61 thoughts on “NHL in Seattle is official

  1. Glad it's not another small market canada team. They are US tv ratings poision. NHL needs the US more than it needs Canada. Sad but true

  2. Yes! Seattle is getting an nhl team and begins playing in the fall of 2021 with the key arena in Seattle getting renovated awesome 👏 day for the city of Seattle and I’m looking forward for the rivalry of Seattle and Vancouver .

  3. Seattle Sci-Fi's or Extras (extraterrestrials)

    and have an Alien team
    The sky tower top could be a spaceship in the logo too

  4. NBA >>> NHL

    Current & future traffic problems during arena renovation-2021 game nights anyone? This is a logistic nightmare waiting to happen word to the unrealistic Monorail expansion…

  5. I like sockeyes the best as a team name. It's got cultural significance to Seattle, sounds cool (bonus points for alliteration), and has to do with fighting/toughness (sock = punch, in the eye, you get the gist) which is good, especially for a hockey team.
    Kraken works too, and sounds cool (release the kraken and all that) but has less cultural significance.

    If they pick the totems I swear I'm gonna go root for the Canucks. It's what a six year old would say we should name the team when asked on the spot. Totems as a team name is really childish, boring, unoriginal, and potentially offensive it might be. Pls no totems.

  6. Welcome to the NHL, Seattle. Love from an oilers. Thank God I don't have to go to Edmonton for a fucking oilers game I can go to Seattle to watch my beloved Oilers play Seattle because Seattle is the nearest City for hockey

  7. NHL Fans, get ready for a new EPIC rivalry between Vancouver and Seattle! It's going to be great! Welcome to the NHL Seattle, from Toronto!

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