NHL 14 Gameplay Review! – Kings vs Rangers

NHL 14 Gameplay Review! – Kings vs Rangers

look at Dallas’s photo you love wow thats I know I feel how I
like it yelled stupid I like it you lose a lot
better however they do have Tyler say snide we’ve got can be in the Los Angeles
Kings seems younger stuff you got less thing for of skates fish on my leg before for fun
yeah both working you anyone have a cell all who visited the i’ve of those spokesman fucked on of all of d also past nobody around 2012 John Aloisi for magic in the
offense to them he’s yellow on black backside of all my yeah I’m fuckin red good I to special now check that’s a tremendous offensive zone makes agency this one him go for the art of doubling
its ok I always knew which I don’t know if I I block it’s just like this 0 a nothing in my room at oh he better get
up I A and you to look at the bottom as I went
down on my phone yeah strong yeah I did you notice a rough day
just inviting fight no clear going to not have forecast I just gonna you want to win every
confrontation all my ya all excitement just got a free 5 penalty morning yes sir five-minute penalty claims by pedal Scott Hall yeah he really earned it you do you really
need 130 or here’s a chance to get this case these away in the neutral zone Pfizer’s that arise
time own power play opportunity to affect
does Aaron pass to Kopitar is worth back to the point go home over for does not have a helmet to stop alright no I negative away long-range and you’re on the power point like Richards is his ferocious competitors at
the wholesale small 5:11 195 pounds but he plays a big man’s
wanted him for infinitely if all yeah a helmet she’s of past takes a shot all tomorrow its back receive school year four years school became states here’s a running
all week all of their feel too bad decisions are granger
skater back on the ice levels of power-play chances good job of carries to summarize set up into the
middle egos XLVI pics all-time colour I yeah years stick did not Frank five-minute power
play many aftershocks so can really get those last very long
hours vary nicest guy haha dropping your abs in to check one go out get out K school is so much better with morning
story check most writers of our lives here down last
year talking drop of it culture if enders to past her soul stern and the face of women
there we go democracy yeah williams’s walk to the
family part house no the night before the Rangers
game the strength and power play with bottom
right was big here for lot carries that offense massacre
scoring right of card of all like hot dogs or after so fucking amateur all you feel all good well-lit you’re so mad aren’t no I’m mildly you compress button called thatcher gonna be after the fact for that’s beautiful past all check to the point of a long way to go confined to rock way breaks my heart %ah 0 ok hola Russia stuff 2011 all funny from the wing to come
Rangers up for Facebook mister stuff all I get a nice shot the Swiss know what yeah yeah just so you know fuckin below the earth
painting him all group Rangers in control face-off tonight there’s a tall tower from XI
wanna 2012 rush thanks of took was a time where that pass would
have been accepted the i7 offices all to the good fight 0 a takes a pass on the way dowdy fight almighty I the scheme is fucking against me and ago point here what’s up to its for to seeing that side small Yahoo for you do it past I’ve fuckin Dustin Browder such a all from here moon I Middleton outside face of going out
clout yeahh I have I mine checks out of no talkin whole fatter told all no fountains project with all for come on get up 2012 all far side drink one towards T there’s right now accept that Francisco all but good male if rush 30 with both fought have passed
into the fucking irate next to him caller one annually right policy Clive just got the guy we thought it
would be would be interesting to see what the penalties are here because he
could be the first guy ok he fucked up with get fucked up all of the local who waiting on the way you’re barely getting knocked out I
didn’t even know UK sector about about shut the fuck up for at period
underway carries at five blocker final fast online quick shot thanks ha fight control degree for much yes of 21 my confront you know mind if of think of hi chaos all my yeah I all in time yeah changed news before for ok of good hero of I like exhaust assist thing I think I found the same
yeah I think you there a he’s from himself you know if I’ve missed it 2012 the
other way that answer of you now yeah through to all right to know what a shock what a
surprise attack D ferndale from a guy that does it usually
gets shot enormous gonna be control on that line alright cool yeah I nice tonight
okay stoppage inside haha I your rents lives in 1854 lawyer I see
another one like by Zola take a look at the replay toy tourist of chance fuck one other games to play kiefer yeah yeah for doing that you want to yeah 0 think preview space of one comes three spikes okay to how well my love my love I was
not impaired reasons thereby of district Spock
Zachary control the park right yeah I do
location status if his team comes back but shot
panther tattoo shop years together you can’t do it to a star of it’s not out against archie garr I I win plates that means that the prison
is our like a fuckin job gotta love you yeah
yeah alright computer wins for you a fighting
if I takes that stuff away tonight test every four weeks feel terrible place for d

25 thoughts on “NHL 14 Gameplay Review! – Kings vs Rangers

  1. No game can compare to NHL games! I'm going to wait to buy NHL14 though, until everybody else has mastered it and I can go online and get my butt kicked…sweet nostalgia.

  2. Great game til Amir lost it in the 3rd.. Damn Rick, you need to hit that training mode, work on them fighting skills hahaha, but after 8:56 you deserved that second knock out, hahahaha, super later hit after the whistle! Good shit fellas!

  3. Is this game wort buying? I dont know i have NHL 2012 but the game looks still the same to me. I know that they have made new skating etc. but still is this worth it?

  4. So your just paying for a roster update in NHL14? Looks exactly the same as 13. EA sports should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. NHL 13 changed the way the skating physics worked in the game so that the momentum of your player actually affected how you could stop, turn and change directions. It actually changed the gameplay quite significantly and can be considered worthwhile for the cost of the game. But NHL14 looks exactly the same as 13 and I would not suggest buying it unless you really want the roster updates (though you could easily update your own rosters with create/edit a player)

  6. NHL 14 isn't that great. Successful poke checks (rare!) are more likely to go to the opposition, you can do a great hit and still not win the puck (player has time to get up off the ice then skate off with the puck), and some players are very uncoordinated (won't take possession of the puck if it isn't perfectly on the ice). The game seems unfinished. In Live the Life when you're behind your net the game becomes very choppy. Commentary is exactly the same. Some team ratings are bizarre as well.

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