Wolverine Cyclops and then all sudden x-men Dog or or any of the games anyone mentioned here blade Doctor Strange Fantastic Four daredevil It’s gonna be huge anymore for IP Maybe not so much iron fist, you know, but the defenders that might work but any, you know decent name IP It’s a force multiplier P rocks Tony already has deals with normal games with spider-man and Iron Man VR. Well, they guy here. I’ll get more I’m greedy. I’m a greedy bastard. Hi when I go to a steak house I get dessert and coffee too Oh On Santiago’s own sir. I Drive that’s why we went to a mass but because they wanted to own it Sony has the students to work on anymore YP they do now, you know the question is This is what’s good about competition, I’m gonna say this this is why I Always said each each of the big first party developers Nintendo, Sony Microsoft They only have to worry about their own piece of the pie How a lot of us always said Phil Spencer doesn’t have to beat the Dali Lama He doesn’t have to be the Dali Lama for everybody. Oh He had to do is just worry about Xbox that’s all you have to worry about just worried about Xbox don’t worry about what Sony’s doing sure congratulating cuz your gamer but when you make decisions you Have to worry about Xbox because Nintendo don’t worry about in Tendo when it comes to games and content You know, I don’t know some of y’all saw the tweet with he BOTS crying for Nintendo games Say no I you know people say oh they need to show the world or you know They need to start sharing in the partnership. And so there is no partnership. There is no arrangement And telling us not putting their games on xbox They’re worrying about Nintendo and their audience that supports Nintendo. If you ain’t buying a Tendo, they’re not worried about you Now they’re gonna do their best to change your mind But the end result is you’re gonna get a Nintendo Sony’s doing the same thing with their PlayStation Microsoft’s the one that’s on this Dalai Lama. We are the world We let’s get high on LSD and PCP and let’s just feel the love. You know, the other ones that took Fucking you know all this shit and now they want to hug everybody. The other was the only doing that right? But if each company Provides competition is gonna force the other ones to make move in this case Sony made a big move. They got insomniac Could it be possible? Microsoft buying all these studios put Sony in a position like whoa Hold up now microphones is microphones on bat at any point if Microsoft decides – just make exclusive Xbox consoles they have the people to do that and They have the people to make a lot of content if they want to change their mind about putting games everywhere They have the studios in the car, you know, the amount of people they have the army They have the militia to make that happen. So This move probably put Sony in a position to be like a we, you know insomniac game, what would it take for you to join us in the summer could be like Well, I if we really gonna be part of Sony worldwide studios You gotta give us this this this and this and this and this but we know you’re not gonna do that done. What? But like You really agree to all that somebody’s like yep done. Here you go blank check good. It’s only war our Studios next You know Zane it is what it is All right. It is what it is my man Pro black where it says really brah brah, you know, what a Bang You you join my discord Go inside the life of Course you’ve already said you the thing – lets go, right Get up in here Stop typing. Stop hiding behind words. Say what you’re gonna say saying you’re damage control You’re going to want to come in and say you’re damage control. You got my discord In fact, you have the ability to just jump in the live room because I gave certain people rights are going in now Okay, my mind said I’m off in a cone I think you’re right Microsoft pushed on Sony and they gave him some react everything They wanted I think so too. You know you Know we’re gonna get my little dog shit. This is look I want to show y’all something So what I’m using now, you read that this dog shit Mike Good Dog shit Mike Hey So I’m gonna be honest so I I always had a discord but I never really did much with it, but I’m gonna do more with it I’m gonna get some mods get some people up in here. Haha. You’re a Boppy rock. I knew it. I’m about me That You know, I bought an Xbox one and all I get out of this or fuckin headset It’s a good USB charger. That’s why I got I got my I got my PlayStation VR saying right on top of the Xbox and I got everything plugged into USB ports. So it’s a good charging It does a great job of charging a lot of shit you know stealing saying a Lot of stuff. All right Let me see we’re about to get Baron up in here port about so he said no No, we’re gonna hear what let me see if he’s on here Buh-buh-buh-buh-buh, you see I wanna make sure I get a bang. Yeah You see You see I gotta get baron here I should be able to get back in here What’s up pussy or a HELOC down? All right Let me see baron, hold on are you in here baron are you able to get on Let me see fuck again baron should be able to get on here Can you drop into the room or if you want drop into the general if you can’t drop into the room Shouldn’t be locked. Can you see? Oh Hey by a good everybody good let me see let me see bang Give me a second. We’re about to get we bout to get Baron up in here and Then you’re gonna have the fun see I like bad cuz he’s not reverse you. He he finds away Num have finds away he to damage control There’s none better So see we get up on here close net. All right. All right, hold on Oh No, maybe maybe or maybe he’s setting up still right He said Marin is under Kovacs fuck Robin don’t he? I agree with Baron on everything except and yes, I Don’t think even play any yes Can you game on your PC? Yeah, I don’t have a gaming PC yet that um, so next den because like I said Normally, I just get all the council’s and that’s more than enough for me Like the biggest thing about PC draw was the power, you know and all that stuff But with the recent change of events and all that stuff With the recent change of events and all that stuff Why not why not try my stab at gaming PC For next gen you know, I still get access to all the Xbox games Get to try out a few more games, but just as important, this is one of the main reasons I want to try I need a better platform for this for like, you know youtube streaming I’m gonna get into video editing and I heard like the video editing software could be very intensive and stuff like that So it’s it it’s just it’s just a right it’s just the right overall decision to go with with a decent PC that can do multiple things and benefit or me all over You know, and I know some people say that some some PC gamers said they started out with PC being on What you McCall it? Okay, I see better right yeah, let me drag them in here There we go All right, so barons here I dragged them into the live on air, um, I think he’s muted though shouldn’t be muted Yeah, I didn’t mean so he’s probably have himself muted probably set himself up Well, he’s in here so we’ll just see so prepare for the damage control, you know, so insane Anyway hit the like button, this is amazing. I got it. You know what? I know. We’re all excited But let’s hear the opposite, you know My man bear might not be excited get a rise in chip and stuff like that And that’s another reason why I’m not gonna go too hard on my next PC. I’m gonna try different combinations I’ma try the rise in AMD. Some people are telling me and I don’t know Maybe you guys could agreed that like cut the AMD bullshit cuz in the end you’re gonna end up with Intel in a video So I should I just go straight to internal video Like what do y’all think some people say that? Oh, yeah, everybody starts out way MD and you know stuff and then I realize Invidious King, so they said skip the bullshit go right into it Now man left ok, I put them back in Make sure he’s good It should be good Heiio baron you good? Okay, now I should be working damn this one fucker has the loudest mic ever Hold on a second. Oh This dude yo, how is it he’s like, he’s like speaking on like I know police born. I’m like yo Anyway, he got him It’s alright. Don’t go ahead. I’ll just lower my head said everybody lower your head seconds You’re gonna get your ear John’s blown the hell out Yo this dude got a mic from WWE Hell forever No, you’re gonna see like like fucking fluid drip down my n shit But to lose my balance Hi. Oh, man. Look, it’s not good Stop. Alright, let’s stop being ridiculous. Okay, give us your take give us the opposite end of the spectrum It’s not really the opposite end of the spectrum it’s just The reality end of this pledge um The reality is we spend, you know the half year year or so, you know talking trash to about Microsoft and how their Aquinas studios and Dane showed no games and Studio acquisitions and where’s the exclusives and all this other stuff and we come to a year later in the whole Situation is flip-flopped between Sony and Microsoft And as Sony is the one acquiring Studios now acquiring studios matter You know and say even though you have no idea what game you’re giving All right, so so now that matters but what makes it even more interesting is that y’all over selling is way too much. Alright? And it’s like This is not that big of an acquisition It would be if it was unprecedented if it was something surprising. It was something really out of this world It’s not they’ve been working with Sony for how long this is. Really not that major It’ll be it’s almost the same sense of Nintendo bought platinum game They’ve been working with Platinum Games for almost eight plus years. Now that wouldn’t be that shocking. You know what I mean? That would be a great thing. Now. I’m gonna saying this is a bad thing. It’s a great thing His strength is their first party line up, but it’s not no game changer I didn’t say game changer, but I did say force multiplier, you know, this this strengthens, you know, because now at this point you know, there’s always oh, there’s always doubt of I mean even though most of us already knew Spider Man ps4 was not going to another platform because the IP itself for this pacific string of games belongs to sony not spider-man in general because at any point You know Marvel could take it back and give it to somebody else or they could take it for themselves But this specific string of spider-man games, you know with the advanced ruin all that that belongs to Sony they own this, right? okay, but there was always talk of insomniacs next game could be multi plat some sort of a tool or they do an Audrey like Nothing. Nothing is absolute When the studio is not a first-party studio, you know what I’m saying? There’s always that air of Possibility especially when it comes to the next generation of consoles, you know everything resets in a way, right? Because no matter how good you did the generation before or how bad you did is There’s always a reset. Would you agree with that? Mary P. Leave oh Sure thing better left Hi My man bounced alright, or I’m all maybe as technical too Maybe maybe maybe well, you’re no no, I’m still here. You’re on your switch discord or some shit No matter how could you do how bad you do every generation resets and All it takes is a few stupid moves to really fuck a general for yourself, right? Everybody did that every for every single company at one point It was in a position where they did not and because of something whatever was whether it’s expected or unexpected They just fucked up Nutella went through it. Right look it they had the we The best-selling council they have a soul Pretty much, you know, they just have massive society and then the we you came out and it’s like what the fuck happen Sony did the same thing to Everything resets, right? So everybody done that. Yes. So everybody at one point had some you success and they just fucked up for whatever reason, right So insomniac, you know before this acquisition When the next generation comes there’s always a recent, you know, they can easily start making more games for the next Xbox Take apart, you know, there’s always in question But this takes insomniac out of the game for any plans for any other platform PC Xbox what the thing was? Yeah, but the thing was we knew that whatever they was gonna do was gonna be on PlayStation that that was never in jeopardy I was never a question Because they worked with Playstations for so long Well, that’s something Microsoft, you know paid forward to publishing because nobody else wanted to publish it obviously so so now that Yeah, but they own that IP so Microsoft probably really wasn’t interested in on the net in the first place They thought it was a nice concept. They published it. They needed exclusive they publish it You know what, I mean, that’s that’s the biggest thing about it, you know, it’s funny here it’s funny here No sunset overdrive because all I heard for the last few years is that sunset overdrive is trash and ain’t nothing is nobody now I’m looking on Twitter. It’s like sunset overdrive Tuzla. I’m like, let me just Gain, we know we know the last four years You open up sunset overdrive. Let’s be honest, you know You know better than anybody else we’re just doing this because you know one group is real salty right now you have to say I Don’t think they are Man, these guys get know they get salty over a brew case You shown a developer comes up with a barren you you know, you’ve been in the barren I’ve been seeing you in this bullshit since last and so we’ve been doing this game for lab with me personally, but you know I’ve been doing a black man, you know, we crew Fucking oh you guys everybody’s been dancing the council war for a long time. I have never seen any Fanboys get pissed off over a fucking game case being advertised Let’s be honest. Okay, can we agree on that? One at least that a developer be like hey, look at this game case of our next game Motherfuckers be boycotting the whole