Ochocinco’s Story About “Almost” Beating Up Ray Lewis 😳 | Simms & Lefkoe: The Show

– That is a bad rumor, but the
biggest thing—it’s a rumor -Ugh! Grrr! I looked like a wimp last week so I’m gonna grind
my teeth this week! -You know,
I once beat up Ray Lewis -What? Yeah, I mean—
-That’s another story I could
tell ♪♪ -What is up? And welcome back
to “Simms & Lefkoe” Headed into Week 4 Week 3 is in the books! And Monday night, I thought,
“Oh, no The end of Ryan Fitzpatrick
has come” Second half,
almost wins the game Where are you on
the Ryan Fitzpatrick “It’s over/He’s
still going” meter? -I’m over talking about it
on a weekly basis already I know that.
Like, we’re, like, every week Hey, he had a rough first half against a desperate
Steeler team but battled back
and made some big-time plays -Still his team?
-Definitely still his team What’s more annoying about the
“Monday Night Football” game is that game should have been over
about a quarter before it was but we are not allowed
to blow in the ear of quarterbacks anymore,
and those are penalties -But you’re a quarterback,
Chris Simms! -I don’t care. I’m old-school,
and they need to hit them. Hit them hard
-I don’t want anyone to hit Ryan Fitzpatrick
after I saw him doing this -Pure, unadulterated joy This is after
the Mike Evans touchdown Now, Fitzpatrick, he did get
sacked a few times last night We got to see his sack face And we had everyone reach out,
and, boy did we get a lot of yours
-Right -Of their quarterbacks getting
sacked in Week 3 And we wanna take people into
the minds of the quarterbacks as they get sacked,
so you go first -Oh, Eli! “Ugh! Grrr! I looked like a wimp last week so I’m gonna grind my teeth
this week! I can take a shot
from the gut from J.J. Watt! Ahhh, tough Eli memes this week! Grrr!” -Alex Smith
-“Um, Cali, bro! Look at how my hand’s ridin’ the
wave of this football, man Super loose, super chill,
super cool” Do your favorite
quarterback here -Oh, my favorite quarterback.
“Hi, I’m Aaron Rodgers So, uh, I’ve been carrying this team
for 10 years Let me just carry
the Redskins along with me I hope this guy throws me down
like a rag doll and then they won’t call it but they’ll call it on my guy
later on, Clay Matthews when he makes
a perfect form tackle” -All right, I got Andrew Luck “Dearest Rebecca,
I ask you to remember me not for this sack,
but for my career as a whole Signing off—
Your captain, Andrew Luck” Oh, look who it is, Simms -Oh, look who it is -Getting a shot to Peppers
right in the old gut -“Oh, oh, please, Julius,
don’t hit me in the spleen! It’s already losing blood
at this point Hit me a little lower
than the spleen It won’t hurt Oh, I’m still tough
and losing blood and dying on the field,
but I’m playing! Now, I’m—Gosh,
I might have to retire early and go work with some idiot
named Lefkoe at one point” -Wait, so you’re telling me that the game that we chose
for your sack face… -I am truly—
-…that was the spleen game? And that’s after
you lost your spleen? -Well, I didn’t—
-Well, busted your spleen
-I mean, it’s being destructed as we were watching it
right there It’s bleeding internally But it just shows you
how tough I am Look, losing blood—I
don’t even make a wimpy face. I’m just like, “Grrr! Losing
blood, dying—doesn’t matter!” -See, that’s why you’re OK
with the roughing the passer You’re able to look
at your stuff you’re a true self-scout,
and I’m really proud of you -Thank you for being proud -But I think we need to do
some self-scouting
-OK -I want some more analysis
-Sure -It’s what separates us
as analysts We’re OK admitting
when we’re wrong Jared Goff
-Yeah -You were questioning
his abilities questioning his talent Look, even our fans upset with
you “Keep the Rams
out of your mouth Gurley was a one-hit wonder.
STFU,” all that stuff. But a lot of Rams fans
have come at you and your criticism of Goff -OK
-Self-scout yourself -Yeah, well, I mean, Goff I think what I said early on
is what he was The fact that I would— Do I wanna say he’s a system
quarterback early on? Hey, he was the No. 1 pick
of the draft and he had to be massaged a
little bit his first year or two, OK? -How about now, though?
