NFL Superstar Warrick Dunn Steps Into Rebel HQ

NFL Superstar Warrick Dunn Steps Into Rebel HQ

fuck you guys now you have a spec i think that if you’re
in the city but he said that they are jackson i mean you know we sent a model for some
out of town because it’s time for me to take over the soul of it and to start off to start my time together so i’m very
happy to be joined by a twelve year with ovarian three-time pro bowler work done atonement and demanded you’d have to
give the book with all ready for my life my journey in the game of football adikted will actually start off in some threatening really johnson
detection first check the talks about my account with the guy who sent to my mom
in angola prison so we directly which is really try to
engage their audience is reading a book so as a great uh… to me at the state is a great story on uh… my journey the different things that i’ve been
through but also soon after is the face with the guy who
signed came on my arm which is really just about the ups and downs in my life
so it’s more of a memoir and i will football boo boo is more of a
memoir my life the struggles that i’ve been through being depressed when i casanova common
man just ups and downs of the family just life experiences animals the roles
of coursework says affected parental play it will not happen back
when you were a t_ was eighteen years old two days of the money to birthdays
someone was uh… sentences making a routine night deposit sizzler connection duty as a onto
off-duty police are still a local grocery store and she was making a routine night
deposit committee going because of money in a town that has opened fire amplicor
so the zoe baird events change my life dramatically since from a phone call so for fourteen years as i have no problem
for the first after an arm i had heard about the book and i hadn’t
read it uh… an indictment over stepped into this this is this what what what were you
expecting someone to get something completely different for forty years after after the after that he shot and killed
remember that the samples that you’ve mobile dash zero three three men got
involved were those sorts of the eyes of the sudan one dancer of the getaway car
in a forgotten actually just plain in his house so uh… two guys on death row right now
and go monday he was in prison for about twenty years
to a thirty years he’s out now so concerns this because this is tragic and uh…
just sometime after that have had to travel the coming you you
deal with those throughout the years with ups and downs in i’ve said not now being totally headteachers people
know they’re the emotions and caroline since i have some left after photograph
the forces that will happen is that going visit less of a percent is this is
a thought while he visited one out and
actually talks with the new has run the program the most in it started wasn’t as traumatic i’m there
the build up with vietnam their dr look over things that we could get to go and
meet with with the fact that you look at and you see what it actually still feel
like and enacted the questions in the head of their wealth of this new amongst by
professional with u people going up the rest of your your brothers and sisters
were uh… solvent you you’re going to try and does he feel
like it’s a for someone and what he’s going to take when you get that you’ll see you are where it was a beautiful msa well you know he emailed who are well list but will was interesting is that he wanted to meet with me also some is kinda a difference in a unique situation some he
agreed to meet with me uses we’re you walk into a room you
together recognizing court that i have no record i didn’t recognize
him that day and had been them on a lot has changed them it was one of those uh… those meetings that it would built up with the emotions they
know what was going to happen what to say how i was going to reacting to the man you know before when he and i had to
find out from there then is not on that answer all of my questions saw when he
was on appeal so he’s not gonna passes a question you know digestion simpson kill my mommy was not to say yes
or no he he was gonna ask those questions i’ve learned over the
situation for the fact that he would be that he had mobile field processing
tumble dryer yeah sold you you were a kind of you still
have that that’s there was a lot my they’re part of this happens right
now relisted the questions that you just
gotta jot it down by just just advances the wasn’t
enunciated chattin dole multiple mostly years very very well
developed well i did have a list of questions that i want to ask in before
we went to the room his attorneys a slightly sniper answers certain
questions uh… to surrender that because of the appeal
process and was craze is that i had to brought out a way it is really come to
grips and and fairground when i was on the safe side is really
one of the cost will be at the top right hand and i tried to uh… share with him some of the emotions and
that there was that i had all the years and some of the questions that my family
have a and and i know it was a nasa so he said he was in the guy acts like them
to say that but it was it was important for me to go on and to tell him that i work it’s been so many years of established
control my life i want to take that back after year to you and i i just think that was shocking to
him exalting probably expect in the second
of it was going to unit ended up not being any missiles just it
was american insult after that point win after you read those questions often
don’t even really say anything it was just a matter of yet the address what you need to be the
forecast was in the third purpose furtive tryin demand to be breakdown orissa if that would’ve been good to hear pigment
from were completed decided to something for yourself what
what i had to do from a set of such classes and i had to do it so much summits frustration and anger animals
