NFL Picks week NFL football picks every week best expert NFL predictions 2019

NFL Picks week NFL football picks every week best expert NFL predictions 2019
READ READ READ FOOTBALL PICKS weeks 1-17 best of NFL picks
Put your picks in my comments need to think who I should take this week National football league games football picks help me out by helping me think who I should take thanks MNBEAST woo all right what’s up everybody I saw a
beast and I’m gonna tell you right now please watch this all the way through
because I got a big challenge that’s gonna be coming up it’s gonna be crazy
challenge I want to see if we can make once again NFL week 3 like we have in
the past woo artists got dog I just got dog like
we have in the past of crazy crazy NFL week 3 can we make NFL week 3 the most
popular video for football picks the most popular boring-ass
NFL pick the deal out there for week 3 NFL
all right let’s do it so my challenge today is I want you to watch this video
all the way through all right I’m gonna give you all my weeks all my early
predictions of this video from weeks 1 all to the way to the week 17 what am I
asking you to do hit the like button hit the dislike button and comment away tell
me the most of the teams that you can pick I don’t care if you have to comment
a hundreds of comments put as many comments in this videos you can from
weeks 1 through 17 all the picks you picked and all the future picks from
week 3 all the way to 17 that you think is gonna win
alright and then give me your end a year what you think the Beast is Records
gonna be alright for all the NFL games from weeks 1 through 17 what your record
is gonna be all the way through the rest this year do this one thing for me let’s
make this week 3 NFL 1 through 17 weeks the most craziest video out there
alright for the views okay for the views for 1 for the views I got a challenge
alright because if you do this I got a crazy crazy week coming up for four
alright if you do this one thing for me just do it once for me if you have to
set the phone or your computer off to the side
let it play through just let it do it do it but you know what watch it and see if
you can do the beast a favor let’s make this boring video the most popular
football picks out there for week three week three I just want to see if it can
be done I just want to see if we can make a boring NFL week three video and
it hit 5,000 plus views 5,000 can we do 5,000 I mean we’ve done 15 we’ve done
20,000 in the past can we actually do 5,000 with this new channel let’s see
let’s see woo that’s my challenge for you all
beast love us all right I might repeat myself again
woo because it’s gonna be like an hour and why do I challenge you all for this
because myself and many others and maybe even including you make videos on a
daily basis era at least weekly or so many times a week and we take our time
out for you you take your time out for me I take off my time out for you and
that’s why that’s why that’s why even the crazy even the crazy bear says just
do this crazy thing for the beast just do this crazy thing for the beast just
this one time just this one time let’s see if we can
make three the craziest out there most popular hurried and it nfl football
picks all the way 10 17 17 and then come back and check in on this video and if
you can do this this is for those awesome those those my beast followers
that watch my stuff alright this is for those great beast followers if you can
tally up my record for all my early season predictions okay as the week’s
progress all the weights week 17 put it in the comments let me know what my
record is and you can even start as of right now
because I already got 1 2 3 out there right and we already know what we wanted
to did crappy hmm but those were all early picks I just want to see if the
beast can still get sandy 5% that’s right 75% is my goal by the end of the
year ooh I’m starting off rough right now what’s up man – the crazy lady says
that’s crazy baby hissing crazy baby sexual as crazy B’s
I got challenge for all y’all because I know I got some true beast followers
right I got some true to the call that watches everybody videos and I love you
for that man I love you woo and ladies I love you thank you so much thank you
so much the Beast really appreciates that when you do watch my videos as
crazy as they can be for all these last few years I’ve been making videos what
does it now been like three years three crazy beast years woo or is it only
been so many weeks you know it’s been crazy that’s right because YouTube’s
made all kinds of changes right so the Beast had to adapt and I had to erase
like everything and start all over but anyhow that’s an over that right it’s
not enough of that it’s crazy you know it’s crazy it’s it’s it’s like let me
climb up that ladder again that’s right let me climb up that ladder today what
am i doing the Beast is gonna be roofing but I got a big challenge woo hey what’s up everybody it is week three
we are going into week three with some crazy crazy picks up upsets and guess
what last week I wish yes ten and six not what I expected not what I wanted I
wanted my last week’s just like 11 and 5 but anyhow as you know you’ve been
waiting for me to get a little shocked alright I got the collar on as you can
see it’s blinking green if you can’t see that well get your eyes checked because
I got my safety glass song just in case my eyes pop out of my head and I don’t
want to gross you guys out all right we got this set at vibrate right now and I
got some shocks to do for you guys before we get to our picks all right
let’s do the first one one two three when this thing lights up you’ll know alright that wasn’t Mullen that was just
fine for a titanium Philip alright we got five more to do hi I’m think this is connected let’s see
oh I am it pushing the wrong button here we go oh oh oh forget this shit forget
that let’s get straight to the hall man oh yeah that’s bad I get ya
let’s get back to the week pick come back then took that damn shock
