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– This year, I mean …
Vegas Golden Knights have taken the world by surprise. But I’m gonna say in December I said on the NHL Network
they’re gonna make the playoffs. But I got lucky on that one. – Were they in first place already? – What? Who let this guy in here? – Thirty points ahead of everyone else? – I love it. That’s why it’s great
being around the players: They’ll keep you honest. Great stuff. So, once Vegas was announced
and they came into the league, you guys had to be looking
at the calendar, right? “O.K. now, boys, when
are we going to Vegas?” What was it actually like? – It was different. Usually you don’t….
[Everyone laughing.] You don’t go to Vegas to
go play sports, usually. You go to have some fun. Playing in that first game
against them was pretty special because you didn’t know what to expect – if the fans were gonna be great, or if there was gonna be a lot of them. And it was just like crazy. – I actually flew in the day of the game. – No way! Are you serious?
[Everyone laughing.] – Actually, we had our
“moms trip” in Vegas, so it was a little bit of
strategy there, too, I think. But we lost. I think we lost 7-3, or 7-4, or so. I don’t know. No more
“moms trips” to Vegas. – Yeah, we stayed like 20
minutes outside of the Strip just to try to minimize
some of those distractions. – Yeah, exactly.
– Yeah, business trip. – Fans there, fans look sick. – The music’s loud, the fans are crazy. They’re all … it’s packed in warmup. There’s definitely, uh …
the entertainment’s there. – We were one of the first teams to go in there.
– Oh? – Nobody knew what to
expect going in there. But … I was taken away by it. The atmosphere was amazing. I know after the game the boys were talking
about how cool it was to play in there, because we
had no clue what to expect. It was an amazing atmosphere. – Yeah, just the whole city
seems to be getting behind it. I know they have people like
at their practices, even. They got stuff like deejays playing at their practice.
– Yep. DJ Joe Green. – Yeah, it’s wild. – They’re obviously taking
it and putting their own spin on some things. And I think that’s cool, to kinda give yourself
that identity and connect with some of the fans. – You guys feel that they
had something to prove? Guys saying, “Hey, you know
what? You left me unprotected.” Or, “You traded me.” Or
whatever the case may be. Gerard Gallant getting fired in Carolina and taking a taxi, literally, and now he’s one of the finalists
for Jack Adams this year. Do you guys feel like they
were playing collectively and individually with
chips on their shoulders? In a good way. – Yeah, for sure. I think so. I think it’s human nature. You know? If you play against a team that you feel didn’t want you anymore, you’re gonna try and go out there and prove it. And I think every night
they have a few guys in their lineup who are obviously playing against their old team. But I just think guys like Fleury, Deryk Engelland – I played
with him in Calgary – they’re like true leaders. They’ve really … that
group’s come together. You can see it. Anyone can see how they’re
playing for each other. In this game I think that
goes the longest way. – Yeah, it just seems like confidence that they’ve been playing with
for like the whole year…. It’s just all the little
plays all over the ice, the little 10-foot passes, the
D, a lot of their breakouts, and stuff like that. They never seem to really rim the puck. They’re definitely playing
with a lot of that confidence and obviously peaking right now. – You know, as an NHL player, I’ve never really wanted another team to win the Stanley Cup as
much as I want Vegas to win. I don’t know how well
you guys know the dude, but he’s a special, special dude. He’s a special dude. Just playing with him and seeing what he had to go through
the last two years was upsetting for me, being a friend of his. To see where he is today and
what he’s doing right now, the dude’s their superstar. He’s awesome, so…. I want to see them win.

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