14 thoughts on “NFL Football Star & Rams Aaron Donald in the Fish Bowl | Chalk Media

  1. This was GREAT! Very excited for your new venture, and to see where this will go. Now to finish watching the series! Cheers!

  2. Really looking forward to where this new path takes you Chris. The inter-spliced video from players and coaches is an idea I haven't seen before. The whole format is new and I think it's great what you're building here. Good Luck!

  3. As a Penn Hills alum myself, I couldn't be more proud of Aaron. Keep up the good work Aaron!

    BTW – his h.s. coach Demond Gibson was an absolute MONSTER in high school too.

  4. Two of my most favorite Rams together? I started being a Rams Fan with the Fearsome Foursome, so you I love me some D-Linemen!

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