collar off that ain’t no joke watch your shit it’s oh man yeah
I’m a puss I couldn’t do that five more times
all right let’s go to school Oh oh my god I am a officially I
wouldn’t want to do that five more times I say no to but yeah don’t do that don’t
do that at home it don’t feel good and it’s unexpectedly
let’s go to school everybody I’m taking you to school and last week I went in
ten and all I wanted eleven yes well we got some crazy games coming up at some
good old starting with Thursday night it’s because Carolina is actually
really good so let’s bring our game 2017 football
don’t forget just subscribe hit like and please share this shit to your friends
and don’t bet against me cuz you’re gonna lose because this week hire no
mall 21 and games that’s right let’s see what we do this tomorrow
oh forget this shit forget that what we do here just go back back back what’s up everybody it is the Minnesota
boost that’s right that’s right and we got NFL football on the noggin that’s
right up on the brain and we are gonna get ready to give you some early
predictions for week four of NFL season 2019 slash 2020 and guess what we only
got twenty three more days till kickoff but real quick I’m gonna rewind to last
year’s crazy crazy video that I made are you listening I’m only oh that’s right you know I’m
not here to make myself famous because I gotta take all of my sweaters you know
what what do I believe the bulky sweatshirt and your comments and I’m not
going to do a good see me throw my team hell no that’s not about this
channel I’ll I give you straight picks what I think is gonna happen what I
think my over and others are gonna be what my spread and my
straight up now that was some crazy-ass stuff right
that is crazy well let me set my coffee down and let’s
get started that’s right let’s get started because
these are gonna be great great early predictions and mark my word I’m
sticking with these games I’m sticking with these picks all the way through the
year from week one all the way to week 17 the only difference is every single
week when week one’s kicks off you’re gonna see I’m going to give you my
against spread picks which are gonna be each week all the way till week 17 and
then through the playoffs and to the wild cards and the Super Bowl Oh
2020 that’s right I am just in case you don’t notice I will put at the end of
every week against the spread video I will throw in my straight-up picks so
that way you don’t have to go back and watch all these videos if you’ve already
watched them all right and they’ll be just quick fast easy all right let’s get
started we got week four early predictions
today’s date is woo it is August 13th is that an unlucky number is that a
lucky number let’s see I bet you it’s gonna be lucky lucky lucky kicks my ass
kiss my ass Beast all right Thursday night we got the
Philadelphia Eagles woo going into play the Green Bay Packers on a Thursday
night NFL football game you know who I’m taking that’s right that’s right go
Eagles woo now my money’s on the Green Bay
Packers I really wanted to go with the Eagles but it’s at home on prime time
unless Aaron Rodgers is injured Green Bay has this on Thursday night at home
in Green Bay Lambeau Field Green Bay beats Philadelphia Eagles will it be a
close game I bet it will but Green Bay will come up and win going into Sunday
games for week for NFL predictions we got the Tennessee Titans playing a Atlanta
of Falcons and just in case any of these games get
scratched like I said every week 4 against spread I will just double check
and make sure that that’s noted and that is on there
Tennessee going into play Atlanta I got put on the board
I’ll answer wins against Tennessee on week 4 New England Patriots against the
Buffalo Bills I would like to say Buffalo let’s put an upset Buffalo Bills
that’s right beat the New England Patriots at home in
front of their fans the Buffalo Bills win week for crazy crazy I’m about to be
wrong that’s right Oh crazy that’s crazy ass stuff right
there can’t see cheese going into play the
Detroit Lions city wins Oakland Raiders going in to play the
Indianapolis Colts I like Oakland but I gotta give it to
the Colts Indianapolis Colts win at home on week for NFL LA Chargers going in to
visit the Miami Dolphins in Miami got to take Miami Dolphins woo washed in
Redskins going into play that surprising New York Giants this year that’s right
surprising because I’m believing that the Giants are gonna do really well this
year I’m taking the New York Giants to beat the Washington Redskins at home to
the Giants win at home Cleveland Browns against the Baltimore Ravens will that
be an overtime will that be a tied game nah let’s give it to those Cleveland
Browns Cleveland Browns win on the road against the Baltimore Ravens weak for
Carolina Panthers going in to visit the Houston Texans
I like Carolina hey you wanna know what I got take the home team I’m gonna take
the Houston Texans Tampa Bay Buccaneers go ahead and soul help hey they’re going
in to Los Angeles to play the Rams sorry Tampa Bay the LA Rams win
Seahawks play an Arizona Cardinals at Arizona I want say Arizona but I got takes Seattle
Seahawks Minnesota Vikings traveling to Chicago divisional game Minnesota
Vikings at the Bears my purple wants to say the Vikings my heart says the
Vikings my noggin says dammit the Chicago Bears are gonna beat the
Minnesota Vikings oh Jacksonville Jaguars going into play a
Denver Broncos I gotta give it to the Denver Broncos Dallas Cowboys woo this
is gonna be a game to watch this is gonna be a game to watch now the nice
thing about this when I look at these picks
I don’t not milady writes these down I do not even look at the games prior when
I do early picks I just go off of what I think is gonna happen just like I do in
week one and everything else Dallas Cowboys travel into New Orleans sorry Dallas fans it’s gonna be a hell
of a game I gotta go with who dad Saints New Orleans Saints win at home against
the Dallas Cowboys Monday Night Football I think she made a mistake
