NHL Tonight: Bobrovsky Shines in Game 3 (Apr. 30, 2019)

NHL Tonight: Bobrovsky Shines in Game 3 (Apr. 30, 2019)

So Borowski is doing his thing. Check out the first seven seasons of his career in the play five and 14 given up three to half goals per game this year six in one less than two goals a game and check out that same percentage weeks. I want you to take me through this. What is the difference in a mentality of a guy early on in his career in the playoffs and then when you kind of start getting going I think it’s really a function you know some growth and some maturation. Every player goes through that in their own way especially in a pressurized position like net. And I would also say for C.J. Grabowski and hearts you know this having to play with them. He’s arguably the hardest working guy in the team. He’s a consummate professional and he’s found ways to retool his game. He’s found ways to elevate his game. And this is from a guy that’s a two time veteran a winner. I mean you’re talking about a guy that long after the games he’s riding the bike for an hour. He’s the first one of the practice ring. He goes to Red Bulls training facility in the offseason to work on his game. I’m talking about June. Now maybe might not be able to do that this year but June July. And you know when you when you’re always searching to add things to improve your game you’re gonna get results it’s just a matter of time. So nice for him that he’s getting the results and another great thing. I love the fact that he was creating his teammates their hearts you heard him talk about it how hard the guys are playing in front of him that’s huge too. Or just the way they’re playing in front of him they are blocking shocks shots. They’re sacrificing they’re getting pucks deep pucks out of their own blue line they’re getting pucks deep at the other team’s blue line. So they’re making it easy on Bob and when they’re not there to make make a save for him our big block from Bob they’re just doing what he does best and blocking are making a save. So for Bob he’s it’s been a long time making for him and just so happy for him and the city of Columbus that they’re doing awesome. And also to see how quickly the franchise to. I mean this is the first year they’ve gotten past the first round. Unreal and they’ve had good teams. They have good players. But it’s nice to see that they stuck with it as a franchise and everybody’s bought into your point on the fans didn’t sit down the whole third period. Totally awesome totally. Can you talk to what it is to play in front of a goalie who’s figuring it out and listen it almost feels wrong and I’m saying figure it out cause the guy is he’s an all star and all world gold but it seems like he’s figuring it out right now. Yeah. You know it’s it’s frustrating. I think you know the previous years obviously I was there for for one of the years when in the playoffs and you know some soft goals that that he should do they normally stops and and this year he’s making everything he’s making the stops that he should. He’s making some of that that he ain’t that he shouldn’t. So for Bob it’s he’s the man right now he’s got a lot of confidence and when the going gets a lot of confidence you would know dangerous. No doubt no doubt. Good to see.

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  1. Thank you so much for uploading all of these videos 🙂 Can't get enough of these Blue Jackets!

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