Yurrr it’s ya boy cash nation here with
another video today imma show you a easy badge glitch and 99 overall + vc glitch
in this video I told you I’m gonna drop it vc glitch for y’all if the last one
did not work for yall l was you can see here my 7/3 demigod with all
dribbling god moves looking he’s momentum look at this he’s going crazy
and I got contest so follow me on Instagram so you can be updated with any
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follow throughout the video if you want to find out how to get how to do this
blitz basis so stay tuned for that let’s go get this banking video you did like I said you want to make a demigod
make sure you stay to the rest of the video
cuz I will show you how to do this so first thing you wanna do go ahead go to
your roster go to create roster go to official 2k sports roster and what you
wanna do from here is go ahead and press Y and then press Y it said like show
this type of setting go ahead press start and she had to quit Eddie all
right didn’t want you on this all you have to do from near is go join a friend
that’s inside a neighborhood go to it go to your friend name go join
a session that says he’s in the neighborhood and go join his gain from
this me on my screen from here join your friend and she as you can see there it’s
taking out the roster and I was loading into a neighborhood now if you new to my
channel go ahead please subscribe because I do notifications just like
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you can see here go to the roster when you load up to the neighborhood go ahead
press LT RT you know L to are to impress while then you can see here you can edit
your attributes go ahead put everything on 99 and go do that I’m gonna tell you
what you can do from here so following Instagram like I said clay code cache
actually get updated information about any bad bitches gift cards on how you
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era is watching the video if can’t participate so all around can win this
gift card hundred percent have a good chance of winning loans you just get the
notification on your phone right when I upload and watch it and I’ll have the
code in my video for you to redeem I never sent yours for free so as you can
see here excuse me others birth as you can see here all you do is press Y go to
the next settings and put every single batch Hall of Fame for yourself you can
put it on your teammates you can it’s anything you want just do that
alright as you can see I’m upgrading Trey young you’re gonna be a 99 overall
I got 75 Hall of Fame badges and I’m a 7-3 demigod alright you could change the
weight on your player in high if it’s a 6-3 you can make them 7 3 just like that
simple make your players in your teen 7-foot 7 and make the people that you’re
going against like 5 4 and I’m gonna show you that later on the video – stay
tuned and I’m going to show you the VC glaze on how this can really work feel
your player and you can earn VC make thousands made 10,000 gate light rack up
VC make sure y’all do this y’all make sure y’all take this vascular’s
effectively make sure I’ll do this cuz y’all know y’all know 2k will pass this
alright 2k knows you should not have no seven
three point guard with no whole thing handles four days floor general you have
every single bad 75 Hall of Fame badges this say that 75 Hall of Fame badges on
your player 99 on everything it’s gonna get passed soon y’all so take this as
let’s take it use it hurry up and get your badges because this is will be a
good bad glitch for you get every single best for your main player anyway alright
it’s like a little boost for you alright you play my career these badges you see
right here is like a boost for you to get your asshole badges and get them
actually maxed out all right you also get cap breakers from this and
your VC stacks plus times like 1.6 VC come on now and you go to the daily spin
you do the daily spin method oh you can get double VC with that so you can
really go crazy with this and y’all really can I’m telling you I can go
crazy but if you are new please subscribe please leave a like on today’s
video let’s please go and get 300 likes thanks for joining my giveaways if you
already have but if you did in like I said all you have to do is subscribe
leave a like on today’s video coming down below hash that note again cuz I
will see I will leave a heart to let you know
that I sent it and I got to share these with your friends as well cuz hey who
was on who don’t want a free giveaway I love to give away and give back to y’all
because I showed me so much support and love it’s been showing I really
appreciate so I would like to get back and show y’all that how grateful I am to
have y’all on my channel so imma show you another way to use this method
effectively now like I said you have all the badges everything for Hall of Fame
you have 99 everything he is a demigod at this moment you got the quarters on
12 minutes and you had the difficulty on Hall of Fame are you playing on Hall of
Fame difficult this is what I’m playing on with my painting beast he can shoot