I think she made a mistake I think she made a mistake everybody
she has Chicago playing Pittsburgh she has Chicago playing Pittsburgh is she a
crazy beast lady woo give me a second I’ll tell you that lady fat lady that
lady you got a lover’s alright you gotta love your ladies or your men are you
crazy Beast how you like that man hey like that she made me shave it she
said you been you getting scruffy she has Chicago down she must have
made a mistake that’s supposed to be Cincinnati
Bengals that’s right woo the shit shit at a bangles on Monday night going into
Pittsburgh enough said it’s gonna be a hell of a game it’s
gonna be a hell of a game take the Pittsburgh Steelers in this one and
everybody got take the Pittsburgh Steelers let’s do a recap real quick I’m
taking the Packers to win at home on Thursday night against some Eagles I’m
gonna take a so over Tennessee on Sunday I’m taking the Buffalo Bills a
crazy wild upset against the New England Patriots I’m taking the KC Chiefs
on the road to beat the Lions I’m taking Indianapolis Colts at home to beat the
Oakland Raiders I’m taking the Miami Dolphins against LA Chargers I’m taking
the New York Giants at home to win against Washington Redskins I’m taking
the Cleveland Browns on the road to beat the Baltimore Ravens I’m taking the
Houston Texans to win at home against the Carolina Panthers I’m taking the Los
Angeles Rams to win at home I guess the Tampa Bay Buccaneers I’m taking
Seahawks I really have a feeling that Arizona could win this but I’m taking
Seahawks on the road to beat Arizona I’m taking the Chicago Bears against my
better judgment against the Minnesota Vikings Chicago Bears win at home
against the Vikings close game I guess I’m taking Denver Broncos over
Jacksonville Jaguars I’m taking the New Orleans Saints against the Dallas
Cowboys and I’m taking Pittsburgh against Cincinnati on Monday night those
are my week four and if they’ll pick some predictions what’s up everybody it’s the Minnesota
Beast that’s right and I am crazy ass now don’t take pics if I give you a team
and I say that’s my pick you take the opposite team woo hey it’s just a great
week like I said don’t take these damn picks and don’t take these damn picks crazy we are gonna make some old phone
games again money Oh that back I got my turns back
oh my he’s a crazy piece I suppose we’re we’re nut grabbers I’m a
crazy Beast that’s right nut grabbers learn numbers that’s all oh that’s subscribe if you
like to if you’re crazy on just subscribe thanks and I am one of the
best and about put foot foot foot foot foot foot football kickers out there
make sure you watch because I have a paint stick and I can point at my dry
eraser whore I also can’t even do better than I got a
pink brush and I call my stuff the bees blue dishrag you wanna hear the best
pics show hotel I won’t give you the best pictures all more goofy shit I’m
gonna give it straight to you like a level I’m gonna get my pencil on I’m
gonna get my marker I’m gonna give you my straight picks I’m not gonna give you
my crazy pip that’s all I gotta say man big balls win I don’t
win because I got man this is how I feel today I feel a little little little woo
woo hey was just a great week like I said don’t take these damn picks and
don’t take these damn picks what’s up everybody welcome to week six
and a predictions with the that’s right let’s get it
started so I got crazy crazy line up
stay tuned and watch this crap alright we are gonna go into week six with a
bang maybe I’m crazy that’s all folks crazy you guys
subscribe this right
– guys – qualified watch my channel thanks for watching all my final
something as well how the crazy wait that was crazy
let’s try this get one two three and best of all enjoy the weekend scratch
this watch my channel are you listening this video go get crazy crazy piece let’s have a
great week hope yourselves hope you all are having a great great week thank you
everybody that’s been commenting liking my crap I know I get crazy I get crazy what fun would it be if I wasn’t maybe I
want to talk about inches in yards some more I don’t want compare the beast with
my inches hungry hungry go grab a beverage grab some food take a piss put
this on pause and come on back I gotta eat it I got pissed
that’s why I was saying it maybe I have to put it on pause Kansas City Chiefs
Denver Broncos plus four and a half for the Denver Broncos let’s make this a
heck of a comeback week we all go get some games this week oh I can feel it
football gods football gods woo their stuffs great week thank you falling I’ll
comment back here as soon as I get a chance and it will be today and some
tomorrow in the next day after we win all of our games 15 of them my workout one two three go out there if you took pleasure
your and you’ll it is that’s coming in because the man not to be
snowball he did I just got them that’s something that’s
women I’m gonna start with the toilet that’s right that’s right I got stuck in
the toilet whoa but we gotta get back boom and the
Boosters good one push down it and let’s get started Halloween almost what is up
with this this is Minnesota Vikings County okay I long that game is blacked out everybody must
be a Packers and a lot of people are gonna be crying today if they don’t take
my pics but how like I said we’re gonna bring our food to Walmart we got
ourselves start good old quarter chips get to the border with light and salt
dang we’re gonna make us up some chili cheese dip so we got the Hormel chili Jimmy Johns hot Italian sausage and
little secret like a little spicier get the hot you don’t get the mile and my
camera lady has the phone little sideways so I’m trying to stand a little
sideways because I have not had my be a good it is too damn freaking early
and ya go Vikings taught you guys soon we’re gonna be cooking it up and o most
of all I forgot we are gonna have our stuff slow so some real brats don’t do this again
at Walmart people are looking at me like I’m crazy