that i have built up inside the so many years i want to try to display to him this is how the swine accident has
affected every aspect of my life and i want to try to convey that in a way that he really understood that
my life change dramatically he affected every aspect of
my my son before i left he understood that he cassini he he can
see that was such a frances allison and jerry anti-buchanan piece so i can move
forward and houses to stop the bleeding to get to that point okay so let’s also directing with you the way that it was a lot would
all be done is that that is just on on the general
public of death row and pick and and uh… in justin person seen that did your moods change about how
it’s done whether not because there is good for the debate
unconscious you know whether not as works for what the use of it as if it’s based on families that want to businesses space
where the benefits that lots series as it happens so maybe bring
something that resolution for some revision a frozen assist this
is a possible if it is and i did find out that you didn’t you don’t want to be
there no i i i don’t want to be there appear
to be there and you you he’s going to use you’re still and has
just been the whole process you take a life if you know you’re just before he appears in the
simpson chord with me candy to renee and steve johnson and
guilty and they say you he life in prison are you spas been executed or or injected and there was a much choice but that was chose from a from a jury there frank he’s guilty of the haitian suffer the
same consequences i’ve and follow developments on that list i don’t like to right something’s
actually the some of these was when i hear about the zip code like now if my mother will be killed by someone not that i cannot hold back about what you want to go out to be
there but the problem is is i think you’d be hard for someone else decided
for me was why would prolly detach myself from it as bad as soft i would want my hands to
be a you notice to take care of that even though is the best in uniforms and
for the work that i think it’s one of the natural things by you as a flop i
think some of what tab at least that that out a way for think that discussed
a lot to do it again even though he could be until this is like wallets i
just feel like anytime you have certain of that magnitude that happens the first thing that we want to do is
retaliate we want it go ahead and pay rich bution because of
what happened to that song in you can’t beat their way
unfortunately we have to to know that the justice system is there for reason and you have to believe in and and we now know we may not always agree with
how things have gotten better rules and laws laws are made and sent
for reasons some guy hasn’t guidelines and it’s is one of those things where i had to
adjust you know my thought process and what i
thought i because i want to retaliation i wanted to do the same thing that he
did mum on but also in on the big picture that he’s going to get what he
deserves named god is watching all of us and you know
sometimes we can get away with little things for me and it catches up with jim for him it caught up with them because even even and and that hour and a happen we
sat down and talk his like you know what our probing data passed on down the
streets are waiting name he’s alive only because the on death row and and i don’t think things to have for
reason i thought well luckily uh… in oz bottles i would have been
hadn’t been instead in in your mother’s daly city mother’s
memory as a whole but all these approaches that will also need the work
done from business more promising that org and that was back to the the hope of
polly’s of thousand ninety seven and what was with a deal well more good is the work of foundation
program is called house always and what we do is we assist single parents it’s become a first-time homeowners has
given the down payment but also put full first name is going to suggest that such
a we’ve been around for twelve years the
first five years is just the program martin messiah with the lantern falcons
and two thousand two and trying to find a system of arafat twelve years well for marcus temperament so dan rutz
in tallahassee we’ve helped eighty-four single parents
until it went for kids doing these twenty years antacid the
reason i saw the program is ’cause those mom on the stranger on our own homes who
never had the opportunity someone being hit by a hydrant or other
single parents and abated for past we have we have one
single fathers so we’ve who want to help all spectra not to single mothers but
also snowfall tells us that was so full of it’s a bit worried about was that is extended to the single fathers side
of things and then as other good things like uh… even hope of course we we we know many many single mothers out there that there’s so far that’s it and an abysmal missiles to will you do
have some you do have some fathers who are stepping up to the plate and and and
taking care of the responsibility of the commandos gas for that but also recommended because did seeking
help most of time there’s me and we’re just tickled prasad to to ask for help or to seek the advice
of times and for forum the man who were out there who are or
asking for assistance in the sense that does better this situation and put them in a position where they
can be successful in this is really change their upcoming in
their life but also the kids are concerned it’s a is to me i think is a great
program because we able to bring stability to see to families like to know mother’s life in and change brown worker selfesteem she wants to be more than just a mother she was the everything to her
family m_e_l_ circuits and have made this happen having those guys have better systems and making brain
fitness selfesteem has not been intimate care about means that normally when you don’t have anything that’s not
so is it you can’t careless with company this program and his program because we don’t
