I haven’t seen enough of him to know that he could actually perform at this level. Come on, son. Boys, jog in. I want you to make the new lad feel welcome, he might even make a few of you look good. I don’t know why you signed with us. You’re not coming near the first team. Don’t worry about it mate, welcome. Show me what you’ve got… and I’ll be thinking about you for the first team at the weekend. It’s up to you.

22 thoughts on “Play the Game | Your Call

  1. Your interactive football adventure starts here. To enjoy #YourCall, make sure you are playing within the YouTube mobile app or playing on desktop so you see your options at the end of each screen.

  2. lmaoo nobody in real life comes at you and says " I d0n'T kNoW wHy y0u sIgNeD wiTh uS". If they wanna bully you, they do it differently

  3. For those figuring out how to play this game, it's simply watch this video at the end there will be video links to other options. Keep progressing and help B/ R get those C.P.A. s

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