NHL 19 | World of CHEL Trailer | PS4

NHL 19 | World of CHEL Trailer | PS4

Welcome to the world of CHEL. Create your character and begin
your journey from the ponds to the pros. Whether you want to snipe it like Stammer or smash ’em like Subban… become the player you want to be. Play and hone your skills in Outdoor Ones,
an online free-for-all. As you get better,
the stage gets bigger. Start off at the Lot;
move on to the Cove, and show off your skills at the docks all while leveling up and earning
custom traits as you go. Finally, when you’re ready,
step into the Ring where the stakes are higher
and the rewards are bigger. You got to look good to play good. But that’s not the only way to play. In Pro Am, lace ’em up with today’s NHL stars
and the legends of the past. Or head inside and get ramped up for a game of
arcade-inspired NHL Threes where the hits are bigger
and the action is fast. Continue your journey in EASHL Drop-in
and play a pick-up game. Meet some friends along the way. Together, form a club
to compete in EA Sports hockey league where the best go to play. Remember, the whole world is connected
as you level up so every game matters. From the ponds to the pros,
define your path in the world of CHEL.

100 thoughts on “NHL 19 | World of CHEL Trailer | PS4

  1. Hey play my ps4 is logged off and cant come back on a lot of people have this problem please at least put out what's wrong, thank you

  2. Excuse me miss I need help I can’t sign into my ps4 my username: Dragonburn641 it keeps saying (error occurred)

  3. Sorry for being mean but I think I want a ps4 now instead of an Xbox one although I'm keeping the xbox, I'm going to ger a ps4, thanks playstation, als I my sis is getting one

  4. Might decide to buy this but I think it has a level cap the create a player looks cool start small and work your way up if only EA would look at what works with one sports game and import that to the rest of them then we would get a few less complaints

  5. Meu sonho é ter um ps4 mais nunca consegui ter por que não tenho condições de ter sempre pedia pro meus pais mais eles não tinha condições de comprar sempre quiz ter! Meus pais trabalham muito para tenta dar o melhor para mim! Já reclamei me arrependo muito mais se vc e da Sony por favor me ajudem moro no Brasil gostaria muito de ter um ps4!

  6. PlayStation if you ever see this do you remember the walking dead dynamic theme can you make it on the store please

  7. Please, DO NOT BE 2K.
    I was thinking of getting back into NHL now that the Caps won, do not ruin this for me…

  8. Sony bc of yall i hade to buy an xbox to play with my friends plz alow cosplay with Microsoft so the people dont do what i did

  9. Being English I haven’t played a hockey game in ages although I’m trying to get in to the sport more. However this is the most fun I’ve played on the PS4 in some time, definitely give it a try

  10. Hi.
    So i put a login passcode on my account but a friend of mine has my accound on his ps4. I wanted to asked if the passcode is also on his ps4 now.

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