NHL Player Sends Disturbing Message To Trump Right Before Stanley Cup Playoff Game – BIG Mistake!

NHL Player Sends Disturbing Message To Trump Right Before Stanley Cup Playoff Game – BIG Mistake!

NHL Player Sends Disturbing Message To Trump
Right Before Stanley Cup Playoff Game – BIG Mistake!
NHL player Devante Smith-Pelly of the Washington Capitals is now saying that if they win the
Stanley Cup and are invited to the White House, he won’t go. Hockey is a bit different than
other sports and it’s rare for players to deviate from the team and take personal stands. “The things that he spews are straight-up
racist and sexist,” Canada’s Postmedia quoted Smith-Pelly as saying Wednesday as
the Capitals prepared for Game 5 against the Vegas Golden Knights. “Some of the things
he’s said are pretty gross. I’m not too into politics, so I don’t know all his other
views, but his rhetoric I definitely don’t agree with. It hasn’t come up here, but
I think I already have my mind made up.” Smith-Pelly is only one of two black players
on his team and he’s from the Toronto area. This comes just a couple of days after President
Trump officially disinvited the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House to celebrate their
Super Bowl win. Originally, 70 were scheduled to visit. By this week it was less than ten
and then dwindled to one. The team tried to reschedule for a date they knew the President
would be overseas. It seemed like it was rude and like a vulgar publicity stunt. Instead, the White House held a brief concert
with the United States Marine Band and the United States Army Chorus with a crowd of
patriots in attendance. I thought it was absolutely the thing to do and most Americans approved
wholeheartedly. The Capitals lead the best-of-seven series
3-1 and could hoist the Cup tonight. According to Fox News, “the 25year-old Smith-Pelly
has scored in the last two games of the finals and had six goals — two of them winners
— and an assist in the playoffs. He had seven goals in 75 games in the regular season.” I’m actually surprised by all this as President
Trump has had no run-ins with the NHL. Kneeling for the National Anthem has been a non-issue
in the sport. In fact, he welcomed the defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins to the White
House in October. From The National Post:
“Goaltender Tim Thomas made headlines in 2011 when he refused to attend the White House
ceremony for the champion Boston Bruins because “the federal government has grown out of
control, threatening the rights, liberties, and property of the people.” “The Pittsburgh Penguins, meanwhile, visited
the White House when Barack Obama was still in office in 2016 and went again the following
year when Trump was there. “From my side of things, there’s absolutely
no politics involved,” Penguins captain Sidney Crosby told the Associated Press at
the time. “Hopefully, it stays that way.” Looks like it hasn’t unfortunately. If the
Capitals win the playoffs, then choosing whether or not to go to the White House could send
a strong message either way. For one, the team is located in the nation’s capital.
Then there’s the fact that Washington has a Russian captain in Alex Ovechkin and a roster
of players who represent the U.S., Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Finland, the Czech
Republic, Austria and Australia. “Things that he’s saying about immigrants and people
of color, I don’t think anyone here would agree with that,” said Smith-Pelly, who
was the target of racial abuse in a game in Chicago in February. “We’ve got a lot
of Europeans and a lot of Canadians.” That’s just it though, Trump is not saying anything
about people of color. He’s insisting that standing for the National Anthem is the patriotic
and right thing to do. As one player joked, maybe Ovechkin, who would
be the first Russian captain to win the Cup, will skip the White House and instead visit
Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. “We don’t win yet,” Ovechkin said when the topic of
celebrations came up. “I don’t know why people start talking about it … We just
have to get it done and then we’re going to talk about all the different stuff.” The games aren’t over yet, but they could
be tonight! No matter what team wins, what do you think the NHL Stanley Cup champions
will do? Write your answers below and share this story
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25 thoughts on “NHL Player Sends Disturbing Message To Trump Right Before Stanley Cup Playoff Game – BIG Mistake!

  1. CRUDE VULGAR PROFANE SPEACH IS THE NORM FOR THIS PRESENT GENERATION AND THE SEVERAL PREVIOUS GENERATION; THIS STRICKLY TABOO IN OUR GROWING UP EXPERIENCE IN THE 1940s & '50s where the belt and the switch and soap to wash out a dirty mouth when a lapse in a fit of anger produced a "Dammit" utterance. Based on soon to be 81 years of observing the lack of morals of the many, the conclusion has to be that the Biblical statement is as always totally correct: "Out of the Abundance of the heart/Soul the Mouth Speaks”.
    The environment in which one grows up is obviously critical; that involving the ones who are the parents as well as those with whom one constantly associates with. Regarding the parents, the old adage the "The nut does not fall far from the parent tree" is repeatedly validated. The parental admonishment received by me as well as many in my generation was "ASSOCIATE ONLY WITH THE BEST OF PEOPLE!" and this especially relevant in our current society.
    Further regarding the present day 'profane, foul, dirty, trash language' of what seems to be the vast majority of those who tend to be so vocal, considering their probable environment from childhood to and thru adulthood, the result is to be expected.

  2. Who cares you don't want to go. No loss, something never seen black hockey player. As usual m making trouble !!!!

  3. Most athletes come from the big cities and they have the views of their family and friends. Not to many Trump supporters in those places. This is a divided country and the "leader" we have is not concerned with unity after all he won by dividing the nation and putting focus on our fears and hatreds. Finally a quick look at the posts will give you the picture of what is going on.

  4. I hope Capitals management handle their players better than the Eagles did. I'm glad I'm a Penguins fan!

  5. How disgraceful and UNGRATEFUL. I hope President Trump makes sure that Americans no longer use tax money to maintain any and all stadiums. I know I don't want one dime going towards anything assoc. with sports. These ungrateful imps can use there own money👎

  6. He is no friend of the Black community who are NOW getting help from Trump when I thought Obama was going to help but only created divisions and hatred. It’s always the privileged morons that hurt the downtrodden and unfortunate.

  7. Wouldn't surprise me if they don't lose after what he said to our POTUS! God is kind of funny about people coming against His anointed! Poor fool will have no idea what happened to him.

  8. These Trump ass-kissers still don't think there's anything wrong with the "Liar in Chief". It's getting where players from every major sport hates Trump's fucking guts, but there's something wrong with all the players, not the "Asshole in Chief."

  9. Big deal, NHL, NFL….could care less about entertainment, pastimes, or playing games….more important issues to celebrate and honor!!!

  10. This stupid player is digging a hole for himself. I hope the NHL takes this stupid racist black player and the put him on display for what he is. Nothing but a lowly educated racist black player that is dug in deep in the plantation!!

  11. It's amazing that such a wide range of professional athletes have such solid moral compasses. Good on you young man. You should be proud. Trump is just a vulgar publicity stunt anyway.

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