oh wait a minute you buy his area PI’s thought my picks have a nice night
oh wait a minute have I slept yet have a nice day go bikes what’s up everybody
it’s time to do some football trip cook all right we’re gonna whip up a little
bit of one little recipe I’m going to show you guys very very quick we’re
gonna make some they’ll be the chili cheese dip all right come on over here
and I’m gonna show you a few things we’re gonna start with your black
Velveeta cheese I personally like the Casablanca cheese the white cheese but
you can do as the regular Velveeta I take it into a block I cut it
boom-boom-boom I’ll just diced up super easy throw it in the pot okay second of
all you grab yourself a couple cans of Hormel of chili or any kind of chili
beans or with no beans which other one you like a can of Rotel oh that adds
that little bit of a twist tang you can go with the original you can go with the
mild you can go with the hot all right and on over here I got my gas oven just
slowly getting my Italian sausage all set up and ready to go
of course we got our a couple bag of chips to go along with our food all you
guys out there this is a simple little recipe to make for you if you and your
friends so just throw on your piece inside your crock pot grab your cans
dump those on in there grab your hotel throw that in there as the the meat gets
a little bit more cooked I’ll throw that in there throw it on the crock-pot
steamer right there put the lid on there shut it
9:32 here in Minnesota game starts at no one here about two and a half hours and
go Minnesota ends and we’re gonna be growing be sad here so wrap this all up
subscribe hit the like share this to your friends get a fury subscribe to
dirty hit the like button thank you so much for watching and staying with me
so have yourself I’m crazy plot crazy long questions friends is a just go back what’s up everybody good
morning it’s Sunday it’s 5:30 in the morning I’m trying to get my
started and shave shower anyhow I’m gonna get off this camera and
I’m gonna show you how to prep up a little chili and make it still taste
good and make it easy and simple and fast all right just so you know I’m just
gonna give you a quick update so you have my picks just in case you missed
them and let’s get to that video it’s a chili cooking time
all right simple ingredients here I got my bush bean chili beans I got some
sweet corn to add a little crunch and taste I got my hot little which
is a great added spice and we don’t like a bunch of chunky tomatoes so we got our
crushed tomatoes to throw in there and most of all a little more m’q chili
original seasoning makes it simple and easy and then right on over here this is
where the stuff gets going we got some good old ground beef and some Italian
sausage rounding up and mixing here and then shoot right over here we’re
just gonna draw the grievance Bowl I am drain your corn throw that in there
the Rotella your tomato sauce and I almost forgot when you turn on your slow
cooker and I’ve got a slow cooker if you’re involving a stove or but I’m
gonna just gonna put that thing on the low simmer for the next like five hours
so that ready when this kick out baby it’ll be nice and thick and there’s
chili cheese or wherever you like crackers whatever alright this is
connected let’s see pushing the wrong button here we go forget the shit man toaster oven toaster oven works but if
you don’t have that just use your stove or your of course your oven when I said
400 degrees we’re in there for between five and six minutes but you gonna hook
because they could cook faster and burn your chips and you don’t want that but
afterwards that is your poor man’s nachos now the white that’s why you see
a bunch of Filipinos I really enjoyed nowadays and my nice fixture per host
disease vitamin the jalapeno section okay what’s next raster’s jalapeno
section of wall and there’s an other sizes and a
promoter that messed up our lactose one so your help he knows I’m making spicy
crazy Mike fixer-upper meal for a poor man’s nachos
I’ll make sure up there the web again for my other nachos woo have a great
Sunday week and week Monday Tuesday Wednesday whatever day you’re watching
this now is open your feet up and enjoy these nachos
if you like throw some sour cream our honey sauce or salsa office pool league or if you just have a
family friendly or view and your friends play NFL picks and predictions you’re
gonna want to write my picks down because if you don’t or if you go
against me I’m sorry because you will be taking a few losses this week I decided
to throw on a little clip from last year’s weeks 7 NFL crazy old nicknames
for all NFL teams check it out it’s a little funny
don’t take it to heart it’s all about warning jokes
I even cram what a few of my team’s that I’m a fan of woo also those were
nicknames from way back in the past you might get a little laugh out of it on
your Saturday woo have yourselves great weekend I
know what I’m gonna be doing I’m all mine get out when in history woo be
savvy with Cleveland clowns that’s right ranked Noah 32 the Cleveland clowns they
forgot that it wasn’t Halloween yet and then he got the 49ers I mean San
Francisco four dollars and ninety to hear that they’re selling out tickets
left to read for not $4 and at nights and at number 30 don’t forget those
Chicago Bears because if you go to a Chicago pain they might be baring it all
at number 29 you got the New York Cougars that’s right the Jets or the yes
or enough said number 28 you got the Jacksonville Jack offs I mean Jake wires
are jag-offs they’re jacking off everywhere and all the jag-offs at
number 27 he gets Carolina prancer’s that’s right I guess Newton
pissed off Santa Claus because Santa Claus is on his naughty list at number
26 you gotta suck in airs that’s right $5 sub K anything Tampa Bay Buccaneers
number 26 at number 25 if you want some tuna fish and some stinky as tuna fish
go to Miami they’re selling out to Anna left you’re at stink yes year number 24
you got Indian menu or is it more good Mindy I guess I should bring that