-But right now? Yes, I mean,
we’re seeing a new Jared Goff We’re seeing a guy
that is not actually managing the offense or McVay’s making
things so easy for him What I’ve seen in the first
three games from Jared Goff is actually a guy that I’m going,
“Wow, gettin’ outta the pocket makin’ big-time throws
on the run Wow, throwin’ 101 mph
fastballs and painting the corner into a tight window
to a receiver,” or “Wow, a bomb throw down the
right on the money” So, those are things
that I didn’t see I thought the offense
and the talent around him early on was more carrying him
than the other way around but we’re seeing a guy
that’s coming into his own right in front of us,
and I got no problem with that I’m not gonna STFU,
but FU to Brandon McIntosh
-[Laughing] -I hear that you have
a self-scout for me -[Laughing]
This is gonna be more fun Have you seen
Lefkoe’s Locks lately? Let’s self-scout that! -Why?
-Cuz they’re horrible! -What’s so wrong with them?
-You’re 0-8! -So, the last two weeks,
I’m 0-8 It’s my job to pick games
-Right -It’s their job to decide
what to do with my picks -Ohhh
-If they would’ve bet against me all four games in a $100 parlay,
you know how much money they’d have?
-Right -Nearly $1,500 If they did it for two weeks you know how much money
they’d have? Nearly $25,000 -Man, I’m still thinking about
I can’t even— -Yeah, well, guess what? Michelangelo didn’t paint
the Sistine Chapel cuz he thought
he was more of a sculptor -Huh
-I thought I was
a winner-picker I’m not.
I’m a Lefkoe Loser Locker, OK? So use my information correctly and maybe you would’ve made
some money This is not a “me” issue,
it’s a “them” issue, Simms -Oh, I gotcha You’re such
a diva wide receiver
-Yes It’s disgusting.
“He’s open every play, Coach. Throw it to him.
It’s never his fault.” -I have a story from another
diva wide receiver Little Chad Johnson
-Oooh -Where he claims that
he almost beat up Ray Lewis Almost -Yeah, right
-Almost -Good luck, Chad -You know,
I almost beat up Ray Lewis -What? Yeah, I mean—
-Another story I could tell -I like the way you say “almost” -“Almost” is the key phrase
-You “almost” beat nobody -Because, listen, Ray and I are
very good friends similar to how T.O. and I are So, we’re playing the Ravens.
We’re in Baltimore. Ray and I talked
before the game We did our ritual
that we always do We always met at the 50,
and we’d say a short prayer In the game, at some point there was a slant
that was thrown too high He hit me, and the safety hit me
at the same time in a sandwich -Yeah
-My helmet went flying
-Right -And I jumped up, and I ran
at Ray like we was gonna fight Obviously, I wasn’t gonna hit
him during the game cuz I didn’t wanna
get thrown out -Right
-But where could I catch Ray? In the locker room -After the game
-After the game -What?
-So, what do I do? I put on my tight jeans
cuz, you know, all my clothes
are tight -Right
-Tie up my shoes real tight and I go towards
the Ravens locker room I ask Ed [Reed], “Where’s Ray?”
And I just wanna talk. Man, Ray had went out
the back door and he already headin’
to the car So I go out to the parking lot and he pullin’ off,
and I’m runnin’ after Ray’s car -You got a shirt on
now and everything? -No shirt.
I’m runnin’ after Ray’s car. I’m like, “Yo!”
-Yeah -And I know he can see me
in the rearview mirror cuz at that time, you know,
I had a little size on me
-[Laughing] -I can barely see him now
-I don’t think Ray
really wanted that beef You know, cuz I’m a boxer.
I box. -Yeah
-You know? And I think he understood
and knows about my hands -[Laughing]
-And, therefore, he didn’t wanna get shown up, and
Ed Reed really saved Ray by holding me up
-Giving a little more time
to get away -To get to his car.
That’s what happened. -Ray, you see how close you were
to gettin’ your ass beat by Ochocinco? -Almost -Yeah, Chad, almost All right, we have three-time
Pro Bowler DeMarco Murray in the house DeMarco, we want to play a game
that we call “Depth Chart” I’m gonna give you
three names and a scenario and you have to tell me
which one you’re going to start which one is the backup and
which one is in street clothes -OK
-So the first scenario is this A baby is falling
out of a window Which of these running backs do
you trust the most to catch it? Start, backup, healthy scratch Darren Sproles, David Johnson,
Le’Veon Bell -Hopefully it’s not
my baby, but, uh… [Laughing] I would say Sproles -OK
-Because he’s a little softer he’s a smaller guy,
and he won’t hurt the baby when he catches the baby -I agree with that.
It’s gonna be a soft landing. -It’s gonna be a soft landing. I would say David Johnson
is my backup -Yeah, I don’t trust
Le’Veon Bell catching my baby Not at this point
-Le’Veon Bell, he may be
rapping or doing something He may be—his
mind may be elsewhere and let the baby fall
and splat -He might be like,
“I’ll catch this baby if I get a
new contract” -He might be like, “Hold on,
hold on,
my agent’s calling. Hold on.” -He may be elsewhere mentally.
