PENAUD / RAKA / LOPEZ  | Sous la Pression 🏃‍♂🏉🇫🇷 | Team Orange Rugby

PENAUD / RAKA / LOPEZ | Sous la Pression 🏃‍♂🏉🇫🇷 | Team Orange Rugby

So Damian, we’re gonna ask you a few questions with Raka, the game is easy, either you answer well and it’s cool for you, or you don’t and we do whatever we want with you. Ready?
– Yeah. It’s on, I’m starting. The romanian Ovidiu Tonita holds a sad record in the World Cup history. Which one? He went through three spear tackles in 3editions, His nickname is “Notre-Dame de Bucarest”, B. He’s the player who had the most sanctions in the world cup history Or C. He’s the player who lost the biggest number of games. I’d say C. Good answer. Who’s the youngest player in the history of Rugby to play in a World Cup final? A. Xavier Garbajosa
B. Jim Précoce C. François Steun
D. Vasil Lobzhanidze Good answer Thanks.
– You cheated. We’re gonna go up a little, he cheated. You looked.
– I didn’t!
– You did. What did the World Rugby do in 2015 after Sonny Bill Williams gave his medal to a young fan? A. He got a 10 000€ fine B. They asked him if it was his last word C. They made a new one for him.
– They made a new one for him. It’s too easy. Which affirmation about Johnny Wilkinson in the World Cup is false… How do you know? He’s the player who scored the most drops inthe World Cup history,

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  1. On en parle y fait 5minute de course à 15km/h en réfléchissant et en parlant il est même pas essoufflé c’est la quand voix son haut niveau

  2. Dommage de prendre a chaque fois les joueurs dun même club ca pourrait créé une meilleure cohésion d'équipe si on melangeais les clubs

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