11 thoughts on “NHL , 16/01/1971 Montreal Canadiens – Boston Bruins (2)

  1. Had forgotten Terry Harper wore #19 for 10 seasons…of course followed by 17 seasons by another great 19 (Larry Robinson)

  2. It's great to see the old stars again. These old games however show how the intensity of the game is so much higher now. Back in the day a forward's shift would often exceed 2 minutes and often many of the players look like they're out there for a leisurely skate, whereas nowadays it is all-out all the time and few shifts even reach a minute.

  3. the biggest difference between modern NHL and old school NHL Hockey is modern Hockey is a big money machine that lacks Character and the players loyalty to their team. A lot like the music industry, the golden era is over.

  4. I remember this game. I was in grade 12 in high school in Norton, MA. I was watching this game at my friend Stephen Goold's house. It was on WSBK TV 38 Boston with Fred Cusick and John Pearson doing the play-by-play. Montreal won the game 4-2. It was their only win against the Boston Bruins that whole regular season. Canadiens would surprise the Bruins in the playoffs, by winning the Stanley Cup. That summer I would meet Peter Mahovlich at Tam O'Shanter Ice Hockey School in Agincourt (Toronto), Ontario. It was a Saturday night game.

  5. I remember all these players on both teams by name and numbers. These teams had same players for years. Bruins were gutted by WHA losing key players. Im Bruins fan but Montreal just outworked Boston in playoffs Cheevers was awful Dryden was outstanding. Look how many Hall of Famers plaiying. Bruins I think had 3. Orr Espo Bucyk. Montreal had. at least it seemes like 2 HOF players on the ice at all times. Hats of to the Habs

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