NLE CHOPPA VS. NBA YOUNGBOY | Before They Were Famous

NLE CHOPPA VS. NBA YOUNGBOY | Before They Were Famous

“I know you see everybody compare you to
NBA YoungBoy. Whatchu think about that?” “I don’t know why they compare me to him,
I don’t sound like him. They say I look like him and s*** I don’t
see that s*** neither.” Now the internet has compared these two time
and time again, and there were even rumours of beef but NLE Choppa he came forward to
clear the air citing NBA Youngboy as his favourite rapper. “Like you tryna beef with YoungBoy, cuh… When the f*** have I ever said I’m tryna
beef with YoungBoy, let me know. YoungBoy my favourite rapper.” Even in our Before They Were Famous video
made last week on Choppa, well the comments were flooded again comparing him to Youngboy
and even when interviewed by XXL, well when he was asked who his style has been compared
to, well he said this. “Who you think? I know you know, it’s so annoying. They say NBA YoungBoy. They say I look like him, sound like him,
stand like him, dress like him. They say my hair’s like his—everything around
me is compared to YoungBoy. With so many people comparing these two it
seems like the internet is hoping that there would be beef. Now there were even those stating that Choppa
he put out some kind of diss track. “He said you made a diss. You dumb as f***. That was a leaked song fool. When did I diss him? The f***? Y’all f***ing retarded as hell, cuh.” So it appears that there is no real beef. Even still the comparisons between the two
artists is a bit of an elephant in the room situation. You can’t deny they look a lot a like, both
are from the south, and they got started in their mid teens. So before Idols become Rivals we thought we
would have a little bit of fun and compare these two against one another in a good old
fashioned Versus video. We’re gonna face them off against one another
in a head to head match up with three rounds and in the last one well you guys have your
say on who is the victor. We’ll be running a poll above my head and
that’s where you can vote. My name of course is Michael McCrudden, you
know me as the Before They Were Famous guy, and I feel like I need to add a little disclaimer
to this video. For the celebrities who will likely end up
watching this video we mean no disrespect. You have reached the level of fame and recognition
and we make these videos in jest, just, you know, having a little bit of fun. Seriously, people get a little bent out of
shape. I mean it’s the internet, we’re just having
a little bit of fun. Now I could make versus videos until the cows
come home. So if you have any suggestions for a future
match up sound off in the comments down below. The list is endless. Kanye VS Kim… FaZe Tfue VS PewDiePie… or Ninja!… or
anyone! Or me VS… Oh that’d be juicy. Aright, let’s get into this versus video. Round 1… Fight! ROUND 1 let’s talk about their CLOUT and by
that I mean their numbers over on Social Media. Now both these boys they have a habit of deleting
their posts off of Instagram. Once upon a time Youngboy he deleted everything,
but I’m happy to report he’s back on the gram. Although his camera man, he needs to stop
messing with him. “It’s a video!” “Huh?” “It’s a video!” “Oh b**** what up?!” Despite having mass deleted everything, well
NBA YoungBoy, he boasts 6.6 Million followers for his 14 posts. His YouTube channel has 4.9 Million Subscribers
with over 3 Billion views and he’s got another 1.6 Million followers on Twitter. Those are some tough numbers to beat. Now YoungBoy he’s been in the game since
2015 so he’s got a bit of a head start. Choppa Choppa he is sitting on 1.1 Million
Instagram followers at the time of this recording. He actually gave me a little shout out when
we did his Before They Were Famous, much appreciated. Choppa’s YouTube channel boasts 1/2 a Million
Subscribers with over 70 million views. Now I couldn’t confirm which was his actual
Twitter account, it looks like it’s NLE Choppa 1 which has 9 thousand followers. If you pump both of their names into Google
Trends, well NBA Youngboy he’s on top and he stays there so despite the hype, well Choppa
he has a ways to go to catch up to YoungBoy. And you know, the numbers game, they don’t
lie. So uh, anyway, I don’t think he’s too
upset, it look’s like the kid’s having a blast. “I just wanna start by saying um… I f***ing love life. I do, I do.” So for round 1, I gotta give the W to YounBoy Round 2… Fight! For ROUND 2 we are gonna talk about their
Headlines. Recently both have been giving back to their
communities they’ve come from. Choppa paid a visit to Douglas K 12 School
to meet with his old principal and motivate the children. “Check out my old principal, man.” “Hey, this kid used to stay in trouble in