television show back because it looks more like Indy and Mindy over in
Indianapolis and number 23 you got sinners that’s right then you are Arlene
sinners it looks like they won’t be doing any Mardi Gras and beads anymore
cuz they are at number 23 the center number 22 st. Louis so a lot of other
lamps so they decided to move the LA my ABS to Los Angeles and at number 21
you’ve got the Cincinnati Bengals that’s right their buttholes are stinky so
they’ve been running growing then gay all over themselves Cincinnati
thing is number 20 if you want to be back in high school at 13 go see the San
Diego discharges because they’re discharging a lot of us number 19
don’t forget those lovebirds they need to start paying attention their football
sub being a love birds out in the night time we would swear good old Bart smart
love burgers you got the Motor City Madman they’re
moving it up good old to try the hands they’re moving it up they’re getting
crazy those madman not there number 17 if you like tiny titties gore and buy
yourself some tickets and go see yourself some tiny titties at Number
17 you get the Tennessee tiny titties and who lacks fan attain and at number
16 if you like the midgets go watch yourself some New York midgets because
they can’t even play any football they’re coming in this week to paste our
Vikings you got the filthy Philadelphia at number 15 doing some Macon’s growing
up the ladder are they gonna move up the ranks and not be filthy Philadelphia
Eagles no more and they’ll be fried maybe for my and number 14
you’ve got the hillbillies that’s right the hillbillies that Houston hillbillies
they’re playing some wicked football so they’re at number 14 on Milan number 13
you got the bandits they moved on down after KC Oakland bandits
maybe this week the still had over 12 if you like yourself some more skip some
has to just hang and foreskin around go see yourself up Washington poor skin
gander 11 if you like to eat look dish yourself up some food or just
have the chef’s prepared for you in Kansas City number 10 you got a
hummingbird that’s right little baby hummingbirds Arizona hummingbirds are
they doing better you got the whackers that’s right the whackers maybe they
should join them with the jig offs and whack all day long
Green Bay the whackers and number eight you’ve got the wild bills that’s right
the wire builds Buffalo Bills did you see that game 45 Wild Oats and number
seven for week seven you got that Denver donkeys that’s right the Denver
donkeys because I the Broncos they’re the dumpees compared to last year at
number six you got Iron City perhaps or is it the
iron city idiots I’ll take it as the iron city hardhead since I like
construction workers and I work construction so we’ll call it the iron
city of hard hats Pittsburgh took it fall
since then got hurt but anyhow I think they’ll still move up at number five you
got the finance of felons that’s right Atlanta felons but it should be more
like the Seattle felons now then Atlanta felons because Seattle rats are at
number four and the felons are at number five
I took the loss last week because I went with the Lambs hood and best of all at
number three if you like a rough ride go get yourself some cowgirls because
Dallas cowgirls are gonna give you a good rough ride there at number three
and number two did you know what Tom Brady was doing all this past season he
was serving on the line patty-cakes nice lots of Pancakes so now
that he’s bad he doesn’t have to serve up helm or Medicaid so he has moved up
the he’s at number two no panic a saved the best for last you got
the Viking queers now they’re the Queen’s and hopefully everybody’s gonna
kill him some respect column my keys number one final only undefeated team you guys subscribe this you
that’s tomorrow it’s hard waking up hey what’s up our
bison is so peace that’s right that’s right and hey I got those tagged morning
eyes that’s right that’s right and you know what if you click over this just
because of the scenery you crazy you crazy you came here for something
you came here to watch the beast make his morning coffee that’s right that’s
right and you know what if I was all prepared like I’ve been wanting to be
probably like many others been wanting to be when that make videos like I do I
was tied up in a bunch of freaking wires the other day trying to get my live
Internet my live internet what’s he talking about
what’s he talking about these kind of cords your cords your camera so you
can be live on YouTube so I can talk to you all laugh but you know what I got
wires screw it so I spent part of the day yesterday doing that junk then I
said health and I threw a pizza in the oven ate that started watching a movie
you know that old movie the white sox movie the band out of the eight or the
eight men or eight men out the black socks speaking of black socks my
Minnesota Twins who they’ve been doing some good ass baseball haven’t they
haven’t they they’ve been playing some good ass baseball except for last night
they lost against that’s right the Tigers but they did have a hell of a
game on Tuesday against the White Sox who but then the White Sox came back and
beat them on Wednesday but anyhow so what’s going on what’s going on the on
this Saturday morning I’m just making my coffee talk to y’all because you know
you’d like to listen to the stupid beast every now and then right and what am I
thinking I just poured that damn coffee you think it’s gonna be ready
Hale no it ain’t gonna be ready yet I was just gonna go pour me a cup so I
could sit down here for this long long-ass video you know I was thinking
about making this long-ass video a lot better quality I was gonna set up the TV
I was going to get my makeup on I’m just kidding not my makeup on with investor at those early picks
straight from the ah shit
I was gonna do some poor ducks woo you know what say you know how I’m got time
for that crap I got too much stuff going on on top of that trying to get ready
for this football season stuff and work it on this fixer-upper house that’s
