Ozzy Man Reviews: Soap Soccer

Ozzy Man Reviews: Soap Soccer

Okie Dokie. Welcome to Ozzie Mann’s dodgy as fuck world cup content. Today’s match is between Brazil. Annnd. Ye nah, Brazil. Yep. I am fairly confident both teams are representing Brazil, The game will be refereed by a lucky bastard who knows it. Ye hehe. He knows it. And here we go, there’s a kick followed by a big bounce. Already I’ve lost track of the ball. Oh, it’s near the goal, no saved. I’m actually thinking the wet conditions should make it easier to score. Yeah there it is. Goal. As we can see the wetness helped her slide it in quiet comfortably. The referee picks a favorite. That is corrupt. There’s a huge kick. A tumble. And a handjob. I mean a handball. No idea why handjobs are on the mind. The referee gives out his phone number. Here’s an action shot. And an action shot. But most of the action is at the rear end. Some finger tips managed to get between the legs and the goals were penetrated once more. The referee argues the goal, the cameraman goes in tight. And there’s a real goal. Fuck. Yes. It’s time for a bouncing celebration. The referee is like Austin Powers. Oh, no, I fell over. Dear me, I fell over again. Goal and action pose. Bouncy bounce, dancy dance. I don’t think anyone really wants to play anymore. Clearly, the winner is planet earth overall. Oh no I fell over again. How do I keep falling over. It’s a fine line between pleasure and pain. She’s desperately yelling out her safe word. No one listens, and yeah. It ends in an orgy. The main injuries will be pinkeye.

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