NHL players tape their stick (tutorial) | feat. Laine, Kane, Kucherov & Eichel

NHL players tape their stick (tutorial) | feat. Laine, Kane, Kucherov & Eichel

So first thing i’m going to do when i’m going
to get my stick ready is mark it to get cut. Usually I like it like right below my chin
with my skates on so mark it right about here… make the mark and cut it down and away we
go. So now we got the stick cut. This is the knob I like to use. It’s a rubber based knob. I feel like it doesn’t get as wet as tape,
I feel like I have more grip on my stick with my top hand. I found out that two years ago, I like it
tall and I measure it against that stick to cut to how I like. Then I just grab the tape, usually using white. I do eight laps around the pinky finger area,
or whatever is comfortable for myself. Then I go down a little bit, just do it six. Then I go down one more, do it four. Goes down to two, then one. You know I have small hands so it’s kinda…
so comfortable for my hand. I use the grip tape on top, just the white
tape or black tape that I use at the top, it’s a little too sticky for my glove and
I use this to make it softer. You know get in the locker room, guys have
routines they do between each period whether they go on the bike or- for me I think it’s
a lot about getting your sticks ready and preparing yourself. So the first thing I do when I get my stick
is obviously cut it down to a certain length. I use to use a lot longer of a stick. When I started playing pro I realized how
fast it is and how quick you need to make your decisions. I’ll start at the top of the knob. Usually just try and get the right feel. I think my pinky finger hangs off the end
of it so it kinda just sits right between my two fingers. And we’ll start going around under it. However far I go down my stick kinda changes
from night to night. So if I was good the night before I’ll try
to keep it similar. Then i’ll add these twirls to the knob. Actually my dad put- put these on my stick
when I first started playin’ and obviously as you go you start to tape your own stick
so. I just like the way it feels when you grab
it and I feel like there is more there then just the shaft. Then we will add some grip tape- gives you
a nice feel without being too sticky. Just drive it into the ground and spin it
around making sure the knob is nice and tight and the butt end is in there. So now we are going to tape the blade of the
stick. So I like to use thick white tape. I know most guys like to go heal to toe but
I’ve been doing toe to heal ever since I was a kid. My dad taught me that way. Start toe to heal here. I’ll leave like a little bit of space there. Little bit of space in between the- in between
the tape so there not really much- not much overlapping there. At the end i’ll always try to come back across…
and rip it there on the backhand side. Grab a puck, kinda lay it up against my leg
here. Another thing I’ve been doing since a kid
is marking the tape. Sometimes i’ll go a bit lighter. If things are going good or if i’m in a slump
sometimes i’ll go a little bit darker and make some lines like that. Some people may not notice it but with me
when i’m looking down at the puck, I’m going notice it. I’m using white tape. It depends on the mood and it depends on the game I played. Go from toe to heal. I think everybody in Russia has been doing
toe to heal. Since a kid I have been doing toe to heal. If i have a bad game or something and I am
going to change something i’ll go heal to toe. I’ll change between white and black. Sometimes when you do that and score a goal,
in your mind your thinking, “Oh that’s probably why, I changed a little and i’m going to stick
to that”. And then just cut those little pieces that
I don’t wan to keep on my stick. A little bit of wax on top of it just to uh-
to make sure the tape- you know- stick to the blade and I actually found that if I use
wax, I don’t really get a lot of marks from the pucks. It makes it a little bit better because I
get a little bit frustrated when I get too many marks. I like to be clean and fresh. I don’t like any marks on my blade and if
I have too many marks I will change it because I want nice tape again. Then we’ll start on the blade. Started using white a few years ago and tape
it from heal to toe. It’s just something I got used to and I think
hockey players are such creatures of habit. Once they find something they like, they just
keep doing it and I think that’s kinda how I am. I like doing the whole blade I think it uh-
it makes the stick look a little bit longer, it makes your feel a little bit better. We will cut the tape off the toe. After that we’ll add a little bit of wax to
the bottom and the toe and the top, mainly because I don’t want the tape to tear there
during the period. The wax helps the stick slide better with
the tape, especially if you’re going to do a full- full sock. When we’re done, make sure that you like the
way it looks and make sure it’s patted down pretty good. Next up for the stick we’ll put a little bit
of grip on the shaft. Take the thick white once again, kinda fold
it over to its sticky side and just put some more grip on the- … on the shaft here. Usually I like a little bit more on the top,
not as much in the middle, and then we’re going to go a little more on the bottom for
certain shots like one timers and different things. That’s pretty much the stick right there.

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  1. Fun fact: Patrick Kane actually uses a supreme total one but it is rapped to look like a 1x lite to support the stick

  2. Aw man… can you turn subtitles on please!! I'm deaf here and had no idea what they were saying… Laine in first part with subtitles was perfect! 😄

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