never-ending yeah yeah anyhow I want to make this video too long because I got a
video that’s gonna be possibly coming on the next by Sunday and it’s gonna be a
long long video and I hate long videos but the only reason why it’s gonna be a
long video because I’m running out of time I’m busy and I got a bunch of stuff
going on so I’m gonna make this quick and simple we’re gonna hit week 12 of
NFL picks we’re a hit week 13 of NFL picks and week 14 of NFL picks and you
know what let’s do them all because you know what I got the time cuz my coffee
is brewing we’re gonna hit 15 16 and 17 so stay
with me for this crazy-ass long video so I can wrap up the rest of my early
season predictions I already got week 1 to 11 out there and
how you like that crazy boring ass music I’m gonna pipe pause this so I can piss
from now on now and I’m all pause this so I can drink my coffee any al week 12
NFL early season predictions we have the Indianapolis Colts playing the Houston
Texans how you like my background Houston Texans win this game Tampa Bay
Atlanta it’s gonna be a good game but I gotta give it to the home team Atlanta
we got Denver Broncos playing the Buffalo Bills who’s gonna win this one
who’s gonna win this one alive people are gonna stay in the Denver Broncos but
you know what I have a lot of faith in the Buffalo Bills
you just wait I’m gonna be putting out a crazy video I’m taking on the Buffalo
Bills and let’s get one thing straight right now if you are listening to this
and you’re not fast-forwarding all over the place
let’s get things straight right now these are early season predictions my
picks could vary when the season kicks off between injuries and everything else
but my early season predictions are away for you to look back and go how is this
beast doing is he a beast or is he just a wannabe B City whoo so I’m taking
Buffalo Bills over Denver I’m taking the Chicago Bears to beat the New York
Giants and I’m gonna make this a little bit faster I’m going to take the
Pittsburgh Steelers to beat Cincinnati Bengals and Cincinnati
you got Miami going into play Cleveland Browns I’m taking the Cleveland Browns
you got the Carolina Panthers going into play the New Orleans Saints I’m taking
the New Orleans Saints you got Oakland Raiders playing the New
York Jets and you know who I’m taking I’m taking the Oakland Raiders you got
two Detroit Lions playing the Washington Redskins I’m taking the Washington
Redskins in this one this week of 12 Jacksonville Jaguars at the Tennessee
Titans I’m taking the Tennessee Titans got the Dallas Cowboys going in to play
the Patriots that’s right the new ink and Patriots woo I lost Tom Brady’s
unhealthy and he’s not wearing Cam Newton’s hats I’m taking New England
Patriots you got the Green Bay Packers that are playing the San Francisco 49ers
and I’m taking the Green Bay Packers and you got the Seattle Seahawks
that’s right going in to play the Philadelphia Eagles and who’s the Beast
taken on Sunday Night Football of week 12 I’m taking the Philadelphia Eagles
and then you got Monday night’s football game the Baltimore Ravens playing the
Los Angeles Rams and you know what I’m gonna take the Los Angeles Rams that’s
right that’s right those are my week 12 early season
predictions I’m off set this camera on pause and I’m gonna go get the rest of
my coffee you know what you all come with me for my coffee you know we don’t
got time for all this junk we don’t got time for all this junk cuz I could pause
and I could rewind I could pause and I could rewind that’s just too much damn
editing so you’re gonna watch me pour my sissy coffee and give you the rest of
week 13 now we’re gonna start on week 13 Thursday night we got Chicago bears
woo playing the Detroit Lions can you believe that that’s gonna be a one hell
of a rival game you know I really wanted to go with the Detroit Lions I’ve always
been a strong supporter of the Lions I like the Bears too I but you know what
the Bears gonna be unbelievable this year I know it’s a mess in here
isn’t it it’s a mess look at all this crap come on in live in a
fixer-upper woo I got at the Bears now these are for it looks like a big
Thanksgiving no I don’t know I’m not gotta look at the dates right
now it just looks like that we got Buffalo Bills and I’m probably right
because we got Chicago going on did you play Detroit on week 13 Thursday three
games on Thursday it must be a Thanksgiving week men gasp ladies hey
Shirley I’m making my morning coffee and my sissy coffee ah so I gotta go with
the Lions got Buffalo Bills playing the Dallas Cowboys it’s Thanksgiving you got
take Dallas Cowboys you got to take the Dallas Cowboys you cannot go without
taking the Dallas Cowboys on a Thanksgiving that’s why I’m almost
stupid to take freaking the Chicago Bears but because of the holiday and all but
I’m gonna stay with the Chicago Bears and then on that evening we got the New
Orleans Saints playing Atlanta and I’m gonna take New Orleans Saints go ahead
just like this video yeah just like this video fast-forward this video video well
there’s a lot hell a lot other boring videos you can watch and there’s a lot
of boring movies you can watch and well the beast is pretty damn boring
– all right Sunday you got the New York just playing the Cincinnati Bengals in
here I’m waking up I should drink this coffee first you ever I had a better
video got the New York just playing the Cincinnati Bengals I’m taking the
bangles you got Tennessee playing Indianapolis Colts I’m going with
Indianapolis Colts got Oakland Raiders playing the Kansas City Chiefs you know
what I scratched it I had KC I scratched it again I put Oakland you scratch again
you put KC I’m staying with Oakland you got Bill it up playing the Miami
Dolphins I gotta go with the Eagles you got the Green Bay Packers playing the
Giants the New York Giants I have her winning that game he got the
Washington Redskins I’m playing the Carolina Panthers and the way cam looked
the other night he ain’t gonna be that healthy come week 13 and no rain on his