academic study that texas the community any it brings into brings
chain person when you have that is uh… to me his number na positives
you choose particular areas or arm communities where you may think it needs it more than
others and as far as the candidates like you would go to the home or someone
maybe the arctic desert where they are in the days of the issues that line that’d be the spot where at least
densities administration public uses its lifetimes itself a fucked up world from for me the reason the chose
of for communities to have them and then was interesting because happiness they
have experienced and i have tacit community that we’ve tried
to get on the gas and other communities to be a part of it from the i’ll choose the homes the
foundational me that we don’t use the homes we let the parents choose their own home name sometimes
they don’t even know they’re getting the house it’s a surprise so we go to have a
ten-point nazis because their families have to go
through process getting approved along but also
looking into service clean up their created maintenance job
hunting they have to do so much to get to the point and and i just found areas it’s like santa claus year-round i’m
given that both of the money to eliminate the failure aspect of it an
antacid says free for the foundation we’ve had one at a sports in twelve
years to the following on independent month
passed away so the success rate in the foundation of
program is huge and we premises helped those guys who were
trying to help themselves out it services to search for program and have the bank and trust and so does
allotted preparing their get pope and the families the parents the right way may come army and and keep them on the right track
um… it’s not a director’s giveaway situation is that it’s it starts maltanet completely is how do what we would use his people
which i have consumes and and when you can help someone who’s
trying to help themselves up to me they came in that the attendant care more about what their futures lahore i mean yet they may be paying a little bit more
and more in it but now is the markets there only i mean i just went so it’s uh… to me is uh… is houston
style and giving people the american dream ’cause luon on all homes and this years those guys that american
journal equity that they’ve been used on a road if they want to bet on the
situation hasn’t gotten any harder easier this on the progress since
that’s what to do that for the housing doesn’t mean that the sleaze that part of their own is who
knows maybe is this a little foreclose on sap a nominal basis we want does that make deftones available uh… like this in
just a bit slow these homes or it it hasn’t affected when we when we do i mean when you think about foreclose ho foreclosed homes you think about the four five hundred
thousand six hundred thousand homes in the these homes under two hundred thousand
dollars it’s ours resembled a have a good credit
i mean they’ve done enough work put themselves in a position so we don’t
put someone in the home a permanent position to be to fail without putting in a be
sucessful and plays a leader we’ve done a great seven
habits has done a great job okay well davao that because i’ve made my style with this also and we know who you have
opportunities to change someone’s life and you can see
that affect coming to meet and that is that’s bigger than anything dealing with anything issues were because you can
i’ll come on how someone speeches on the you have input on as like you have your own
bianchi that you can directors gaza and wait for them to be successful communities of blessed myself so let me
for me to be able to help eighty-four single parents obtain a goal a dream of home ownership may have done more than i can abroad have done and my mom steamier side at a tragedy
that taken a treasure them in a blessing to a lot of people that was loving after
you left list meeting with with uh… metaphor has a bit of direct beliefs did you can consist leads us instead
consider some of it uh… most alive right fair sentencing shouldn’t be is that still the struggle from time to
it is still cause that was like something with me is that what he saw a
lot you know willie you’re going to have your your times to wear you go to reflect when you pass this is
an actual without human i have more bright days than bad days my
bad days is so much uh… so much more unless today than
they ever have been me i have uh… atm had so many bright days in my
future hinges things to smile barnaby rejoiced about because i am a piece i mean i am so much more of uh… uh… happier darren someone last smiles to
susan joy in life that guy was in that way five years ago so it’s been a process for me to
continue to move forward but you do have your mom is to where you can
reflect in them listen i missed my mom to get that was
she was here too two cn experience and two just to see my growth but also her
locates because is important to those guys uh… you do have your moments but have been blessed them blasts in have done the things that down our matte
model career santorum uh… not just for today i’m i’m truly blessed be able to touch
people in a way than that has taken them on stream if a person
other people’s lives in a positive way below that drain eleven thousand are not authorized this way that the buccaneers the falcons
backs of books once the person season uh… what what value-free right now the most recent as
as a resident of february is there election for thousands of over
first time ever uh… justice that’s the one who sent them and i’m pleased with that sound exiles were on there have not fun there for salt did was that powell might like to read
sobils for some other one was the rounds in taxes transmitting uh… from saint louis thank you where where you put that one because in the past who have been x you
know uh… i just i just feel like we have been two best teams and those guys
