NHL Big Hits and Penalties Highlights  |  Yes Guy Gaming Goon Squad

NHL Big Hits and Penalties Highlights | Yes Guy Gaming Goon Squad

NHL Big Hits and Penalties Highlights Yes Guy Gaming okay we’re here on our first regular
season game we’ve got the goon squad together we’re gonna kick some and I say
Bob yeah look at Kay both of us are on them and then and then
a Spooner how’s your neck but oh okay so we’re obviously not going after the puck Taurus again knows where to go who else
was that guy you yeah you flipped me oh right don’t already own the game it’s
Don Scott Don sky guns rap who’s paying you it’s ladies blue
jackets that was pretty good feelin buddy all of our highly nice just hit
that like this guy just turned around and died and now I see you oh my god oh
my god I gotta get rid of the puck Raffi’s suspense oh you kind of rain the
head oh he’s down but how is there not a rule against yeah I mean we can we can
elbow all we want how is this not a rule come over here and it was my gratify
elbow we have three guys in there Oh ref picks oh yeah knowing that guy
elbowed him at this precise moment was that elbow did he do that you’re trying
to say monster in the face oh okay cross-checked them in the corner
John OH yep that was a legit hit I line them up
boom nail them it’s like oh no oh no Elmo almost we injured so I’m gonna
injure enough Julie Oh Ross see you bud
here we go another injury second bye oh yeah the back Lawrence second two minute
charge it’s too big that was me for sure in head and your
parents Scott thanks Johnson was that your oh you oh yeah yeah look at this
it’s a big hit I got caught nowhere near the box just humbles a guy the animation
of the Ghoulies don’t fly wholly out of his crease just come right out good what
happen they need a stretch you injured no I got a penalty for that what the
hell happened there boys watch are you just trying to clear your way and doing
it well got Ralph I’m just that big let’s watch it’s church the got him
every demint this doesn’t mean hit though hit blend if this was me I’ve
only got him that was you my god yeah I sent him into the boards
oh you like to hear those well you got to go well that’s gonna do for this
episode guys I gotta thank you so much for watching and making all the way to
the end of the video if you haven’t seen some of our other BGM mode click I’ll
put a thing up somewhere maybe I think it’s over there
I don’t know click one of those things up there to see some of our other videos
but again thank you so much for watching we hope to see you next time on heat a
sky gaming see ya NHL Big Hits and Penalties Highlights Yes Guy Gaming

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