parade or Carolina but I’m gonna go take the Washington Redskins Tampa Bay at
Jacksonville Jaguars I got to take the Jacksonville Jaguars whoo
yeah I know I’m stuttering San Francisco 49ers playing the Baltimore Ravens
cheers to you too if you’re drinking your morning coffee watching the stupid
stuff I got you know I’m taking an upset in this one I’m taking the San Francisco
49ers to beat the Baltimore Ravens you got the Los Angeles Rams playing the
Arizona Cardinals you know I’m taking the Arizona Cardinals
Wow wild wild crazy pick up San Diego Chargers San Diego Chargers who is he
talking about it there ain’t no San Diego Chargers Beast better drink some
more coffee crazy no that’s just how old I am
you got the Los Angeles chargers playing the Denver Broncos I’m taking the Denver
Broncos go Denver you got the Cleveland Browns playing the Pittsburgh Steelers
you know what the Cleveland Browns are gonna be awesome this year but it’s in
Pittsburgh it’s week 13 Pittsburgh wins this one do not count Cleveland out they
will be in the playoffs this year New England Patriots Houston Texans you know
what I’m pulling a wild upset for that one I’m taking the Houston Texans Monday
night you got the Minnesota Vikings playing the Seattle Seahawks the Seattle
Seahawks I say the Seattle Seahawks playing my Minnesota Vikings my Vikings
aren’t gonna have a good year this year they ain’t gonna be bad we’re talking
about nine and six maybe ten but we ain’t gonna win that game Sea Isle
Seahawks wins at home against the Vikings week 14 let’s get
this done faster we’re gonna pass this up now cuz we’re in 12 minutes of this
and some people are very rainy wound woo and shut off and win watch
something else good for them because I’d be bored as hell listen to this guy talk
listen myself talk I watched some of my videos in the past they’re boring
sometimes what do you mean all the time you know they’re not all the time where
they’re sometimes goofy that’s sometimes make you this crap yourself Dallas
on Thursday night playing Chicago Bears on week fourteen I’m taking the Chicago
Bears Sunday NFL games you got Carolina Panthers playing the lights of
Who am I taking I’m taking Atlanta you got to Baltimore bill bills playing the
bills the bolts of our bills you know it’s or it’s orange it’s morning it’s
morning you got the Baltimore boils you know
what you got the Baltimore bills if you haven’t shut this off yet
i bet you just did or you’re about to Baltimore against Buffalo I’m taking the
Buffalo Bills Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Who am I take I’m taking
Cincinnati you got Washington playing the Green Bay Packers I’m taking
Washington for a week 14 you got two Detroit Lions playing
Minnesota I’m taking the Detroit Lions you got a San Francisco playing the New
Orleans Saints another wild upset San Francisco wins in
week 14 Miami playing the Jets I’m taking the New York Jets and then you
got the Indianapolis Colts or you could say the old Baltimore Colts am i right I
think so but how the Indianapolis Colts playing Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tampa
Bay you know what it’s gonna be nice and warm I’m gonna take Tampa Bay Denver
Broncos Houston Texans guess what who did I say
last that’s right Houston Texans win in week 14 Los Angeles chargers
Jacksonville Jaguars you know what I’m taking the Los Angeles chargers
Tennessee Titans playing the Oakland Raiders woo another pick another pick
you’re gonna like this Tennessee the Tennessee Titans beat the Oakland
Raiders on the road Kansas City New England big game big
game big game you know what the Beast is doing I’m taking the Kansas
City Chiefs in this one and week 14 that’s right that’s right you heard it
straight from the Beast week 14 can’t save Chiefs beat the New England
Patriots on the road in New England like a few years back Pittsburgh Steelers
Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals win this one Wow wild upset Cl Seahawks Los
Angeles Rams guess what Clay Matthews does it can all help you out this week
Seahawks win Monday night week 14 NFL you got the New York Giants playing the
Philadelphia Eagles the Philadelphia Eagles that’s right the Philadelphia
Eagles in Philly big ol rival matchup right big old rival matchup who wins
that game who wins that game I know who’s gonna be winning that game they’re
gonna be flying high that’s right flying high Thursday night week 15 the Eagles
win that game if you’ll know it flying high means week 15 Thursday and then you
don’t need to be watching football if you don’t know what flying high means
eagles fly high ha ha ha higher than a giant cuz they can leap
villains I don’t and I’m being stupid it’s too early in the morning what time
is it you know I’m a construction B it’s it’s 2:45 in the morning 2:45 a.m. am
drinking my morning coffee a.m. week 15 NFL for 2019 let’s wrap this one up
we’re gonna make this one fast because you know what we don’t want to goin
talkin a lot longer jets at Baltimore Jets win this game on Thursday night
Sunday football games you got New England Patriots playing the Cincinnati
Bengals Cincinnati Bengals win Tampa Bay at Detroit Lions Detroit Lions win
Chicago Bears I didn’t fart my chair farted Chicago Bears at Green Bay
Chicago Bears win Houston Texans at the Tennessee Titans Houston Texans and when
Houston Texans win Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs you know what I’d like to
take Denver Broncos in this one but I’m gonna roll with the Kansas city Chiefs
at home Miami Dolphins New York Giants I’m taking the Miami Dolphins Buffalo
Bills Pittsburgh Steelers I’m taking the Buffalo Bills on the road in Pittsburgh
I know week 15 you watch it’s gonna be crazy crazy upset Philadelphia Eagles
Washington Redskins I’m taking Philadelphia Eagles see how Seahawks
Carolina Panthers you know who I’m taking that’s wrong that’s wrong that’s
wrong it’s wrong if you don’t take Seattle Seahawks that’s right I’m taking the