were both for me who are or both stand deserve most of the two best teams at
that time planet how mobile you gonna get a great day no-one lift into the
playoffs are in the process of the bulls so it’s uh… it is a definite ranks higher who want talks about the rams to
tennessee game in atlanta and fees that’s what he said the last two have
been have been great and that’s all you want
super bowls i don’t really care who wears his arm and their but he’s listed great game for the fans
that’s what keeps cast into an esl teacher iffy also and as you said something from
london something within expect as i get this
because there is online may start off they went well and then they were in
that division where so many things work several seasons but then as soon as they gave me this is
not surprised the stuff on approximate that weekend
and what about seles weapons physique airline how the inarticulate
souls her hackers so and so when are you sold one of the other stories about like
thing was the way examples of didn’t make a reason to keep their one calls
obviously is upset about and there was saying he’s always fallen housing will pick it is the one i’m sure
you can so that is not open the attorney for the fact that it so the first of the fact that it was mobbed
by the military to retrieve in four years old is falling stock soared on the is that good when you saw that it was
follow-up unless it is with other and accept no they can still
do what they’ve been doing their own lives and you see that happens you will of course he carried one hundred after
what’s left of overlook the fact that especial quickly internal going to take
some time soho stereotype of a for many banks if u when you get older just the wear and
tear over the years of getting hit that you do when i was just
minutes from a position as uh… is a tough position applied but i think the edge in this past year yet he was again a lot of carey’s
earlier in the season so he was in one himself out was the
players got here he was still to me i think freshmen and
stirring well sold he peaked at the right time sabine he
could still play the game nephews can about two hundred three hundred times to
throughout the season vanessa different stories uh… i can’t
really answer that but overtime your body does you do wear down you do a
small town will be just because of the wear and tear position this time uh… engender great seven i was happy
for him that he was a boom to to show people he could still play
today because after the same way may liking carol about twenty five twenty twenty five thousand game but i can be effective on the romana plays
to be sucessful still be a star thoughtful effect is a reality kings what type of situation too very specific genes coaches even play
for that if you were to go for that ended in places it seems like every other schools in
carousel with coordinators and head coaches and sometimes with their businesses in a
new fee if we find out popular religious and other people all of this society situation you’d like
to be in you know commiserating you know what i have missed the playoffs
and four years i just unjust to the point now i just want to if i can give it a team and be a part of a team there came can get to the play-offs that’s all i just want to get to the
person be can happen in a play outside icelandic do what it seems they gives me
the best opportunity to get to the polls hon’ble our primary
care where is that hudson wi and and made are not the main down but i want to
be a to contribute playing a game hammer i still love the game still have a land of the tank unknowns and and know that is important tumi winning women and they have done a
lot opera companies accomplished a lot of mine my career the arts stats are stuffed pigs when
with me buzz evidence inactive mollen duo as was
turned out for you think this there was a lot and i think he wanted to get into
and what the diet that really want one yet about and and and i’m noah thereby skeleton hidden that spots in
the doesn’t even they are the accident two years and they need to get their
faces in all the guy who doesn’t was in the cable selection on this i’m speculating a lot of policy wordings of nice is an
odd union read about it not been nonunion of march nowhere were in and out within a few business as well so thank you for all boarded up in the
book and then is run of my life of the great in the game of a book with
thoughts about this started out well starting off with the names freddy’s changes a lot and and and how you can go from there
now really conspired to have it they may have seen the situation well is
so it’s a blogger says the book his memoir promoter boorda breakthrough uh… system on passed away talking but the gun death row but also that ups
and downs the trials and tribulations of family dowling depression gonna counseling and
overcome that but i think is a story that is for inspiration on is
therapeutic i think people can learn a lot and knowing that even though map we also
live in the sense that i am human i had issues i have situations just like
anyone else and that i did see past now that i am
bonobo that i am human desires are feared other senators first of all yeah
because we’re supposed to be being tough too strong but we are here we just like anyone else are you know i i just want to go out and
just get the ball greeted i mean they’re going to really enjoy the book i
think and learn a lot about my bout warrick but also just about two different things
like that they may be gone through something similar that may be reading my book and help those guys in
ways that hiking the scraps of has focused on booked us therapeutic
inspiration and also the work done award up on this network is also the capable
there about an awful lot numbers and i’m sure point we have a live really
hunters were finally allowed her world with my dad because of perot one has gone up so that’s that thank you very much again how precise
excellently was there rebecca

