NHL 17 When You Should Buy & Sell Movembers To Make The Most Coins!

NHL 17 When You Should Buy & Sell Movembers To Make The Most Coins!

Yo, Whats Going On Guys! Hopefully, everyone is having a
fantastic day. In todays video we are going to be talking
about when you should buy and sell Movembers to
ensure you are making and saving as many coins as possible. So rule number one, never be that guy..OR
LADY…thats right I seen the analytics, I got like a 4% female
audience….and yes those are probably guys on their sister or
wife or moms or aunt grandmas youtube account…u get the
point. Anyway,
don’t be that person that buys a movember the same day they
are released. This is a big no no, unless you see an OVI
up for 10k. By all means buy that, and then go get you
lottery ticket because its your day. The first day Movembers are out they are going
to be very overpriced. Even if it is the cheapest one up by like
10k, don’t do it. Why? Because someone will buy that one up for 10k
cheaper and then the other 9 that are up are now looked
at as overpriced, and those people will start to undercut the
LPS causing it to go down. So, When should you buy them. Personally, I’ve found them
to hit there low price late saturday and early sunday of the week
they are released. That is important remember that. The week
they are released, and still in packs. After this the prices tend
to start going back up. I’m not saying you have to wait until then
because you may find a steal on thursday or friday, but I would
definitely avoid buying on tuesday and wednesday until you
see what the price of a card starts to fall around. Keep this in mind for the month of november
when buying them because there will be a new batch of movembers
released each tuesday of november. Once we have past the releasing of
movembers I would assume you fellas would like to know how
to Buy/Sell them in later months. If your trying to make quick flips I advise
you to be very careful. By quick flips, I mean buy a guy who is in
line to get a POTG the next day or a TOTW. It is important to make sure you are buying
before everyone else does because once the market starts to
dry up of that particular card, the price will go up and you will
be wasting coins. Which leads us when to sell Movembers. This will suprise people, but do not wait
until the players upgraded card gets released to sell them. If you know the movember you
have is about to get an upgrade and you want to sell it, in order
to get the most value out of it, I would recommend selling it an
hour or two before 7PM(EDT) if you can. 7PM is when all new
cards are released incase you are unaware. The reason you
want to sell it before 7 is because your not the only person
trying to flip the card and make a profit. The second that card
gets upgraded, your going to see a whole lot of people trying to
sell that movember for a profit. As we know, if a card floods the
market, his price will start to go down. This is why we sell it before
7 to assure we get top value from it. That being said, obviously
you dont want to be a buyer a couple hours prior to an upgrade,
the best time to be a buyer in this scenario is the night before
as soon as you find out he is in line for a
POTG , TOTW, or Milestone worthy. That being said, I’m going to try and get
another Movember video out about players I would recommend investing
in for the long haul , but as for this video I hope you
guys found it helpful. If you have
any other questions, drop a comment below. As always, thanks
for watching, and we’ll see ya next time.

8 thoughts on “NHL 17 When You Should Buy & Sell Movembers To Make The Most Coins!

  1. I have subscribed.yeah man I have seen the prices , and ow way too much I rather spend my coins on packs

  2. Thanks for the tips man, I just pulled movember jagr and I'd like to snag up the 130k or whatever he's going for right now but should I wait? he had like three milestone cards in nhl16

  3. ive opened movember kucherov, should i sell him for 170k or keep him? do you see potential in him getting some good cards?

  4. I've already noticed as of today that the prices are coming down from what they were Tuesday or Wednesday . People pull these cards and put them up for retarded prices , now they are realizing most smart people won't pay those stupid prices so the price is dropping . On a side note I pulled Mov Kopitar today but keeping him cuz he's a great player anyway and I'm sure he'll get some upgrades throughout the year 😉

  5. I was given $10 by playstation network and bought a Mov stache pack today pulling Mov Duncan Keith I never buy packs got lucky I guess think he'll go up plan to keep him

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