studio cuz of a packin blue game case like oh my god You shoved Oh PS Robert. Fuck you, like holy shit is just a game case Instead of me I’ve Seen worse from sony fanboys, why would you know when i’m ii and you know that come on? Have you ever heard of a sony fanboys ever say xbox is like a black man Cute That’s cute that you can show me a fan that has An xbox centric podcast that doesn’t do what counsel warned You’re gonna be shocked or who said that live on their stream I Don’t care who said that all I would I’m worried about the majority of people and what they say and when I had the majority of Sony fans Axing and questioning the NPD and its legitimacy That is by far the worst Yeah, but you got me to put them in check, you know something understandable there’s nobody they don’t put nobody there like they either stay silent and Be like, you know, they go all you know Sandra Bullock all of a sudden like I never seen that like motherfucker you need you like you telling me you see This to Bishop from Sony but yes, you know xbox make in front of fuckin Stanley’s death. Shut the fuck up stop I’ll see I’ll see I mean not be nerve to I seen that turban no-slip. Look I understand you. Love your people Okay, you love your beautiful wife you love them. But Cuz we have one thing I love here This is the tunnel guys a site where Xbox I don’t get you guys cuz Stop lying, no no sob with you about three – Do you see me sad no I’m like, this is what you get reciting them dudes Listen, we both like exclusives because we both agree exclusives are important, you know something in fact some of the best games Throughout the generations have been exclusive I think we both agree with that for Nintendo almost a lot of platforms Some of the best games have minutes groups, right and we both like Japanese games Right. It ain’t somebody dude. Same job trash. We didn’t make up that word That word was that that’s not how vocabulary we don’t come out same job trash or one-and-done That’s the green crew does the cooling? They be saying that shit. Yeah, they said that They say all the burning all the time. They they stick well, they don’t say no more cuz they getting a lot of that jet crap now, but But you know, I mean we got people on the other side of the other coin. We got people trying to you know Downgrade gears as it as a major third triple a franchise you got people trying to downgrade Halo as a major triple threat gerbil a franchise. It’s like what is the nonsense stop? You know, you know what I mean? It’s like after what gears 5 show today It got a little quiet That’s quite a spirit is has and this is the truth has halo 5 holds up to the legacy of halo. Does Jen know? You got a war ascension hold up to the legacy of got a war no it did not and we could okay Yes that week no some no. No, I can’t admit it or no side When they redid when they redid when very Borlaug we image, you know Reimagine got a war everybody greeted us because of the failure of ascension. We all know why Sony wasn’t gonna make it they were like a ascension bond. That’s it. We’re done, you know We all know Cory Borlaug had the the the reimagine car war Was a great idea but it was also a no-shit idea cuz he was not gonna be able to make another Similar got a warrant. Sony was not gonna have that sense your bond everybody knew it It’s like so that’s why he reimagined it and it end up great, you know But we all knew that she bombed it just happened. So but here’s the thing I Asunción wasn’t up to the standard. But God of War 3 in that same Jen was right halo 5 that’s ready hit on the head is Jen and it’s wasn’t it’s like Like look how bad he look right in them, right? It went from a franchise. I Respect them for that no, you gotta respect them for that if they feel like Halo 5 didn’t live up They didn’t go out there say okay. Let’s rush McCarthy and try again. Let’s take our time. Let’s do it Right cuz you know this is this, you know, their legacy of Halo is not built on 343 So they say you know what? This was a little bit lackluster Let’s take our time with skinny, right and no matter how long it takes Unfortunately took all the way to the next Xbox but that’s fine. They did it that way. Yeah, that’s funny today What does that mean? So like so here’s the thing So when we look back Xbox one, like let’s be honest, you know how we always look back at systems We look at the PlayStation 2. We look at the Gamecube and 64 when we look back at the Xbox ones five years woman Let’s see. It’s 2028 right and mean you with some old motherfuckers whatever. You know, you’re you’re retired you know, you’re paralyzed now god forbid, but you know you you retire Maybe now, I don’t even talk about that man. I’ll feel bad at that No, but let’s say you retired from the WWE and a WWE Hall of Fame all that bullshit Right and we look back Xbox one. What are we really gonna say about it? Like in terms of games. What are we gonna say about the concert? I Hope very much Cuz that’s you know, I think as gifts five solidified itself today I already knew art this is what I already do beforehand because of what they showed last year at e3, but like I said wherever Where everybody’s ps4 ons can find a hole and dig it into they do that. Oh We don’t we do not I do Wow too busy – I’ll throw exclusives in there so I don’t know what you mean How am I lying when our exclusive mallanna is so stacked we don’t have time to do that But being a person being a gamer who I am I own multiple consoles Oh, no three just other games that do interest me and Gears was definitely one of them cuz I’ve been playing gears ever since it came out so I’ll comment on that you don’t I mean I’ll look at other stuff to see I’m not like other This is why the fanboy turn really doesn’t apply to me. I would look at everything. I watch everything. I actually legitimately give everything a legitimate look and I know a lot of people hate me for how it’s like shitting on deaf strand and since day one But I think today they finally understood what I was talking about No, we’re not down Kojima – Kojima put the doubt in our mind that’s the difference Yeah, keep I wasn’t doubting him. He put the doubt in my mind. I don’t know if you got a chance to watch Today is Josh Hart, you know how they gonna do my man dirty, but let me do this super charm OCO Thank you for the super chat He says when Emma’s go play xbox were making a huge big the RFA even when they were making games exclusive for MS Keep the same energy difference is that insomniac is a triple-a studio. Well, I think playgrounds is a triple-a studio also, well, I’m sayin, That wasn’t only Studio Microsoft acquired they acquired studios that were surprising That was it do boys impose one of those Studios that’s what made the talk about the McLaren Studios thing, but when you know the the you know The Sony Pony Legion was trying to downplay that and then we’re here twelve months later and y’all doing the same thing It’s like are you serious? Right now? It’s like but here’s the Difference this is a hypocritical nature of the Sony fan it just baffles You can’t comparison of Xbox cuz right they bought studios right and Obviously studios when they finally release games is really gonna be for the next generation. Let’s be honest They’re not gonna make games in time for you know, but PlayStation we still got new shit coming for this gen All right. We got that standing on over. I’m you sure about it They got the spending this year and we got the last of us to next year. Probably the one sure No, I think it’ll be careful I think I think Sony has done an amazing job of stringing y’all along for the last 11 months If you if you was that Month straight it was stringing you along at the end if we if we were whined to e3 after e3 ended last year Yeah, would you be standing here right now, August 20? 1979 ah and F stranded and you’re not playing goes to team Would you really would have said that last year after eat three and well last? Yeah thief has at I honestly thought two out of the three games will be out I didn’t think all three games users. You have it. You haven’t got it. Oh, but this is You know this included no, no how long because you you excluded days gone. So at the end of last year me I looked at four games. I looked at days down. I looked at the last of us I looked at goes achievement up stranding and I said to myself two out of those four games is gonna be 2019 and two of those is gonna be 2020 because let’s be honest Sony doesn’t they? Don’t try to fight third party and there’s too many third-party titles So they try to fit every game that they can so that way everybody eats so I knew I may come out and like I said, I mean Sure. I just didn’t know which two titles but I said two of those is coming out and I got that stranding I mean I got days done that came out and des trainees coming out November. So those are the afford But the thing is you missing is that I didn’t exclude eight exclude days gone So D themselves excluded days going out of the e3 That was out of that was am I doing they did it themselves? Cuz they knew that game was trash, but that’s someone another story But the thing is it’s like the third party Lynam so far this year wasn’t that stacked at all? It really wasn’t for that long I mean you had you had rather than evil you had a shadow dodge twice and I believe Mortal Kombat eleven major ones It flopped. I mean anthem was guard. Yeah it was being advertised as the destiny killer You know, yeah But the thing is you you still had out you had a if it was enough gap in this beginning of this year for this For them to release something but the fact that no matter is they just didn’t have anything ready to release but from judging from lash At e3 that’s not the message. They was given to you. This is why I’m continuing to hound ps4 Because so dateless it on this is what child playing and y’all haven’t played anything worth a damn so far well I want to stop because you got some flowers this year that you guys hiked Yeah, got some sudden or 7d rated bullshit, but y’all guys loving it like that Travis fun with yahwah all over that motherfucker, and I’m Really? Always lying I’m not lying. It was it was the spin-off game? Thanks Wyatt. Now no more heroes three at e3 the height was off the charts That was no game though those that was really amazing any switch exclusive. Yeah, come on stop it any switch. I mean Everybody has been worse any switches cluesive guys every switch exclusive died nearly And like participating damage controlling because every other day yeah high consumption I never heard of I’m like, ah, hey hold of it ain’t my fault exclusive lineup. So Fight us he says lack. Larren James you lying fool You did a vid saying we you an Xbox one or the best combination to have a gaming you hate to miss So here’s God of gaming Fuck grocery. Yo. Oh Yeah that video. I’ve made a video one hotel ago. They remember bro Yo, I made it leave it look actually the name of the video. Is that it Xbox one makes it stand for quality games So my xbox one was my stand for my quality games A USB charger hell of a lot of USB ports, so might as well use it for sign And then when I’m just saying you you you actually you like the most sensible a PlayStation a Do-boy on the internet, you know, I mean, but you know some of the something that bullshit to start to seek into your brain because couple of months I Oh Listen all the last few years. It’s been about Exclusives an exclusive lining up and what you have for the year? But somehow in 2019 that narrative change for the PlayStation brand Know what happens? Nobody was talking it. Nobody was talking about schools talking about the PS 5 They were still hoping for a pray and a home phone and less of us to gonna release Danny you don’t get that It’s it’s been crazy In days gone, right and will be the show System right and then you got people who are into a concrete genie right and then you go and then you got the pedal free Dreams, unlike what? Llamo how can you imagine what y’all motherfuckers would do if you had that game. Yeah. Yeah. Geez shut down I love H greater and smash brothers. That’s there’s a whole. Nother thing. Let’s be honest I’m trying to be honest This has always been it’s been 14 since inception That has never been away and that’s not going away. It’s You know, you know why this PlayStation gets the multiplayer, so that’s like you definitely when people talk about multi plats they like all red that’s better than fucking spider-man and we’re like that doesn’t matter to us cuz we play both like Even if you wanted that to be a public, it doesn’t mean anything to us. We play both we got access to both Like that’s right when Xbox try to pull that like all red. There’s gonna be game over got a war and we’re like What the fuck right that doesn’t mean anything because the games on PlayStation, you know I’m saying if anything more people probably bought it on PlayStation. That’s right when people talk about multi friends It’s not not it’s not that we don’t expect multiplayer. We all understand third party support is very important But is that we got it. So it’s not a thing to us. Yeah, we got it It’s not a deal if what’s a big deal is? What more on top of the multi plats do we get you know, say yeah And that’s the thing. It’s like you you gotta have titles that people actually want in titles that are actually made you and you can sit up here and throw all these of Budget throw by the wind games that came on the ps4 that nobody really gave a damn about cuz nobody didn’t buy I’m not tell me i’m come on some of them other things that she was listed that most people never heard of or even know what the hell there are days going was something that was like anomaly that was height because that was the only major game that was coming out very soon and People had high expectations for something that didn’t look that good beginning. So that’s what that comes from But as far as his other garbage out throwing out there like this Ain’t nobody looking for none of