NHL Tonight: Blue Jackets Keep Shocking, Take 3-0 Series Lead (Apr. 14, 2019)

NHL Tonight: Blue Jackets Keep Shocking, Take 3-0 Series Lead (Apr. 14, 2019)

All right. So the Blue Jackets since that first intermission remember they were down 3 not being looked like the lightning going to steamroll them. Everything is Don blue Jack. It’s going to roll over. They’ve outscored Tampa twelve to two. I can ask you how I could ask you why. We could talk about Bob we’ll talk about it. I want to go back to Matthew Shane now with the reporter before earlier portion of of that sound bite there. Do you believe that nobody in that organization has spoken about their 2 0 lead last year against the caps that they relinquished. For sure they did. I think he’s lying now. It definitely crossed their minds and I’m sure you know maybe they didn’t address it as a team. But I’m sure they talked about the guys that were there last year but they did get a few different guys some new blood at the deadline so it’s a new year to clean slate and they definitely didn’t play like they going to lose that game they dominated right from the get go. A huge effort by Nebraska there and just excited to see Columbus rocking and it was certainly that elephant in the room because you had to look like Scotty said you know what happened in the past and you don’t want is to really repeat itself in for Matt Shane perhaps not knowing exactly what happened because he wasn’t in the dressing room but we all remember when they hit the post in overtime in Game Three to go up 3 0 against Washington and not be able to sell that seal that deal you know probably the faith of that series of that playoff round would’ve been different. So maybe we don’t see Washington winning they realize the importance of tonight’s game and I thought that their best player their all star and MVP all season was Borowski and in third party showed why. I mean he was big he was standing on top. Tampa was buzzing Tampa had chances to get back in this game of Borowski showed why he’s the two time you know there’s another trophy winner he was big arts he played what they mean now as he moves extremely well side to side and you saw that that the replay that we showed there how much he fought to stay in the view of the puck at all time he was you know he’s big tonight and the team played well in front of him he’s just so good side to side he’s so good at catching parks and do you think he might have them and next thing you know is he’s still following that puck across the crease there’s a play in the third period there I thought the guy was going to go around and wrapping in but he was he was right there the whole way even tripped him I think a little bit but you know Bob is the key for this team to go far in the playoffs and right now he is definitely on his game and I came in with Bob or Bob came into Philadelphia and he didn’t know one word of English. And to hear him talk like that it’s pretty amazing just how he’s he’s getting the crowd going the crowd loves him I know it’s wild even though he might not be there in a few months the crowd is really behind him right now. Well we don’t start bringing in right now breaking up the offseason but. But guys you know what I really like is what does Shane spoke about. What Barofsky spoke about. I think that they learned from last year. You know they were up 2 0 maybe you get a little complacent maybe you know you you lose Game 3 and it doesn’t affect you all that much tonight. They wanted that game and they know that even at 3 0 now they have to go out and get it because Tampa they’ve proven all season that they can rack up wins they can go four in a row they can they can you know slowly but surely get back in this series if they just win the next game all of a sudden you’re down 3 1 you go back home you win the next one at home it’s doable for a team that has won and has been so successful throughout the regular season. Columbus better have the pedal down in game four especially early just give him no hope. Hopefully they could close that out and game for its double back to Matt machine a guy that you were talking about coming into this organization and kind of changing things how how has he been a catalyst to them. Well Catalyst it took him a little time. You know when he got to the Columbus Blue Jackets it found it took sometimes to get some chemistry but for a guy that split seven hundred twenty seven NHL game in the regular season this is only his 11th playoff appearance. You know this is the only eleven times that he’s played in the playoffs so he’s excited he’s anxious to get in there. He wanted to be in a situation left Colorado because he wanted to get some more playoff action got to Ottawa wasn’t going to be the case for him and then when they got to Columbus there was a time where he didn’t know if he was going to be in the playoffs or not. So I think that is tremendous excitement for Matt Shane. And the numbers right now for him and this year are just outstanding. Yeah he is. He’s gonna be a big factor. If they go far or not. And you know Tony showed up. He had a big goal. You know I know the guys said they really look up to him around the dressing room coming in. So like you said it doesn’t it’s not going to. He’s not going to come in and they’re going to score two or three goals tonight. There are some ups and downs that last you know 15 20 game to the season but they’re playing their best hockey right now and it’s really exciting. So there’s mental this physical there’s a lot of aspects to all professional sports. How much of Tampa being down 0 3 right now is mental it’s a good question because I mean you’d like to hear the Tampa Bay Lightning you’d like to duplicate or replicate what you did in the third period because you know mentally I don’t think that there were at that point in the first game of the series. After they went up 3 0 in the first period I think we saw a big let down in the second period where they allowed the club as blue jackets. Let’s not forget that 3 0. You and I were both sitting here watching and even you Keith and we thought the game was over. How can this team that has been so successful successful in this season go up 3 0 and give away a game basically the way they did in the first in the first game. So I’m a little surprised mentally if you’re the Tampa Bay Lightning I think right now you just got to forget everything that’s happened. You know put your best foot forward your best player the MVP the NHL probably going to get back in the lineup maybe a Norris caliber defenseman hopefully gets more healthy and then gets back in the lineup and those two get back in. You’ve got all the elements in place to win some games like you. Same thing with Pittsburgh right. You said they’ve got to change some they’ve got to take care of their own end. Columbus is not going to let them go running gun like they did the whole regular season right. So they’re going to have to maybe change their game a little bit maybe take care of their own in and when they get those chances they go full bore and get after it. So a little bit of an adjustment time I think here for Tampa Bay obviously it’s not working what’s what’s they’ve been doing so. Time to look at some tape and maybe change things up.

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  1. when they talk about last year they dont even mention that the games were very even, and the caps changed holtby to the net after game two, and then they won the next 4 games.

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