NHL & NBA Finals Great This Year

NHL & NBA Finals Great This Year

the i don’t talk about sports on the
show that often but we have like a really good n_b_a_ an n_h_l_ finals
going on right now are home team to boston bruins is out in the n_h_l_
finals the games have been fantastic the first two games against the chicago
blackhawks have gone into overtime but the my
second favorite of course on the boston celtics fan primarily but are used to be
a huge david robinson fan on the senate san antonio spurs that overlapped with argentinian
basketball player mon june noble the joining the san
antonio spurs so i’d buy ice that cemented the san antonio spurs being my
second favorite team there in the finals and hopefully will
defeat the miami heat excellent games it’s now three two had even watching these lewis i mean i
haven’t been to i haven’t been into hockey for for a
quite some time and also n_b_a_ basketball once the celtics have
been out has generally been boring me quite a bit but by and not very
compelled i have to say that this both series this year it’s uh… it’s a great
series i haven’t got any of the hockey games i did catch by some of the playoff hockey games yeah and i have been following the uh…
the n_b_a_ finals uh… much more closely and realize it’s very exciting so tonight we have been next n_h_l_ hockey game and then i think
tomorrow we have the next n_b_a_ finals game i i’m enjoying it significantly
it’s been awhile since i plan to watch a particular gain money put it that way
well that’s good you’re okay with that i think so ok as long as it doesn’t get
in the way the show anything out on a

18 thoughts on “NHL & NBA Finals Great This Year

  1. David i dont think i can be subscriber any more, i live in vancouver and i hate boston bruins, im also a heat fan, i dont think this can work…… jk but still i hate the bruins and hawks too BTW,. love your show keep up the good work

  2. Your right David the Stanley Cup has been amazing this year. The whole NHL Playoffs in general for that matter. Go Bruins!!!

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