Mentally, he may be elsewhere. -All right.
Your Uber didn’t show up. You need someone reliable
to pick you up Who do you call? Jason Witten, Delanie Walker,
Zach Ertz -Hmmm, that’s a good choice
there -Tight ends are reliable
-That’s tough
-They are reliable I mean, I gotta go
with my man Witt I mean, Witt is always on time.
He’s never late. -Yes
-Every time he’s told me he’ll be somewhere, he’s there I would say Zach Ertz… Delanie’s a
little different now Delanie, you know,
Delanie may be “Yeah, you know, I
gotta talk to this girl” He has this voice
-[Laughing] -If you know Delanie,
he has this voice Like, “Yeah, man,
I got caught up” You know, he has this voice I can’t, I can’t imitate
-He might be doing something -He may be doing something else -He’s gonna B.S. you
and be late -He’s hilarious, yeah So you got Witten as the start Ertz as the backup and then Delanie is
the street clothes -Yeah
-And you know Witten He’s like Johnny Perfect
over there, right? -He might give me a lesson -Yeah, but it’s always a lesson
that you can take, you know? Always, you know, maybe a little
ass-rippin’, but it’s something that you can take, you know,
and use it in your life -You guys take coaching well -Well, I wouldn’t What I’d be more worried about
with Witten is be, like he’s just a wimpy driver and
we don’t get anywhere in time It’s like, “Oh, it’s a yellow!”
-“Go ahead, go ahead” -“I gotta stop. It’s a yellow
light, everybody.” No, go! -All right,
I got one more for you Music, DeMarco Murray:
start, bench, street clothes Who would you like to control
the aux cord at a house party? Fletcher Cox, Marcus Mariota,
Dez Bryant -Why can’t we just say radio? Like, what the hell’s
an aux cord? -Well, because you want to have
your own music there -Yes
-I have my own playlist
-Like you’re gonna rely on Z100 “Hot Pops” -OK, so, well, why
can’t we say DJ? Who can be the DJ? -Because the kids
are saying aux cord -Yeah, DJ’s more formal -It’s my party?
-We’re canceling out Mariota
right now, OK? I’m just gonna say that -I don’t know.
You don’t know that. What kind of music
would Marcus Mariota play? -You know,
he likes the island music which was great, you know, unless,
you know, you’re like “Aw, damn.
It’s a Wednesday practice. I’m not in the mood.”
Then I hear this song. -Right
-I’m like… -Right
-Yeah, I hear you -I would say Dez Dez will probably
have the aux cord Dez, he’ll mix it up, and
he’s able to take some advice So if I say,
“Hey, Dez, put this song on” -He’d be like, “I like that” -“I gotcha, I gotcha” -So you’re telling us
Dez is coachable -Dez is very coachable -That’s good to hear
-He’s very coachable -That’s a bad rumor that’s out there
-That is a bad rumor But the biggest
thing—it’s a rumor -Thanks, man
-Likewise Definitely, it was fun.
It was fun. -This is DeAngelo Hall and you’re watching
“Simms & Lefkoe” -Hello, and welcome back
to “Simms & Lefkoe” We’re not all fun Sometimes we’re investigation and we have something brewing
in New England You’re very well aware
of all their scandals Deflategate, Spygate—mired
in controversy The latest: Is this the end of
the Patriots dynasty? For a little bit more insight,
I’ve brought in our NFL informant We have, of course,
had to cast him in shadow We are modulating
your voice, sir You are a true Patriot Thank you so much
for joining us -No problem.
Thanks for having me. -Of course, of course I want to establish a little
bit of your credentials here You did work with the Patriots,
and you were able to witness coach Bill Belichick
on a regular basis -I did I got to see the inner workings
of the New England Patriots how they approached things
on a daily basis and certainly observed
the greatest NFL head coach in the history of the sport -You’ve seen the way
he starts his day You’ve seen the way
that he goes about his day What kind of a man
is Bill Belichick? -Well, he is just
an absolute grinder That’s what he is He is detailed,
focused, on a daily basis It never changes You see those news conferences That’s not an act.
That’s who he is. -Would you say that
Coach Belichick had any vices? -Well, everybody has
their vices But the one that was concerning
to me was the salt water taffy -Excuse me
-Yes? -Salt water taffy?