that Yeah, you know what i’m saying? It kills me that your people they to me when I talk about my games ain’t nobody looking for that game Anybody checking for that ain’t nobody checking for this but yet I see these games So they review well they charting all the time and Then we uh, come out with a little budget damn games and nobody’s talking about they’re nowhere to be seen Is lays like Mario Tennis sold almost three million copies I Don’t know what it did but that’s the point I’m trying I’m trying to get to it’s like it’s like when when Y’all hype y’all talk y’all make a talking point, right? But when it doesn’t apply to Sony anymore, it drops out up in there and that’s what kills me Like the exclusive the exclusive is always gonna be exclusive it’s all yeah the exclusive exclusive Situation is being dominated but until right now that’s not even debatable whatsoever. That’s just fat. Okay um, we talking about the the Talk of acquiring studios, you know, you you got they shit it on that but now Sony does it now? It’s a narrative that we use for Sony. It’s like come on it How many times can you flip-flop back and forth alcohol? It’ll be worse politicians on the planet because Be honest Microsoft right when they acquire Studios, right, right Their castle right now got no exclusives or big games We’re not even they got no big new IP that came out this xbox So when these Xbox talk about a we’re gonna acquire new Studios, they’re not talking about Xbox one So I’m supposed to pay another $500 to finally so for Xbox It’s a Francophile to get the head out the ass. Like what is the answer like think about it? Like you didn’t buy the woman’s right? You didn’t mind, right? no, I Know but imagine if you did right you take it. Fuck it I’m gonna drop another $500 and buy the Xbox one X right and When you ask where the fuck are the games they tell you on out dog You have to wait til next gen you to bid that what the fuck did I buy the one act for? Like what was it? I didn’t do and that’s the problem like everybody’s telling about these studios It’s it’s it’s a next-gen answer like I’m not worried about next gen. I own an Xbox one now What the fuck do I get with the system now? Because Nextel, you know now like Michaels like with Sony All right, they bought insomniac games, but even if you don’t care about it, right? You’re still gonna get a lot of new games for the ps4 you own now like the strandings coming I mean I like you might not the Last of Us 2 comes out next year go So the Shema or new triple IP is coming up right and then they have another game loss on the side You still got new games coming on the very council you own right now so you don’t even have to talk about PS 5 if you don’t wanna like if people don’t like the conversation of next Dan or No Hardware, you don’t have to talk about it. Just stay focusing on your peers I don’t yes, you’ll get new games Xbox. What the fuck? I don’t know I don’t know But I don’t know about that Playing I think I think I think you going a little bit too ahead of yourself with the Last of Us – enclosed Ashima I mean the way that the way the thing is coasting right now that might be a to System released those two games. This was looking like that’s kind of what I feel right now I feel like that’s gonna be a cross-generational. I believe both of them. No. See here’s the thing The term cross generation is gonna be weird to say because the Psy is backwards compatible with the ps4 So it’s gonna work on the PS 5 regardless yes, they’re gonna you know, his I think that’s best but That’s the thing. I think that’s what them 2d games are gonna be because we haven’t heard anything I mean we got we got PS 5 specs before a Last of Us 2 release date Look at all got award though got a war release date officially launched like two three months before the game released Horizon zero dawn had an official like the true for sure these two things. I Got you, but the thing is Is that it a question? Yeah Well, this is out of the question. But when you think about it, and the first first first three quarters You got one game and then the next week or so January of your March you give one game? April May June you get another game, right? So that’s open So that’s the most likely scenario because it’s not like Sony hasn’t done an I don’t know remember that I don’t know. I know but it’s not when you look at the last of us they came out June 2013 I mean, you know, I’m saying a couple of months before that he has for launch, so it’s not out of character He’ll God of War 2 came out after the PSP launch and that was a ps2 game that shit launched in March 2007 when everybody’s looking at ps3 like this councils dog shit ain’t got no big Exclusives and why do you know there’s two got another biggest schools and everybody’s like this make it So Sony say in didn’t appear to like that, but they can’t afford that that that’s that was the okay for then I don’t say it was okay because I back then I still thinking that that wasn’t a good move But it it was okay for them. Now looking at enriched respect that worked. That’s not gonna work again this time Yeah, I will it’s not gonna work. No, I’m gonna tell you No, no It’s not because you you have to you got to understand the console market and in the dynamic has changed You’re gonna have not just you It’s not just sony versus two other people now as sony versus three or even four Or maybe five by the time we get to 2020 who else can throw their hat in and abend next to Google So it’s a different dynamic and Plus you have also Microsoft launching with their biggest franchises period that’s another thing that people want to want to underestimate in under-under mind that and after they signed a Ninja to that contract the mixer already knew what they plan was. So Microsoft has a solid plan much as you want to dish No, I’m saying as much as you as much as you want to people run it down damage control it Microsoft has a solid plan They got the number one eSports Um, number one streamer in the world who was a Halo fan halos launcher with scarlet You can already put two and two together and see what’s going to happen there. So the thing is is like Don’t understand what they already showed you and told you what’s going to happen when it comes to Sony There’s just a big question mark and it’s been a question mark all year We don’t know what the hell is going on. And when I bring that up people wanna attack me, khomeini, man I’m like why you mad at me. I’m just pointing out flaws. What’s going on? That exactly all right when you say that You don’t know what exactly why in for you exactly looking from Sony at this point and what not Like what? What do you need to hear from them? Super chat overdone. Thank you for the super Chasez owning game I’m looking forward on the tunnel switches astral chain last until I get my ball with smash bros before Smash Bros was Mario Odyssey Okay, that’s good for him, yeah because most people want to play them peddle shits and until they’ll be releasing now anyway Hey, there’s this now go ahead. So there’s seven exclusives everyone on the MPD from the switz But okay, that’s the one he chose the one he chose. So ain’t so so what were you looking for Sony at this point? I Look, we barely got anything all year today was like I said on Twitter it took 11 months to get some decent News and that was damn something yet if you if I came and actually said Out of my Sony or Microsoft one of them’s gonna announce the release date and a launch title for the next system Would you believe it was hoping Microsoft? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t believe it was going to be Microsoft that did that Ten times out of ten people would have said Sony not Microsoft to watch so that I really to announce The release or that counts to announce their their release window and launch title for their next system Not nobody expected Microsoft to do that. That was more like a Sony type of thing that you expect that didn’t happen doesn’t That it happened But the thing is you cancel PSX you did you scared ash over e3 to show up at e3 you put up these disgustingly Terrible stay in a place. I mean disgustedly terrible. So now we’re sitting here and was like, um, Def stranded you gave us really stay for that Danny like it’s a great. So now we’re sitting here before They saw me act announcements. Like what are you doing? That’s my question all yours. Like what are you doing? What is the plan you give me PS 5 specs? We are talking about we were waiting on these games that you gave us deep dives last year Which you made you made us think we was gonna play them within 12 months or less and that didn’t come to fruition So it’s like what are y’all doing? Alright, I really want to know what is going on All right. I want to know I want elastomers release date that no you I’m gonna give you an order though Let me give you order what I want Last of us to release date has to be number one because that at this point this is – that’s the biggest title you have At this point period because everything else one already came out that has to happen and it needs to happen very very soon. Okay, uh, Tell me what the hell’s going on with ghost Ashima I’m not expect me to release date because it’s a brand new IP that takes time to create Uh, I need to know the launch window Pia is 5/3 cuz I know the launch window of the scarlet So that means I need to know and after you tell me the launch window I need to know the launch title Because the Scarlets launching with the biggest launch title that you could poppy lunch with that ain’t The Legend of Zelda So it’s like you those four things right there that has to happen within the next few months That has to happen and plus you gotta tell us the price That’s the only way you can one-up Microsoft and a scarlet is the price which is it most like it would be cheaper at this Point I’m thinking I don’t know unless you believe Phil Spencer then probably and with nothing, you know Chinese with it you know with the with the tariff situation and Sony making a comment about It’s gonna affect the price on gamers so that that’s kind of scary because they that tariff situation does happen. The your console is not going to be Cheap they basically coming out and say so that’s the scary situation right there So those five things we need to find that you needy but those things don’t have to be immediate What in the immediate future? They don’t have to announce. I will say the only one I Will say let’s talk about the PS 5 real quick, right? They don’t have to announce anything about the PS 5 this year for what? To do why not? I’m saying I’m so what do you mean? They’re not doing opting for the ps4 still has major games that still has to come out The last reverse rule from now to those Dessie from now to November 2020 What’s the biggest IP for for what what name the IPS that are bigger than the last of us to Being the last of us – yeah bigger than the last of us – from out from now from now to there Yeah, four before before next n starts What’s what’s all you got the white Final Fantasy 7 remake? you got An exclusive like between internal and Microsoft the biggest the biggest school between it yeah between the between their two. No Microsoft Doesn’t have a release a bayonet is definitely coming out next year who apply to Marty Yeah, they’re a big plus was to help one game sir, let’s not do this. Okay, let’s not let’s not do this Lastly the last was to the Last of Us by household all fucking three Bayonetta’s compare like stop I’m sorry, you can’t you know you won game in it. Let me tell you son. I don’t wanna miss One game in his pond master us one more Game of the Year awards and all three Bayonetta’s competin. That’s that’s fine. That’s one That’s fine. Hey, I’ll sort of us combined That’s fine Okay that also applies for a lot of other games and I would not I would not put those games I have it any other stablish franchise But I can say that for The Witcher 3 last what I’m not doing that because that’s one game is not You just it’s just done we do that it’s just uh one is one game We burn The Witcher 3 is actually more than Chinese. That’s why they call it three is a franchise Yeah, so The Witcher franchise is bigger than Bayonetta It’s a great game you can produce with the which you did which it has the which has a long resumes Names and there’s big franchise. You know, I’m saying The Last of Us that blows out bayonet like stop. Come on. Oh, That’s not a major franchise to anybody outside of a Sony fan that’s a head it’s really not So silly you screwed up because The reason why Bayonetta is exclusive to tell me because nobody wanted to make it cuz they didn’t do well on the 360 ps3 So that’s proven. A lot of people didn’t really care for the game That’s the reason why Nintendo was able to buy it because Panem wasn’t gonna make another one cuz no one was interested So you screwed up in that point if I mean if you if you want to believe that’s what the reason was They said it themselves. No one no one Want to do it cuz nobody they say Microsoft nobody else wanted to do it is Baron I think it’s not go I think bro, but it’s not big in the rest of us. It’s not not Let’s not be another ever be as big as the last quarter. I’ll listen not let’s not get ridiculous This is not just this is not the first time this ever happened. There’s plenty of games with this situation. That’s always happening Where a publisher does not want to publishing in in somebody else has the publish and is this is happen majority? This doesn’t happen a thousand times in gaming history So here’s the fact there’s plenty of cases like that, but I’m not trying to get into the debate about the latter there is no I just want to go through the list that that I’m trying to answer for because We’ll be here all day with that we gonna be all there’s I mean that No, I’m not scratching out being a beta is a very highly anticipated. That’s right. This big ain’t nothing to stop so I doubt I doubt Legend of Zelda makes it