Pawn Stars: RARE FOOTBALL PAWNS | History

Pawn Stars: RARE FOOTBALL PAWNS | History

26 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: RARE FOOTBALL PAWNS | History

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  2. Superbowl program was called a playbill? It's been rigged opera for years lol ah hah. And that's not how the Superbowl name came about.tool

  3. Some person: I have the table from the last supper it’s worth about $10,000,000

    Rick: The best I can do is $50 and Chumlee im taking a HUGE risk here

  4. What an awkward encounter with the last guy. I think he was on the show previously, trying to sell them a ring that ended up not even being legit.

  5. That’s funny how that guy thought that was the real super bowl trophy lol . It’s replica of course, they make only 1 Super Bowl trophy.

  6. Wtf was the second guy doing?!???!? Brought in a ring. Asked for 25k. Expert said its worth 35k. He then asked for 22k… The god of negotiation

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