PLAYING RECKLESS!!!  || EA Sports NHL Be A Pro Enforcer Gameplay Episode 12

PLAYING RECKLESS!!! || EA Sports NHL Be A Pro Enforcer Gameplay Episode 12

NHL 20 Be A Pro Enforcer Gameplay Jo Fa Yes Guy Gaming EA Sports NHL gameplay let’s go coal cock you’re feeling it
buddy boom take that flat on your ass bye so this guy’s coming up he’s like oh
good I got it around this guy I’m gonna gain the zone
ref sets a screen for Joe look at this mess
look at this mess what happens here Joe’s graph is setting the screen for
Joe and the ref ends up in the boards great dodge ref as Joe puzzles this guy
onto the floor look at that face that is the face of a guy who knows he’s like I
just got knocked out by Joe hello and welcome back to yes guy gaming we’re
back playing NHL be a pro here with Joe Fah beautiful all of their business in
the front party in the back and the beauty Joe Paki their file look at that
beard but of those creepy yellow eyes no this is Joe Fah
iteration I don’t know there’s a hundred Joe foz now there’s only one true Joe
Fah this is him anyways we were down in the minors I don’t know we’ve revived
this series after who knows how long and we’re having fun playing this game this
is a fun fun series for me I don’t know if you guys liked it hit that subscribe
button link link in description last episode like button I would love that
thing anyways we’re down in the minors we played our first game in the minors
last time Joe is hungry to get back into the big show why cuz he wants to like be
the best no cuz he likes the attention he gets and he likes to wheel like he
wants to will some hot chicks but you can’t do that down I don’t know if
that’s what Joe wants he just wants to lay the but anyways what am I even
saying Kolsch let’s get to it okay so we’re gonna
we’re starting our second game in the minors here it’s we’re on them on the
same lowest notes and we’re playing the Syracuse run holy and as if they’re
bringing out the full broadcast crew cameras and everything for a minors game
I will take it amiss been following Joe Foss super close Stanford gosh
Colt Joe’s starting on the Benji cold did you not see me last game coach coach
anyways Syracuse Crunch that’s the kind of team that Joe flash should be on he
belongs on the Syracuse Crunch although he’s on the notes though coach coaches
only put me out on power player penalty kill
settle I’m good for you for Coach let’s go to Bowl last game I’m the only guy on
this team who scored goal this season let’s just keep that in mind
all right Joe how about it another great shot Joe
okay calm oh I was gonna I was gonna and then I didn’t because I knew late back
check cold you know Joe’s laziest I get rid of it buddy nice done way to ice it
alright Joe’s feeling fresh let’s go bye I’m gonna hit this guy Oh feel it buddy
did it even get me anything like was that worth it
lay back check coach did you not see me lay the body get that buddy did that get
it yeah go go Joe is this guy that’s right feel it buddy this guy boom come
on are you kidding me that is a joke what fording he was a dangerous hit here
doc what I came at him from the side coach oh I hate getting bounces because
it lowers my discipline score and if your discipline score gets low I mean to
take more penalties that’s not good the rest are just watching Joe so closely
because they know is how you disappear you know what oh I know the bench of
mediaand I’m gonna hit this guy you know what
yeah you know what it’s gonna be that kind of game and we’ve got to just
embrace it coach coach it’s gonna be one of those coach coach you just gotta let
it happen right coach you just gotta let Joe found the shitter the guys and it’ll
pay off eventually I probably promise too many strikes take it duck while
making oh yeah that’s definitely Eddie from behind all the above that guy I
want to fight that guy that guy is creepy looking like bald head jeez
alright so Joe started off with two dumbass penalties the starting game but
that’s okay team is still in it Joe is still hungry I’m gonna get
another gun take advantage any oh I I had to get focused for a second there
great D by the boys yeah Joe’s Reddy’s clothes Sam okay watch
Ellis what are you gonna do with the LS pitching it yeah find Joe nice way to
find Joan yeah snapshot power nice head now get off good line change I
will take it a small shift then into good line change Oh coach really coach
how can I have it long ship and a good line change you’re an idiot
I don’t like my coche at all life I like I think he’s an idiot Joe coming off
number 69 with the puck immediately oh good shot Joe I get infer that by hungry
Oh combien you and I I’ve followed them
twice and gotten penalties twice hitting that comma guy go Joe pick this guy boom
feel it buddy pass back to your teammates because you suck Joe Oh go
find Joe yeah Joe one on one buddy oh that was way why
Joe you are terrible mr. coach time to get up no not yet
it’s okay glide back Joe save that energy oh it’s dangerous that is
dangerous yeah give it all Joe got it night coach
tone you get off I’ll take one shot coach then I’ll get off yeah get on one
shot I’m off you know what doesn’t even matter I just get off yeah yeah their