my office. Oh man, I’m proud of you man.” And Youngboy was seen at a homeless shelter
giving food to those who have none. But of course it hasn’t always been good news. Youngboy he spent time in jail for attempted
first degree murder charges in 2017 and he was indicted for charges of aggravated assault
and kidnapping in early 2018 after footage surfaced of the rapper allegedly assaulting
his girlfriend Jania Jackson. Now these legal issues they have slowed down
some mainstream press coverage for the young rapper, but it certainly hasn’t stopped his
trajectory as an artist. As for NLE Choppa, well the most controversial
thing to hit the headlines from him, well it’s been his ban on using guns. the police called me, my mother, my whole family they call every one of us, everyday. hey, we might come lock your mom, he 16. He has more guns than the US army. Now I’ve got no idea where this kid has
got his hands on so many weapons. He’s used them frequently on Instagram and
in his music videos, but in the time since he’s decided to distance himself from this
image. He want’s to appeal more to brands and sponsors
but every now and then he will show up on IG live with what is clearly a fake gun with
an orange cap on the tip. Just you know, cause you know old habits die
hard… right? That’s the saying right? Old habits die… hard. I don’t know. Now I mean no disrespect to YoungBoy but it
seems like Choppa has a good head on his shoulders, I know his mom she stepped into the roll of
management and she ain’t messing around, so for this round I’m gotta give Choppa the W. Round 3… fight! Alright for ROUND 3 we are gonna talk about
their music. NBA Youngboy he released four mixtapes: Life
Before Fame, Mind of a Menace, Mind of a Menace 2, and Before I Go. And this was before a major breakout moment
came in 2017 with 38 Baby, which featured Boosie Badazz and Kevin Gates. Now since then, he’s released eight solo
mixtapes, two collaborative projects, and three EPs. In 2017, he signed a rumoured $2 million dollar,
five-album deal with Atlantic Records, and he dropped his debut studio album, Until Death
Call My Name. Now NBA Youngboy he has landed himself on
the Billboard Hot 100 10 times and his album it peaked at number 7. It’s over on YouTube where he is a juggernaut
with a handful of videos surpassing 100 Million views. In comparison NLE Choppa he is no slouch. His single “Shotta Flow” it propelled Choppa
from No. 16 to No. 11 on the Billboards Emerging Artist charts. The song and video, well they currently have
38 million views on YouTube, while the song’s sequel, “Shotta Flow 2,” it’s got another
22 million in two months. There was a bidding war between every major
label to sign Choppa but he decided to stay independent turning down a reported 3 Million
dollars so his music, well it will remain his own. Depending on how you look at things that might
make him the actual winner in the long run, but for now I need you guys to decide who
is the true victor in the poll above my head. Alright guys this wraps up this video here
on versus, our video on NLE Choppa it exploded and back when we did YoungBoy a couple months
ago it was also a big hit. So we decided to bring them together for a
versus. But we can do versus on anyone under the sun,
we need your suggestions in the comments down below, thanks for all of you guys who participated
in the poll, and if you haven’t subscribed to this channel already, what are you waiting
for? I mean we ain’t quitting. I’m doing this everyday. It’s every day bro. I’ll see you guys in another video. BOOM!

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  1. But I like the chopper because he's on crime he has guns that's all if you youngboy got couple crimes on him a this music is too much content of his music and he busy talked about his girlfriend lot and he mess with her a lot talk to her

  2. Why would people compare choppa to YB if choppa is a YB fan and if they 😎 cool 🤷some people need 2 think b4 they do🤦

  3. Plus I 💘love youngboy music its fire,has a good flow,good rhythem,and has a good meaning and definition 2 it

  4. Great Vid, I subscribed! Ayy yall I bet y'all a hunned if
    NLE had dreds he would like look YallKnowNigel Channel Extreme Youtuber
    hint:(copy and paste). Thats Crazy!!!!!!

  5. NLE choppa And nba youngboy are both the best rappers and my favorites I have liked nba youngboy since he came out, and I am real fans of them any real fan will tell you they both act completely different I got the same hair as both of em so only same thing is the hair but other then that they completely different

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