threes he can drive in contact dunks he can back down post move he can dribble
he can do everything he’s a lockdown defender bro
all-around superstar right this how to k2k wanting us to make a all-around
build and this and this is what the glitch does you get off one heck of an
all-around bill you got Hall of Fame everything so I’m going to send a
quarter so you can go ahead watch the game play in the back as I explained
look at this easy a post hook he is 5 for this is why told y’all make the team
that you’re going against in that game that’s very next make all of them 5 4
look how big we are against them look at this look at these dribble moves I am
going crazy this man is over here momentum I can
really pull it at 3 but I really wanna contact done so I can go ahead get my
finishing badges so like I said this going towards your actual badge
Park Christian alright even though it’s a Hall of Fame in this game
look at this chase-down block it’s going to my badges alright so
I got that block chase-down block hey got a rim protector all that’s going to
my defending slabs rebounding best progression that contact don’t be on the
finishing you know it’s it’s will be play making and shooting three should be
shooting so you really gonna start on what you want to do because like I said
you have all the best look at that brick wall that may almost fail I got a back
down Punisher and is it so easy cuz a 5-4 and I’m max wait max height it’s
like the contest is so little to me and you can make it all day on Hall of Fame
this is like this is unfair so I got another VC list coming soon to us well
you break it like 10,000 every every five minutes to ten the pin out fast you
can do it or maybe an hour either all the pins or trying to see how can get
that kids working consistently still working on that y’all but I got this to
help y’all and for y’all to grunt until that time comes alright so make sure you
do this glitch make sure you share it with your friends share with the
community thank you for watching I really hope you enjoyed today’s video
please like I said if it helped you out any shape or form please leave a like
let’s go and let everybody know in 2k community about this batch business my
points and BC glitch all in one you get a three for one deal with this
alright you playing 12 minutes hall of fame you got everything 99
come on bro you got all the Hall of Fame badges you can go ahead get your badges
progress maxed out and one day really even really get that and you can get a
night now overall I can get a max 95 and start working out a new overall 299 with
your new player so a angola i got a sharp shooting shot crater coming I got
I might make another playmaker I might remake them cuz I kind of messed
up I feel like I messed up on my on my main bills so I might remake him go
ahead work on him again but do this bad glitch and it’s my point sucking my 95
for fast that’s all I need to do it’s simple and I get my paint and beast up
sucking robot if I want to run my center one time and Rick I can roll my Center
if I want to or a guard or a shooter so I got all type of players running but
the main thing is I am looking for a center paint beast 99 or glass lock make
sure you hit me up on SBUs because I am looking for sinners I am recruiting
sinners because I need somebody in the morning I need somebody after noon and I
need somebody that night especially people that stay up at late at night I’m
an easier to hit me up because I’d be trying to look for people to run so like
I said follow me on instagram at clay code cast you can see on your screen
will be in a conversation and description below leave a like let’s get
300 likes on today’s video for this banget video really appreciates off with
tuning in hope you all have a great day today enjoy the glitch and you know it’s
a boy cat nation and I’m out yeah you did

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  4. Yeah I’m done with 2k it’s is so fucking broke you people making demigods on the fucking game I’m back to Call Of Duty

  5. Wait so, the glitch works for mycareer and helps to grind badges, then you gotta do it again after each game. Now the biggest question, do you get banned lmao

  6. OMG 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 you the 1st on YouTube that didn’t lie to me it works omg my Big stretch was so trash but thanks to you his like a God I’m a changed his name to Savitardagod & I’ma like & subscribe to you!!!!🤯🙏

  7. You can change ppl age turning bron and other superstars back to the early 20’s 🔥

    You can change your hot spots & team mate hit spots as well🔥

    You change change your teammates attributes and they stay… you can give them badges and they stay as well

  8. | got 162k Vç from : nbhint.xyz
    Its still workingg ✔️

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  9. Noti gang

    This guy is turning me into a believer and I am a leader of a small community gamertag. PUNchOUTtheKID. I'll put the word out Keep up the great work👍

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