Hi Romain Hey, let me see your ears. They look weird don’t they? What sport do you play ? Polyphony, I’m an amateur Well.. Ok. It looks like Copa slices. Have you ever heard about Rugby? Do you like Rugby? Anyway, everyone loves Rugby Its values, its fights, its heroes, its third half, its planning.. Well, did you notice distinctive characteristics concerning rugby players? I mean, except the fact that they all look like Street Fighter characters, that they play with a ball which bounces in a weird way and that they eat rusks? Wake up, their EARS ! Recently, I had the chance to meet one of the greatest ENT specimen from the oval planet at the RBS 6 nations Music In French as in English, it is called cauliflower ears Well, to me it looks like eggs mc muffin but anyway.. We can explain it by two other peculiarities, One due to Rugby playing the other due to ears. A little bit like boxing, judo, etc.. Rugby has this mischievous habit to tackle what is called ” the unfolding of the pinna” It is the part og the ear that you can see It is rubbed, bended, kned,. That is why pooling of blood are to be seen *Dexter music* Pooling of blood means hematoma. An even oath. That is to say a hematoma of the ear that forms between the skin and the cartilage Those hematomas are not usual ones. First because unlike those you make yourself when you bump a member, They dissolve very badly, Second because they tend to fibrose, evend calcify. That is to say that they stay in place when they are not well treated, or even not treated at all. Those hematomas can generate a chondrite, which is inflaming cartilage. Those hematomas tend to prevent blood from going the good way to the cartilage. The Cartilage finally dies, bends itself which is why rugbymen ears look like overdosed yeast in a pastry. The question you may ask : “Why all rugby players don’t have those ears ?” You forgot.. Romain : Oh yes, well.. Why do all rugby players… Too late ! Firt, because all poitions are not exposed the same way. Then, because there are protections, which are more or less efficient such as this helmet I used to wear during my career, or these strips which surround the head. You can even complete it whith two half tennis balls so that the ears are well protected. There are also treatments. Immediatly after an hematoma appears, you can put ice on it to stop the bleeding. A doctor can also make an incision on the ear to drain the remaining blood. After that, you must put a dressing that compresses the ear properly to avoid bleeding again. A few little crooks have used leeches to drain the blood out from their ears.. .. But experts doubt about this method. The last solution consists in plastic surgery to reshape the ear. It is totally esthetic because cauliflower ears is not dangerous. It could be if the shape modifications tend to clog the external auditory canal which could cause audition loss. Well, for surgery, you would be better to wait until the end of your career, so that you don’t do surgery every six months. It is a very rare activity, for the same reasons that they are not numerous to use protections. Yes, cauliflower ears is as much a sign of bleonging to the great rugby family as a kind of trophy. It indicates that you have been a brave warrior. *Yelling* Yes, hopefully only ears are damaged. Hopefully these are cauliflowers too. *clic* *clic* *clic* *horse neigh* We are done, that’s all for today. Let’s get back soon for a brand new video, Untill this video.. Slow down on rusks. Enjoy yourself, take care, *Music* *generic*


  1. Merci a la fin tu a mis l’hymne de rugby de Bayonne qui est mon équipe fétiche . Merciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  2. 0:07 vous avez quoi avec la Corse la? La coppa, i muvrini …😂
    Ps: je fais du rugby et j'ai des oreilles normales okaii

  3. Mon père faisait du rugby quand j'étais petite, je me rappelle entrain de l'harceler pour savoir ce qu'il avait aux oreilles ^^'

  4. Très bonne vidéo, mais visiblement le rugby a quelques effets sur les cheveux aussi : https://youtu.be/IN7YqsJdSi8

  5. j'aimerais bien savoir, pourquoi il y a de l'eau qui sort de nos yeux quand on pleure ? en faites j'aimerais bien pourquoi nos yeux pleures quand on est triste ?

  6. C'est peut être con ce que je vais dire mais mon frère a le même problème sauf que … il est juste h24 sur l'ordinateur avec un gros caque de gaming sur les oreilles, ça a quelque chose à voir ?

  7. Évite de déformer les oreilles du meilleur joueur de rugby au monde stp surtout qu’il est mort d’une crise cardiaque

  8. Mon père ( rugbymans professionnel) a des oreilles en choux fleur, on lui a enlevé le liquide avec l’aiguille ( comme tu l’a dit) et sa na pas marché. Tu peux nous éclairer ?

  9. Tout les rugbymen n'ont pas ces oreilles la, c'est surtout ceux qui vont vraiment au contact, quand les oreilles frottent tout comme les judokas, lutteurs, pratiquants de jjb et boxe thaï surtout les spécialistes du corps a corps.

  10. Cc c'est Ousmane depuis Sénégal j'ai aussi cet inflammation pavillon de l'oreille j'aimerai savoir l'opération comment ça se passe

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