out that you unless they surprise me. I mean, it’ll been surprising me so far, I was probably just really uh See Bethesda didn’t confirm a game for next year either See the thing is a lot of stuff is not a really confirmed for next year But there’s a lot of stuff, you know about okay, you know I’m saying so that’s that’s kind of the hard thing What am I Xbox? You know I’m saying we can we confirm the Last of Us because it was supposed to come out this damn year So it’s like it’s a lot of us. I don’t want to say it Something’s coming out next year and it does it make you know what? I mean? It’s odd I don’t want to do so as you can split it. There’s plenty of games. There’s no confirmation So as you can see PlayStation still has big titles for the PlayStation 4 You know saying so it’s not like people are hurting for like, you know more people are interested in. Yeah. Yeah I heard no one because you need something to play You need something to play that says this is why I brought a PlayStation 4 the same thing y’all was doing last year at the same thing y’all was trying to do the year before and That has not happened and you can sit up for your child at damage control light But that has not been the case ever since October 28th. Jack said business ever since October 2018 You cannot say that you had that experience because you have not have that experience You cannot sit there and say this game for right? Here’s the reason why I bought the ps4 After September 2018, you have not been able to do that. We are a whole year from that point a whole year from that point and that Think that’s unacceptable especially The way your people talk and especially the way Sony set it up lashing to make you believe that wasn’t going to be the case No game app is migrated That’s migrate. Those gamers are happy with these gone this there’s definitely gamers that’s happy when I mobi which still charts an MPD So that’s clearly a game. I still play and don’t even try it out. There’s control sports games Don’t do it you out of all people That’s really a game people and that’s still charts that game that game still Yeah, and so does brother the wild so his NBA 2k, I mean, those are all games that chart – alright, no You just said that there’s no game. I’m talking about somebody exclusive Lana when it comes to Ben every year That’s what I’m talking about. Cuz that’s what’s been the narrative forever is about What’s this losers for this year? And then y’all talk about this close is for the next year Okay in the follow in the following year. This has not been that other people Know I’m saying that is not a selling point for the ps4. Oh Yes, it is every year that game charges that game charts every year two to three. So It’s been anything on the system for any Spin on the Sony brand forever and it’s just a game and it’s don’t only pets to play a baseball if you’re a sports fan Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. It’s done It’s like it’s like men so it’s not ya know, but only difference is now really don’t know unlike man And you could put it anywhere you Can but then only football there’s only but yeah, but you can play on any platform We’re not talking about the game itself. We’re talking about where you get away You can still be only football, but that’s the only baseball is the only football game is not on the only baseball game it’s the only place you can get this baseball game man, and I could get anywhere that’s family that comes to these ports Okay, when it come to these sports stuff that matters a lot because when you come to these sports titles Imagine people are going to buy them if they enter that sport. Yeah, so let me ask you this Sony somehow got mad in exclusive to PlayStation What you gonna do? What you’re gonna do, I’m gonna play a man regardless exactly. He’s your Zane. That’s that’s the point. That’s it. That’s all it becomes so now at that point the PlayStation becomes your reason to Buy a Playstation that becomes your man a really the PlayStation is the game Like if Nintendo if Nintendo didn’t have Zelda in your Zelda fan, would you still get Nintendo? No They don’t have Zelda a lot of gamers. They love zelda, but no Zelda. No buy that ain’t happening Because it’s in the line of his – it’s too big So it’s a lot more than that the games make you buy the platform. That’s really what it is And that’s that’s why I always advocate and ain’t the platform Don’t make me buy the games the games make me buy the platform, you know, mo B is a system Summer may not be a system seller to you But if you’re sportsman ex baseball, you’re not getting the Xbox and you’re definitely not settling for Mario baseball Daddy me. Why in the world is this thing jumping like this? Oh my god paid for damn sure okay, you know, I’m not damaging so I’m just bringing stuff to light that shot You got try to ignore. That’s what killed I’ll just bring this up to division to try to ignore people 5 you don’t really need to talk about PlayStation 5, you know same windows. Yes, they do because there’s no This is why we talk it this is why the Billa last two weeks Yeah, I’ll be talking about 2 gigahertz cuz it ain’t nothing else to talk about Right now the last night was probably the biggest game Nah, you hear that bullshit last year when Spiderman was coming out in God of War was coming up That’s all I was talking about them to white knight titles that was coming up Nah, I ain’t got nothing to talk about game. It was o2 gigahertz. It’s like stop Nobody was talking about that. Is that what you’re saying people? Are talking about it, but I think today is debate today today this training is got his final meal I’m telling you that games blow up Anything got his nail in a car Like yeah, Oh keep down the green one Porter are gonna tell you like I just said it before I’m not doubting Kojima is is matter of fact, uh, uh, Man, I was a fanboy for this man. I made sure I took a picture with him when I went to the Game Awards Kojima put the doubt in my mind. I’m not doubting Kojima. Could you put the doubt in my mind? That’s the difference. I want you to make sure you understand that You don’t saying you just write down your damage control, I’m sorry, but a delivery man simulate 3091 We do what it takes gaming a year away from astral change There is nothing about the game that is claimed in a year worthy and you know that I don’t want to hear no damage control about nothing here about Oh fucking walking simulator. I don’t want none of that I don’t want to hear nothing no damage control, but the reality will sting Okay, here’s my thing, here’s what I want to know this I want to know this right I want to know what let me do this with vege or he says Exclusives doesn’t need to compete or for a lot of third party game releases Sony can’t believe the screw sirs too tightly to collide with third party Well, that’s just a reality. Everything has to get balanced out for the PlayStation brand Well, yeah because Apparently the attach rate When it comes I’m gonna catch rate It seems like when the exclusives drop is like something that becomes priority is like it’s like appears for fans had this one game in talent so One really does more than any other They attach rates it’s not It’s like no the attach rate. That’s an Xbox object. That’s the dumbest logic. No It’s no it’s nothing. It’s not It’s not If you look at the switch situation when you have five to seven exclusive selling every month for this system That is a attach rate thing That is that’s telling people and it’s telling consumers investors and everybody else that look is it when somebody buys a switch? I’ll bind one game and I find two games there by multiple game, but those multiple every time not massive the system, but that The games that you see that are constantly buying doesn’t apply to the majority of third party You don’t see doom on switch month after month. You don’t see you’re not gonna see The Witcher month after month You’re not gonna see third party game I wouldn’t say that. We’re okay Owen saying that See these games Be honest Nintendo platforms right look at octo path traveller that was not a game that last seven eight months if when it was on MPD once And then it dropped off But he okay back to pet because let’s be honest Nintendo platforms is primarily for Nintendo games and it holds true when you look at it if you look at the top of the chart It’s the Nintendo first right now. I’m not knocking in tunnel for it. You know, sorry. I have no issues with that But when you look at the chart, it’s their Nintendo first party that it’s getting sold month up a month at the month It’s not the third party. And then anything is this that’s I’m glad you said that because that is B That’s the most important aspect of it. But the thing is let’s not forget that because I don’t renounce them games for you Cuz a lot of people seem to don’t know this games like uh What was it? Uh Diablo three that charted only on switch games like Skyrim Games like Tales of Vesperia games like Mortal Kombat 11 and so on is over of NBA 2k games What all right because if you look at see he you you want some function you right now because if you look at the top and Right and they charted on top 10, but let’s be honest. They’re primarily backed By the Xbox and PlayStation console if you look at the unique because MPD releases the unique Top 10 7 games per platform. A lot of those games aren’t on the Nintendo platform specific top 10. No, I’m not a game Epis if eclis No, unless the games that specifically sold well on the swish as a third-party game That that’s what I’m listening. You know what I mean? And it keeps increasing over the year for common 11 but though he not every year but every month from what a common 11 was really the one that Really broke through a very big brush hole That tat rate doesn’t really apply to the third party it applies to Nintendo’s first party because those are the kids Lounges, those are the games that was so for two years straight like Zelda That should stay selling like it’s I’m gonna make sense Cuz when a person buys a switch, the first thing that comes to mind is a Mario game Zelda game a Mario Kart game and maybe something else that always comes to mind So those gangs with every switch that sold someone’s gonna associate that switch instantly with a Mario game Zelda game a Mario Kart game and that’s why those games But when people buy a switch the first thing in their mind is like, oh I bought a switch on let me buy doom No, that’s not it. That’s not Maybe like my doom. I’m like don’t know you switch to play at 5:40 PJ’s you is that’s that’s what you wrong, though I understand. Okay doom has now shorted on sweet. Let me let me let me explain something to you Let me let me explain some tea. They actually released their figures for doom. They they say their figures for doom was very great I think it was just under a million I believe they say something like so yeah I had to so I mean, that’s really good for how old that game was That’s really good. But the thing is everything after that know everything after that fucking PlayStation failures how long you got to think about that though you I don’t think you taking that really into the consideration For Doom to sell nearly a million on switch after been out for so long Best crazy for how much that uh be a diablo three they don’t switch at they’ve been available for how long that’s crazy So you you can’t understand that because these games were already available on multiple platforms for years But people pacifically pick to buy it on this way, so you can’t underestimate I could see worried which just got announced I could see those games among. Yeah for doom a big triple-a Yeah, I’m JD gamer you got you got is he said developers don’t agree with you game. So better on the switch than ps4 Xone dad So, who are we to believe multiple deaths coming forward? Are you what? No, he is what he thought he’s here’s what he’s talking about um in the independent developers Specifically Me’s he’s their game their games have been selling way better on switched in any other platform. That’s for sure. That’s number one um, there are some games that are starting the level out and switches starting to you know, rise and when it comes to distribution And one of those games that I brought up was Diablo 3 and another one was definitely Mortal Kombat Because that was a real breaking point for switch when it comes to third-party games. This is why you’ve seen third-party developers Starting to throw their games don’t switch very fast This is why you’ve seen all these announcements and all these you know Special editions and all these other stuff because people are buying these games and they’re in a sea that when people pick up a switch They are buying multiple games. And if it’s a third party game that they’re interested in they will buy it. Well, that’s though Just the things in the same such a native situation, you know Sony just announced idea of they surpassed the 1 billion threshold That that’s a lot of games to buy 1 billion games There’s not that many platforms that I did that and the ones that did on consoles. I think Nintendo handheld the 3ds I think the DEA’s did that I think it sold over HDS, okay, so for but as far as counsels The only other consoles that sold over billion software is the PlayStation 3 in a PlayStation 2 Oddly enough is three PlayStation platforms. And so that’s a lot of games. You know, that’s why when you look at it, right? Even even like people who are one time Xbox, you know primarily like remedy they all go in at Sony You know titanfall developers went answer everybody’s gonna have Sony because the platform sells games especially third party That’s what third party look for like like a third party company will look more at how all the third party get developers doing versus how the first party is doing you know in reality and I’m glad you said that I’m glad you said that and this is why you are seeing People really do a hundred and eighty degree turn