coach gentlemen get off I’m up here ahem I’m on the bench okay boys are on the
powerplay Joe was getting called up on power play time is Joe your special
teams expert coach like what okay dude dudes dudes there’s to you there’s none
of him let’s go guys okay yeah send Joe all right Joe game’s
just come in as close as you can and found it gosh oh my stick broke go get a
stick Joe thanks bud ah this doesn’t feel as good as the other one though
passage oh why are you passing a joke oh thank you all right I’ll pass it Joe is
gonna pull up the rear and take a big clapper over to Joe Oh buddy that was a
terrible pass you gotta sauce it over to Joe right end me all right boys fine Joe
up the middle Joe Joe’s ready for the past thank you oh I heard a guy with my
slap shot yes all right coach oh that my changes coach you’re yelling at me to
get off you’re gonna call me bad logic coach on the bench looks we’ll be
talking about zero zero the total shots are three for st. Louis and ten for
Syracuse Crunch now I’m really curious it are all three of those shots from Joe
let’s check Joe Jeff ah okay he has two shots so Jewess Joe has two of the three
shots and four hits Joe is working hard coach like and you don’t like the team
play yeah I know I’ve counted those guys in the boards my name is just bad
penalties polish but what do you want from me on the big body out of here
buzzer – lets go yes the boys celebrate with the boys Joe now we’re on a roll
let’s go okay Joe oh but I’m something let’s go Khoa cock you’re feeling it
buddy boom take that flat on your ass bye so
this guy’s coming up he’s like oh good I got it around this guy I’m gonna gain
the zone ref sets a screen for Joe look at this mess look at this mess what
happens here Joe’s graph is setting the screen for
Joe and the ref ends up in the boards great dodge ref as Joe puzzles this guy
onto the floor look at that face that is the face of a guy who knows he’s like
fuck I just got knocked out by Joe ah alright we’re still in the play though
still in the play a joke nice pass from your teammate now come up just wait get
close and then pounded okay good enough good enough we got to
get close and then pound it get lucky Joe that’s all you got to think about
and I shot maybe two hi there so he can trap it yeah I’ve got shoot low so it
goes for rebounds it keeps the play going although we did getting the zone
cold she liked that keeping me on Oh Joe was gonna bring some often actually
battery hits this guy boom feel it buddy oh and he got the puck right back I’m
gonna get him again Syracuse cannot I’m too slow Joe you got to do some power
skating bud get back in shape good D Joe who’s got that send Joe st. Joe thank
you okay weight on it weight on it yeah nice move Joe Joe the guy poke checked
it loose okay what’s happening protect the fuck Joe yeah oh you lost it geez
Joe you should never hold the puck that long good bad check though coach likes
it wait oh my gosh that could have been a goal for sure guys I’m on my guy I’m
right on it he’s not moving he’s not getting anything cuz I’m on I gotta
watch for my opportunity though to make a big painful body check is it coming
they’re just passing around voice like yeah can we do something to get the puck
10d get rid of it okay nice go coach told me to get off one more shot coming
attacking yep low for me bouncer that guy Oh get off Joe get off all right
nice nice chef Joe well done buddy you played your position see up in the
defense team play is not as shite as it was before I think we might need a good
fight boys March Joe needs to get a hustle bad mix it up a little right left
hook but he needs a win wait quick size matters size matters Joe get back out
there right shoot I’m not focused get back on D Joe just wave your stick
around like you’re actually trying to play D but it’s not really doing
anything hit this guy boom feel it buddy there’s a hit Joe get
on the board with the hits Oh IIIi don’t know why that just happened
every time like every time Jose teammates on defense they’re so stupid
like why don’t this in the reverse happens or in the offensive zone
maybe it’s because Joe is taking a bunch of slap shots on the Nets of library
boys like Joe Stallone thanks coach like you want me to tie it up but alright
I’ll tie it up give me the pot bot Joe’s gonna rip a clown for a tie the game up
yeah thank you okay ready here we go rebound for the guy
shoot that buddy gosh just suck here it kills their own good D Joe straight back
check Joe G’s here we go again how in the world is that my fault
what could I have done they just score they just did it’s like no magical score
you got a fight the two guys are overlapping with each other on defense
and Joe’s the only one who’s actually trying to do anything smart
look at those idiots they’re like this they’re like on top of each other and
Fonz like always like if you just split up protected the guys you get it G
excuses cold oh my gosh they scored again Joe now we
definitely need a goal too but they’re gonna score cuz like they’re terrible oh
my gosh that was lucky get going Joe yeah take the pass we need
a goal oh my gosh how did he lose it that is so frustrating okay I gotta stay
