NHL Draft Memories | Horvat, Virtanen, Demko, Boeser, Pettersson & Hughes Recall Stories from Draft

– It feels like yesterday,
to be honest with you. – I have a piece of gum on my leg. Brutal. – It was pretty surreal just
hearing your name being called. – I had to go to the
bathroom like ten times before I was picked. – Felt like I was getting
choked by my own shirt. – The only think I was nervous for was not tripping up on the stage. – I actually have a funny story. My brother noticed when we
watched it on YouTube that I had a piece of gum in my
mouth and I chucked it down between the seats. I didn’t know and it got
stuck on the back of my leg when I walked up. The whole way. So I had a piece of gum stuck
on my leg the whole time. Yep, my brother noticed it
and then I was like no way I have a piece of gum on my leg. Brutal. – I remember how nervous I was going into the draft
and you know I had to go to the bathroom like ten
times before I was picked. You know you’re sitting there for you know who knows how long. To see other kids get called and stuff. You just wanna get called that whole time. – After every pick, the top button, I always, how do you say, Yeah it felt like I was getting choked by my own shirt so after every pick I
released at the top tie. – My family advisor said before, do you want me to tell
you when you’re going? Or do you wanna just
let it happen naturally? I was like, no I wanna know. They’ll like text you like a minute before if you wanna know. So I kinda like prepared myself. So I like just played it cool
like didn’t really like smile but you know what I mean. – I remember it like it was yesterday, all the feelings and to
have my mom and dad there and my brother watch it live at home with his friends… It was awesome. It felt like everyone was there. – That was one of the
best days in my life. Obviously a dream come true to be drafted. Do the whole experience,
you know get your jersey, go up on stage and take your picture. You know I kinda had a
little bit more magnitude around my draft day
because of the whole trade and stuff like that so that
made it much more special. – I just remember being with my family and my friends who had made
the trip out to Philadelphia. You know that was the coolest part for me was having those guys there with me. – It’s such an exciting
time for you know so many friends and family
members and then you think of the dedication that your
parents had and everyone and then to watch your kid get drafted. I think it’s just a great experience for everyone in the family. And something that is
not just personal for me but for my whole family. It was an amazing weekend. – As a young guy I was pretty
caught up in the Twitter and all that. I’m not so much anymore but you know you’re looking
at what people are saying and you know you kinda
start to have expectations and the biggest thing is just
don’t put your self-worth on your draft position. – I think you just embrace it, I mean have fun with it, you
know don’t get too nervous and stress out about where you’re gonna go or you know it’s just an
honor to drafted in the NHL. It’s what you worked for your whole life and what you’ve wanted to do, ever since you were little and to finally have it here… I think just soak it all in and have fun with it and enjoy the time with your family. – You know enjoy it and just soak it in and you know, don’t
think too much about it. You’ll be a little bit
nervous at some point probably but you know that’s part of it. You know, we’ve all gone through that. You know, if you’re at the draft and at the end of the day
you’re gonna be very excited and your dream will
come true at one point. So it’s gonna be good. – It’s something that you’ve worked so hard for your whole life and not just you, your parents, too. And the sacrifices people have made to get you at this moment so you know, take it
all in and be thankful.

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