Seahawks Jacksonville Jaguars Oakland Raiders Jacksonville Jaguars Oakland
Raiders who do you take you flip a coin now you don’t you take the Oakland
Raiders Cleveland Browns Arizona Cardinals who do you take who do you
take who you take you take the Cleveland Browns if you’re so wise but you know
what you ain’t wise if you take the Cleveland
Browns because Arizona Cardinals are gonna win at home over Cleveland Browns
is a wild upset I know Cleveland Browns and week 15 is gonna be
the favorite I guarantee it they’re gonna be the face
and anybody takes Arizona is nuts but guess what Arizona mark my word come
back and watch this in week 15 and you’re gonna see that Arizona’s gonna
win this Los Angeles Rams playing the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas giving it to
Dallas Cowboys I’ll answer playing the San
Francisco 49ers I’m going with the 49ers baby you got the Minnesota Vikings LA
Chargers you know I give it to you straight I give it to you straight I’m
if I want if I really tell you the truth I want Minnesota win every single game
this year being the playoffs go into the divisional rivals and winning that and
then freaking winning the AFC NFC woo and then they win the Super Bowl barber
that’s right and I want all my Minnesota Vikings players to be in the Pro Bowl but you know what wishes are fairy tales
right Minnesota Vikings LA Chargers I got to take the Chargers Monday night
you got the Indianapolis Colts playing the New Orleans Saints I’m taking the
New Orleans Saints and if I didn’t give it straight to you then I’d just be
lying to myself I give it to you how I see it’s gonna happen I don’t want to
see a lot of these games this way but hey it’s just what it is
week 16 Sunday we got Detroit at Denver I’m taking Denver Broncos you got the
Buffalo Bills playing the New England Patriots
I got Buffalo Bills wrote down I’m not gonna discuss why I’ll tell you down the
road when we get closer to that I’ve got the Buffalo Bills Oakland Raiders Los
Angeles chargers Oakland Raiders win Rams against the 49ers you know what I’m
taking the 49ers friends against friends but it’s in San Francisco Bay Bay
Houston against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers I’m taking the Texans Jacksonville
Jaguars playing the l that’s a
Falcons can he talk can he talk that’s right I can’t Jacksonville Jaguar
when that Baltimore Ravens playing the Cleveland Browns got to go for Cleveland
to win this one Cleveland Browns win at home New Orleans Saints Tennessee Titans
Tennessee Titans Carolina Panthers Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts
Cincinnati Bengals Miami Dolphins Cincinnati Bengals Pittsburgh Steelers
New York Jets that’s right the New York Jets did you say Pittsburgh you’re wrong
New York Jets New York Giants now against the Washington Redskins who
you’re gonna go with did you just say the Washington Redskins that’s right
you’re right if you said the Washington Redskins if you said the Giants are
wrong Washington Redskins win Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles
you know what quit telling me Dallas because Dallas ain’t gonna win week 16 I
hope it it’s in Philly it’s in Philly come on Philadelphia Eagles win Arizona
Seattle Seahawks wild upset Arizona goes into Seattle Seahawks and wins can’t
State Chiefs Chicago Bears oh my oh my Chicago Bears it’s gonna be like this is
gonna be a game to watch Kansas City Chiefs Chicago Bears Kansas City wins
but do not relax Chicago it’s just a one football game you guys wouldn’t in all
kinds of games you’re gonna win the NFC North title this year so I just blow my
video that’s coming maybe I did there you go on 16 and old Chicago Bears
are 16 a note but how do they go I go 16 and obese if you just pick can’t see to
win but can’t City is gonna win in Chicago and Chicago Bears are gonna win
their division this year probably Monday night Green Bay Minnesota Vikings damn
it I got Green Bay again I’m not showing a lot of faith in my Minnesota Vikings
but do I know the truth of the matter is I do have faith in them my Vikings are
gonna go 9 and 7 week 17 we’re out holy-shit 24 minutes
that’s crazy beast jets buffalo buffalo bills Cleveland Browns Cincinnati
Bengals this is last week of NFL picks for week 17 let me do it again
jets at Buffalo buffalo in Cleveland at Cincinnati Cincinnati wins Washington
Redskins at Detroit Washington Redskins win Green Bay at Detroit Green Bay wins
LA Chargers at Kansas City that’s right there’s going to be players resting
allied Chargers win Chicago Bears at Minnesota the Vikings win woo Miami
Dolphins New England Patriots Miami Dolphins when players resting in New
England for the Superbowl build-up New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles win
Atlanta at Tampa Bay that’s right Tampa Bay wins New Orleans
Saints Carolina Panthers remember week 17 players are resting New Orleans
Carolina New Orleans New Orleans doesn’t rest players Indianapolis Colts
Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars Pittsburgh Steelers Baltimore
Ravens I’m taking the Baltimore Ravens Tennessee Titans against the Houston
Texans woo Houston Texas I know that isn’t that route you walk up come on
over I’ll pour you a cup it’s damn good it’s damn good Tennessee Titans like IRA
said Houston I guess Houston Houston wins Oakland Raiders Denver Broncos
Oakland Raiders win Arizona against the Los Angeles Rams
Arizona and San Francisco at Hawks San Francisco wins all right out Brad
all right we did it we did it we covered the rest of the season of early
predictions you know what it’s the way it is this way it is if you stayed with
that crazy-ass tough thank you so much woo how do i shut this off how did I
shut this off I’m gonna pour myself another cup of joe
do you want anything else may talked about you want talk about anything else
so you go listen to the morning birds you know what those damn ass brutes are
smart they’re not have enough I don’t think yet they’re so so good morning
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