NBA Summer League | Unseen Hours with Drew Hanlen Ep 1

NBA Summer League | Unseen Hours with Drew Hanlen Ep 1

Just got done meeting with the Pure Sweat squad. Some of our biggest and best trainers, had a breakfast to talk about the future of Pure Sweat. Back to the Hard Rock Cafe to do 3 hours of speaking. at TPG’s Pro Scout School. After that we have pro workouts, then watching Jayson Tatum play then more pro workouts. It’s going to be a long day but it’s going to be fun. If the player is not all in you’re
never going to get the results that you’re after I mean that and I don’t
mean relationships where you walk in the gym and I see coaches all the time that
walk in the gym and they’re like , “Hey how are you doing how was your day?” That’s
not a relationship a relationship is when you know everything that’s going on
in their life you know all their struggles all their stresses because
those things happen all the time what a lot of fans don’t realize in the NBA is
when guys are going through slumps it usually has nothing to do with
basketball it has everything to do with life there’s something going on in their
life that is triggering that and it’s our job as player development coaches to
understand them thoroughly as a person understand how to help them get out of
those slumps and then understand how to get them back on their track and feeling
good about themselves because you know a player that’s not confident a player
that’s not happy off the court can never be good on the court and I mean that and
it’s another thing if you’re a scout it’s important to understand how players
tick and understand how people think and how people work that’s getting to know
somebody and I promise you those are the things that are most important and if
you don’t have their head and their heart you’re not going to get results come on Like think about iF you became the
person that has the players like in St. Louis we had I had Brad Beal, we had all
these other guys, Jayson Tatum etc etc It’s like they knew if you wanted to be somebody in St. Louis you had to train
with me or somebody in my organization how do you become that on a national so
think about that and then come with tomorrow with some good questions I
promise you’ll answer them. I said he’s more skilled I put a * next to it. I said he’s not the best rookie ever, he’s the most skilled and he’s got more in his bag. all right thank you thank you. 6:25 just leaving Jayson and Semi’s game
finally got to watch them play live up obviously been watching all their games on TV but
haven’t been able to check them out and so busy it’s good to see those guys talk
to them rap after the game now we’re headed over to workout Jordan Clarkson
obviously got up at 6 a.m. to workout and lift. Long day good grind though This is what you got to do though you’ve just got to get in great game shape so that everything during the season is easy. The
biggest thing I help my guys with confidence. Second thing, is they’re in such great shape. I don’t think you you realize how much I’m looking forward
to my 8 pm lunch right now

29 thoughts on “NBA Summer League | Unseen Hours with Drew Hanlen Ep 1

  1. I love watching unseen hours even from the first season with Jordan Joel Langston that was great to watch what players really do before the moment how they really prepare I make sure I keep that notification but on

  2. Drew is the 🐐

    I really wish I could workout with him IRL, and if I achieve my goal of playing NBA basketball I'd ask Drew to train me

  3. Coach Drew could you please make a video on the "runner" or like Steve Nash's runner shot and tips with it

  4. I feel that the most underrated part of Drew I the relations he forms with players. Like, Diallo, Rodney, Jayson, Clarkson, etc… You see those guys being who they are around Drew and I feel that a coach that always makes that type of relations with his athletes is always gonna get them results, because of the trust that they have on him. Keep up the good work Drew!

  5. look at tatum now.. he showed everyone at ECF even though they fell short… coach drew would be proud.

  6. Looks like he only hires white trainers. Isn't it odd that there are so many white trainers for a sport dominated by blacks?

  7. 1:55 – 2:20 makes me think Isaiah Thomas…for real.
    Hope he gets it back in Denver, guy deserves everything he can get and had one of the hardest couple years I’ve seen any player in terms of family and on the court; from team to team not fitting in.
    He’s gonna find his groove again you’ll see.

  8. Semi ojeleye and drew visited my basketball camp today and semi signed my vintage Celtics shirt!

    Thank you to drew and semi for that awesome experience

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