NBA, GLSEN and Ad Council Think B4 You Speak PSA Footage

Action! (Buzzer sound) Using gay to mean dumb or stupid? Not cool. Not in my house, not anywhere. Words have consequences, you know. So we’re accountable for the things that we say, and words have meaning. And so, we have to be careful with the things that we say. And be sensitive to others. Hopefully we can get that across. For someone like Grant Hill to say, “And I believe it’s wrong, and I want you to stop doing it.” I think is very powerful. It’s not creative, it’s offensive to gay people. And you’re better than that. When it comes to homophobic, in the sports world–it has come a long way and I think that people realize that you have to respect one another. You have to respect people’s values and what they are, because when I hear judge, I think it’s critical to start a standard for people that are in kindergarten, first, second grade. And it starts with the NBA cause, a lot of these people, we look up to the stars, these role models and kids want to be you. And if they see how you’re acting towards this, it’ll definitely sway a lot of people. No. Not cool.

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