from the Wii U to the switch You are seeing games being announced almost literally every two weeks. And what was the last one the outer worlds just got announced force, which They want their switch money because people are out there waiting to switch owners. Come on. We know Microsoft policy they’re gonna how great cuphead has done and has been Ridiculous is reading Yeah, so they want that they want their money CD Projekt RED. I said it didn’t see CD Projekt said of themselves They seen it. There was no reason that the game couldn’t be on switch. They put it on switch They see how everybody else games is selling so we going to be on there like it you gonna see this Continue to grow into something that third parties haven’t seen on it Nintendo has you know third parties in like generation that’s what she likes open, but I don’t be a Super Solano be says after you get through Nintendo’s exclusives, which most are mediocre. They ain’t nothing to play about shovelware Indies Oh shit. I Mean, I’m not a big indie guy anyway, but I don’t know what he means by that but ok I don’t mean I mean I Talk shit platform this day I’m not a green today though because they know the Only game you’re writing on his gears 5 Like that’s it Yes, that’s it sexy and here’s 5 is close to my heart six years and gears 5 you could play that game if I’m supposed need a Thing is that’s the best crazy partying. I need to do it this situation. No. No, it’s another platform You can play the game on how is it not? You don’t need Nexus 5. I’m I’m gonna say this I’m gonna say this am I right though? Do you wanna say this because box appears five? I’m an answer for you. Let me answer for you. I’m gonna say this because You came from the same generation. I came from honest YouTube so you knew PC really had no effect when it came to console gaming It was only to this generation’s line that that shit started. No, you need to stop. Okay? I’m ask you of course I’m asking, you know, that’s true. Go back to last iteration and go back to like regeneration. Then you answer me this right? Gears of War one launch six months after The 360 version but then all of a sudden they stopped and kept two and three exclusive to the console Why why didn’t he just keep putting it on PC then if it had no impact on the console They put Gears of War 1 on PC six months after it launched, but for some reason they said Two and three will stay exclusive to the council why? Honestly, I don’t know why they did that because they went back and did it again So it was cuz my didn’t miss it was about the exclusives back then they were about that life They were about major games were exclusive to the console. Now some games. It was out of their control. I don’t think 60 does because the thing is they still bought it on 360 people still bought it on 360 said anything changing yes, the people this is what the people yes, the people who went with 360 born 360, but then the people I Haven’t change anything It does change anything. No, I think that was a move not patricio thing. That was a move to strengthen the Xbox 360 brain I don’t think they Look at War II now now people are like well shit, I got a switch and I could get worried Well chances are or e2 is gonna be on switch also fuck Xbox That’s yeah, but you know Baron you confuse the fuck outta me but because you know the power exclusives with my sole reason because the Xbox you throw all that logic away as if Xbox some special entity as if they don’t you, you know, you don’t apply to them No, you’re not getting what I’m saying what I’m saying is that people who play on PC are Not going to have an effect on console gaming because the thing is if you’re game it on PC You ain’t trying to game on console. If you’re gaming on console. You’re not trying to game on PC. It’s just just Affairs That’s just the fact of the matter is that’s what it is. We both know There’s a lot of PC gamers that also own consoles because of the exclusion. Yeah. Yeah I this are some that do then also the thing is if they see gamers started on consoles there that a lot of There’s not a lot of them though, don’t let this don’t let this crumb side community fool you it’s not a lot of them a lot of these people who are on PC first It’s a lot cuz number one like let’s say like here in Europe. This whole kind is primarily PC consoles they game on consoles because of the exclusives and That’s why Xbox don’t do well on this side of the world because it got noise narratives. They they feel and buy an xbox You’re literally by Xbox. It’s a shittier version of a PC No, yeah, it’s my thing do well because they fucked up from day one There’s really not 360 had a lot better for hold in Europe then Xbox one Yeah, they did a 360 did not start like Xbox one did We know why it’s but someone fell out of the gate Let’s not try to blame it on the PC thing. You gotta understand there’s this like a hundreds of millions of people who buy into consoles and the thing is If people are buying to these consoles, they obviously did so millions of people that buy a Nintendo and PlayStation consoles If they buying a console, they’re not trying to build a gaming PC So I’m trying this while trying to make people to understand stop trying to enter change The console in the PC gamer as one because they’re not equal because that is a small percentage of people that Is a small percentage of people some people don’t want to go through that hell you go through that all that extra shit extra money to build a gaming PC This is why they buy a console Some people like to have both but the majority is if they bought a console that’s where they’re trying to play Otherwise, they will buy a PC inch fry to build a gaming PC. You are doing that. Yes, always the truth That’s never going to change. Okay, I’m not saying 100% of people can abandon a console All right, but when you put your games on other platforms Do not be surprised when your console sells less because they don’t need the console to play these games That’s just a reality. Like right now the target demographic for Xbox consoles is strictly council only gamers that like Xbox That is a smaller demographic Than what the 360 had and what the Xbox one initially at because remember a lot of people went with Xbox one you know first couple years because of the exclusives they said eh, I chose Xbox because they have more exclusives that Reasoning is gone. So those gamers that by councils exclusives They’re not gonna buy an xbox because it has enormous cruisers Now this isn’t it if it is anything that is exclusive To the console that will get tuned to body Xbox console if they are console gamer It doesn’t matter if it’s on PC, it’s not that’s not going to matter the way the way the Xbox going Don’t be surprised when that games is on PlayStation. I Would be shot the bit some people’s blood. We both know that They’re throwing then I go yeah, you know, we made a new minecraft path or it’s just minecraft It makes sense to put on PlayStation. Don’t worry about it guys Cousin or a Nintendo those are indie games, you know, it makes sense. Don’t worry about it. These motherfuckers a snake. They Lubin Ok, Xbox community for the big trust No, I think I think they will keep until they get Project X cloud definitively running I think they’ll keep they uh, their main stuff with their brand and what I mean by their brand is that they’re releasing stuff from Windows and I guess epic game store now and Xbox one console and steam sales team because That’s the new this new business models so I can’t I mean that’s what they that’s what the future of Xbox is That’s what they want to do. I can’t say anything That’s what they want to be and Cassie said this fuck grocery is obnoxious with his BS Call the BSO you want but people still buying consoles for a reason PlayStation Nintendo consoles I mean these party games still sell any mainstream millions of copies my console Also Microsoft did report a negative 48% of hardware revenue loss. That means you ain’t selling of course So when you say people buying that counsel you talk about Nintendo and Sony As of right now because anything can change Anything can change and now it’s exactly going to change next generation and whether y’all want to believe it or not I’m Telling ya go hit it. Go ahead and go ahead and record this now Yeah under selling the major point of dim launching with. Halo. I’m trying to tell you Yagami a big shot Here’s a crazy part so launch window almost every council does good the only thing that holds back a console is the availability because the main group of people you have within the first two three months are the techies the early adopters and now the media Influencers, so they all by councils just so they could show on their channel get a go Look, I do a module unboxing So a lot of people gonna buy these councils just to make money off their channels so you so you have a whole bunch of people that Are just gonna get it because it’s the new thing the real question is the sustainment after the six-month I mean look Xbox one X, right? Even though I didn’t win any MPD’s but the first two three months it was still it was at least taking second place, right? You know it was it was still doing good on that, you know like when they launched PlayStation was number one MPD, but Xbox was number two switch was third The same which was number one Xbox was number two places number three So it was at least doing two at the very now That shit’s like I mean fuck at this point you have to wonder is the Vita outselling the motherfucker That’s how bad is doing right now at this point Honeymoons over same things gonna have some more counters now, let’s not go there but the whole point is after the honeymoon What happens, you know after the first couple of months after the launch period after everybody gets past attack and or whatever whatever What is Xbox gonna do to sustain itself with the games and stuff like that? Well, hey, I mean II Dax the same thing I have to ask the same thing for PlayStation what do you launch don’t appears? Okay, cuz we can we can we can we can talk all that good shit but imma said I do not want but with them I’m saying with Microsoft launching in the holiday and launching with Halo that right. There is a major jump start It’s just only there to say, okay this is what you’re playing after that is a severe that’s their pure out from that point unless they pull another Halo 5 and That’s where the sustain comes in That’s what that comes in because listen we heard the same shit when Halo 5 was announced. That’s the big deal That’s the big game this is the game changer in Halo flavor that I wasn’t that wasn’t a game you launch to it, but no but No, what I’m saying is the launch It’s a tear to they don’t even need to launch 805 with the console because the console is gonna solve regardless It’s the new color on it. No, they need they need It’s gonna sell but what I’m saying is the console is gonna sell regardless It’s gonna sell the merit that it’s the new Xbox Like I said, the media influencers the early adopters the day one diehards all them people are gonna buy an Xbox console Everyone is everyone that’s in that category is gonna buy a console, right? And let’s say have of infinite launches Right and let’s say it’s great if it’s great and it’s like if if Halo Infinite is to Scarlett what? Halo 3 was then you’re gonna get that sustained long-term sells People are gonna keep buy an xbox month at the month at the month because halo Infinite would be the quote-unquote halo 3 right, but if it’s another halo 5 The people who went out and bought it got suckered because they assumed but they’re gonna just bash the game And they’re gonna be like man this fucking game sucks. What the fuck is not worth to launch and that’s where the sustain cells gonna come into play everybody’s gonna buy the launch console no matter what What happens after they get the council in their hands is halo infinite up to the standard Is it the game that halo as a franchise known for is it? Halo 3 or is it? Halo 5, you know sounds saying that’s gonna be the big question and I’m telling you Halo being on PC is a game changer because there’s a lot of PC dudes and you know This that by Xbox cause of Halo they specifically by the Xbox cuz it is especially one Halo 3 all the PC dudes Had an Xbox 360 because a halo 3 it wasn’t on PC and it’s a great FPS, right? Halo being on Steam day one that’s a game changer. Cuz a lotta Xbox dudes who own an Xbox one now They’re not buying the scarlet. They’re not gonna be they don’t give a shit. It’s over for them They don’t need they don’t have to worry about the council But in which console they will get they’re gonna there’s two platforms They will get they will get a new they will get a Nintendo if they don’t have it already if Nintendo announces new platform What they won’t now next year, but they will get a Nintendo and they will get a PlayStation Yes I’m saying that’s just a reality and that’s what it’s game what I look and what I love about that is y’all I? Just love, you know future predicting Miss Cleo ability. Yeah. I love it You truly believe you’re talking to you’re talking to a dude That’s trying to predict what the person who has an xbox right now is going to do this in a mode And I’ma be honest with you the most asinine thing you can say about the person who gained on primarily Xbox Degeneration is gonna buy a gaming PC Because if that was the option they would’ve did that from the beginning because they would have had the financial freedom to do that so you gotta understand this, uh This shit so many gamers out there that cannot and some refuse to try to adopt into PC gaming Because of the vigorous things that you have to do I don’t have to so that’s not the option that you say jumped a Playstation. That’s an option Just a pencil PlayStation gives you at lunch There’s but this PC thing. Y’all have to really real that back because that’s just not a reality Factor that’s going to have it It has it to be