>>Reporter: NHL players in Olympic moments like this… [siren blares; crowd cheers] may be no more. Negotiations between the league, players, and the International Olympic Committee have been stalled for months. Mainly over the NHL pushing for the IOC to continue paying for players’ travel and insurance costs as well as using video from the Olympics. Today, the NHL released this statement saying… [crowd cheers] Around 15 million Canadians watched Team Canada’s gold medal game at the last winter Olympics. The prospect of not seeing NHL stars is drawing mixed reaction from fans.>>The Olympics are for amateur athletes, not professionals, whether it be hockey, baseball, or basketball, they really don’t have a place in the Olympics.>>Well, all our elite players play in the NHL, so that leaves us at a disadvantage competitively, I guess.>>Matthews scores!>>Reporter: None of this should come as a surprise, say many hockey commentators, as the NHL’s commissioner Gary Bettman has been hinting at this.>>Gary works for 31 team owners now, with Las Vegas joining the NHL next season, and the owners don’t want the players, they don’t want a three-week break in their schedule, so as disappointing as this is, it’s not surprising to me on any level. [Announcer exclaims in French]>>Reporter: The league especially didn’t like the fact they couldn’t get rights to use video of their own players from the Games.>>If we go back four years ago in Russia, they didn’t officially announce that participation until the middle of the summer.>>Reporter: This former player, however, says it’s not over yet.>>Maybe it’s a bigger message to the IOC and maybe that’s enough to spark their interest to come back with more meaningful negotiations, which the National Hockey League has wanted all along.>>Reporter: Late today, the NHL Players’ Association released a statement saying they’re disappointed with the NHL’s decision. A sentiment echoed by many players. Faiz Jamil,CBC News,Toronto.

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