-Yes Bill Belichick is a sucker
for salt water taffy specifically from
a very well-known place at the Jersey Shore
called Shriver’s He loves it
-Is this Shriver’s
in Ocean City, New Jersey? -Exactly -How would he obtain
this salt water taffy? -That I don’t know I’m not sure how he obtains it I’m not sure
if somebody ships it to him or whoever it may be but always had a big bucket
of Shriver’s Salt Water Taffy -How often would you see him
consuming this salt water taffy? -There would be times where I’d
see one or two in his hand maybe a few in his pocket, where
he’d be walking around But the amount consumed
on a daily basis? Hard for me to tell -Sir, would you say that
you noticed more of the salt water taffy
consumption beginning, middle, end of the
season? -Certainly the beginning
of the season Almost a training camp snack
or treat -So you’re saying
that earlier in the year he is consumed with sugar He is tantalized by treats
-Yes -He is worn down by the wondrous
snacks of the Jersey Shore And that, possibly—not
your words, my words Mr. Informant—he
could possibly be so consumed with confectioners’
sugar that he’s unable to process a game plan? -I think
that’s a fair assessment -And as the bucket of taffy goes
down, the wins pile up Fret not, Patriots fans,
the taffy will soon be gone Mr. Informant,
you are a Patriot you are an absolute
prized possession of the “Simms & Lefkoe” show and I thank you
for your service -Thank you for having me
-Of course I’m blown away He looked me in the eye,
and the connection between taffy and Belichick makes sense to me -I don’t know.
You know, who is this guy? I question it.
I mean, put a face to it. That’s what I would say.
Come out and say it. You’re hiding behind, what?
Some dark lighting? I don’t get that I don’t know
if I trust this guy -I do a lot -Hey, guys, how you doin’?
Allie here. Allie’s Newsstand I just wanted to wish you guys
the best of luck moving forward I hope that you guys make better
bets than I did last week I know I fell short But you know, I’m still 2-for-3. So if you need any more picks make sure you come and see me,
57th and Broadway -Allie, Allie, Allie! I thought you had it Everyone here
at “Simms & Lefkoe” was rooting for you, and in
came Baker Mayfield Dude, I even had
these T-shirts made I’m really sorry.
But I got $250. I got another
Thursday night game and I need another New Yorker
to pick my team It’s what we call
“Somebody & Lefkoe” The quest to find New York’s
best random bettor continues I’m here with Ira Freehof You run this joint, Cookshop -Yes
-Yes -But now, I’m looking
to be the new Oracle -Oooh -That’s what
I’m looking for now -Was that a message to Simms?
-It was Chris
-Watch your back, Chris! So, you have quite the matchup,
“Thursday Night Football” -A great game
-Great game Minnesota loses in embarrassing
fashion to Buffalo Now they head to the Rams, who
was just crushin’ the Chargers Rams are favored by 6.5 -And that’s what I think about
the NFL—it’s so crazy When you think you’ve got it
figured out, you don’t -I definitely don’t -As you said,
the Rams look unstoppable The Vikings played terribly
against the Bills But I’m thinking maybe
they were looking ahead -Ahhh -They certainly
wanna make up for that -Yes
-They’re 5-0, straight up and against the spread
in the last five games against the Rams -We might have ourselves a shark -And for those reasons,
I like the Vikings to keep it close,
if not win outright The Vikings, plus-6.5 are my pick
-Wow Even though the home team’s won
every “Thursday Night Football” thus far?
-Even though Again, when you think you’ve got
it figured out? Nope, you don’t -I thought
I had you figured out -I’m going against Ira
-Oh, surprise Cuz I wanna go against Ira I don’t like Ira I like him, but I don’t want to
go with him, OK? And I have questions
about the Vikings, OK? -You trust the Rams
-I trust the Rams They’re the best team
in football They’re steamrollin’ everybody We had questions
about the Vikings going into the Bills game
-Yes -They lay an egg What’s the deal
with Everson Griffen? It’s Thursday night,
and they’re the road team -Yes
-I’m going Rams and McVay -Football-wise, Vikings interior
O-line’s a little weak Donald, Suh—big trouble
-Uh-oh -Little China -Simms, everyone’s questioning my Lefkoe Locks
-Yes, me too -I’ve gone 0-8
the last two weeks It’s been well-documented So this weekend, #EmbraceTheMush
is the hashtag
-I’ll embrace you -So whenever you see my picks,
go against it with your bookie, your fantasy
team, your survivor pool Show me on social
that you’re taking the opposite of my bets, and #EmbraceTheMush -I hope you go 4-0 this week -Thanks, bro
-Thanks, buddy -For Simms
-Peace out, homies -I’m Lefkoe We will holla, holla, holla
atcha later Enjoy the games this Sunday How would he procure
such salt water taffy? -I don’t know
what “procure” means so you’ll have to
explain that to me [Laughing] -How did he obtain this salt
water taffy? -[Laughing] -It’s OK It’s a serious subject,
sometimes filled with laughter [Laughing]

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