Hello everyone, Corocus here! Welcome to my PES 2016 wishlist video! In the following minutes I want to share with you some of the things I’d like added, changed or kept the same in this year’s Pro Evo iteration. But before going into details, I’d like to state my opinion about the recent Kojima-Konami scandal and how this could affect the PES series. There were a lot of concerns expressed on numerous forums and in videos, that this might cause Konami to decrease their involvement in video games. As a result, the PES series might cease to be produced. Now, truth is that PES isn’t as well promoted as FIFA, nor does it sell as much, but it still is a popular sports simulation video game. Even though it has been criticised after the golden age of PES 5 and 6, it succeeded in selling millions of copies during those troubled times. With the arrival of PES 2015, things have started to get on the right track, resulting in promising reviews and awards. With this in mind, we can be assured that it’s a valuable series, and it wouldn’t be left to die by Konami. The worst that could happen to them, would be to have to sell the franchise to another developer. For instance, I’d love to see a football title developed by 2K Sports. They’ve proven themselves to be able of creating awesome, realistic sports games, being well-known for the NBA 2K series, and more recently WWE titles For now let’s just hope they’ll keep improving the game, because PES 2015 is a good, solid base to begin building upon. So, let’s begin shall we? Apparently the first info about the new PES has been around since two weeks ago. A winningelevenblog post, to which I’ll leave a link it in the description box, states that Konami has finalised deals for new licenses this year. Exciting news, right? Now, obviously we can’t hope to see the Premier League or Bundesliga, but I DO hope they bring back the Chilean League, it was a very fun league to play in PES 2014. New additions that I’d like to see would probably be the Superleague Greece, Russian Premier League, Belgium Pro League, the Polish Ekstraklasa, MLS, Liga MX and Liga Aguila. On the continental competition level, in addition to the AFC Champions League, I’d like to see the AFC Cup, CONCACAF Champions League and why not CAF Champions League; all would be very interesting. Maybe the UEFA Youth League too. I also got this wacky idea, totally infeasible, but my dream is that either PES or FIFA will at one point add a futsal game mode at least a major competition such as the UEFA Futsal Championship. I hope we’ll see the 3rd and 4th level leagues from England in the game, they would be unlicensed of course, but that’s no problem for us, passionate editors. Of course there are also some national teams that should be added even if not licensed, at least for the sake of properly playing qualification tournaments. Now, game modes. I have to say that I feel like the number of game modes in PES right now is just enough, so they should keep it this way. But they need some improvement. In Become a Legend and Master League specifically, I’d love to see more detailed cutscenes, you know what I’m talking about, PES 2013 made you feel like an actual footballer/manager. The editing is great, and it’s what made me LOVE the PES series. For me it’s a joy to be able to create my own fantasy league, with my own fantasy teams. But, I want this mode to be improved as well. We definitely need more kit designs, and I hope they bring back the option where you could choose the team’s kit style, between normal shirts and tight shirts. I also hope they add a slot for a second goalkeeper kit at least, and make it possible for us to also choose the goalkeeper’s kit before a match. Hopefully they will be able to add a few more licensed stadiums or at least bring back the stadium editor. Ah, the stadium editor. Oh God, Konami, please, PLEASE, I beg you, bring back this amazing editing feature. I’m sure I speak on behalf of ALL PES fans when I say that this tool was absolutely amazing, even with its limitations. For instance, I could create unique stadiums for my unique, custom created teams. We all tried to replicate the unlicensed stadiums with this. Of course, if they bring it back, they have to update it. More grass patterns, the ability to choose the net shape and pattern like in FIFA, the ability to set the capacity of the stadiums, remember how awesome it was in PES 6 when before a match you could choose how empty or full the stadium would be? So realistic! I also hope they’ll allow higher resolution images to be imported for the kits and for the league badges. It would be nice to have a photo importer for the player’s faces as well. I would like to have them add more cutscenes, diverse cutscenes before and during matches. FIFA 15 NAILS the match presentation, with tv-like camera angles, and the nice looking way of displaying the team’s starting lineups before the match. Right now they have the stadium name when a match begins, and what I’d like added next to that would be things such as the date, hour and weather displayed; I mean they had that in PES 6, in the year 2006, why wouldn’t it be in a 2015 game? Speaking of, I’d like to see a match time option before starting it, like FIFA, times between 12 pm to 10 pm. And of course, with that, dynamic lighting. If a match starts at 5:30 pm during autumn, by the start of the second half, they’d better have to turn on the floodlight. Weather effects are another thing that HAVE to be in the game. Yes I know, they brought back rain in PES 2015, (God can you believe this is a feature? 2014 without it was a mess!) but it HAS to be better. It has to affect the gameplay; players slipping, the ball bouncing less and in addition to wet kits, the hair should get wet too. I mean it’s not a Taft commercial. I want more options to this, different types of rain, and wind intensity. Also SNOW, and all of this have to affect the game. How awesome would it be, let’s say when playing Master League, , you’re about to start a new match, and it’s played mid-December or late January, you get a few shots of the stadium, under heavy snow, and then the commentator says that the match has been postponed. Now that’s what I’m talking about! And I mean, gamers HAVE the right to ask for these things, we have the right to WANT these things in our favorite game, the technology is there, it’s so advanced now, compared to only, let’s say five-seven years ago, so there’s no excuse. Oh and here we go, commentary… Well, I’d expect them to say stuff like “we’ll get new commentary in the game” like they said last summer about PES 2015, and all we got was the same tired, boring beyond belief team composed