about the console in this competition of the console jumping a PC Number two, there’s people that already know people that already left Xbox Community yes I don’t know her name Asian, but she’s up w did she even came I like it’s weird though because you know how Twitter’s verified but even she said AI was Xbox gamer for a while, but Police stations. Where is that? She made the switch? Wesley still play on xbox Baron right now listen You’re hard on PlayStation because supposedly we haven’t had a game Since September of 2018 and here you are bragging about Xbox and for one game out of a whole generation I’m not My xbox, I’m bragging about gears itself That’s what I’m bragging about. I’m not look we know Xbox is still in the state of decay. I Mean, that’s not gonna stop you from enjoying Gears 5. It gears 5 is that hot shit. It looks advocates out that’s like that’s not gonna change me and she joined here’s five because in the state of the case, that’s not that’s not gonna do that for me, but I will say this that With the times changing in a way the scope is looking and I’m saying it the way Microsoft has set themselves up I don’t see no failure next generation. I see very more stiff competition I don’t stimuli seen in this generation. So how do you see stiff competition without the language of stiff competition? Because you talked to Phil He’s all beat. He’s constantly. He’s constantly promoting multiple platforms he’s he’s kind of his voice and his message is constantly about everything everywhere like the man don’t specifically say He just doesn’t specifically say This is what I’m doing for the Xbox console in terms of providing content for the Xbox console and Xbox gamers He’s always been inclusive with everything everywhere So even if you were a casual, right? That’s it Because you know us being a hardcore we know why he means PC whatever but let’s say if you’re a casual Right, right and you know casual misconstrued messages all the time and they hear just hear that Xbox putting games everywhere Right that but like it’s kind of like, all right. I mean they mean the me back. Oh, so when Microsoft announced Online-only right meaning all games you had a duo 24-hour check-in, right? The whole eco community did the backlash right So after a week of Microsoft trying to damage control They finally gave up right and they announced a we’re not doing that no more. You could play a games offline, right? It was only a week That that happened Microsoft never actually implemented that policy. They never did it. They never did online only Yet even up to two years after the Xbox one console launch you had casual saying I’m not buying that piece of shit console because it’s online lonely and you need the internet to play any game and Whenever I go, whoa That never happened I say that you say this With those prints the same messages all you could play your games anywhere, whatever There’s a very great chance that the casuals will misconstrue that message of like well Microsoft there, they’re gonna put the games anywhere So I’ll eventually come to PlayStation so fuck. Yeah. I’ll buy an xbox that well, let me let Let me answer that for you The reason that new narrative was still going on for two years later because we have people like your fans Still pushing that bullshit rhetoric well after they backtrack, so when that word-of-mouth kept spreading it really created a perfect storm Okay. So let’s say if four people on my side do the same thing and repeat and say hey Don’t worry about Phil saying he’s gonna put games on everything The results is still the same. There’s going to be people with a confused message of Microsoft that’s putting that games on it which will result which will result and force a lot of these gamers into thinking well, I don’t need an Xbox because it’s gonna come play that platform of choice anyway Well, that could be true. But the thing is the facts gonna hit the fan when a game actually releases and it’s not a place so the rest of it is Not gonna matter the fact hit the fan also when the council launched and never launched were online. It still didn’t change People still a lot of people didn’t know that because you got to understand when it comes to people who are not that hardcore into Gaming like me and you and people in this community They just look at the outside Spectrum of what really matters to them the game if they like the game in what system is own and how much does it call? Just those three damn. That’s that’s the only thing to care about. They know they don’t care about the Metacritic They don’t care about all this other stuff that other that you know, I mean that we argue about all the time so when I see those three things to that’s the main thing they worried about so when the xbox came up against the PlayStation it Did not have the price that going for it. So that was a big strike The games were pretty much basically the same games on both platforms I signed up a couple exclusives that didn’t look too good like that shit Killzone that trash rise so that had nothing go for Xbox and then you had that bad word-of-mouth flowing Xbox at the same time and That was just a perfect storm. So it’s like okay Well, I’m just gonna go for the cheaper console and that’s pretty much what happened. It wasn’t really that It wasn’t really like this big plan Sony ahead to take it just happened that way, you know what I mean? and it’s like I think is the thing that Made them understand that you can be on you can be near the top of the mountain you get your legs cut off very quick and I just don’t get how Sony fans don’t understand that can happen to Sony it already happened before And I don’t like the way they’re doing things now because that seems to be leaning into that’s what’s going to happen Well why you say because I have not seen anything. Yeah, but because I haven’t seen anything yet You haven’t seen anything doesn’t mean that something Bad’s gonna happen No, it doesn’t what you you you sitting up here telling me that Xbox gamers are gonna go to PC That doesn’t mean that’s gonna happen either it’s not what I’m giving you a Rolo map of what what what happening and what I need to see I’m saying this if you Advertise your games could be anywhere don’t be surprised that there’s gamers that make that choice That’s what I’m saying. We gotta understand I understand when it lets go beamers. That’s gonna abandon xbox that’s guaranteed You cannot tell me no one’s gonna ban in hell people already abandon xbox360 sold a team I’m not I’m not saying I’m not saying some people won’t some people you gotta stand some people saying today I’m abandoning Xbox that might up not apply when it comes to holiday 2020 around the corner Trust me, cuz when we you was out, oh, I’m fucking done with Nintendo What happened when the switch came out all that shit turned right back around there, but everybody So it doesn’t it didn’t not imagine how they do it. They started by actually releasing damn Games to switch and people had alternate options to play those games. That’s the point but Options to play games do not the only option that’s going to hurt Xbox if the option is you can play this game on PlayStation or Nintendo. That’s the only option that will hurt PC even Let’s pretend the console guys will stay console right? You have a lot of PC games about consoles They just don’t only play on PC. They are not buying an Xbox They’re not buying it. They get Xbox not for free Now they got game pass and the game going on Steam. They’re not buying illusions That’s loss of hardware sells just from that First of all, yes, ok No, that’s that’s fine because the container who bought a console and who’s going to stick to a Console because that’s the most logical thing that’s going to happen besides the fantasy of console gamers jumping the PC They’re going to buy whatever console they see fit for themselves Console not PC They’re gonna buy what console fits themselves So it’s up to the console manufacturer to make sure they choose their console and that’s the thing and that’s and that’s the thing about the message we feel especially that people seem to be forgetting people want to take these little snippets out of film sister’s interview saying Xbox everywhere, but when they actually promote their stuff they always put that Xbox brand or Xbox family Like they always like to say now they say Microsoft Xbox Windows and Microsoft Xbox one They make sure they say those two things every time they try to promote a game So they making you understand that there is on a console and you can play it on PC All that little snippets, I get out of interviews. That’s not the shit. They’re pushing and spending money to advertise towards the consumer so it’s always going to be Scarlett and PC when it comes to that point Oh We’ll have a loan they keep dragging along Xbox one X so that’s always going to be out there the forefront so it’s never one to be a Confusion part when it comes to you know, there’s the simple consumer. It’s going to be Xbox something That shit went on switch. That’s not an Xbox So they did it but here’s the thing so they’re already put in games outside Let’s see. If you only want to talk consoles. They’re already put in games. Oh, hey shout out to Raven Flo He says Xbox has never won a djembe Erin. I Didn’t say they wanted it and Lionel he said yes, Xbox looks trash standing next to the ps4 But if you take ps4 out, oh shit that shit this shit fucking jumped. Excuse me Hold onto me and let me get back to you To chat keep jumping I can’t Okay, he says yes the Xbox. Whoops try standing next to the ps4 But if you take ps4 out the equation the Xbox one platform is still better than the switch Line will be okay to let you know Xbox one is better than a switch okay, I Mean I mean I mean the switch is but it’s the past one if you only want to target if you only want to talk about consoles, right? Ori is now going on cuphead was already on switch or he’s not going to on switch, right? obviously the multi studios that they recently Acquired the games were really in development for PlayStation 4 So I’m not really gonna count those games because those things were already in play right but now let me ask you this, right? so are you familiar with uh with the interview with Phil Spencer and fortune on Fortune magazine, but they have you know, they have a YouTube channel Fortune whatever on YouTube right? He I didn’t know about the fortune, you know. Yeah, so there’s a fort about now Yeah A fortune Magda have a youtube channel and I’ll fill Spencer did any of you write and in that interview in that interview? You know He’s talking about he when I found interesting was he talked about when sake underdog the currency old Microsoft when he first took over? 2014 right? No, it wasn’t in there. It was something else. I think it was an article But anyway, I think was either there an article Phil Spencer said that when no it wasn’t there It was in that long ass interview. Um Well first when they said a if you if the title was if you know something with Phil Spencer, this is the guy You know, it was from gamespot right this long interview article on Phil Spencer, right? And he said when sakyo took over in 2014 um, he contacted Phil Spencer and he was honest Satya was honest and told him that a I’m not even sure what Michael saw why Microsoft is even involved in gaming. Right and he TOEFL Spencer that yeah, he told him he’s like he’s not even sure what Microsoft gaming is about and he told them don’t be surprised if Gaming is not part of Microsoft future. He told them so I can jump over the phone there He was brutally honest don’t be surprised if gaming is not even part of Microsoft’s future, right? But a pitch an idea, let me know what you think, right So this is where Phil’s prints would come up whatever plan whatever plan Phil’s prints a hand that’s been executed He thought this in 2014 because in reality Satya was gonna pretty much Cut the fucking whole project off. He wasn’t gonna have gaming at all as far as Microsoft’s future, right? But Phil Spencer sold them on some shit, right and I thought just like you know, what cool let’s invest Let’s do what you can obviously as time go by we didn’t know this We didn’t know Satya said this that they had this conversation 2014. We didn’t know this was still 2014, right? But over time in retrospect we can see Stuff like you know X cloud putting games on PC Playing anywhere now the games on Steam putting a few games on a Nintendo the purchase of micro of Minecraft dungeon minecraft, which is also a game on PlayStation You can see all these things, you know purchase of play fab and polygon I mean simplygon which oddly enough still support Sony games and stuff like that to this day so you can see all these things Were pitch to Satya and Satya like you right now as you can see saw Deus mentality He doesn’t you know at the time he didn’t see the importance of gaming for Microsoft He was willing to cut it right so now let me ask you this when these multi pads come out from these studios that Microsoft bought right and The games are gonna come out day in day on PlayStation 4 and Xbox one right micros minecraft dungeons on new IP not a new IP but a new game, it’s not like it’s a a DLC pack for the home. There’s a totally separate brand new game, right? when savviest seized from his reports That the cells of these games are significantly better on the PlayStation console Versus the Xbox console, right? they’re both on the same platform and they both want to consoles but when the book is they’re gonna get the report they’re gonna see Where the game sell butter? All right do you think Satya now that we know how his mindset is is gonna be cool with Halo and Gears Or any other game being exclusive in terms of counsel will use that console exclusive for Xbox When there’s so much potential to get so much more cells from the PlayStation platform now Keep in mind before you answer that question about the counsel. Satya is a complete 100% against