NHL: Broken Glass [Part 2]

NHL: Broken Glass [Part 2]

As far as center ice, the Flyers give it
up right there. The Canadiens shoot it away. And it went right through the open gate of the penalty box as Couturier was coming out. You could fire a hundred pucks and never be able to do that. And as the timing of it, and again, just poor timing. As Streit turned the puck over as he was skating up the ice to play it, the puck
got played and the penalty box opened and as it went through the box… I’m not sure
if this will halt the play or not because it’s it inside the box but it’s
gonna shatter the glass and it’s a good thing for the fans on the inside. Right
there you see straight lose it Gorges rips it and as he comes through
the box, goes right through the door and good thing it didn’t hit Couturier right
in the face as he was stepping out I don’t know if he was paying attention to where
the puck was coming from so if there’s some glass on the ice… Takes the hit to twist the puck to Kuraly, he lugs it over the red line. Bounces it in deep with 2:30 to go in the second period And the panel of glass comes out as Matt Benning was on the receiving end. I think it was Kuraly. Kuraly wants to finish his hit and you got to avoid making contact on the numbers. Get him from the side. The referee is right there, Jack. His arm
did not go up initially. I mean it’s solid body contact obviously
with the pane of glass coming out and it looked like Kuraly did a good enough
job to get in there and get more towards the side than directly on the numbers if
this is on the numbers and Benning’s, you know… in bad shape then you’re looking at
big-time minutes but… You’ll see the glass pop out right here. Oh gosh. Right down hard on top of everybody. He knows he’s gonna get in the neutral zone. Takes the hit. Banks it off the boards. And goes crashing into the glass. The glass went into the spectator. Cassels with a shot. And guess what. Wow We have broken glass. [Laughing] For some reason the fans are going crazy. The crystal chandelier in behind the
Thrashers net is no longer. Looks like one. Look at that. A lock up in the faceoff circle. Stars get there. Niskanen backed into that. Here’s Richards. Long range, up high. Broke the glass. Yep. Shot that one right through the glass. And this will take a minute. Yes, it will. and the… There you go. Interface is broken.Fans
were thrilled in behind there. Phillips gets the puck
ahead and the glass shatters and Phillips was shaken there and
the glass came crashing down into the first row. Weiss is still down on the ice. Chris Phillips has bounced up, but what a tremendous hit. Oh my heavens. Now let’s take a look at this collision here folks. Phillips… You rarely see players break a pane of glass. Weiss lines him up, good
shoulder check. Chris Phillips braced himself and took it and then took glass in the face. As did some of the young fans in behind and we’ll just keep our fingers crossed that everything is okay there. But, my heavens. Oh, right through. Brandon Bollig just put Adam Pardy right through the glass. And someone just grabbed Adam Pardys helmet
and took it off in the stands. A fan. And dumped a beer. Some fan’s wearing the helmet A fan just took Pardys helmet and he’s wearing it. [Laughing] Well, this is gonna cause some… I would suspect that fan is done for the night. He is. Absolutely. He’s got his helmet back. Get guys out of the crowd so there is no interactions with anyone there. Forecheck Pardy shoulder check. Knows he’s coming. Good finish. And he just goes hard into the glass. Bollig trying to hold him up. Nothing dirty about that. He
finishes a hard, clean shoulder check. Pardy’s okay with it as well. Until… They’re coming into your living room. You see the dasher, or the stanchion, just blow apart. Pardy trying to hold the glass up off the people. And then here comes the guy to take his helmet off, reaching over. And he tore the chinstrap off of it as well. thanks for watching 🙂

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  1. my jaw is swollen i got an infected tooth i got bad cold. ive slept like 10 hours in the last 12 days. but i really enjoyed watchin the video. thank you

  2. I’ve got one, do most electrifying nhl game intros like game 3 of Winnipeg vs Anaheim or game 6 of Edmonton vs Carolina

  3. My uncle got hit in the head by a foul ball at a baseball game. This was in the 1960s. They treated his cut. He seemed okay. He went home. Told my about what happened and then said he was going to go take a nap and sleep it off. He never woke up. Foul balls and pucks have killed and injured fans for almost a century. It's a freak accident, but it can be a disaster. Before the days of break away glass, the NHL spent a boatload of money on lawsuits for injured fans.

  4. 0:55 I was at that game. Funny how lucic was at this very game as the opposition and has a history of breaking glass at the garden…

  5. E1 was set up by Quet and she ashed as Black Carbon Devil Woman in Suicide Squad as I got her Samurai Sword as her Weapon of War from her. I am Harley Quinn. Natalie Helferty the Queen

  6. Actually I have a video idea that I don't think anyone else have suggested. "NHL fans needing EMT" so stitches/rags etc.

  7. The guy at the end stole his helmet then this bitch next to him poured her beer on the guy.
    Hope they both got into a car accident on the way home.

  8. If a whole pane came out and didn't break and it fell on me I'd simple ask the officials "can I keep it?"

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