of Jon Champion and Jim Beglin, having one or two new lines added to the same commentary used since PES 2011. So that means that I’m pessimistic about the commentary, and I’m preparing to do the first thing I always do when booting up a new PES game for the first time. Turning off the commentary completely. Now, of course, I DO hope they’ll come up with a surprise announcement this summer, about bringing a new team of commentators. Oh wait… Nevermind Oh Lord have mercy Anyway I do expect, and hope for another exciting, hyped up summer, waiting for news about this game. But hopefully this time they’ll deliver. Their lack of communication with the fans and media is painful. Once again, I don’t expect any news at E3, since Gamescom has lately become the home of PES presentations and announcements. So, best bet is to wait until August for concrete, detailed news. The gameplay is solid, and HEAVILY improved from 2014, but it’d be always nice to see more varied and smooth animations. The collision system could also be improved. Oh and I hope they bring back the fluttering, realistic cloth simulation. Why did PES 2014 featured the Havok engine, and 2015 didn’t is beyond my understanding. Of course, it was a little bit exaggerated in 2014, but for example I am quite enjoying this visual effect in FIFA 15, and I’d like to see something similar for PES 2016. I mean, even with tight shirted kits, the shorts are moving a lot. Now, on to referees. Man, they have pissed me off in PES 2015. Like EVERY SINGLE MATCH! If I’m trying to dispossess a player, the second I get close to him and stretch the leg towards him… instant foul. And on top of it all, 8 out of 10 times it ends with a booking. ALL referees in this game are way too uptight. I mean, relax man, I didn’t kill him. On the other side, my opponents can slam my players all over the pitch and once in a blue moon, it’s called off a foul. And still they barely get booked. You know what would be nice? And this is something I’ve been dreaming about for a long time. Why not add a “Be A Referee” mode? Yeah, this way I’d take revenge on all those nonexistent yellow and red cards Also something that’d be really neat to see in the game: vanishing spray. It gained worldwide popularity at last year’s World Cup, and after that it’s been adopted by the top 5 leagues in Europe, and now even more leagues will implement it for the upcoming season. It has already been used in the Champions League and Europa League, licenses that Konami exclusively own, so… what are you waiting for? Vanishing spray in the game! We should be able to see who scores the goal and the minute on the scoreboard after play resumes. Penalties. I don’t know why, but they just don’t feel right. I’m never sure how to save one, and the targeting system needs to be reworked. I also hate how the goalkeeper seems to float when.. diving for the ball or… it’s weird. Another thing that needs to be changed about the gameplay is the way we control the ball. I want total, and I mean TOTAL freedom of the ball. Make it hard to control, just like real life. Okay, well maybe not like real life, because in real life I’d play using my feet, and not two sticks on a controller. But I want a bit of a challenge, and it would be so much more satisfying to dribble past defenders, knowing that the ball is easier to lose. Oh and the defense. It needs some work done, both for the user controlled team and the AI. No matter, the difficulty, the defense can be easily beaten by sending a through ball to your striker. As you’ll notice in my series, I scored quite a bunch of goals this way, but also conceded a lot in the same manner. Now the presentation. How awesome would it be to actually see cinematics of the Champions League and Europa League draws? It would fit in nicely in Master League and League game modes. It doesn’t have to be the whole thing but at least the portions where your team is involved. Also I think it’s time they’d add live scores from other matches while playing. FIFA had this since when? 11? 12? Yeah, this should have been in PES for a long time now. The replay system should be modified quite a bit too. It’s always the same, first, a longer sequence from a distance shot, the second, a closer shot and then it goes into the replay, sort of editor. Once again, looking at FIFA 15, they’ve done a really nice job with the replays they look just like in a tv broadcast, and I rarely skip any of them. This should be done in PES as well, have the usual option of skipping the replay, but add the possibility to jump into the editor with the press of a button, instead of automatically going into it at the end of each replay sequence. Not only do they need to have diverse injury types in 2016, but… they have to implement them in the game. Honestly, I got no player injured in this game, and I’ve been playing it since day one! It’s absurd. You know what else needs to be improved? Goal celebrations. It’s nice that they have the trademark celebrations for the superstars and all, but sometimes they’re out of context and it also becomes very repetitive. I don’t want to see a player over excited for scoring only the consolation goal, or when I score a last minute winner, he celebrates by himself. This comes back to cinematics, I want to see much more, I want it to express emotions, have the game interrupted during derbies when the fans start to go crazy, or show the players arguing and getting into fights, have the ultras throw stuff on the pitch. Yeah I know it’s not the nice side of the sport and I know the game must fall under an E rating, but still, we’ve seen those things happening. Or, create some nice cinematics with the fans reactions, show the crowd before the game, reacting to a miss or foul, or cheering and being joyous when a goal is scored or the match has ended. The PES series was renowned for its attention to detail. Show a detailed ceremony before the finals, and after match, players getting the medals, shaking hands with the presidents, detailed stuff like that. Well, that’s about all I can think of right now, I’m sure I missed a lot of points and aspects of the game, but I want to hear your ideas too. What do they have to improve and what do you think should be completely changed or added new to this game? I’m really looking forward to read your ideas too. It’s been a joy to bring you this video, let’s hope for an exciting summer full of announcements, that will be covered on this channel, and let’s hope for a great game this year. Drop a like on this video if you have enjoyed it, and if you haven’t already, subscribe for more gameplay and gaming related videos. It’s been Corocus until next time Take care.

