(whistle blows) (shouting) – [Man] We’ve got a big mix
of everybody in the club. Gay, straight, bi, whatever, and everyone is welcomed. The club has completely changed my life. (piano music) – [Woman] BMW proudly
supports the LGBTQ community. (chattering) (players shouting) – [Robert] The challenges that the people were facing in the
1990s were fairly standard. There was an automatic
link between being gay and being pedophile. You certainly couldn’t be macho. When I heard about the formation of the world’s first gay rugby club, I thought I just gotta join in and help in whatever way I can. (players shouting) – [Matt] I think Kings Cross
Steelers was the first gay and inclusive rugby club founded in 1995. (light switch clicks) And we currently have 250 active members. Our club is made up of gay, bisexual, and straight guys who are all here to play and enjoy rugby together. There’s many guys who self
exclude themselves in sports. Don’t want to take part at school, who then want to get back into a sport in their adult years and need
a social group in the society. – [Matthew] Well, I’ve
wanted to get into rugby and something a lot my family have played, but I wasn’t too comfortable
joining one of the teams back at (mumbles). (players shouting) I wouldn’t feel as comfortable joining a club that doesn’t
label itself as inclusive because you’ve got that little niggle in the back of your head, like will they accept me for being gay? Will they not? Whereas, here, they all very accepting and I know that it won’t be an issue. I thought I would just
be here to play the sport in an open and friendly environment. Instead, the club has
become another family. Being in an inclusive
environment and (mumbles) it’s just great. (violin music) – [Robert] From, six
people in November 1995, and a small committee, and
not being able to form a team, through to having Steelers
fielding up to six teams in any given time. (players chattering) It’s a wonderful pleasure. I want, and everybody in the club wants, people to enjoy playing
rugby at whatever level, but at the same time, being able to say, “I’m gay,” and it doesn’t matter. Society has changed so much
over the last 20 years, and I just like to think
that we as a rugby club have contributed in
some small way to them. (music fades out)

70 thoughts on “Pride on the Rugby Pitch

  1. Dang there is as much dislikes as likes and I assume it's because it's a gay rugby club. Look I am not gay and I am happily straight. However, we are in 2019 and we have to grow up. Everyone needs love and if gays want to play rugby, who is that hurting? Have a great week everyone (hater or lovers) and play rugby! 🤙alohas

  2. Webb Ellis is crying in heaven right now. Not because of the LGBTQ community in rugby, but because of how sh*t that line out was at 1:12

  3. My favorite rugby sevens team is Fiji. They won the gold medal in 2016. The country's first Olympic gold medal. Although I also like the NZ team because of their haka

  4. I cannot tell you how many pride related stuff I just saw in the past week. Does Google have some pride gay fetish or something?

  5. U have to put ur arms around a guys waist to tackle and ur cheek against the opponents buttcheek too. You pass the ball under your crotch after a ruck and you pile onto eachother like an orgy.

    Rugby is literally the gayest game ever.

  6. After a hard day of catching balls and tackling men, we go to the showers and relax by catching balls and tackling men.

    Happy May everybody.

  7. And on the other hand almost all womens teams are just automatically filled with all different sexualities

  8. There’s no point in having a Gay and inclusive RFC specifically because most clubs are automatically inclusive it’s not a discriminative sport it’s a family

  9. This is a great video and so wonderful to see sports teams that can label themselves as inclusive! What saddens me is this comment section shows that society is still very homophobic, yes so much has changed in the last 20 years and it's incredible to be in a world that is way more accepting, but we still have a long way to go unfortunately

  10. BMW trying to move in on the Jeep Wrangler……real gays drive jeeps..pussys drive BMW's

  11. Ok enough…. This channel cleary became another propaganda tool of the elite. Disliked and unsubbed. Bye bye.

  12. I will be living in my ideal world when there is no longer any need for the Pride movement. I don't have to be part of a movement to feel safe and comfortable in my "straightness".
    I hate that such a huge proportion of society has to work so hard to simply be accepted as the decent human beings they virtually all are. (There are bad people in every group and I'm sure this is no exception.)
    Since they do need to have a huge movement I wholeheartedly support them and will continue to do so until the movement is no longer needed.

  13. Pride month: We love gays. I'm a bit of a gay myself 🙂
    Rest of the year: silence

    Thank you corporations, very cool 🙂
    Totally not using gays as tools and shitting on straights

    And remember, all to just get more people

  14. Oof starting off the video saying you support the LGBT community and then immediately going to a corporate sponsorship that’s pro-pride during pride month is a bit like when your parents only say they love you when you get straight A’s.
    Like we all appreciate the inclusivity, but the constant association with commercialism makes it conditional and honestly kinda trivializes the message. Just my two cents

  15. This from the “Increasing Our Understanding Of Each Other Must Surely Contribute to Increasing Our Respect For Each Other?” department of the “Questions, Ponderings, and General Wonderings” division:

    For a gay man, is playing rugby in a team of gay men in any way similar to what it’s like for a straight main playing rugby in a team of straight women? (I’m not sure if that question is even answer-able, given the nature of the subject, but I thought it was worth a try!)

  16. You know what, I live in California and as much as they claim to be the gay capitol of the world, my cousin was frowned upon because he wanted to form a gay soccer team. After he moved to Washington state he was able to fulfill the dream.

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