hearing the words Exclusive hardware. He does not like that term at all. He hates it. He wants software on everywhere He doesn’t give a shit what in him he is not the mentality of that Microsoft should more worried about hardware Then so forth. That’s why I like when it comes to a surface tablet Right and you look NATO the surface line of products. If you look at all their productivity software and all that stuff It’s available on Toshiba and Dell and that’s his call He does not like the word hard like Microsoft involving themselves in exclusive hardware in keeping Proprietary software to the hardware. He does not like them at all. So – I’m saying multi plans these games, right that was already in play phenomenal sells more than the own Xbox console Do you think Satya will step in and be like a fill any plans to put these games on PlayStation cuz I’m noticing there’s a lot of cells on our platform like Let me know what’s going on, what do you think about that I Think about Their I think they already had a conversation like that or I’m pretty sure his people got understand the stuff We’re talking about these people were in the higher ups and when these companies probably already went over all these scenarios already Yeah, probably months or years or a year ago. So Do you have thing is this a possible scenario that initially? might give the appearance of Council, exclusive but then at a certain point they finally hit the switch and be like, hey, we’re making games for PlayStation Nintendo full time do you think that’s I don’t think No, I think like you said uh With homeboy, that’s over Microsoft he has a different mentality cuz he says he if he has the Microsoft mentality the corporation Microsoft mentality not the game in mentality So it’s like it we gotta get that revenue cuz that’s all that matters first and foremost Is that revenue that that’s what they want to see? So I think you gotta understand they put a lot of money and effort into this X cloud they put in a lot of money and effort into scarlet, so They’re going to focus on that first Now, I don’t know what’s gonna happen after at that point We just have to wait see but you can understand they’re not throwing money into X cloud for no damn breeze They’re not throwing money into scarlet for no damn reason They just not gonna throw money in a way like that for no damn reason It is not like you said Phil had to fight to Fidel for a lot of stuff In trust me. I’m pretty sure if they running with these programs and these plans they’re not throwing it out It’s just gonna put up Yeah Okay Yeah Yeah, because sisters already on PlayStation and PC then why add another one Cuz yes, so so, look at this you Can see here’s the thing. So let’s say let’s say our worlds. Yeah, so, let’s see out of worlds, right? Launches on internal switch launches on PlayStation launches on PC launches on Xbox right? I’ll just make up a scenario, right? Let’s pretend the game sells across all platforms 15 million. I’m just making up a number, right? now They want to make our worlds – right? Okay, they can’t hear you, let me see here they all keep saying so okay, you know, I Don’t know see it is your chat faster – okay. No It’s it is pirata, look at the chair we can’t hear all right. Yeah good now Hit the one hit the one yep, okay, we’re good. All right, so hold on look at super chat So excited. Hope Sony doesn’t buy remedy they trash Yeah, I’m not really big on remedy. And then let’s see shout-out line OB says people who think Xbox can make this grand comeback already not thinking realistic Sony built up momentum to come back from the then Nintendo have to stay out of everyone’s way to make a comeback Yo Baron you there What did he leave? Yeah, I’m here now. No, I’m here Oh used to say what I mean What was the super jet or the super? chili, nobody said People who think Xbox can’t make this man. Come back are really not thinking realistic Sony built up momentum to come back from the dead Nintendo had to stay out of everyone’s way to make a comeback What are you talk? I think I think is I think he’s trying to say High brow because it is a unique selling point going hybrid, even though it’s not an original question It was a future-proof selling point. That’s the thing Now you’ve got people fighting over streaming services because they need gaming to be more portable or more and mobile. So it was a smart now the bigger takers for I would say the biggest cuz sony has PS now, right, but Sony’s been doing PS now for five years now and It hasn’t been like the super big Important it hasn’t been the headliner for PlayStation It’s still really not it’s still really not the big headliner for The PlayStation brand you understand what saying and that’s because that counsel serves 100 million consoles a billion So for soul, I mean, there’s no argument by the successful PlayStation 4, right? But there’s companies like Google right and if Amazon gets in a game streaming is Important to them because they’re not trying to go head to head in to the console business if you look at it in the console Business hasn’t been the type of business where you can have four or five competitors the majority of the competitors fell the ones that stood true and really really when you think about it the ones who stood Nintendo stood the longest out of anybody They would hear from you know, other than Atari before them But they lasted the longest out of anybody right because they’ve been here for a long time after the internals been PlayStation Everybody else pretty much got dusted Sega got dusted NEC got dusted Atari got dusted 3do Phillips They all got dusted. So when you think about consoles is not a very friendly Type of market where you can have have a whole bunch of products, you know, it’s not like tablets tablets Look how many and your phones and tablets look how many refrigerators and TVs and cars console gaming mark is one of the few markets where you don’t have a lot of Manufacturers making consoles because they get crushed and even Microsoft Microsoft is teetering on the edge because you know right now you see Microsoft You know, they’re selling their 3040 million, you know what I’m saying? But they’re doing the best they can so counsel mark is not a very funny market. Google is not gonna enter a Dedicated counsel market so they have to go all-in on streaming Amazon’s gonna do the same thing go all-in on streaming, you know sounds saying but here’s the problem with streaming, you know The best record explain streaming is like it’s like me releasing a restaurant, right? But the only people that allow to buy food is people to have the Discover card. I Just limited my audience or who can get this product and what I mean by that is in America right. We’ll use America specifically, right? Microsoft and even arm MPD they estimate that 56% of Internet users do not have broadband That means that none that customer group will not get Google Stadium or any streaming service and it’s not just me on the Sony side. They’re not gonna get PS now They’re not gonna get X crowd. They’re not gonna get goo-goo stadium cuz their bandwidth don’t support those platforms, right? So you just little it’s like me opening a restaurant and I said I you try to come in and I get what’s up I’m firing you. I got the best steaks in the house and but I cool man you you accept visa I’m like now looks a visa. Alright, you expect man like no, I’ll accept MasterCard Do you accept cash now? Dawg Discover Card only? You ain’t got no fucking Discover card. You can’t use copper ain’t even around You don’t say but that’s that’s what it is. So To me next-gen. I don’t see Streaming being a big impact because the audience is not there to making an impact until the infrastructure Creates that mass group of people that can get the service Google’s limited to whoever one is Capable of getting it due to the infrastructure and to if they’re even interested Even if they do have the infrastructure they still may not be interested because there’s a lot of gamers out there That want to digitally own and play the games natively, you know, Sarah I’m saying So I don’t think any of these streaming services are gonna be the blow now in 15 years They could be the big hit, you know, but you need mass adoption. You need people to add a minimum Be able to access the service from the start a lot of maturity people can’t even go there A lot of people just won’t be have these plans accessible to them, but they still get councils accessible to them The scholar will be accessible then internal switch will be accessible. The PlayStation file will be accessible those things are still accessible rigors of the Internet you got that’s why I think our Dancing will be that big of an impact in the big scheme of things I don’t think there’s gonna be a huge shift yet next gen the gen after the gen after that You just have to see how the instructor goes as time goes on Well, here’s here’s my take on it cuz you gotta understand if it wasn’t money to be made these corporations wouldn’t be going on these ventures and I think that’s the main thing that people Don’t look at even though I think stadia is trash. I hope it fails and burns to hell Cuz I don’t want that a part of gaming whatsoever. Um But you gotta understand it these major corporations go on these ventures and go out and do this There obviously is some money-making potential that they see feasel You know what? I mean what Stowe and It’s so but go ahead so a lot of people Want to call it spinning or damage controlling though spinning and damage Controlman has lost all its meaning this generation Just like a lot of words like Triple A. So but you got to understand it, but Multi-billion dollar corporation is going out to seek and put infrastructure in place on a big project like this They are only doing it because they believe they can make of our oven that’s what they believe. That’ll mean. That’s actually a factor That’s gonna happen. I think so Yeah, so you got you got to understand that There’s one thing that is Constant is that they see what’s happening with the mobile gaming market and they see How it’s growing and they see that you can tap into it This is why we start to see a lot of games go mobile where you got, you know, yeah But does the mobile games you call doing mobile? Nintendo jumped into mobile? how big Pokemon go has become a big fire emblem the app on mobile has become um, and You know Everybody has a different approach to tap into mobile and they understand that a lot of people don’t have time I believe somebody set this on the stage today at Gamescom A lot of people don’t have time to sit in a living room and play games all day Gaming has to be accessible and mobile for you starting to go forward This is why we have Project X cloud. This is why we have stadia. This is why Sony is gearing up with Microsoft to use think the crowd services um It’s because if you if you don’t go what Nintendo write with that’s why I said the Nintendo route was absolutely genius because they foresaw That this is the route gaming is going people cannot be tethered to the living room anymore They can’t be ball and chain to the living room anymore You have to have be able to have your game be accessible at anywhere at any point any time So then with the hyper console route, you can try to spin that as all you want, but that’s just a facts That’s what is for and has shown that and this is what people have bought into that system And this is why Google is going out trying to get a piece of that pie because they see that a lot more people are Playing mobile games. Let’s see if we could get them to play the higher quality games. It has worked for Nintendo so far Um, they have gotten a lot of new mobile gamers to play their franchises Fire Emblem Just had this second this biggest launch in history last week And I think they had a lot to do with them putting that mobile Fire Emblem game on mobile Mario had his biggest fastest selling game ever where Mario itís the same thing Bozell. I think all these games are hitting Record thresholds because of the games they’ve been in gamers to be able to pull in that are mostly mobile gamers so when Microsoft and Sony have seen is like we have to Accessible highly accessible somehow. So what are we gonna do is gonna be streaming or is it gonna be a hybrid console? And obviously the easier route was for them to do streaming because you had to go in the Rd and everything to build a hyper Console and you know that’s gonna put you years behind the game So they chose to do the streaming route because this is a faster quicker process and plus when you got other competitions coming in So that doesn’t tha mean it’s gonna take over though. So that’s that’s the thing. It’s just that you cannot change that fact I don’t care how much you hate it your game. Hat. You have to be more accessible that’s just a fact I have friends who are not gamers and They all about switch simply because they can pull it out anywhere They want to you don’t I mean they actually playing games that they actually said, oh, I’m gonna get that game someday You know what? I mean, but they have it now because they is accessible They don’t have to be bald and chained to their living room. Trust me I agree the living room situation and experience will always be number one to me I want to play on my big-ass TV But it’s some situations especially in my career where I can’t not be able to do that I’m glad I can take my system with me and I don’t lose inequality in gaming. So that’s the thing all three companies are pushing for it’s just that one company like Nintendo did it a different way and I believe they did it the smartest way because now this really They don’t have to battle amongst Google. It’s only a Microsoft over this one particular way to do it. You know what I mean? they have their own specific way, so But stream you supposed to take a hard time, but because the internet situation like you said is a problem This is still an issue But Nintendo did it