15 thoughts on “PES 2016 WISHLIST

  1. Some things that I forgot:

    -As a PC gamer, I seriously hope we get a proper PS4 port this year. No more excuses, FIFA had the same version on all platforms last year (PS4, Xone and PC)
    -Goal net physics, I'm sick of the same super outdated, unrealistic effect
    -Animation variety depending on the player's stamina. Towards the end of the match, when the players are getting tired, make it visible. It's unacceptable that even with the stamina bar drained, they have the same running animation/speed as in the 1st minute.
    -Cinematics of players exchanging shirts after big league games/international games.
    -Cinematics of our player/manager giving interviews before or after matches in ML/BAL
    -We need the option to set the nationality of fake teams. It sucks to have them restricted, maybe I want to make all teams Brazilian, and you'll hear chants in German.
    -Allow the option of having custom leagues with fewer teams (14, 12, 10) and play-off after regular season.
    -Bring back the awesome locker room cinematics in BAL
    -Guard of honor for teams that wins the league before the end of the season.  
    -Hair movement. When FIFA finally implemented this, it disappeared in PES. That logic, I won't understand.
    -Players confronting fans when the team is in critical condition (bad season, near relegated/relegation zone)

    That's all I remember now. Will edit this comment if I remember anything else. Waiting for your wishes! 🙂

  2. My wishlist in pes 2016:
    The real names of the teams in premiere league.
    And I want bundesliga in pes 2016.
    And for the CAF Champions league I want those teams:
    Raja Casablanca.
    Wydad Casablanca.
    Al ahly (Egypte).
    Wifaq setif (Algeria).
    USMA (Algeria).
    African club (Tunisia).
    And some other famous teams in Africa.

  3. And I want from to repair pes 2015:
    Premiere league teams, and the second English league teams.
    I want also borussia Dortmund.
    And all the teams in the Europa league.
    For the stadiums I want :
    Signal iduna park
    Camp nou
    Santiago bernabeu.
    Stamford bridge.
    Stadio Olympico (Roma).
    Vicente Calderon.
    Estadio mestalla.
    And all the important stadiums in whole world.
    And I want those stadiums in pes 2016 too.
    If I forgot something I will write it in the comments . And thanks

  4. I forgot something I want from konami to replace some teams like Sparta Pragha by Dortmund and other teams like ludogorets.

  5. I forgot the sport dresses :
    I hope from konami to do 3 sport dresses for each team in pes 2015 after repair it & for pes 2016.

  6. Starting to think about #PES2016? Check out my wishlist video and leave a comment if you agree with my points and what else would you like added or changed. 

  7. So #PES2016  is going to be revealed in 5 days! Do you think they'll get close to what I mentioned in my wishlist video?

  8. Why to spend money on some stupid leagues.Its better to spend that money to employ someone to work on gameplay.

  9. I want Bundesliga and real kits names and logos of braclays(first english league),then i want real names and kits of national team,stadium editor and trophies for every competition

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