35 thoughts on “NFL Superstar Warrick Dunn Steps Into Rebel HQ

  1. Good interview Jayar!!! Thumbs UP!!! Wow. He had a difficult life tragedy. Good to hear that people can make it.

  2. Older running backs may be slower, but they have much better vision, strategy, etc… So they are still great assets to their team.

  3. Jayar has a really hard time with sentences, and getting ideas out in a comprehendable way, without having several minutes to think about what he is going to say like he does when questions get passed to him once Cenk and Anna put in their two cents.

  4. Wow Big time guess!

    Warrick Dunn is a good guy, he does a lot of charity work he help people get houses and all that so I have a ton of respect for that guy

  5. Warrick Dunn is a man that I have the utmost respect for. For all the talk about the Pac Man Jone' of the world it's nice to be able to talk about him.

  6. Dunn is a class act. I gave him a standing ovation when he came on the field in Atlanta as a Tampa Bay Buc (2008). Class act in either city and wish him well with his habitat with humanity projects.

  7. I never knew about this dude, being from the UK and not a big follower of the NFL, but this dude and his story is very inspirational. I believe he has raised his five siblings since his mothers death when he was 18years old…
    Thats big man, a lot of people would either have cracked or got themselves into the wrong lifestyle/career but he kept his head up and did what he had to do, big, big respect!!!

  8. it warms my heart to see that there are true role models in the NFL that kids can look up too, the media gives too much attention to the bad apples. Warrick Dunn should be an inspiration to everyone, he sounds like such a great guy.

  9. Great topics, beautiful men, excellent interviewer and interviewee I couldn't ask for more. Jayar did really great…he should step out from the backroom more often! 5 stars!

  10. Aw JR turned in to a little girl… ah um ah um please sir haha …. What happened to JR anybody seen him round lol x

  11. I have to give Warrick props. He handled himself excellently and I can only wish him continued success in the future. JR did fairly well in the interview but Cenk probably would have nailed it.

  12. I LOVE WARRICK DUNN!!! His book is Wonderful… to read about his journey as a young man to the Gentleman you see before you is absolutely astonishing!! I commend him for not taking an alternate path… Words can't express how I feel about Mr. Dunn!!! Go #28!!

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