smart way, but the clearly obvious way because with the switch the game works everywhere Yes everywhere, you know, it’s not tied to somebody else’s infrastructure And that’s where I think Sony everybody’s gonna have the issue with streaming because you take your game on the go, right? so let’s say you take the Nintendo game with the switch or any future hybrid console and then you take a Person that’s on a phone with PS now or X cloud, right their experience is tied to the internet, you know While the new tunnel switch game is not as native So the game’s gonna work where they’re on the train station on the bus where everything it’s going to work, right? And it’s going to work good. They’re not gonna get leniency. They’re not gonna get lag They’re not gonna get things that frustrate them due to the connectivity issues. It’s going to work now. Let’s say you take your friends I like to switch right and they’d be like hey, you know I heard about X cloud and you tell me how you could plan on a goal, but when they actually experience it They’d be like man. This shit’s fucking laggy your Shit just doesn’t work. You know, it all depends on another layer of connectivity Which is this the online portion and I think that’s where again that’s why I think next-gen is not gonna be the big wave Because there’s not many people that’s gonna have accessible like right now they are Verizon I think is Verizon they just announced their first 5g park the park alone costs like $700 and Like the services like 90 bucks a month now one of the one of the The Google Stadium fanboys, I guess these are the guys now hype the stadia One of the biggest reasons is oh, you know what stadium I don’t have to buy a console. So it’s cheaper my boy Fuck up a fucking 5g pug is like $9 now. That’s more expensive It’s not only it’s like it is not only and the monthly recurring cost So it’s not cheaper than a dedicated console. Don’t forget that you still have to buy the whole game You have to buy the full purchase game and you don’t own it. It is ridiculous and you don’t own it Yeah, you don’t only that’s Inquirer. Let’s see you all in Google Stadium. Let’s say somebody out. There’s like fuck everything I’m all into the future Right and they buy everything on Google Stadium and let’s just say it doesn’t work out and Google’s like you know, what? It didn’t work out. We’re shuttin down stadia Does the personal ball games get compensation? Like what happens to all those things? He bought? Like what does he do? Like you got nothing like everything is just gone stadiums gone You know anything you bought is gone like you literally owned nothing That’s why I said it’s a double-edged sword It’s like this is where the market is trending we have to do something but here’s the bad side of it you have to be on the Internet you don’t own the damn thing and Yeah, you might pay a subscription service and buy the full price here. So it’s like well, I have one I’m not worried about Google stay there cuz number one if you look at it, they only been showing multi plants like Who gives a fuck like whatever? Yes, absolutely. Again. It’s 100 like you said is 100% tied to the internet like In almost every fashion. So like I’m playing a single-player game Why the fuck do I want my single-player experience to be tied to the Internet not just connected to the Internet which ok Maybe it’s not so bad well updates or maybe a little bullshit but the quality and experience of the game Whether it has leniency lag, it’s all tight and Internet, which doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t know I want the game to run native because it’s gonna run great all the time not some of the time not when the ISP decides To finally give me the banner if I’m supposed to have it’s gonna run great all the time You know I’m saying so that’s right next gen. I don’t see really any moves The only moves these streaming services can make especially like stadia It has to be a school you love it. Yeah, we live on air I got I got bearing up in here also. Oh These cookie monster We’re talking about how Xbox one songs. Oh the future of Bashan What do you think what do you think about PlayStation in buying insomniac Um, how much pay this right wrote wrote? All right. No, I’m gonna be real bro I know my integrity is always a question right hold on driving the simply a man’s put out a tweet there. It’s T, right Oh, I’m gonna pull over very quick though Photo Hello people your area mats, put out a tweet, right? big gains this Romney has made spiral ratcheting point resisted view since the vitamins, you know, this is the only thing now I have to see why did he people with them, you know because a hot successful Spiderman was right. I don’t know. Yeah, I think I don’t like resistors. I inspire. What’s that games on that alone? Just don’t you know, I mean, I know also I like sunset overdrive So nothing just goes like look like a slap in the face You know me again the Microsoft but for sunshine, let’s bring up numbers for spider-man. I think there’s no pinyin I mean and it is huge no matter how big the studio is for this way to me seems like a no-brainer I actually thought they owned something. It’s only honking mortgages I didn’t realize until um the sunset overdrive feel like a civil excuse But it was more importantly I mentioned them. Just numbing Is that the way that he just came on casually announce it when Micah so come up with the gear shit later I’m like house on this real shit like you know me Watch to show how you see what they believe javi, right? Any said something? Okay You know He’s cooking more deeply something that said before from Microsoft and Holly is the exercise authority Talent and they know how to build the culture is shit. He said instead of buying all these Studios things They go out and hire better managers You say wanna sell to the management Sony is top-notch And again when it comes to been here, I’m in this generation up and been far far more impressed than any other generation That’s only had I mean, you know because you know one is getting a free lay up some personal racing second-generation, you know I mean the ps3 strug struggle But the ps4 You must got the screen while envenom themselves don’t they was like this old fax machines and all types of well shit applies on bro and Ghost you seem agrarian to play up the you know, spider-man, you know Stoli This wasn’t franchise, you know me So, you know You know people have a choice always at the game now how great something a great second and third party deals the most especially other Day, there was exclusives back then I’m opposed or even classes even fuckin they take that final fantasy from Nintendo the channel a when I get this, you know Mainly what stable cartridges estas niñas gotten very but Sony you know me So, you know I made a donde was giving them to the telling a lot the general apparently your Nintendo fan But a general kind of fucked themselves and I mean able screw par with own developers and shit development for the platform Nobody is still be still so they are kind of the real thing for ice-make heart wait for themselves But yeah, that that’s kudos Tony. I wasn’t also to acquire remedy, you know, I mean, that’s a perfect acquisition. I mean Nobody but I mentioned this before about competition right so you notice how my club have been buying studios so Sony reacted right and I think anyway you and I have been the biggest advocates that We want these councils to develop big exclusive games because that forces the other platforms to respond in country But when somebody is kumbaya like now, you know, we’re just gonna put games everywhere and don’t worry about it then It’s like just potential for like let’s say so need to rest on their laurels Okay We like competition Anyone better right now, you know what this means more and I’m not even you know, nice I know I got a pony contract and I even on your chest like You know depends on the super check right that you check long, right? My check is always questioned. But what makes this do? things because it’s know Microsoft that much shit do not okay for seeing you know, I mean I don’t this new game coming up of military dog shit But in the end if there was a cool pick up playground games huge I mean They got somebody else playground games are sitting on it in this loosely we don’t know what they get to do Right, but what what do you mix? There’s more stinging what’s only because you know what and These talk about us on the show, but not to say that Sony, you know It’s going to not put the games on the server’s make some money It is what it is. Right, but those games again that you look they’re going to be exclusive to their platform and an ecosystem That’s not for sure what with Microsoft, you know, say I’m saying this because them buying more studio stick out right external fucking exclusives Why because they’re learning games to go to other platforms? I’m glad you talked them up He you know stay on the saying, you know, like that shit up Psychonauts to right I Understand the Kickstarter was already coming to the PlayStation 4, but Microsoft belt back the publishing rights right for 13 million and they’re still putting you on the ps4, you know, I mean So it’s so again and it’s they’re going to perform analogous about their money, but you know They are like a monopoly and they went by a big writing or you look an exhibition or something with a large third-party developer on a switch in our main two wheeler dealer could be bought in studios gets Worse allow me I said if so go put that damn games on another goddamn system It makes money for me like, you know before you would have to buy a Windows PC to get word knowledge it. Literally Matt Yeah happen anyway, and that’s how you know, they are trainers at them coming in I mean, so it has been you know, no good for me It’s been, you know fucked up the council war money, right you go out that blow for the sling shit, but you know Because You know Yeah I know Right and Hasn’t been a big fan of kijima story channel. I’ll make the middle remember Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty like dogshit memory I want the wall that should poorly topaz pauses right then you will take the prison or virtual reality what really Happened and I got a lot of games over the years like that just To go to fucking games like the fucking stretching guys Fucking 20, I think you guys, you know They don’t we do this just know I’m strategy guys this shit, but you know me like that extra stern It’s that bad that story was like that. Should this I look at interesting too if I wasn’t really impressed It looks like the rate pretty indie games There’s no play much gameplay a lot of stories challenge, but I don’t think four hours gameplay wise Because again, this game comes out winning two months November, right? What’s known about? And which I mean not the post five six months away. We still haven’t seen a lot of gameplay from that game I got this thingy. Very pretty Open world looking getting my opinion my guest. I’m gonna get it. Don’t try it You know, there’s a lot of chat looking at but I like it. Oh, I love it So much they go question So you’re a Oh Baron Are you going to get the stranding cuz you could email saying hey, you know what? You ain’t got to be as for do it is a beautiful day. But oh No Once you’ve won you have bad yeah. Oh shit I finally fixed it man. Thanks for the advice. Ah, so what I did was Help you out this shit this shit is dog shit. I’m like, I don’t think That shit, bro, we don’t know like I forgot your attention to your GPU, you know in school like that’s a very stained glass like obvious heavy on your So I switched it to my GPU and I mean, you know that she came out that she’s coming out smooth I’m like, oh Oh, yeah, yeah Imma let you go though, bro, I’m not just racing. Okay talk offline to do some more shit now that I’ve been back digital streets, man. The streets needs us To be a legacy my cubicle and this would talk about that. Are you talking about the sunset over? And then you’re the basketball player you see that shit with Josh Hart, oh, yeah No, he plays away – Kay please – King Yeah Oh That’s what they needed to bring oh Wait, I’m wearing the stream out yo my man say yo I locked out. Oh shit. Alright Alright, I’m gonna check out everybody. Yo, thanks for watching stream You know check out. Oh, yeah You were you were doing your thing, so I didn’t know how long you were doing all right Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Well, yeah, we’re covering that dogshit inside a Grom Yeah, but shit, I’m just really whatever But that about thirty minutes I’m gonna sleep is one in the morning All right Peace out Yo to the chat. Thanks for rocking now roll Don’t forget to hit the like button and if you’re new to the channel, don’t forget to subscribe You know saying I hope you enjoyed this stream the stream ended up dope and I’m glad that the stream quality Just ended up so much better because I was disappointed on my last two stream attempts Wasn’t able to get my camera up and running but looking out for Zayed thanks to him helping me adjust my settings and I’m able to Hook it up improperly. Alright. Anyway, check out my next time. I’ll see you guys next time. Alright, I’m out of here Yeah, guys. Take care. Peace

57 thoughts on “Puertorock77 Live : Insomniac Games ( Spiderman PS4 ) Are Now Part of Sony World Wide Studios

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    2.) When he mentions Nintendos 90% rated Exclusives… just say that Sony games get more Awards and also get 90% rating… God of War has more GOTY awards than Breath of the wild…. Horizon Zero Dawn and Last of us got more awards than Bayonetta….etc etc etc, it's like Nintendo games score higher in Rotten Tomatoes…But Playstation gets more Oscar Awards…. that's the analogy.
    Plus why is grown man hyping up kiddie games?? thats like you hyping up Toy Story while bashing The Godfather.

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