focused I gotta stay focused on what’s really important and that’s pounding the
body back to Joe yes how did good shot shoot that oh good
often come on get that get on that buddy over here yeah okay
stay focused Joe mmm gosh you lost a teammate yeah over to Joe over you got
good pass by Joe okay we are determined back to Joe
cuz he’s got the big clapper oh good shot Joe yeah in front of the net and
further asses oh stop screening the gold
that time whose pot you guys can’t even touch me are you guys gonna do anything
oh shit I get bad shot coach I’m just throwing it on that like what the heck
wait this guy plays this guy right this guy let’s go drop the gloves let’s go
I’m ready to go you know I go oh they scored again are you kidding me boys
boys this is embarrassing gosh Joe seven you are a game look at that
offense 71% jeez team play I took two dumbass penalties in the first period
remember those was hilarious I’m getting a bit too frustrated I think I just got
to get determined excited focused and aggressive and fun and big and size
matters Joe starting on the bench typical cold start me I need more
minutes if you want more Heller let’s go by okay three minutes I’m sitting off
where my on the fourth line or something oh here we go bud nice take okay what is
the plan here I gotta pay attention great shot if you follow that guy just
missed it completely did you see that guys moving it up the wing place indeed
Joe jeez guys hit this guy hit this guy oh he dodged it get back guys guys guys
guys this is terrible guys what are you reversing it for thank you give it to
Joe okay be careful Joe great shot oh gosh that was close Joe
mixing it up his coach telling me to god oh god coach like I’ll do what you want
coach whatever you want I will do for you okay Joe is out on the power play
what how does this happening win the faceoff buddy
please look great win Joe clap it Oh Joe Joe my gosh Joe you just screwed it up
for the team buddy easy they just screwed it up for the team trying to do
a fancy slap shot and you screwed it up completely guys
let’s figure it out please okay good move Joe pound it Oh shot blocked why do
I lose stuff for that over to that guy now anybody shoot that shoot that to the
net boys like I do come on oh dude you had it do monster oh I was gonna hit him
I just stare to them I just stop right before my look down kids find Joe here
we go up to that guy are you kidding me no coach I’m not coming off coach you
don’t forget it great dump in Joe I meant to shoot it but we’ll say that it
was a dump it what are you doing gosh my teammates are a bunch of idiots like
just shoot it I’m at the net dude shoot to the net there’s five minutes left in
the third period Joe may stay out for the entirety of this nation this period
up find Joe Joe Joe what’s he doing there
feel it buddy is still hit him bad call for past coach I had like wait what is
oh man hey I am supposed to be blocking the point but that’s a really bad idea
get the buck like you idiots my team is actually full of stupid guys what kind
of a pass was that and they find me gosh patek Joe hit this guy now feel it buddy
gosh I am so pissed off there’s my shitty shitty teammate his bag checks
Joe now hit this guy I don’t know you’re there
nice alright coach a tone you get off coach you can go forget it buddy
Joe is gonna score a goal nice shot Joe gosh he just got it right away
alright now get off Joe like now you should get off we’re not gonna get
another shift before the end of the game probably unless there’s some sort of
power play or something jeez coach yeah that’s a big loss just a big L so
coach lights my offense hated my penalties obviously didn’t like my
defense like Kolsch also how in the world does 84 41
and 54 average out to be 48 coach look at my offense you loved my offense but
you didn’t like anything else at walk gosh coach he’s not over there the
game’s over alright guys so that’s gonna do it for
this episode then it shall be a pro got a couple of losses oh and to Joe is one
goal the entire team has two goals yeah yeah and coach is not liking my stuff I
don’t get it you guys like I don’t well I wanna have fun you know what forget
coach let’s just focus on getting that’s gotta be the feedback it’s like forget
coach completely look at Joe he’s smiling he’s like yeah forget coach
Coach is an idiot just get our shit done but I’m with you Joe we’re gonna not
take kindly so that’s really killer that just kills everything we’re gonna not do
that but we cannot do that but still get some big painful body checks it’ll be
nice anyways you guys thank you so much for
watching I appreciate it I hope you enjoyed watching these videos as much as
I loved making them as much as I’m complaining this is a lot of fun if you
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try to respond to all of the comments possible so if I haven’t responded yours
I apologize but I’m trying to respond to all of them there’s quite a few who
these days which is great but keep that shit coming anyways thank you guys again
so much for watching I hope to see you next time on yes guy gaming NHL 20 Be A Pro Enforcer Gameplay Jo Fa Yes Guy Gaming EA Sports NHL gameplay

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